Numbers speak: New trends in international crypto investment

In late April, the Central African Republic became the second country in the world to accept Bitcoin as legal tender after El Salvador. During this period, two international surveys in the field of encryption, the results are also intriguing, the numbers speak and share to everyone.

Digital assets expected to surpass traditional investment vehicles within 10 years

Institutional investors appear to have developed overwhelming confidence in the potential of cryptoassets as a new asset class, according to a new survey just completed by crypto exchange Bitstamp.

The survey involved 5,502 institutional investment decision makers and 23,113 retail investors from 23 countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.

Numbers speak: New trends in international crypto investment

According to Bitstamp’s findings, 80% of institutions believe that digital assets will surpass traditional investment vehicles within a decade. The vast majority of respondents (88%) also believe that cryptocurrencies will gain mainstream adoption over the same period.

“The Bitstamp report sheds light on why institutional and retail investors participate in the market, what hinders investment, how investors collaborate, and ultimately, the level of global trust in cryptocurrencies.”

Among retail investors, 67% believe that cryptoassets are trustworthy investments. 71% of professional investors and 65% of retail investors claim to believe in cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

“We found that there is overwhelming confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies, with the majority of respondents believing cryptocurrencies will overtake traditional investments within a decade.

At the same time, the survey also showed investors’ high trust in other forms of digital assets, including stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and NFTs. “It shows that the range of use cases for cryptocurrencies is huge.”

Investing in NFTs has different purposes, not just speculative profits

At the end of April, the CoinGecko platform conducted a survey on NFT investment through the social platform Twitter. The number of participants ranged from 394 to 874. Most of the respondents were from the Asia-Pacific region, which is leading the global adoption of NFTs.

The survey found that nearly half of the NFT owners surveyed made profits by actively trading NFTs; the other half purchased NFTs, mainly “for collection” or “for their utility.”

In CoinGecko’s survey, so-called NFT flippers, like traders, who seek to buy low and sell high, were the largest category of NFT buyers, with 42% of respondents saying flipping was the main reason for their purchases.

This was followed by NFT collectors, who made up 26% of respondents. In addition, those who purchased NFTs for utility, such as gaming, accounted for 25%.

Numbers speak: New trends in international crypto investment

It is worth noting that less than half of the respondents said that they have profited from NFT transactions; while 23% of the respondents said that they are “holders” aka collectors, and have no purpose of making a quick profit .

Meanwhile, 70% of respondents said that NFTs are only a small part of their crypto portfolio, ranging from 0% to 25% of their portfolio.

Further, the investigation also found that most NFT owners obtained encrypted artwork through the OpenSea platform. Nearly 59% said they have used the platform, and it is worth noting that competing platforms such as LooksRare, as well as platforms affiliated with exchanges such as Binance NFT and Coinbase NFT, are springing up.

The survey also found that most NFT users still rely on the Ethereum network for transactions, with 46% choosing the ETH network. Following Ethereum are the Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL) networks as the second and third most popular blockchain networks for NFT transactions.

Finally, the CoinGecko survey reports that the most common way investors find new NFT projects is through social network Twitter or messaging platform Discord. While “fragmented” and relevant information “spread among other noise”, it seems to be “the best option for stumbled upon a fresh item”.

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