Nvidia CTO talks virtual worlds: Metaverse, data centers, cryptocurrencies

Human imagination is infinite, and people have never stopped envisioning virtual worlds for many years. Whether it is the virtual network world in “The Matrix”, the dream world woven by superpowers in “Inception”, or the oasis space in “Ready Player One”, human beings have always been eager to enter the virtual world, so ” The concept of “Metaverse” is sweeping the world, but what exactly is a virtual world? What is it like? How to achieve? What is the relationship with reality? These questions are plaguing everyone, so the overseas media ZDNet invited Nvidia’s chief technology officer, Michael Kagan, to try to explain the concept through experts and distinguish fact from fiction.

Virtual world contains Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world, a world where you can make your fairy tales come true, and Nvidia’s Omniverse is the platform to help everyone realize this idea.

You can create a virtual world in Omniverse, you can live in a virtual world, you can collaborate in a global virtual world, there are no geographical and linguistic boundaries, and there are no other restrictions, you can connect this virtual world with the real world, You can make your fantasies come true, all of which belong to the Metaverse.

Nvidia CTO talks virtual worlds: Metaverse, data centers, cryptocurrencies

But what we are currently doing is obviously to create a virtual world. The biggest difference between the virtual world and the Metaverse is that the former does not need to correspond one-to-one with the real world, while the Metaverse needs to correspond one-to-one with our real world. One of the projects that Nvidia is currently working on is to simulate the earth, which can simulate the real world well, or simulate what will happen in the future? For example, how do we deal with global warming, how do we deal with climate change?

In fact, in addition to the Metaverse, the virtual world also includes the aforementioned simulated earth, which is also called a digital twin, which you can simulate before building large-scale projects. You’ve probably heard that big automakers like BMW are working with us, they simulate big projects before they build them, and once the business builds something, you have a digital twin of that project, whether it’s the data The center, or the manufacturing plant, or the smart city. You can interact with the digital twin and train your robot in the virtual world to become a better robot in the real world.

The virtual world is inseparable from cloud computing and data centers

Creating a digital twin in a virtual world requires an AI model to help it make decisions and respond to what’s going on, which is inseparable from cloud computing and data centers. It can be said that the data center is a dark thread in the virtual world.

Michael Kagan pointed out that the construction of virtual worlds requires a vast infrastructure to transform and develop the technology, which includes higher processing power, 3D images, virtual reality technology, Internet connection and other functions. To achieve this, it is unrealistic to rely on ordinary computer equipment to run the huge code of the Metaverse, and cloud computing is a good solution.

Nvidia CTO talks virtual worlds: Metaverse, data centers, cryptocurrencies

Simulating Earth, for example, uploads programs that require computation to the cloud, then undergoes powerful data processing, and finally transmits it back to the client. More powerful data centers means faster processing power, which will greatly improve the smoothness and latency of simulating Earth.

If you want to connect to the virtual world, you need to enter parameters, which are far more complex than the instructions generated by typing through the keyboard. Sensor devices collect user input parameters, upload them to the cloud, and then convert them into parameters that the digital twin can understand, allowing people in the virtual world to move or issue commands.

After the instructions are conveyed, it comes to the modeling part of the digital twin. All objects, buildings, etc. in the virtual world are virtualized. Nvidia once interspersed a few seconds of “fake” Jen-Hsun Huang and his background during its online GTC conference, which required more than three dozen staff to scan Jen-Hsun Huang using RTX ray tracing technology and take thousands of photos of Jen-Hsun Huang and the kitchen from different angles. The “kitchen” is modeled in Omniverse, a virtual collaboration platform developed by NVIDIA, and finally combined with artificial intelligence to achieve the effect of fake and real, these you need more powerful cloud computing technology and many powerful data centers to support powerful simulation capabilities .

Cryptocurrencies are not a necessity in the virtual world

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that uses cryptographic principles to ensure transaction security and control the creation of transaction units, and is a type of digital currency (or virtual currency). It calculates a set of open source codes based on the world’s computers, and is generated by a large number of computer graphics cards and cpu operations, and uses cryptographic design to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation. The cryptography-based design allows cryptocurrencies to be transferred or paid only by the true owner.

Cryptocurrencies have four major characteristics, one is international recognition, cryptocurrencies are not subject to interest rates, exchange rates, transaction fees or any other fees, so you can transfer money on an international level without encountering any problems. Also, there is no electronic cash system, which means your account is not owned by anyone else. Using this system, one has a private key and a corresponding public key that constitutes a cryptocurrency address.

Second, transaction costs are low. With cryptocurrency transactions, there are usually no transaction fees. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies receive compensation from the cryptocurrency network because miners mine and do number crunching. However, if you use a third-party management service to maintain your own cryptocurrency wallet, you may incur some external fees; third, the transaction is kept confidential. Use cryptocurrency for online transactions, it will be the only transaction channel between the two parties. Information is traded through “pushes,” where you decide what to send to recipients, a great way to protect you from identity theft or account threats.

Finally, peer-to-peer transactions. This is one of the main assets for cryptocurrency payments, with no middlemen or third parties involved. The technology is designed to facilitate reasonable, instant and secure settlements without the involvement of anyone, including banks or any other financial system. Additionally, the global network uses blockchain technology to manage databases that record transactions, meaning that Bitcoin is not operated by any one central authority, but rather by its network. Therefore, based on the above characteristics, people have strongly bound cryptocurrencies to the virtual world, but can the virtual world really fail without cryptocurrencies?

Although Michael Kagan did not deny the importance of cryptocurrencies in the virtual world, he believes that the current task of the virtual world is to do a good job in infrastructure construction. For the time being, the virtual world without cryptocurrencies will steadily advance, but there is a virtual world of cryptocurrencies. The world hasn’t gotten better either.

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