NFTs with 5 themes are on the rise

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The NFT ecosystem is going through a period of rapid growth.

The landscape of the world is always changing, and this constant change often leads to the rapid emergence of NFT trends.

At this point, some of the newer NFT topics have come a long way recently.

Let’s take a look at five NFT trends that I believe are likely to gain further momentum in the second quarter of 2022.

1. Anime PFP Project

Delphi Digital NFT expert Teng recently noted that around March 2022, the NFT economy appears to have entered its third major market cycle since June 2021.



A key indicator of the NFT economy, we can divide it into several stages.

Before the inflection point (before June 21)

Cycle 1 (June 21-Late October): Art Mania

Cycle 2 (Late October – March 21): PFP Mania

Cycle 3 (March 21 -???)

What’s driving this new round of activity? A major contributing factor, Teng believes, is the explosion of the anime-themed AzukiNFT series since January 2022.



@AzukiOfficial kicks off Cycle3’s narrative with “better art”, the “next BAYC” which is the third PFP project to break the 30E/$100K barrier

The rapid popularity of Azuki has also sparked a new wave of other anime NFT projects across the ecosystem, such as Akuma, Kiwami, Shinsekai, and more. So looking for inertia makes anime PFP a major trend in the coming months.



Wikipedia describes shitposting as posting online content that is “aggressive, satirical and of extremely poor quality”. The frankfrank project represents a thriving type of shitpostNFT, or at least this type has decisively entered the mainstream of the NFT ecosystem. The project is difficult to explain as there is practically nothing to explain, but the nearly 2kETH transaction volume since the project’s launch speaks for itself.

3. Craftable collectibles


This week began minting for HyperLoot, a new NFT project in the wider Lootverse. I’ve seen a lot of people saying they really enjoyed the casting experience, and I can see why: it allows for customizing your character in really fun ways. This is just the latest example of how NFT collections allow minters to personalize NFTs, and I fully expect this to be an increasingly popular avenue for projects. It makes collecting a co-creative process, and I think this dynamic can have many positive downstream effects on collecting.

4. More “NFTfi” Fusion


Idols are recently launched NFT projects with collectibles backed by Lido Staked ETH or stETH, an increasingly popular yield token in DeFi. Fixed and variable income DeFi protocol Element Finance has also just launched its own series of Elfiverse NFTs.

Whether it’s a community-run project like TheIdols or an official DeFi project like Elfiverse, it’s no exaggeration to say that we’re about to see more DeFi+NFT experiments. Focus on the “NFTfi” scenario accordingly.

5. 链 链 NFT


My previous Metaversal post was about full-chain NFTs, and I’ve seen more full-chain NFT collections pop up since then, so I thought I’d reiterate. The recent rise of this trend stems from the introduction of the zero-layer protocol, an interoperability protocol that makes communication between blockchains easy. This capability opens up new possibilities for NFTs, so I definitely expect to see more early experiments around full-chain technology in the near future.

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