Now without high education, high net worth and wide experience even speculative coins are not worthy? CCTV has released the funniest short of the year!

When there is a waterfall fall in the market, give priority to commodities with good liquidity as bottoming targets, such as bitcoin, ethereum, BNB, ICP.

Now without high education, high net worth and wide experience even speculative coins are not worthy? CCTV has released the funniest short of the year!

01 Orange View Trend

Short-term (intra-day): up

Medium-term (more than two weeks): down

02 Orange talks about hotspots

First of all, I wish you all a happy pizza day, which is a unique holiday in our coin circle. As an old leek, I have lost track of how many pizza days I have had, and I remember that the market after each pizza day is good, for example, last year’s pizza day just experienced a big pie halving, which is also the starting point of this bull market. The previous year’s Pizza Day was also just coming out of the 2018 bear market, and then came out of a small bull market in June, etc. So let’s hope the market continues to give after today’s pizza day, eternal bull market!

Then talk about the market, the old cliché, bitcoin itself no risk, the biggest risk is that you think there is a risk, recently private letter asked me the most is the appropriate bottom, if not too worried about the policy landing, in fact, you can buy at low, this is the aggressive type of approach, the prudent approach is to wait for the policy landing, the second bottom is the real certainty of the time to plunge, you zoom in on the cycle, when bitcoin reached When bitcoin reaches 100,000 a piece, it doesn’t really matter whether you buy it at 40,000 or 35,000, does it?

These two days the whole circle of news, first of all, yesterday about the United States for cryptocurrency taxation, the U.S. Treasury Department requires transfers greater than $ 10,000 need to report to the IRS, the future of cryptocurrency taxation is the trend, but the implementation is not so easy, at least need a few years, so the temporary can not play other impact, but also will be good for the privacy class plate, in fact, privacy is a The first thing to do is to get the privacy class.

Musk says bitcoin mining energy use exceeds that of a medium sized country. Goldman Sachs CEO says bitcoin market cap will eventually be higher than gold. Powell said bitcoin and other non-stable currency versions of digital currencies are inefficient payment mechanisms, and stable coins are “double-edged sword”, low or low I do not know, I only know that within a minute my money can fly around the world, traditional remittances can do? The traditional money transfer can be done? The layers of intermediaries, various fees, is this not inefficient?

Today to everyone, the market waterfall down when the priority is to choose a commodity with good liquidity as a bottoming subject, such as bitcoin, ethereum, BNB, ICP, these rebound up no more than the cottage check, and good enough liquidity, you do not have to worry about the risk of returning to zero, if a better quality asset appears later, you can continue to join the bottoming list just fine.

Risk and based on the fact that coexist, you see the policy short risk, while some people see other opportunities, we will release the trend board overview chart next week, as to what is the section first sell a secret, but there are definitely a lot of wealth code inside!

03 Orange read the market

BTC: Rebound, not a reversal, bitcoin yesterday gave resistance near 42,000, last night the highest hit near 42,400 after the beginning of the decline, the lowest to 38,000 near the next market will continue to fluctuate widely, because the market sentiment has not yet reached agreement.

The 4-hour level, at least there will be a second chance of bottoming out, below the support near 36000,35000, by then, if you are not afraid of other negative risks, you can choose to bottom out, robustness will continue to observe it, if there is no other movement today, then this weekend is at least peaceful, there should be other opportunities.

ETH: The policy side today only out of a CCTV network on the risk of virtual currency tips, which has a paragraph is also very happy, a moment do not know whether to blow or black, and then the next two days are the weekend, so the boots are expected to land until next week, so now this time more can not rush the bottom, at least until the second back to explore.

BNB: Yesterday Coinbase stock appeared a small rebound market, which indicates that the risk of a big dive in the next two days is small, but I said before the boots still have not landed, so the bottom of the big money is not recommended, so the bottom can wait until Monday afternoon.

LINK: Short-term and other negative sentiment fermentation, first do not touch, medium and long term to see if there is a secondary back to explore, or to meet the sharp fall can fill positions.

DOGE: Yesterday Massive continued to shout single DOGE, but the effect is not very good, market sentiment on the panic side, the new leek is a little scared, but considering that it is still a bull market cycle, as long as the boots fall emotions will soon be repaired, and DOGE is still the first choice for new leeks, so DOGE must always keep, and must be bought by the sharp fall.

FLOW: FLOW this wave of rebound or more powerful, after all, today released two good, one is a new ecological project Eternal, the second is dapper labs led the investment in the new NFT trading platform Tibles, can see FLOW has been opening up the frontier, so yesterday said between 12-15 positions can be expanded to 12-18 between positions, short-term FLOW trend may be very strong, after all, June coin NFT exchange to be on, the whole market funds will be concerned about the NFT track.

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