NFTs continue to sweep the SXSW festival

A little over a year ago, NFTs were seen as just a passing cultural phenomenon, a fad at best.

And today, it is widely seen as a paradigm shift and has taken the creative economy by storm. Nearly a quarter of 2022 has passed, and NFTs seem poised to make an appearance at every major entertainment event in the US.

In fact, NFT has recently swept across SXSW (South by Southwest, referred to as SXSW), the world’s largest art festival and conference integrating film, technology, art and music.

As we’ve seen NFTs perform some time ago, NFTs became the talking point of the Super Bowl, defined this year’s Coachella Music Festival, and “broke” into March Madness (NCA Level 1). League Men’s Basketball Championship, one of the largest national sporting events in the United States).

Not surprisingly, the annual SXSW also brought a feast of NFTs in spectacular fashion.

From physical art installations that bring NFTs into the real world, to major announcements about the future of the NFT ecosystem, there have been many experiences in Austin over the past week.

When you walk through the streets of Austin, it seems that for at least ten minutes, you can see an NFT-related event, or some other kind of launch related to it.

Search for NFTs in the SXSW schedule and you’ll find out just how much NFTs have influenced the plans for this year’s SXSW, with over 20 related NFT-focused events.

Next, let’s take a look at the highlights of this SXSW.

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Zuckerberg announces integration of NFTs into Instagram

Although NFT sales have fallen sharply from the milestone record in early 2022 to the recent drop, it does not seem that this has affected more and more people joining them, and there is still no shortage of innovators ready to enter this emerging field.

In fact, conversations about NFTs are spreading across the culture now more than ever. Especially Mark Zuckerberg, who seems to want to be in control of it all.

On March 15, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a video address at SXSW where he made a major statement regarding Instagram’s NFT plans. Specifically, Zuckerberg said the platform will soon add NFT integrations.

So what kind of integration? He did not detail specific plans or timelines, but emphasized that in the next few months, Instagram users will “hopefully” be able to create their own NFTs within the app. In other words, the app will effectively act as an NFT marketplace.

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Multiple series of NFTs will be launched

Surprisingly, the organizers of SXSW announced at the conference that SXSW will mint its first NFT this year. At the same time, members of the community can use the related technology of Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL), a blockchain creative studio under FOX Entertainment, to mint their works into NFTs. Users can mint at the reserve price and can also buy NFTs on the secondary market.

The famous American country singer Dolly Parton also announced at the SXSW festival that she will release her first NFT.Dolly Parton has teamed up with BCL to launch the “Dollyverse” project, which includes a series of Parton-inspired NFTs, as well as limited-edition NFTs for her new album Run, Rose, Run, which was released recently.

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Marcel.Art’s NFT Gallery

Artist-driven app Marcel.Art brings 64 emerging multidisciplinary artists to the NFT gallery at SXSW, which blends physical and digital experiences to explore the future of creative content.

Gallery-goers can experience eight exhibitions by American, Italian, and Ukrainian curators on topics including cultural identity, trends in digital creation, and more. Combining visual media and presentation, each exhibition highlights the curator’s intent and the artist’s creativity.

NFTs continue to sweep the SXSW festival

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Blockchain Creative Labs(BCL)

This is Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL), a blockchain creative studio under FOX Entertainment. As one of the sponsors of SXSW, BCL also brought a series of Web3-related parties, activities and experiments to people at SXSW. It’s a unique and highly immersive experience.


This section brings visitors a highly immersive NFT unique experience. In a room-sized space, BCL visually displays all SXSW-related data on the Polygon blockchain, which will be updated in real time, bringing visitors an unparalleled visual experience.

The various moments and events captured on the spot will be recorded, and will eventually be minted into a unique NFT for sale.

NFTs continue to sweep the SXSW festival


In this section, visitors can find interested musicians through the blockchain, and can get free NFT airdrops from SXSW artists.

The site features multiple audio-visual installations designed for music listeners, and as visitors listen to the music, the images unlock unique digital art. This is also a new model for fans and artists to better support each other.

NFTs continue to sweep the SXSW festival

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New hot NFT project Doodles

As a newly popular NFT project, Doodles is loved by everyone and consists of 10,000 generated images. Doodles cooperated with the famous e-commerce platform Shopify to hold a three-day NFT event, which not only featured a series of interactive experiences, but also a unique gift shop.

Both Doodles series NFT holders and their fans can visit, and NFT holders only need to swipe their mobile phones, and their NFTs will appear on the wall.

The event hosted by Doodles received a lot of praise on Twitter, and even crypto artist Beeple went offline to visit Doodles’ exclusive space and praised Doodles on its social software.

NFTs continue to sweep the SXSW festival

NFTs continue to sweep the SXSW festival

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NFT marketplace Zora hosted a two-day event at SXSW where the community-focused team behind Zora brought a selection of emerging artists and showcased their creations. An artist named TK even successfully launched an NFT auction during Zoraopia.

Of course, NFT is not the only decentralized content that appeared at SXSW this year, and the content mentioned above is not all content at this SXSW.

Take the March 14 SXSW special session, which was titled “Move Over NFTs. Here Come the DAOs”. (NFTs please make way, here comes the DAO.) During the conference, the prominent DAO founder discussed how blockchain-based governance could replace centralized corporate decision-making.

There is another popular NFT project on the scene, Fluf World, which is an NFT project with 10,000 unique 3D animated bunnies.

The project team is from New Zealand and has launched several sold-out series of NFTs in the past year, and this time at SXSW, the team is also one of the teams with the most exhibits.

NFTs continue to sweep the SXSW festival

The team brought visitors a range of representative digital characters, while also hosting a panel discussion on Web3 and the inclusivity-focused Metaverse.

One year has passed since Beeple sold its $69.3 million NFT, and NFT has moved from NFT 1.0 to NFT 2.0.

Driven by celebrity companies and brands as well as the media, NFT seems to have entered the mainstream, and we will continue to witness the development of NFT

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