Nirvana Chain Reveals Technical Summary as Beta Web Goes Live

Nirvana Chain has disclosed its technical summary

On June 9, 2021, El Salvador, South America passed legislation to make Bitcoin a legal tender in the country, followed by Panama and Paraguay national leaders on the same day to make Bitcoin a legal tender, which is undoubtedly a digital feast ahead of its time in the history of crypto finance and even global economic history! Chain, which has an all-powerful ecology to lead new technology or industrial revolution, has completed the process of qualitative change of capital in the crypto world carrying trillions of business economy with the entrance of the killer technological innovation “heterogeneous composite chain”.

Nirvana Chain Reveals Technical Summary as Beta Web Goes Live

The blockchain finance blueprinted by Bitcoin has already depicted a longing digital world for us in the future. This perfect combination has already given more possibilities to multiple fields such as finance, technology, games, Internet of Things, as well as payment and cash transactions. Just this year, the cryptocurrency market ushered in a global bull market, and major European and American mainstream countries tend to be more tolerant towards it. It is thus foreseeable that the degree of cryptocurrency out of the circle in the future will be completely beyond our imagination, and the NA (Nirvana) Chain, which will be launched on the test network at this time, is fully capable of realizing cognitive realization earlier.

However, digital currencies and blockchain technology still have many difficulties that are questioned by traditional financial circles and mainstream people, and NA enthusiasts summarize the following points: high volatility of coin prices, immature technology, difficulty in landing applications, and difficulty in policy regulation, etc. They will directly hinder the further expansion of the production value of the crypto world. Compared with the agricultural revolution that lasted for thousands of years and the industrial revolution that lasted for more than a hundred years, the Internet revolution took only a few decades, and it follows that the more advanced the social form, the faster the technical problems disintegrate.

NA enthusiasts have always been bullish on crypto assets and are convinced that the blockchain technology revolution will only take a few years to complete. Now that Bitcoin has been recognized as a commodity by the US and has been recognized by the outside world as an investment on Wall Street, NA (Nirvana) Chain hopes to create an all-inclusive technology network solution to extend the application scenario, thus permanently solving the current problem of narrow scope of blockchain financial transactions, which utilizes innovation to fully mobilize advanced global technology as well as underlying blockchain resources to It fully mobilizes global advanced technology and underlying blockchain resources to empower the whole blockchain ecology in the reverse direction, and has brought a fantastic start to this technology revolution under the situation of extremely urgent demand. Whether it is the innovative “heterogeneous composite chain” technology system that can support multiple consensus mechanisms, the NVM virtual machine that allows parallel computing and other powerful functions, or the N++ programming language developed for web technicians that can be quickly mastered by junior programmers in 5 minutes, coupled with the ability to achieve enterprise-level Together with the constant GAS system that enables enterprise-level budgeting and the decentralized NA DNS on-chain domain name resolution, they make up the NA (Nirvana) Chain, the underlying blockchain system made for applications, which you can see immediately through the upcoming beta site.

Heterogeneous composite chains help blockchain networks circulate value

In response to the pain points of traditional public chains such as slow rate, high cost, increasing vicious cycle, obvious privacy defects, insufficient application tools and unsustainable consensus mechanism, NA (Nirvana) Chain discards the traditional single-chain parallelism model and adopts a heterogeneous composite chain model fusing three consensus algorithms to achieve data division and concurrency in large volume, and ensures fast and safe system robustness through a high-quality architecture : There is a main chain in the huge Nirvana system, which we call the application chain. The application chain adopts the PowFlow consensus mechanism to save the basic information such as installation and uninstallation of applications, which makes the data capacity reach the minimum state and greatly improves the efficiency of synchronization.

Nirvana Chain Reveals Technical Summary as Beta Web Goes Live

2021/6/5 Nirvana Chain Twitted

At the same time, every application on Nirvana Chain will have an instance chain, which is a composite chain composed of logical chain and data chain. The logical chain adopts DPoS algorithm for processing application logic, which can reach 2000 to 5000 TPS processing speed, in which business logic and Event command type events are executed by the logical chain to complete the interaction, and the user interface The user interface can also be packaged and released to the logical chain when the DAPP is released. The data chain adopts DAG algorithm to process data information of the application, achieving 10000+TPS ultra-high performance, and massive data will be processed at a very fast speed.

The solution of Ether Layer 2.0 has been continuously postponed, and other blockchain projects are completely unable to surpass Ether in terms of technology, consensus, application and value, not to mention leading the industry change, and traditional public chains are in urgent need of speed up, but the expansion and increasing the frequency of block packing are not curative and cannot fundamentally solve the performance problem. Its innovative technology has clearly surpassed Ether, and its advanced concept of classifying data and adopting the most effective consensus algorithm for processing is fully capable of coping with the demanding performance requirements in the upcoming business economy, and is expected to become the king of the head of enterprise-level applications.

Nirvana Chain Reveals Technical Summary as Beta Web Goes Live

To bridge the consensus incompatibility caused by the blockage of value circulation between various public chains, NA (Nirvana) Chain makes up for the data silos brought about by PoWF, POS or DPOS, and through technical means to open up the underlying technology of various consensus levels, both for traders and developers, they can seamlessly traverse or operate in parallel in any blockchain, no longer for the high cost of on-chain activities and handicapped by the high cost of on-chain activities. From then on, the flow of users, data, assets and value on the chain will be smoother, and the ultimate value of each link will be released, and the real blockchain revolution will begin.

Timed tasks for NVM virtual machine applications are vast

Due to the different devices and operating systems, programmers need to develop multiple sets of different programs in order to develop an APP, which greatly wastes the cost of human time and resources.NA (Nirvana) Chain develops NVM virtual machines allowing the development of only one set of applications to be compatible with various types of devices, and in the future, countless Dapp can all run on top of the virtual machine, and they will They will not be affected by different blockchains and different consensus mechanisms, and will really be able to do everything together. The Ethernet virtual machine (EVM), which can run on ASIC miners and video card machines, is affected by performance and can only develop simple ecology, plus most of the existing public chain project virtual machines go against decentralization, which means that for NA (Nirvana) Chain, which advocates the purpose of blockchain, it is no longer possible to realize its world-changing concept by simply replicating it. For the first time, it supports timed tasks to be added to NVM virtual machine and adds the scheduling function of global view. When a block receives a billion tasks, it can schedule the whole network block nodes to work together, while the Ethernet virtual machine when a block receives a task, other blocks are idle and the task will show failure if it is too heavy. Various technologies allow NA (Nirvana) Chain to develop complex ecologies, including games, communication, social, etc. In the future, it will also support the development of enterprise-level system software and application software with higher technical requirements, helping traditional enterprises to provide decentralized software services needed for chain reform. Currently, Nirvana virtual machine combined with heterogeneous composite chain can help you: programming language for executing smart contracts, issuing tokens, transferring money, data bus, data access, microservices, etc.

N++ programming language accelerates Nirvana eco-building

Currently the more representative development languages in all public chains include Solidity (ETH) C/C++ based WebAssembly (EOS), but their smart contract development and learning threshold are high, and it is difficult for most technical developers to move from traditional WEB development to blockchain development. NA (Nirvana) Chain, in order to expand the ecology and attract good developers, through N++ programmers can easily implement their own interactive system development, especially for web-based applications. If you have mastered ASP/PHP/JSP web-based programming language, we are pretty sure you can learn it in just 5 minutes.

A good public chain, as a tool, always has the characteristics of openness, universality and ease of operation, N++ can communicate with the underlying application to carry out the relevant conversion work, when the simple learning language ended the era of high threshold of blockchain development, followed by the influx of millions of Web developers, N++ can communicate with the virtual machine, as the underlying ecology and smart contract interaction Co-prosperity, as a way to promote more Dapp for interesting development, is an important step to fundamentally expand the blockchain ecology, with milestone significance, and also laid a strong foundation for Nirvana ecological construction.

Constant GAS system for financial budgets becomes a big hit enterprise solution

In the past, it was very difficult and unpredictable for enterprises to get their data on the chain. NA (Nirvana) Chain’s USDN swap protocol is anchored by a 1:1 USD value issuance, and the system automatically identifies the fees based on the balance of digital assets in the user’s account, without limiting the type. For example, if your account has a USDN balance, the USDN fee will be paid automatically; if your account only has NAC, the system will automatically convert it to USDN at the prevailing NAC price for Gas debit via Oracle Mechanism, thus solving the problem of uncertainty cost of GAS.

The fees for transactions running on it will be very low, 0.1 USDN per logical chain and 0.01 USDN per data chain, and the key is that they are constant, i.e. the fees will always remain the same no matter how large the transaction is. We can judge that the low fees based on a variety of efficient measures are fully capable of supporting enterprise-level commercialization, and we can imagine that the future ecology of Nirvana Chain will be large and diverse, which is a universal one-stop decentralized platform acceptable to any developer and user.

100% truly decentralized NA DNS on-chain domain name resolution

The centralized DNS service platforms such as Godaddy, Amazon Cloud, Ali Cloud, etc., have a huge hidden danger of leaking users’ personal privacy; NA (Nirvana) Chain integrates DNS servers internally to achieve domain name resolution on the chain through DNS servers to request thousands of nodes in the system to send the corresponding domain name, return the corresponding IP address and then apply for the corresponding The DNS server is used to request thousands of nodes in the system to send the corresponding domain name, return the corresponding IP address and then apply for the corresponding node for application resolution. When we rent a domain name on DNS, we fill in not the IP address, but the hash address of the application, fill in this address into the DNS resolution, we enter the domain name will automatically request the corresponding instance chain, and from its creation block to read out the web page, and execute the program calculation, and then return the calculation results to the user.

NA DNS can realize domain name hosting and leasing, users can host their idle domain names in NA DNS to get extra income and NAC, other users can lease without contacting me, choose the domain name needed and pay NAC tokens to automatically resolve to the customer’s DAPP, the leased domain name is a second-level domain name, the first-level domain name can only be used by the owner of the domain name. Only the owner of the domain name can use it. For each domain name rented, the system will automatically add four alternate domain names, the alternate domain names can be found in the official application market, click on the application’s introduction information there is a main domain name, four alternate domain names, in addition to the domain name renewal wallet address.

Nirvana Chain Reveals Technical Summary as Beta Web Goes Live

Once the renewal fee is due, since the application released by NA does not belong to a certain person, but to all human beings, anyone can go to renew this application autonomously through consensus, thus realizing zero operation and maintenance continuous operation of decentralized application. na(Nirvana)Chain changes all domain names, web interfaces, static resource files to the on-chain mode, and all people develop DAPP on the chain All domain names will use domain names leased from domain name providers around the world. Through this anonymous decentralized leasing method, NA provides a completely anonymous and decentralized domain name solution for DAPP developers, realizing 100% truly decentralized Dapp and Dweb.

Making “living for apps” a mainstream idea worldwide

On March 7, NA(Nirvana) Chain was invited to participate in the DoraHacks Global Blockchain Hackathon Beijing and served as a judge, voting with the organizer to select creative and technologically advanced On March 15, NA(Nirvana) Chain presented for the first time various innovative technologies such as heterogeneous composite chain and DWeb full hosting model in the second “Smart Node” Blockchain Technology Application Summit, which won the recognition and support of everyone present. support.

On April 27, NA (Nirvana) Chain BS1 server was officially launched, and now there are more than 3,000 server nodes, bringing together more than 40 companies from 9 major miners for linkage cooperation. Industry Forum and won the “Most Influential Public Chain Network Popularity Award” in 2021.

Through these industry events, NA (Nirvana) Chain’s ideas and concepts have been continuously spread and recognized. Most of the developers in the “chain circle” have a simple wish: technology changes the world. The emergence of NA (Nirvana) Chain is equivalent to setting up a big banner for this group, and all the co-frequencers practice their beliefs and improve the industry with this banner.

The value ecology of everything connected and compatible in real time

NA (Nirvana) Chain can accommodate all public chains, applications, ecology and consensus, which will coalesce into a value ecology of unimaginable scale, and through the incentive system, it will prompt global users to contribute to the platform and truly form an infinite virtuous cycle of wealth creation effect.

Nirvana Chain brings the great idea to the digital economy and rewrites it as: there is only one much-needed feat of technological progress, and that is to find ways to experience decentralized, hyper-efficient and endlessly inspiring experiences. Here, the belief in the fascination of technology and the vision of the future will accompany NA (Nirvana) Chain to bring a permanent line of technological innovation to individuals, businesses and the world, which will soon come to everyone, so let’s all look forward to the changes that the test network will bring, which will surely be huge!

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