Note: Shade Inu Token has been confirmed as a malicious fraud project

On July 6, 2022 18:18:26 and July 6, 2022 18:37:59 am Beijing time, a fake Shade Inu Token project deployer removed a large amount of liquidity from the liquidity pool.

The fake Shade Inu Token deployer removed approximately $101,000 (424 BNB) of liquidity.

After investigation, the above Shade Inu Token was found to be a scam . The project launched a fake Shade Inu Token, created a WBNB/SadeIT pool with the initial 200 BNB and provided liquidity for it, so the deployer made a total profit of about $53,000 ( 224 BNB) .

Fraud steps

① The fraudster deployed a fake Shade Inu Token contract in transaction 0x5F5BD20567899DD9D9D2E4496D63518504D2944B85DF379A7B5F913C146D7.

(We found another token project called Shade Inu on Twitter, whose token address is )

② During the contract deployment, the fraudster obtained 5 billion SadeIT tokens from the initial token distribution, and it was set to true in the _release list.


③ The SadeIT token contract deploys a transfer function – if the sender is in the _release list, the sender’s balance is not checked. This means that the sender can transfer or sell an unlimited amount of SadeIT tokens to any account.


④ In the transaction 0xcba090862949fc20f4e701af0867541e63306731eac3ebf3070374477feaef9e, the fraudster then added 200 BNB and 300 million SadeIT to the Pancake WBNB/SadeIT trading pair.


⑤ At 18:18:26 on July 6, 2022, the fraudster sold 4 billion SadeIT (worth 292 BNB) using his custom transfer() function in the transaction 0xd2811df9e4dcd2204421620e21f5e4f0b380de00adbeb5ce481db76e0aedc733.

⑥ At 18:37:59 on July 6, 2022, the address of the fraudster sold about 979 trillion (979,114,080,000,000) SadeIT (worth 114,080,000,000) in the transaction 0xd6fb62acc00921f22d6a76e54a5db5d5cef8e526b5fb0ff4a4cac19de532ddc7 using his custom transfer() function.

⑦ The fraudsters transferred a total of 424BNB of proceeds to the address 0x91a20dcb398d9cd19e841175f395138a9bb4b073.

Fraudster’s address

Fraudster (ShadeInu Token deployer) address:

Accounts holding profits:

Shade Inu Token contract address:

Pancake liquidity pool trading pair (WBNB/SadeIT):

Rug Pull Transaction

Liquidity add tx::

Where to go

The fraudsters obtained a total of 424 BNB.

But considering that the fraudsters provided 200BNB as initial liquidity in the pool, their total profit should be $ 53,000 (224 BNB) .  

The asset has been sent to account 0x91a20dcb398d9cd19e841175f395138a9bb4b073.

write at the end

The transfer() function is different from the standard ERC20 transfer(), and this event can be found through security audits.

After the attack, CertiK’s Twitter alert account and the official alert system released the news as soon as possible. At the same time, CertiK will continue to publish information related to project warnings (attacks, frauds, running away, etc.) on the official public account in the future.

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