October Polkadot Ecological Monthly: Ecological Projects Started to Prepare for Polkadot Slot Auction

In the past October, Kusama slot auctions have also become normal, and Polkadot has also announced the estimated start time of the auction. We see that many projects in the ecology are already preparing for the Polkadot auction, projects that have successfully bid for the Kusama slot, and are constantly launching new product features. For more details, please check this monthly report.

The “Monthly Polkadot Ecological Report” is produced by PolkaWorld. It summarizes and sorts out the progress of various fields of Polkadot ecology every month, covering technology/products, community, ecology, etc., to help everyone quickly understand the latest situation of Polkadot ecology.



1. Technology/product progress

Important submission, modification and release

  • Karura 1.4.3: Support Bifrost’s vsKSM and remove old data migration
  • Karura 1.4.4: Fix the compatibility issue between XCM v0 and XCM v1
  • Karura 1.5.0: Update Substrate / Cumulus / Polkadot to v0.9.10 
  • Karura 1.5.1: Support redemption of LKSM
  • Karura 1.5.2: Fix the calculation of the commission fee for redemption of LKSM, and increase the support for the maximum number of indirect transactions
  • Karura 1.5.3: Fix the problem that the redemption fee for LKSM may be charged multiple times
  • Karura 1.6.0: Update Substrate/Cumulus/Polkadot to v0.9.11, upgrade XCM to v2, upgrade metadata format to v14

Technical scheme design

  • Atomic swap of collateral for cdp loans using dex: How to design how to support direct transaction of mortgage assets
  • Refactor XCM related code out of homa-lite: Design and refactor LKSM related cross-chain code
  • Support Statemine Reserve Asset Transfer: Design to support Statemine cross-chain assets

2. Progress and cooperation

From October 1st to 7th, the Karura network went live #16-18 proposal, Runtime update: Add support for Bifrost vsKSM, open and accept the HRMP channel between Karura and Bifrost, and the Shiden team will make a proposal. List SDN on Karura Swap /kUSD.

On October 8, Acala released the Acala Crowdloan Participation Guide to help you prepare to participate in Acala Crowdloan, allowing you to become one of the early construction members of the network before the official release of Acala.

On October 13th, the pre-registration for Acala Parachain Slots ended. The number of pre-registrations has exceeded 20W+ person-times. If you want to participate in supporting Acala, you must not miss the pre-registration activity. Participate now and get an extra 7% reward! https://acala.network/acala/join-acala

On October 13th, Acala launched the Acala Quests (Acala Quests). All users who participated in the Acala Quests will not only receive an exclusive limited NFT, but also qualify for an additional 2% ACA reward. https://acala.network/acala/quests

On October 14, Acala launched a product that releases DOT liquidity in Parachain slot auctions -lcDOT, which can help Crowdloan participants have the liquidity to lock in DOT while supporting Acala auctions. Supporters can use lcDOT to participate in Acala’s series of DeFi agreements, so as not to lose the liquidity of DOT for up to two years.

On October 18th, the Karura network launched Proposal No. 21, which will open the Bootstrap of BNC/kUSD in Karura Swap.

On October 19th, the Bootstrap of BNC/kUSD was launched in Karura Swap. The launch of BNC in Karura was also the first cross-chain asset and application in the Kusama ecosystem. To celebrate, Bifrost and the Acala Foundation have prepared generous liquidity rewards, including 200,000 BNC and 25,000 KAR. These two reward pools will reward BNC/kUSD liquidity providers within 3 months, and set a 70% loyalty reward, which will remain in the reward pool until the end of the event. For more details of the proposal, please refer to : “Proposal #21|Karura Swap launches BNC/kUSD and liquidity incentive plan”

On October 20, the Karura network, as a dedicated network for Kusama DeFi, opened the Liquid Staking function for KSM-LKSM, helping KSM holders to enjoy the benefits of staking while also having flexible liquidity. LKSM has supported redemption KSM.

On October 22, the global technology media CoinDesk released “Fintech App Current Taps Coinbase’s Bison Trails to Support Polkadot DeFi Plans” to interpret that cooperation between Acala and traditional finance will become the general trend of the future DeFi wave.

 3. Community activities

On October 7, Current CTO Trevor Marshall attended Finovate to explain how the mixed and diversified financial trend formed after Acala was ready.

On October 8, Dan, Acala’s Chief Growth Officer, attended Token2049 to share the advantages of Polkadot and the technical integration specifications of Acala and Current.

On October 12th, Acala released the “Adopters | Acala Product Experience Officer Recruitment” activity. Acala/Karura product experience officers can not only discuss and exchange product issues, but also have the opportunity to participate in the internal testing before the new feature is launched to help in the feature launch. Improve and polish products and new features, test or submit related bugs, and have a chance to win surprise surroundings.

On October 13, Acala held an online community Q&A activity to help the community understand the difference between lcDOT and ordinary participation.

On October 13, Acala co-founder Bryan Chen attended Sub0 online together with Web3Foundation, Astar, Moonbeam, etc., to share how to build a parachain based on Substrate and experience in using Substrate development.

On October 14th, Acala co-founder Bryan Chen attended the Polkadot Developer Conference to share how Substrate and Polkadot SDK are based on parachains.

On October 14, the high-profile Mainnet 2021 conference invited Dan Reecer, Chief Growth Officer of Acala, and Moonbeam CEO Derek Yoo to share and discuss the current challenges facing Polkadot.

On October 20th, Acala co-founder Bette Chen was invited by Amazon AWS, the most widely used cloud platform in the world, to attend DeFi together with Fantom Foundation and Persistence.One. Why is DeFi developing so rapidly around the world, and how DeFi leads digital payment, investment, and transaction innovation .

On October 21st, Acala Live#3 invited Bifrost to be a guest in the live broadcast room. Bifrost launched BNC for the first time at Karura Swap and launched a liquidity incentive plan.

On October 21st, Dan, Acala’s chief growth officer, attended the Hashoshi channel to conduct basic science popularization of Polkadot and Acala.

On October 22, Dan, Acala’s chief growth officer, participated in the Cryptocito channel to answer questions about Polkadot technology and the basic science of Acala slot auction.

On October 25th, Odaily Planet Daily, together with DFG and Acala, organized the “All Things Growth-Polkadot Ecological Theme Meeting” in Shanghai. Representatives of professional investment institutions, project parties that will participate in the first-line bidding, development teams, foundation community leaders and other ecological roles stand together at a new starting point for Polkadot’s formal entry into the application stage, predict ecological development trends, and explore various Prospects of similar applications. Review “Acala, Polkadot and Parachain Slot Auction”

On October 27th, Acala attended the latest issue of Kraken’s blog, explaining Acala basic science and slot auction methods.


1. Technology/product progress:

BIfrost Runtime & Node

  • v0.9.2: Mainly includes the launch of the Swap module and the opening of the kUSD transfer function. In addition, it also supports the issuance function of Zenlink’s native Token ZLK (non-transfer).
  • v0.9.4: Turn on BNC transfer, support Token cross-chain between Bifrost and Karura, and realize the first cross-chain DEX listing use case in Polkadot ecology.
  • v0.9.6: Launch the Lighting Redeem module (for Bifrost bidding contributors to redeem liquidity), and upgrade the XCM V2 version.
  • Upgraded Bifrost Runtime to Polkadot-v0.9.11
  • Renovate the SALP module, use the multi-signature + Kusama parachian model to support Polkadot card slot auctions, and generate vsDOT & vsBond.

Bifrost Dapp

  • Launched the portal related to Karura cross-chain, the event countdown pop-up window, supported kUSD/KAR display, and increased bootstrap’s liquidity ratio ranking function.
  • Walk through the mobile terminal of Bifrost Dapp, adapt existing pages and components, and open the mobile homepage and menu.
  • Optimize banner & countdown bug & modal content supplement, fix some bugs that appeared in KSM cross-chain transact, BNC cross-chain, bnc Modal bug & banner and Listing.

2. Ecological construction

1)Online Talk

On October 18th, BML LIVE Issue 109-Bifrost BNC & Karura DEX, how to ignite the first XCM cross-chain application, invited Bifrost technical committee member Lurpis to be a guest on BML Telegram live broadcast. Lurpis stated that Bifrost has deployed several major modules in the fourth quarter of 2021, including: asset module, governance module, SALP module, global handling fee, and cross-chain module of XCM and xToken. During the period, the SALP module will serve as Bifrost. The core of Liquidity’s business for card slot auctions has accumulated approximately $54,712,944 in the casting scale of Derivatives since its launch. AMA Recap: https://t.me/bnc_cn/4715

On October 19th, Bifrost was a guest at the Acala Discord Community Call. Tyrone, a member of the Bifrost Council, conducted a summary of Bifrost SALP data, an introduction to Bootstrap, Liquidity Mining and other related activities, and Bifrost’s future development plan.

On October 20th, a series of community activities hosted by PolkaWorld, ask if you don’t understand: Ask all questions about Bifrost Liquidity Bootstrap if you don’t understand. Held in the PolkaWorld Telegram community~ Lurpis said: The Bootstrap cooperation between Bifrost and Karura is the first cross-chain application of parachain through XCM combination. In the future, the combination of DeFi between parachains will usher in more ways to play. AMA Recap: https://t.me/bnc_cn/6250

On October 21st, Bifrost was invited to participate in Acala Live#3: Karura launched BNC and started the Liquidity incentive plan simultaneously. The live broadcast focused on a series of community issues such as decentralized listing, product planning, and cross-chain interoperability between the two parachains. Review: https://bit.ly/3b7spPS

On October 28th, the first XCM cross-chain application of Polkadot was held in the Cryptoge Telegram community on the theme of how to participate in an AMA. Lurpis, a member of the Bifrost Technical Committee, said: In the future, Bifrost will play an important role in the ecology of bridges and assets, and it will develop around heterogeneous chain transfer bridges and standardized derivatives of homogeneous chains.

2) SALP cooperation

On September 24, Bifrost and Parallel pioneer network Heiko reached a cooperation. Parallel Heiko has passed the SALP referendum proposal and successfully implemented it on the chain. Through the SALP protocol, users can mint coins vsKSM Derivatives for Farming. vsKSM will be able to easily trade between KSM and other assets.

On October 14th, Bifrost SALP released the second batch of Kusama slot auction data review articles. Calamari, Basilisk, Altair, Kintsugi and Parallel all conducted slot auctions through SALP. At the same time, these 5 bidding projects have also successfully obtained the second batch of Kusama parachains.

The Bifrost SALP Online airdrop was issued on October 17, and the 3000 kUSD airdrop rewards have been distributed. Domestic partners who have won the prize can check the rewards in the Polkawallet wallet. Winner list: https://bit.ly/2XYHTSE

On October 23, Bifrost SALP and Composable Finance Pioneer Network Picasso reached a cooperation. Through the SALP protocol, users can mint coins vsKSM Derivatives for Farming. Once Picasso wins the auction, vsKSM will be able to easily trade between KSM and other assets.

On October 27th, Bifrost will support Bit.Country Pioneer to participate in the third batch of Kusama slot auctions through the SALP agreement, and help Bit.Country Pioneer release its voters’ parachain pledge asset Liquidity. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/yDicLMesdE0nd1i7Rc9l9A

On October 28th, Bifrost announced its cooperation with Unique Network to help Quartz SALP create a fast track into the democratic referendum to support its Liquidity Crowdloan in the third batch of auctions. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/AkOuC7sa_x6-_ux6sPJ3gw

3) Offline activities

On October 26, the 7th Wanxiang Blockchain Global Summit was held in Shanghai. As one of the exhibitors, Bifrost participated in this important summit in the industry. During the period, more than 200 people joined Telegram and followed Bifrost by scanning the QR code.

On October 25th, Odaily Planet Daily, together with DFG, Acala and Jsquare, organized the “All Things Growth-Polkadot Ecological Theme Meeting” in Shanghai, Bifrost Council member Tyrone introduced Bifrost’s original in the keynote speech “SALP Liquidity Solutions” SALP, a crowd-lending liquidity solution. Tyrone said that Bifrost chose to separate and decouple the asset attributes and equity attributes of crowd-lending assets, and designed two derivatives for users-homogenized asset derivatives vsToken and non-homogeneous equity derivatives vsBond. Details: https://www.odaily.com/newsflash/263891

4) Democratic referendum

On October 12, the main network of Bifrost was upgraded to v0.9.2. This version upgrade mainly includes the launch of the Swap module and the activation of the transfer function of kUSD. In addition, it also supports the issuance function of Zenlink’s native Token ZLK (not Transfer).

On October 15, Bifrost opened the No. 11 referendum proposal, which will open the BNC Transfer. At present, 350+ addresses on the chain have participated in the voting. In addition, Bootstrap will be opened before the democratic opening of the BNC Transfer function, as a preliminary accumulation of BNC/kUSD Liquidity. https://forum.bifrost.finance/t/11-bnc/1450

On October 21, the Bifrost community launched the Transfer referendum successfully executed. As the first cross-chain Bootstrap project in the Polkadot ecosystem, BNC/kUSD AMM Trading and BNC/kUSD LP’s Liquidity incentives were simultaneously opened at 20:30 that day, totaling 200k BNC & 25k KAR rewards will continue to motivate 3


1, Heiko overline Kusama network

We successfully won Kusama’s 10th Parachain slot in early October. Currently, Heiko is steadily producing blocks, and we are preparing for the launch of Heiko’s mainnet. This will include several stages to ensure that every deployment from basic functions to the complete platform including necessary deployment, runtime upgrades, testing, and technical certification is stable. Stay tuned, we will announce more information soon!

The deployment is currently in progress, including scanner features, unlocking customers, application mode, and execution time upgrades. After Heiko goes online on the Kusama network, we will start the community distribution of HKO as a way to thank the community members who support us in the Heiko crowdloan. The unlocking is about to begin, and users can apply for their own tokens and use them on our platform.

2. Announced participation in Polkadot Parachain Auction

We are about to participate in Polkadot’s first batch of Parachain Auctions and are actively preparing for crowdloan. Parallel’s goal is to collect 20 million DOTs. We hope that the community can strongly support our parachain auction, because it is essential for us to go online on the Polkadot network. Click to watch Parallel founder and CEO Yu Bo explain the reward mechanism for participating in our crowdloan: https://youtu.be/fZmkUTID1OI

Our whitelist has opened registration, and currently more than 10,000 users have expressed their interest in participating. Register here: https://parallel.fi/polkadot/parachain-auction-waitlist.html

Released Auction Loan products. Users can participate in Kusama and Polkadot’s Crowdloan through Auction Loan. The importance of this product to the ecology is embodied in that it increases the diversity of contributors and helps the project obtain the required liquidity when bidding on parallel chain card slots. We have also reached cooperation with the largest builders in the Polkadot ecology to help the project party succeed in bidding for the card slot to a greater extent, and to better motivate the community. Currently confirmed partners include: Astar, Litentry, Manta Network

In addition, our products release liquidity in advance through cDOT/cKSM. Every DOT/KSM contributed through the Parallel platform can allow users to obtain derivative assets and use them in our Money Market. Using Parallel to participate in Kusama and Polkadot’s crowdloan will give users a strong enough motivation, because they will get extra rewards on top of the basic rewards.

The Money Market product has been released on October 28, 2021. Community testing and planning will begin soon. We will adopt a phased approach for testing, which means that at the beginning we only allow a small amount of start-up funds, and through these funds, we will check for vulnerabilities and optimize stability in the next few weeks, and then gradually increase The amount of funds. Our users can test the currency market and pledge products and provide us with feedback.

PARA’s token economic model-we are designing our incentive structure and the community distribution model of native tokens (details will be announced in the next few days).

There are suitable candidates for the three key positions we are hiring: financial manager, senior QA engineer, marketing consultant!

SegFault and Halborn are auditing us, and we are currently proceeding smoothly. We are actively correcting and improving problems based on the previous audit report.

3. The next step

October 2021 is a fruitful month, we won the Kusama Parachain card slot. We hope to continue to maintain this good momentum in the next Polkadot auction. Please pay attention to the announcement about Polkadot crowdloans’ early contribution and participation methods. Additional rewards will be distributed to our community members through our Auction Loan platform. Stay tuned!

Smart contract


1. Technology/Product Progress

2. Ecological/Community Progress

DApp Staking officially launched on Shiden Network. DApp Staking is Astar Network’s unique underlying incentive mechanism for the purpose of developer incentives. It will provide long-term underlying incentives for DApp developers who deploy smart contracts on Shiden Network.

Astar officially announced the Polkadot Parachain slot bidding strategy and reward rules, https://medium.com/astar-network/astar-crowdloan-event-part-ii-d394d030858d.

The proposal of the Octopus Network was formally voted by the Astar community and was funded by Grant. The Octopus Network team will develop a cross-chain bridge connecting Astar/Shiden Network and all the blockchains built by Cosmos-SDK, which will connect Polkadot and the Cosmos ecosystem through Astar.

AnySwap officially launched on Shiden Network. Anyswap is a completely decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol. It is a blockchain solution that uses ECDSA or EdDSA as the signature algorithm to access the cross-chain bridge solution. AnySwap already supports two-way cross-chain of SDN and Ethereum assets.

Commonwealth Labs and Webb Technologies formally joined Astar Network, becoming one of the core development companies of Astar Network. Commonwealth Labs was the first team to develop the Polkadot parachain, and it was supported by Coinbase and Dragonfly Capital. Webb Technologies is a zero-knowledge proof research and development company incubated by Commonwealth Labs.

DIA officially integrated a decentralized oracle on Shiden Network. DIA is an open source oracle platform that enables market participants to obtain, supply and share trusted data.

My Crypto Heros officially joined the Astar Builders Program and voted through the community. My Crypto Heros is one of the largest multi-player RPG blockchain games on Ethereum and the first DAU chain game.

DAOLaunch officially joined the Astar Builders Program and voted through the community. DAOLaunch provides an innovative decentralized fundraising platform for the blockchain startup ecosystem.

Patract Labs

1. Technology/product progress:

Redspot (contract development scaffolding): Upgrade the Polkadot API; fix the problem of the accumulator contract; upgrade Redspot to support ink! rc6; add the release parameter to the build command.

Elara (API service), complete the node upgrade:

  • Upgrade Bifrost: v0.9.2, v0.9.3, v0.9.4, v0.9.6; upgrade NodleCode: v2.0.11, v2.0.12;
  • Upgrade Moonbeam: v0.13.2, v0.14.0;
  • Upgrade Karura: v1.5.0, v1.5.1, v1.5.2, v1.5.3, v1.6.0;
  • Upgrade Statemine: v5.0.0-rc;
  • Upgrade Westmint: v5.0.0-rc;
  • Polkadot, kusama, Wested: v0.9.12.

Europa (Contract Sandbox Environment): Improved Europa’s development documentation and Readme.

Ask! (Contract language): complete the migration and testing of examples/ on v0.3 version; complete documentation and quickstart tutorial; release ask-lang, ask-transform, pl-ask-cli and other dependent libraries; submit v0.3 Report documents; fix some bugs of ask-transform and optimize the implementation logic.

Parascan (contract browser): fix tips API, /multisig/calls API; compatible with the latest vesting module; add treasure API, democracy API, techcomm API, council API; add collective module for the public part of council / techcomm API; add The new data source (node ​​+ archive component) is still under development; upgrade the substrate/polkadot version of the archive component to be compatible with the latest node.

Metis (Contract Development Library): Add ERC721 and ERC1155 Receiver modules.

2. Community/Activity Progress:

In October, CryptoJedi, head of education at Patract Labs, participated in the “2021 Sub0 Online” activity around the theme of ” Wasm Smart Contract on Patract Labs “.

On October 25th, as a member of the second phase of Web3.0 BootCamp, Patract Labs, CMO Santry gave a detailed project progress report and results presentation at the “2021 Web3.0 BootCamp DemoDay” event.

3. Parliamentary work:

  • Vote for Polkadot Parliament’s No. 70 Treasury Proposal, regarding Klever’s mobile wallet supporting Polkadot’s Milestone 1-2.
  • Vote for Polkadot Parliament’s No. 71 Treasury Proposal, regarding Pinknode’s proposal to improve the dashboard of the management infrastructure.
  • Vote in favor of Polkadot Council’s No. 72 Treasury Proposal regarding the maintenance cost of OnFinality’s high-performance public infrastructure (Q3).
  • Vote in favor of Kusama Council’s No. 115 Treasury Proposal, regarding the cost of Statescan NFT business implementation and functional improvement.
  • Vote in favor of Kusama Council’s No. 116 Treasury Proposal regarding the maintenance cost of Polkassembly from October to December. 


1. Moonbeam & Moonriver integration

  • Moonbeam Foundation and Transak reached a strategic cooperation;
  • The EVM-compatible block explorer Etherscan is integrated with Moonriver, and will be integrated on the Moonbeam network in the future;
  • SushiSwap announced its integration with Moonriver, SUSHI and MOVR will be used for liquidity incentives on Kusama;
  • Moonlit Finance, the cross-chain AMM project of Convergence Finance, successfully deployed and launched Moonriver to achieve cross-chain compatibility between Convergence, Moonbeam and Moonriver;
  • Decentralized network index and query layer project The Graph announced the launch of Moonriver, which can effectively improve the compatibility of the blockchain and become one of the most commonly used integrations in the Moonriver community;
  • SubQuery cooperates with Moonbeam to provide a unified API with visibility across Moonbeam’s Substrate and EVM layers;
  • Moonriver added Relay Chain, a cross-chain bridge, allowing users to transfer Moonriver and other public chains, including Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Shiden Network;
  • Moonriver announced the integration of Band Protocol to enhance the scalability of its ecosystem;
  • The oracle DIA has reached a cooperation with Moonbeam and integrated into the Kusama ecosystem through Moonriver;
  • Protofire deploys Gnosis secure multi-signature fork to Moonriver to enhance security;
  • Crust Network announced the integration of Moonriver, bringing Web3 decentralized storage solutions to the Kusama ecosystem;

2. Moonbeam community activities

  • Moonbeam and OneBlock+ jointly launched the “Introduction to Moonbeam—Easily Start Cross-chain Solidity Development” course, which has been updated to Lesson 9;
  • In the Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon in 2021, 4 projects based on Moonbeam all won the rankings, of which:
  • Taishang NFT Card Pack-Taishang NFT Renderer won the second prize (Runner-up)
  • Web3 GO won the second prize (second runner-up)
  • Amara Link won the third prize (third place)
  • Walnut won the third prize (third place)
  • During the Mainnet 2021 conference, Moonbeam CEO Derek Yoo and Acala Chief Growth Officer Dan Reecer shared and discussed the current challenges faced by Polkadot and how the Polkadot ecology can cultivate new Web3.0 in different tracks. Infrastructure, the future Polkadot (Polkadot) will also continue to update and explore forward;
  • Moonbeam developer engineer Henry participated in Substrate Saturday to share the implementation of smart contracts based on substrate.

3. Important submission, modification and release

  • Runtime 800 update
  • Improve the secure hash of AuthorMapping (#679)
  • Fix the wrong percentage of collector node rewards (#832)
  • Fix staking client author’s prediction error (#828)
  • Add initial implementation of Pallet migration (#527)
  • Unified regular node and tracing node client (#791)
  • Add on_nonzero_unbalanced() impl to all runtimes (#845)
  • Limit Tracing to known Ethereum transactions (#852)
  • Add pallet assets precompilation (#827)
  • Add Xtokens pre-compilation (#861)
  • Update Crowdloan and change rewards to support… Wrapper (#873)
  • Add Erc20 metadata to native token (DEV) (fixed string) (#874)
  • Update the runtime version to 800 (#876)
  • Clean up “Migrating from pallet version to storage version (#788)” (#882)

4. Discussion of technical solutions


Crust Network

1. Technical progress

  • The main network has been operating stably for 2 months, with 7400 nodes on the entire network, with a capacity of 2EB, and currently stores 16k valid files
  • The mainnet releases sWorker V1.1, which supports meta-universe multi-encoding data format
  • The RMRK storage process integrates Crust to expand the storage copy of the NFT on the Kusama platform, and Crust provides it with resources that will never be lost and high accessibility
  • Launch Crust Files (https://files.crust.network), support end-to-end encrypted storage, and support multiple Web3 account login (Polkadot/Kusama/Moonbeam/Ethereum/Near/…)

2. Community progress

  • Crust and UniArts have reached a partnership to provide storage services
  • Moonriver, Near, Elrond, Polygon integrate Crust to provide storage services for their ecosystem
  • DCF plans to announce in the near future that in order to speed up the web3.0 ecological layout, the development of Crust will become an important infrastructure of Metaverse. https://medium.com/crustnetwork/from-crust-network-to-dcfs-next-big-steps-edf1ea53b918
  • Switchswap (https://switchswap.io) NFT Mint and Gallery platform based on Crust and Polygon received Crust Grant
  • In the Near/Heco/Moonbeam/Dorahacks community, develop a technical workshop aimed at developers using Crust storage
  • Cooperate with RMRK/Polygon/Heco on Hackthon, Crust provides storage solutions and awards for developers of these platforms, and encourages developers to use Crust to store data
  • Provide a remote pinning service test DApp for the IPFS community. The DApp follows the IPFS Pinning Service specification
  • As a member of the Linux CCC Association, sponsored the OpenSSF NYC conference and paid attention to the blockchain decentralized financial open source solution



Phala Network

1. Technical progress


  • v0.1.7-quickfix: Upgrade the khala client code to Polkadot v0.9.12 to alleviate compatibility issues caused by the Kusama upgrade
  • Trigger on-chain upgrade: start transfer & Khala-Ethereum Bridge

Pherry: Add the `–auto-restart` parameter to allow 10 retry attempts after a connection failure, which can automatically follow the chain to upgrade to a certain extent. https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/538

Phala & PRuntime

  • pInk! Added the context information for the smart contract to access the block. https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/540
  • pInk! Access Phala message queue #538. https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/538
  • Refactored Side task to prepare for pRuntime snapshot support. https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/536
  • Preliminary integration of Ink smart contract to support basic query and command operations. https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/399


  • Upgrade the compiler to nightly-2021-09-01 #537. https://github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/537
  • Phactory-api # 532。https: //github.com/Phala-Network/phala-blockchain/pull/532

Phala App

  • Refactored the pledge part of commission, added “Receive All” & “Recycle” functions, and extract pop-up reminder copy
  • Added the “Recycle All” function to the Mining section
  • Enable asset claim function
  • Bug fixes and reliability improvements


  • Support restarting workers
  • Optimize unresponsive mining machine relaunch logic
  • Refactored transaction tracking to improve the disconnection of miners during long-term operation
  • Bug fixes and reliability improvements

2. Ecological progress

The SWM system is in stable operation. As of the time of writing, the cumulative number of workers has exceeded 20,000, and the TVL of StakePool’s entire network has reached 68,030,555.6024 PHA, and the highest total reward for a single day in October is 47,425.78 PHA.

The Khala network was upgraded and the transfer function was officially opened. The Khala-Ethereum bridge was launched. Since then, Khala’s native asset PHA has fully realized the free exchange between the Khala chain and the Ethereum chain, with a 1:1 exchange ratio.

Launched a new smart contract product Fat Contract, focusing on serving Web3.0 back-end function-level services, and plans to launch the V0 version in December 2021. The product has features such as low latency, asynchronous interoperability, high-performance computing, and a complete developer ecosystem, and can realize data confidentiality without trust. The current meta-universe platform Bit. Country has reached an in-depth cooperation intention with Phala on the future use scenarios of Fat Contract.

Phala “Code Bounty Hunter” ushered in the third developer @Soptq, who added geocode TTL to the contract layer, transferred the detection to pRuntime, and reconstructed the positioning contract. 100% complete “simple location detection reconstruction”, this idea will help to observe the geographical distribution of workers without worrying about the leakage of Worker IP addresses.

In October, Phala “Community Outstanding Reward” selected the first batch of 5 outstanding contributors and awarded 1600 PHA to thank them for their active participation in the maintenance and construction of community ecology.

3. Market progress

 Phala Network provided USD 5,000 to sponsor the hackathon event “Hacktoberfest 2021” of strategic partner RMRK.

The “Phala x Polkadot Encode Club” hackathon challenge is officially launched. Developers can claim and complete the challenge before October 31. After completing the challenge, you will have a chance to win a single reward of up to $3,000.

Reached a strategic cooperation with SubQuery, and the Khala-Ethereum Bridge was assisted by SubQuery to build a data indexing service. The developers of Khala can quickly index the related data of transactions and proposals on the cross-chain bridge dApp. Any developer can query and analyze the data to build various related dApps around the first parachain in the Kusama ecosystem-the Ethereum bridge .

Zoe Meckbach, a member of the Khala Democratic Parliament, represented Phala at the AsiaBerlin Summit. Phala co-founder Marvin discussed the future of data ownership, SSI and centralized control with a number of guests at the AsiaBerlin Summit.

Phala asset K-PHA can be officially traded on Kraken from October 8th, supporting PHA/USD and PHA/EUR trading pairs.

Clifton, the representative of the Phala British community, attended the offline Meetup of “Polkadot & Friends’ Picnic” in Hyde Park and had a face-to-face exchange with local Polkadot eco-lovers. This was Phala’s first offline event in the UK.

KACO Finance launched PHA-DOT income farm.

4 community sharing sessions were held.



Taproot BTC project progress:

  • Realize the Musig2 multi-signature scheme, support sepc256k1 and sr25519, compatible with Bitcoin network and substrate.
  • Realize the rust external call interface of Musig2 sepc256k1, and encapsulate it into the APIs of Android, iOS and js platforms.
  • Realize the rust external call interface of Musig2 sr25519, and encapsulate it into the APIs of Android, iOS and js platforms.

MinixChain development progress:

  • Substrate dependent migration to polkadot-v0.9.11
  • Integrated threshold signature function pallet-threshold-signature
  • 3 Build a new Minix EVM testnet

SherpaX development progress: Participating in the third batch of slot auctions on Kusama this month. Development progress:

  • Substrate dependent migration to polkadot-v0.9.11
  • Re-register parachain data on Kusama
  • Adapt frontier to polkadot-v0.9.11. https://github.com/chainx-org/frontier/tree/polkadot-v0.9.11


1. Development update:

  • Technical preparation for the Parachain of Cumulus and Darwinia to deal with the upcoming Polkadot Parachain auction PLO
  • Change the FeeCalculator of DVM from DynamicGasPrice to FixedGasPrice
  • Pangolin Testnet and Pangoro Testnet are running upgrades, the spec versions are 2660, 2670, 2680, and the upgrade content includes substrate, parity-bridge-common, etc. Prepare the next phase of operation for Darwinia and Crab.
  • Upgrade the Pangolin-Pangoro bridge to support the clearing of the fee market and several other agreements.
  • Complete the first round of code review before deploying the substrate to substrate bridge to the production chain (such as Darwinia & Crab). After the repair request is changed, a final review and review will be conducted before production deployment.
  • Develop a fee market strategy for the bridge.
  • The next message protocol of the Ethereum family chain. For more details, please refer to: https://github.com/darwinia-network/darwinia-bridge-sol/pull/77
  • Wormhole released the v2.1.2 version to fix some known issues and added the fee market to the substrate-to-substrate test bridge.
  • The Darwinia PLO (Parallel Chain Auction) page has been developed and will be launched soon.
  • Added the DVM builders document to the Crab website, for details, please refer to: https://docs.crab.network/builders/get-started/darwinia-dev

2. Slot Auction:

  • Darwin announced his participation in the Polkadot Parachain Slot auction. https://twitter.com/DarwiniaNetwork/status/1451465342862041094?s=20
  • Darwin and Equilibrium have reached a partnership to support the Darwin Parachain Slot Auction



Release version v2.3.5-beta-v2.4.2-beta multiple iterations:

  • Upgrade Karura network plug-in
  • Enable Karura collateral staking module function
  • Enable Bifrost token cross-chain transfer function
  • Open Karura Liquid KSM redemption function
  • Fix known bugs

In development:

  • UI 3.0 designing
  • Acala EVM+ module account function development


1. Technical progress:

  • Subscan homepage UX optimization, new network data dashboard and mail subscription functions
  • Support for the upgrade of Substrate V4, the runtime of Polkadot and Kusama has been updated to v9110
  • Added data display and filtering of Logs
  • Optimize the data viewing experience related to governance, and you can easily jump from the event parameters and view the corresponding governance data.
  • Fixed some rollback data of Kulupu network
  • In-depth processing of Ethereum Transact transactions, supporting the display of more EVM transaction details, such as From, To, Gas Price, Gas Limit, Gas Used, Nonce, etc.
  • Fix known data structure problems caused by the upgrade of Substrate metadata v14
  • Support Polymesh testnet and mainnet
  • Support Pangoro testnet

Former universe


1. Cooperation progress

On October 23, Bit.Country Pioneer (Xiaoyuan Pioneer) Kusama Parachain auction was officially launched, and it has received support from more than 10,000 contributors. Bit.Country Pioneer will give KSM contributors at least 68 NEER as a basic reward. That is, the lowest ratio NEER: KSM = 68+:1. The first 1,000 users who successfully pledged KSM will receive 10% of the’early bird reward’, and both parties who recommend the user will each receive 2.5% of the’invitation reward’. After Bit.Country Pioneer wins the Kusama slot, the pledged user will have the opportunity to receive Land (an additional gift from the official return) to build your own little world. Details: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/542gLnXFaZxVv8wepZLmng

On October 23, Bit.Country and UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley) reached a strategic cooperation. Students from UC Berkeley’s Spring 2022 Metaverse Course and Berkeley Student Club Blockchain will be able to join Bit.Country to build their own World, and put their knowledge and learning results into practice on the Web3 native platform. Details: https://twitter.com/BitDotCountry/status/1451795854180839433

On October 27th, Bit.Country and Bifrost (Rainbow Bridge) reached a strategic cooperation. Bifrost will support Bit.Country Pioneer through the SALP agreement to participate in the third batch of Kusama Slot Auction, and help Bit.Country Pioneer release its parachain of voters Pledge asset liquidity. Details: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/4TM30PVMC6jJ5SPjsi6NVw

On October 27th, Bit.Country and Zenlink reached a strategic cooperation. Zenlink SlotVault has been connected to Bit.Country Pioneer to provide support for Bit.Country Pioneer to bid for Kusama Parachain slots. Participating in the Bit.Country Pioneer Kusama crowdloan event through Zenlink SlotVault will receive additional ZLK rewards. The number of rewards depends on the number of KSMs. Users can share up to a total of 40,000 ZLK rewards. Details: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/iSRSc59z-eDzsWfkVCWvBg

On October 28, Bit.Country announced a new strategic cooperation with Republic Realm, an investment fund of Metaverse & NFT. Republic Realm is one of the largest digital real estate NFT owners of Decentraland, Sandbox and Axie Infinity, and is also the most active Metaverse Digital Content developers. In the future, its team plans to develop its own digital assets in the meta universe of Bit.Country. Details: https://medium.com/bit-country/7f5af21824a7

On October 28th, Bit.Country announced a new strategic cooperation with the Polkadot privacy computing parachain Phala Network. Bit.Country believes that Phala’s powerful Web3.0 computing power will help maintain and protect the decentralization of the Bit.Country platform, and bring it a user-friendly and immersive meta-universe experience, which will be a real decentralization. Centralized Metaverse provides Game Server and derivative services. Based on Polkadot’s interoperability, Meta Universe will become the best practice of xcm. In the future, Phala will not only establish the Phala World continent on Bit.County, but also work with Ray Lu (CEO and co-founder of Bit.Country) to build a game model that goes beyond the existing meta-universe. Details: https://medium.com/bit-country/dd46fcf14488

2. Live events

On October 7th, Ray Lu, CEO and co-founder of Bit.Country, and his partners discussed live on CrowdCast via Gardi Rigby: NUUM empowerment-meta-universe governance of network and personal mergers, sharing how to use Substrate for users Develop meta-universe civilization on the Polkadot and Kusama networks. Details: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ysnIrxxmfX63wOju8FXFUA

On October 26th, Bit.Country held a live event about Kusama and Polkadot crowdloan at CrowdCast. Bit.Country CEO and co-founder Ray Lu, CTO (blockchain) and co-founder Justin Pham, CTO (gaming) and co-founder Shannon Christie, and partner manager Gardi Rigby, to Web3 new users Mercia and Rayshmar popularize the basic concepts and participation methods of Kusama and Polkadot Parachain auctions, and interpret the opportunities and strategies of Kusama slot auctions. Details: https://youtu.be/AbtlIX3cemA

On October 27th, Ray Lu, the CEO and co-founder of Bit.Country, was invited to attend the NFT round table Minted-The NFT Collective to share with you how to forge NFTs in the meta universe, and to discuss the market stability of NFTs and the next ten years. The situation after the year. Details: https://twitter.com/LightNodeMedia/status/1450900784233730054

3. Important development/product progress

3D meta universe

  • Add a small map function. Now users can more quickly understand and show other players where they are in the game.
  • The VOID function has taken effect. VOID is the unallocated original space around a plot of Xiaoyuan Kingdom.
  • Add the world asset system. Now users can upload their own assets and place them in the world for decoration.
  • Further optimize the system. Improve the efficiency of the CPU for animation and games.
  • The development of NFT rendering baking has begun. This feature allows characters to wear NFT items.
  • Integrated into Metaverse. The newly created role supports the appearance customization system.

$BIT mining function

  • The $BIT mining function takes effect. $BIT is the basic material and energy used to build the Bit.Country meta-universe. Users can find and mine $BIT at VOID, and the obtained $BIT will be deposited into the user’s account for future use.
  • Design and implement the $BIT mining protocol. This protocol allows the network to cast and burn BIT resources and users can access $BIT from the wallet.
  • Development of mining engines to support mining concepts. Mining settlement on the blockchain network.

Land: Land system design and implementation. The land uses the ERC-721 standard, and the land system is designed in the EVM and Bit.Country network to ensure that they are a composable cross-chain.

EVM compatibility: Research and design the compatibility layer of the Ethereum virtual machine. Users can deploy Solidity smart contracts to Bit.Country Network.

Evolution Land

1. Function progress:

  • Evolution Planet Caverns is officially launched on the HECO testnet and is expected to be officially released next week. In cave exploration, players can make apostle squad and dungeon monsters fight to obtain precious materials (ERC-1155 assets) which can be used for equipment synthesis. For more information, please refer to: Cave Exploration-Evolution Land
  • The joint farm event between Demeter and Evolution Planet is open for a limited time and will last for one month. Users can choose to lock RING-DUSD in Evolution Planet to get RING rewards or lock in Demeter to get DMT rewards.
  • DefiLlama officially began tracking data on the evolutionary planet Atlantis.
  • The assets of Evolution Planet are listed on NFTrade, which is the NFT asset trading platform headed by Polygon. In addition to ordinary trading functions, NFTrade also supports swap and pledge functions.

2. Community progress:

  • Evolution Planet and Demeter launched a joint AMA to discuss the practical application of stablecoins in Gamefi and Metaverse in the future.
  • Evolution Planet and Channels conducted a joint AMA to discuss how the lending platform and Metaverse can build a new economic ecology. Channels is the leading lending platform on BSC and Heco.
  • CoinTelegraph published an article about the evolutionary planet. The article points out that in the future, cross-chain games will become an extremely important form of practice in the multi-chain ecosystem.
  • The proposal on the distribution of the proceeds from the auction of Evolution Planet has been passed on the Eden continent and will be implemented during the first week of November. Other ways to deal with the proposals that have passed will be announced on Reddit next week.
  • Held the third dimensional universe experience officer meeting to share the progress of Substrate-to-Substrate bridge technology
  • Set up the Darwin DAO group of the community to formally try to deal with the internal affairs of the Darwin Network through decentralization.

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