NFTs related to China

Recently, an article “web3.0 has nothing to do with China” went viral on the Internet. Ignoring the right and wrong disputes, it mentioned that the only well-developed Web3.0 product “digital collection”. So the question is, is the so-called “digital collection” really a Web3.0 product? Web3.0 has a core logic, that is, everything can be realized.

NFTs related to China

The difference between web1.0, web2.0, and web3.0

Soul torture: Has the “digital collection” in your app been realized? Is there any essential difference between it and buying an electronic point card/card coupon from a treasure? Oh, there are still some differences. The electronic point card/coupon of a treasure can also be consumed and redeemed, while your “digital collection” can only be grayed out in the App =_=!

Web3.0 may have nothing to do with China, but NFT is related to China.

# Clarify the concept of NFT #

NFT is not a digital collection, let alone virtual currency. So what are NFTs? NFT is a non-fungible digital warrant. In the real world, houses have corresponding real estate certificates, social citizens have corresponding ID cards, and assets in the digital world have corresponding digital warrants. NFT has the characteristics of uniqueness, scarcity, and immutability. The reason why China does not dare to talk about NFT is that NFT is a new type of virtual currency, which will bring risks of financial supervision. In essence, NFT is a blockchain smart contract technology, which is used for the casting and distribution of digital assets, so there is no good or bad technology, it mainly depends on the person and the scene.

NFT practitioners determine the future development of the industry, especially how to define the value behind NFT is the key to the development of NFT in China. From the perspective of value positioning, don’t care if it’s called Token, but give Token the actual value of ownership, such as cultural value, commemorative value, equity value, brand value, social value, crowdfunding property rights, etc. A clear value proposition will make the NFT industry go further.

#Preface to the “Four Nos” of “China NFT Development Roadmap” #

Don’t believe in get-rich-quick scams

With the government’s clean-up of virtual currency, the development of China’s blockchain is pointed in the direction of technology-enabled industries (including virtual industry-Metaverse). Those illegal acts that try to attract investors with high returns will be brought to justice, and consumers and investors who still hope to get rich overnight by buying NFTs will also be ruthlessly harvested by sickles like leeks. The ending will be as tragic as P2P and domestic issuance of virtual currency.

Do not buy priceless IP

With the arrival of the wave of NFTs that can be used for everything, domestic digital collections ushered in a barbaric development, as if there was a momentum of the war of thousands of groups back then. But then you will see digital collections all over the street, which is bound to cause public aesthetic fatigue. The value of NFT is reflected in the community consensus of non-homogenization, cultural empathy, and scarcity. The same digital copies that cannot meet the current spiritual needs and have no community participation are destined to be forgotten and abandoned by users.

Not afraid of traditional stubborn obstruction

Just like the arrival of the industrial age, people with lofty ideals encountered resistance from the feudal stubborn forces when they introduced steam engines into China. They were afraid of destroying the distribution of vested interests and increasing the trouble of their original management, so they would use various excuses to obstruct ( Such as the ridiculous destruction of dragon veins). Although there will always be various obstacles roadblocks on the way of the development of new things, the ending is always the same, and the stubborn forces will be crushed by the wheels of history. Unstoppable!

Not afraid of the oppression of monopoly disorder

With the disorderly expansion of capital, the Internet oligarchs developed their own digital collection business, but used the ecology to suppress small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. These groups only allow state officials to set fires, but do not allow people to light paper tigers. They need to read the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China more.This is a law formulated to prevent and stop monopolistic behavior, protect fair competition in the market, improve the efficiency of economic operation, safeguard the interests of consumers and social public interests, and promote the healthy development of the socialist market economy.

“China NFT Development Roadmap” focuses on the new demands of digital culture brought by NFT and the analysis of the development of NFT industry at home and abroad, and proposes a white paper on the development and construction path of NFT in China. Explore innovative practice methodologies around the new business model of super IP and NFT Marketing.

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