NFT’s gender battlefield: The feminist NFT project run by three Russian men was overthrown and taken over by the community

Just last month, the Fame Lady Squad, the 8888 NFT project designed by women to support women (known as the first female avatar project ever), was accepted by the NFT community after it came out. .

The NFT market, like many technology-centric fields, is dominated by men, so when there are women-led projects, they are very popular.

The project claims that there are three women behind the project: Cindy and Andrea are American marketers and developers, respectively, and Kelda is a Norwegian artist and “thinker”, and is considered a representative figure of feminism.

The image they showed to the outside world is in the form of NFT illustrations (slim women in different dresses in the picture below), which users can cast and own in Ethereum.

NFT's gender battlefield: The feminist NFT project run by three Russian men was overthrown and taken over by the community

This incident was even mentioned in The New Yorker.

But behind the project is a lie.

According to the research of Russian NFT enthusiast Fedor Linnik, the head of Fame Lady Squad is actually three Russian men.

It is said that they are also behind the other NFT collections series, and said that these series are the same series, but in fact they are not at all.

The lie was first revealed via gossip last week and was confirmed this week.

Then the investors who invested nearly $1.5 million in this project jointly “uprised”, and the three Russian men transferred control of the project to real women, including a Canadian real estate agent Ashley Smith.

Smith knew about the Fame Lady Squad project in July. At that time, it had not yet been officially released. She was fascinated by the idea of ​​”empowering women in the NFT field”——

She is very supportive of Fame Lady Squad’s founding idea, which is to “create a strong and independent female image in the NFT community.”

Smith said that the excitement of this project is the clear-cut gender symbol.

“NFT and the crypto world are generally dominated by men. I think many people would like to see more diversity. People are excited about it.”

She cast several of her own Fame Lady Squad NFTs, and later bought some Squad NFTs in the secondary market.

NFT's gender battlefield: The feminist NFT project run by three Russian men was overthrown and taken over by the community

“The tokens I like have enough artistic elements, and the price was quite low at the time (0.05 ETH, currently about $150), so I bought them happily.”

Danielle Davis of Minnesota said she feels the same way. She has nine jobs, several of which are consulting for other NFT projects.

“This community is full of vitality and everything is about feminism. This is what attracts me.”

In fact, many people are related to the concept of women’s empowerment in the NFT field, and Fame Lady Squad has also received some high-profile support.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuk (an investor in Facebook, Coinbase and other star projects) once posted a tweet for him.

However, everything began to fall apart.

The development team behind Fame Lady Squad has been reluctant to answer Discord’s questions (it now seems that they are so silent for a reason).

Linnik and other cyber detectives discovered a loophole in the Fame Lady Squad story-

Linnik recalled chatting with Russian telegrams that were suspected to be members of the team behind Fame Lady Squad (at the time under a male pseudonym).

In mid-July, Linnik’s colleague Fil Makarov said in a Russian telegram chat that he thought Squad was a trick, because the wording they used-“a strong and independent woman” was actually used to satirize women in Russian. .

“These people are just taking advantage of the western left-wing liberals’ agenda to protect women’s rights.”

NFT's gender battlefield: The feminist NFT project run by three Russian men was overthrown and taken over by the community

Linnik pointed out that at least two of the founding team behind Fame Lady Squad had lived or studied in Canada. 

“I think these people know Western society very well, which is why they can easily manipulate us.”

Last Monday, Linnik tweeted what he knew, and the three Russian parties also responded quickly in an attempt to reduce reputation loss.

The next day, the founder of the project issued a long post apologizing for misleading the world. The text mentioned “but this does not mean that this is a scam or fraud”.

They promised to donate US$100,000 from the income of Fame Lady Squad to support NFT artists and projects.

They also transferred the ownership of the smart contract to Smith through a third-party broker (she became the representative of this grassroots uprising), allowing her to control the entire series of NFTs.

Smith has now established a Discord channel with Davis and others to bring the Fame Lady Squad community together and discuss next steps.

Davis said: “I don’t know how many times people say’this is my first time buying NFT’ or’this is my first time buying NFT for my wife’ in chats.”

“I have been thinking about those people, and I must not let this become my regret and pain.”

Smith believes that there will be a lot of responsibilities and multiple decision makers involved, “I don’t think I am the owner of this project, we are just project managers.”

The founder of Fame Lady Squad has also participated in at least nine other NFT series releases.

Including 2000 “Black Lives Matter” NFT cards, and 5555 “Cyber ​​City Girls Club” (Cyber ​​City Girls Club) NFT cards.

NFT's gender battlefield: The feminist NFT project run by three Russian men was overthrown and taken over by the community

Cyber ​​City Girls Club was established to stop the hatred of Asians. The team claimed that “want to create a strong and independent image of Asian women” (again).

And the project was originally developed by two women. As the scam was uncovered, the project’s Twitter account clarified that the team actually has six people, of which only two women (maybe friends or co-workers of the founders of Squad) partner).

The result of the whole event really illustrates the importance of the community in the field of NFT-the support of the community is the direct cause of the success or failure of the project.

Smith is currently facing many big and difficult problems, especially to guide an NFT project based on lies on the right track.

Smith’s transitional Discord to solve this problem is called Project Phoenix.

“I hope this is a story of community nirvana rebirth.”


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