NFTs are just small pictures? They’ve already started hiring boring apes to work

Get up, wash up, dress neatly, put on headphones, go out, buy coffee, turn on the computer, write music reviews while listening to songs, and make a cameo appearance on “Black Bubble Radio” at night.

Like almost all of us, the day begins for the Boring Ape (BAYC) #4593.

On December 17, 2021, an article titled “Nike, Adidas, Curry and Me” was published on the public account of the trend media Complex Chinese, with the author’s name: BAYC#4593. This image in the virtual world officially appeared in everyone’s field of vision as an editor. Because of his hip-hop background and familiarity with music and trendy content, he became the first boring ape to find a job.

NFTs are just small pictures? They've already started hiring boring apes to work

As the world’s most well-known trend media, Complex has 5.57 million fans on YouTube and 10 million fans on Instagram.In the hottest column called SNEAKER SHOPPING, they can invite all the stars you can name to participate in the production of the show. And Complex Chinese, which will be launched in 2021, will be able to hire one of the most popular NFT project BAYC as a media editor.

NFTs are just small pictures? They've already started hiring boring apes to work

A few months ago, the mention of a virtual ape entering Trend Media would have made most people confused, or even sounded like a joke. But now, Steven Wang, president of the trending media Complex Chinese, told Rhythm: “BAYC#4593 is the most meaningful employee that Complex Chinese will hire in 2021.”

From culture to collectibles

In the months before BAYC#4593 “Joined”, the wave of NFTs swept through every corner of the world, avatars, digital identities, metaverses, these words seem to have entered everyone’s consciousness irresistibly. Just as 37 years ago, Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 1 Bred in black and red for the first time in the game, which gave the beginning of the sneaker trend culture. Times are changing and reincarnation. Today, Curry bought a virtual ape for $180,000, Nike acquired the crypto streetwear brand RTFKT, and Adidas also launched the Into The Metaverse series in conjunction with BAYC, gmoney and Punk Comic.

NFTs are just small pictures? They've already started hiring boring apes to work

Back then, people who discussed “air cushion” and “flying lines” began to change their avatars to discuss “laser eyes” and “monkeys”. Collectors of physical football cards set up electronic picture frames at home, playing NBA Top Shot over and over again. Collectors of BE@RBRIC toys want to “put” those giant bears on their phones. One news after another has met several times, which seems to indicate that the birth of NFT cannot be divorced from trendy culture.

NFTs are just small pictures? They've already started hiring boring apes to work

“The fact that NBA players or top sports brands and artists can enter the NFT field is enough to show that these trends are unstoppable and objective.” Steven said.

Steven also has many collector friends who have entered the field of digital art, and NFTs can help them identify, trace provenance and protect intellectual property. Even though there are many people who think that NFT has destroyed the culture of sneakers or collection, in Steven’s view, the truth is the opposite, and NFT has brought them great help. He believes: “NFT, as an emerging culture, is very similar to sneaker culture in some respects. They are all phenomenal creativity.”

From collectibles to social capital

The creativity Steven talks about is not only the creativity and design itself, but also the cultural phenomenon derived from the times behind it. The era of Web2.0 has caused people to shift the position of “Showing Off” from offline gatherings to mobile devices. Whether it is sneakers or NFT, social capital has become the core driving force.

Sneaker culture has gone from the court to the street, from wrapping and comfort to fashion and wear, and from collectibles to social capital. The same is true for NFTs. A year ago, when the artist Beeple’s Everydays: the First 5000 Days NFT works were sent to Christie’s auction, the transaction price of $70 million made everyone recognize the value of NFTs as collectibles. But no one would have thought that this amount is now only the one-week transaction amount of the BAYC avatar series. Young people have “embedded” themselves into Weibo, Moments, and Xiaohongshu. How difficult it is to fill in their most important life from the three blank columns of avatar, nickname, and profile. When NFT avatars can solve some of those problems, that’s where creativity comes in.

NFTs are just small pictures? They've already started hiring boring apes to work

(Everydays: the First 5000 Days)

From the very beginning of its establishment, Complex Chinese has aimed at young people all over China, paying attention to all topics related to young people. Regarding the value of NFTs, Steven understands it this way: “NFTs are considered by many to be a collectible, but they are also definitely a person’s social capital. A person’s NFTs mean his taste, his views on trends, and of course his wealth, status and access. NFT and sneaker culture are very similar in these respects.”

At the same time, Steven also believes that for the expression of taste and status, avatar NFT is a very suitable form, and it is also a practice that is gradually becoming mainstream. But NFTs can show much more than that.

From social capital to digital identity

In the real world, sports cars, fashion play, and limited edition sneakers represent youth, fashion and taste. Commodities marked with price tags can easily help you find like-minded partners, but limited fashion play does not represent all of a person’s personality preferences. In the same virtual world, people hold parties on virtual land, use avatars to represent themselves, and can freely enter and leave their favorite communities. But avatars aren’t the only rule of thumb in virtual worlds. Events and narratives are necessary processes from social capital to digital identity.

NFTs are just small pictures? They've already started hiring boring apes to work

“It can be any form of digital IP, for example, a piece of music, a video, a meme or even an experience. There are countless ways we can share with friends and express ourselves,” Steven added.

When you buy a valuable NFT avatar on the chain, you have your own social capital, and when you use your social capital to extend your ENS domain name, articles on Mirror, and collectibles on OpenSea . All data on the chain constitutes your own digital identity. So when BlockBeats mentioned why Complex Chinese did not choose to “buy” a BAYC ape, but “hired” an ape, Steven replied:

“We never ‘buy’ talent. We always believe that creativity cannot be bought. We are always trying to find creative people or things. All we can do is participate in them and help them display their talents.”

In his view, BAYC, Crypto Punks and many NFTs are phenomenal cultural achievements, and their most important role is to successfully stimulate creativity on a global scale. And Complex Chinese has been trying to walk in the forefront of culture and find the next new trend.

People often regard NFT and the Metaverse as a product of the future, thinking that if you hold on tight, you will not miss the future. In fact, a bored ape who finds a job is not part of the metaverse.

NFTs are just small pictures? They've already started hiring boring apes to work

Just like Shaan Puri tweeted about his understanding of the metaverse, he believes that the metaverse or virtual world is not a place, but a period of time. When the value of digital life outweighs physical life, an important part of life becomes digital. Work went from factories to online meetings, friends in the neighborhood became followers on the Internet, and children’s games changed from soccer and basketball to online games. At present, 50% of people’s attention is on their mobile phones. If this value increases to 90% one day, then it will be the beginning of the metaverse, and virtual life will be more important than real life. People don’t care what you look like in the real world, they care how you tell the story in the virtual network.

Virtual and reality have never been two parallel worlds, and the phenomenal creativity caused by NFTs brings digital identities into reality. Just like BAYC#4593, he is not just a million-dollar avatar, he has a hip-hop background, a unique way of speaking, loves trends and is good at writing, which is the real reason for this boring ape to get a job.

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