Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

Only sales are the best proof of the industry’s wealth.

For European and American countries, Christmas is a festival worth celebrating, and there is a custom of exchanging gifts during Christmas, so this holiday can be said to be the peak of consumption in European and American countries. During the Christmas period of this year, according to the ranking of the App Store in the US, the virtual reality application Oculus under Meta reached the top of the US market, and it also jumped to the top five in 14 countries/regions.

Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

According to estimates by three parties, the number of single-day downloads at the top of the App Store is estimated to be around 200,000. If the number of other countries is added, Oculus’ single-day downloads may reach around 300,000.According to the activation settings of Oculus Quest 2, it is necessary to activate the mobile App, so it can be understood that Oculus is selling out during the Christmas period.


Almost 6 years have passed since the first year of VR, but the VR market has not grown with the explosion of concepts. To this day, many VR companies have introduced devices that still maintain their original appearance, such as heavy helmets, high prices, and the need to connect to a computer on the other side.

Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

However, the Oculus Quest 2 launched in 2020 is really what VR should look like. It is relatively affordable, all-in-one, and lighter. This is what future players should look like. Although the equipment has developed, but for applications, there are few explosions. Even “Half-Life: Alex”, which was launched in 2020 with a high rating of 97% on Steam, failed to make it out of the circle, which also made the overall development trend of the VR industry slow. So, like this year’s Christmas period, the Oculus ranking soared, the last time it happened was last year’s Christmas period (there is a sense of nonsense literature).

Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

Therefore, from the perspective of sales this Christmas, although there is a clear upward trend, but it may not be able to make VR go viral, because the same thing happened once last year.

Although I haven’t seen much information for the time being, it’s worth noting that according to the Qualcomm Investor Day 2021 held last month, “Meta has sold 10 million Oculus Quest 2 headsets.”

If millions of platforms cannot change the market yet, can tens of millions of platforms do it? In an interview with the Oculus Quest generation in 2019, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (also called Facebook at the time), said that 10 million users will be a key node. After that, the entire ecosystem will explode. developing” . After all, a large part of this is driven by the concept of Metaverse.


Since the concept of Metaverse became popular, many Internet companies have begun to actively step into it. Many listed companies have doubled their stock prices only through some conceptual products, and many Chinese aunts have bought land on platforms. It has to be said that the commercial value behind this concept is extremely huge.

Companies that are actively deploying Metaverse require an admission ticket, and this admission ticket is a VR device. In 1935, science fiction writer Stanley Weinbaum conceived a pair of glasses to realize virtual reality in “Pygmalion’s Glasses”.

Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

And this happens to be the entrance to the Metaverse, because only through VR can the “world” be infinitely expanded and the physical distance can be compressed. Compared with the more sophisticated brain-computer interface, it seems more sci-fi at present, and it is far from reaching the application scenario. Therefore, for Internet companies that are racing against time, brain-computer interfaces are the war of the next generation and have nothing to do with the present.

Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

It is worth noting that at the end of August this year, the news that ByteDance had acquired 5 billion yuan to acquire Pico into VR, which reminds people of how important VR equipment is to Metaverse.

It’s just that Metaverse, which has been smashed by capital, has not yet seen a product or ecology that can be seen. According to the current description of Metaverse, it is too early to really realize it. So in this situation, is the recent hot sales of Oculus only related to Christmas?


First of all, putting aside the concept of Metaverse, in the application of VR, the greatest experience to users is the immersive experience. According to a paper by Professor Almant from the University of Georgia, the key point of VR’s continued popularity is the further expansion of the market, and a large part of the factors also come from the impact of the epidemic.

Because in the VR experience, users can realize instant movement, greatly compress the physical space, and even achieve a more realistic face-to-face experience than video calls through VR. In 2020, although the epidemic is rampant, Americans ignored the warnings before Christmas to get together and even set the peak of travel since March. However, this year, affected by the surge in Ome Keron’s new crown cases, American Airlines cancelled a large number of Christmas trips, which also made people have to spend Christmas at home.

So far from the current situation, this is more like a consumer behavior under the epidemic, and it has nothing to do with the Metaverse. Although the sales of Oculus may not have much to do with Metaverse, it has to be said that because of Metaverse, the VR industry has grown further.

According to IDC, the International Data Corporation predicts that by 2023, more than one billion people will visit at least one consumer place where VR devices are installed each year, and 10% of consumers will try to use VR devices. According to the data of VR headset shipments in July this year, global VR headset shipments in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 52.4% year-on-year, and VR all-in-one devices such as Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive Focus accounted for the vast majority. Shipment volume, the market share this quarter was 82.7%, an increase of over 30% year-on-year, global shipments are expected to increase to 28.6 million units in 2025.

Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

Let’s talk about the Metaverse. After the rise of the Metaverse concept, everyone generally believes that the most suitable entrance through the Metaverse is VR that has already settled to a certain extent. This has also caused a lot of VR software and hardware to get further attention.

From the current point of view, there have been many explosions in VR games. For example, the music game “Beat Saber” and the shooting game “Half-Life: Alex” can be regarded as phenomenal products in VR games. Among them, ” “Beat Saber” announced at the end of October that the cumulative revenue of a single Oculus Quest platform exceeded 100 million US dollars. This is even more exciting for many VR game companies and equipment companies, because only sales are the money of the industry. The best proof.

Oculus is selling well, how does Metaverse stimulate the growth of the VR industry

At the same time, the rise of the concept of Metaverse has also become a catalyst for the VR industry. More importantly, Metaverse is in the initial stage of development, which means that there is a huge space for the development of related industries and full of opportunities. The VR industry is one of the most critical links. TrendForce predicts that the global VR application content market will reach 8.31 billion U.S. dollars (equivalent to approximately 52.8 billion yuan) by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 40%. This shows that Metaverse is stimulating the accelerated growth of VR products.

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