NFTization of national trend art: Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center will push several domestic top stream artists’ works into the NFT field

With a wealth of artists and IP resources, Shanghai Wenchuang is pushing artists into the circle

NFTization of national trend art: Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center will push several domestic top stream artists' works into the NFT field

Earlier this month, Shanghai Creative Industries Association (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center”) announced its entry into the NFT field and signed an agreement with UniArts Network eco-partner Entropy Miao Technology to provide the latter with NFT digital asset development and sales based on its artwork and cultural and creative IP product resources. The agreement provides the latter with NFT digital asset development and sales services based on its artwork and creative IP product resources.

Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center is the first association born in the field of national entrepreneurial industry, with rich resources of artists and IPs. The cooperation is dedicated to promoting the National Tide Art NFT, and will promote the works of several domestic top-tier artists to enter the NFT field. The first NFT works of cooperation include several paintings and artworks of Zhang Daqian, digital artworks of Chi Lei, digital artworks of Teddy Collection, etc.

Why promote the national trend of art NFT, and what sparks will be generated by the collision of NFT and national trend art? Lu Rongzhi, a special expert and art legend of Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center, Xu Chao, Secretary General of Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center, and Yu Xiaowei, General Manager of Modern and Contemporary Art Department of Shanghai Golden Harvest Auction, were interviewed and all expressed great optimism for the NFT of national trend art, among which Lu Rongzhi believes that in the field of NFT national trend art will develop a new form, making it more easily accepted by young people.

Red hot chicken: National trendy art is more popular among young people
What is national trend and why national trend art? At present there is no clear definition, literally, national trend art and Chinese traditional culture and the current fashion related. In recent years, the Forbidden City and the Tang Palace Feast have become a big hit, and the national trend is getting stronger and stronger, and the proportion of young people who follow them is considerable, especially the young people of Generation Z.

Lu Rongzhi entered the art world in the 1970s, and is a famous curator and art critic, keeping an eye on all kinds of art trends. In this century, Lu Rongzhi also created the concept of “animimix” to summarize the most representative art of the 21st century (such as secondary yuan culture). As for the national trend art, Lu Rongzhi said that the reason why the national trend art has become so popular recently is closely related to the epidemic.

“Trend, or Trend, is temporary, while national trend can have a rich interpretation. The fact that national trend art can become popular has a lot to do with Generation Z and cultural integration. Nowadays, young people prefer and care more about their traditional culture, and the Renaissance is not a slogan, but a universal phenomenon. Nowadays very young people like Hanfu, like Forbidden City derivatives, and have more confidence and interest in traditional culture, all of which have pushed the development of Guochao art.” Lu Rongzhi introduced, “The fact that Guochao art has become popular in recent years is also closely related to the epidemic. It turns out that cultural exchanges are quite frequent around the world, but they were halted because of the epidemic, and in this situation people naturally pay more attention to their own land.”

The national tide originated in 2018, Li Ning successfully walked the national tide style in New York Fashion Week, becoming a symbol of China’s national tide to the fashion circle and the world. Xu Chao, secretary-general of Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center, pointed out that since Li Ning began, the national trend has become a new round of fashion vane, and Xu Chao believes that the national trend will not just be popular for a while, but will accompany the rise of Chinese national self-confidence, pulling the national trend to become mainstream in a very long period of time, and we can refer to benchmark the European medieval renaissance.

The choice to NFT the national trend of art is to follow the trend, Xu Chao believes that compared to the shelf art, the national trend of art is more suitable for NFT.

“Traditional painting is an easel art, put on the easel to exhibit. National tide art is a more multimedia art form performance, can be AR or VR, and NFT art works can be constantly online for transfer or auction, itself and traditional art has this difference, combined with NFT I think there will be more ways to play.” Xu Chao believes.

Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center NFT of the process focused on the choice of cooperation with the Shanghai Golden Harvest Auction House Modern and Contemporary Department. Yu Xiaowei, general manager of the Modern and Contemporary Art Department of Shanghai Golden Harvest Auction, has long been working in the field of cultural and creative IP operation, and as a cross-border person, she also has rich experience in art finance.

Yu Xiaowei is highly optimistic about the national tide art, and believes that the future national tide art segment will usher in an explosion, she said: “The future of the national tide is an era where everyone thinks that the flow of artists is king and IP is king, and both art and national tide art do NFT, I think national tide art will go faster in the NFT field. Not all contemporary art is suitable for the NFT field, the NFT field will emphasize the IP attributes of art, need artwork has flow, the attributes of the fan economy, the national wave and this attribute has a high degree of overlap. As my auction house, if the other party is porcelain, painting and calligraphy, not focus on this field, and our cooperation is not combined. This cooperation is firstly based on my personal sensitivity of doing IP operation for a long time so it is carried out.”

National trend art + NFT = new business form
Lu Rongzhi said that promoting the NFT of national tide art is not to solve the problems in the development of national tide art, but she herself came into contact with blockchain technology six years ago, and based on the characteristics of blockchain, has been thinking about how blockchain and art should be combined.

“National Tide Art has not encountered any problems in its development until now. In the past 6 years, I didn’t see a particularly good combination in terms of combining blockchain and art, until I saw the news of NFT keep popping up, in which I was inspired by something. I was concerned about how the blockchain actually confirms and protects the rights of artists. I remember very clearly that once I went to an artist’s studio, he was in a bad mood that day because years ago he sold his work to a foreign collector at a few thousand dollars, and then the work was speculated to two or three million dollars, but it had nothing to do with him. When I saw NFT, I thought it was the key to solve the problem.” Lu Rongzhi said.

Specifically when national trend art is combined with NFT, Lu Rongzhi believes that a new art form will emerge and that there are flourishing business opportunities.

“I don’t think it will produce produce a completely new thing, but it will bring qualitative changes. For example, the auction house, which was originally a physical auction format, NFT will make it move directly to the Internet. Personally, I am very concerned about the young people who play the game, and I think they will easily accept the concept of art like NFT, and they will have a great time in the process. Originally they would feel that these things are virtual when they buy equipment and skins for themselves, and when NFT happens, the boundary between virtual and reality is broken, and art will be closely integrated with games. In the digital art world there can be a variety of art presentation forms, opening up a new form of visual environment.” Lu Rongzhi said.

Xu Chao said that Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center is currently the largest and most professional IP confirmation, authorization and maintenance platform in the Yangtze River Delta region, and the platform has gathered many national trend artists at home and abroad, with a large number of works, art licenses and art derivatives, and the future combination with NFT will certainly be the trend of the domestic trend artist circle, “We took less than It took us less than one month from decision to implementation. At present, we are the largest IP platform in the Yangtze River Delta, the platform has gathered many domestic and foreign national trendy artists, we have works, licensing and derivatives, we face a problem: I these artists how to quickly enter into such a business process of confirmation, licensing? When we saw NFT, we received inspiration, and the cooperation with Chi Lei during the period was a catalyst. We immediately communicated with a group of artists, including Mr. Lu Rongzhi, who just signed a contract this year, and other experts in the national tide, and we will do a national tide auction in July to bring in a large number of works.

In addition, Xu Chao said UniArts Network’s creative team is also pushing trendy artists and took the initiative to find the Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center to cooperate, and the two sides hit it off immediately, speeding up the decision-making process. “In terms of industry awareness and technical comprehensiveness, this is one of the most comprehensive service teams we’ve seen in China, and mainly their philosophy is the same as ours. It’s not hype, it’s to really promote the NFT digital encryption art form to artists and the industry everyone agrees”

According to Xu Chao, the Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Industry Center mainly promotes the NFTization of national tide art from three dimensions: firstly, it will launch a blockchain for artists to ensure the copyright confirmation of artists online, and this initiative is free; secondly, online NFT works are online, so that artists’ works can be traded, bought and sold online, and even sought after by fans, etc., introducing some of the ways to play NFT; finally, providing artists with infringement and rights protection services for artists.

Upcoming changes: Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Center will promote a large number of works and artists to enter the circle
Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Center will promote the NFT of 10 artists’ works of National Tide, Xu Chao said the biggest challenge encountered in the promotion process is the cognitive challenge, many traditional artists still lack understanding of the digital encryption NFT art expression form.

“We tell the National Tide artists that we, as industry icebreakers, will move their National Tide works onto NFT, helping them to do rights maintenance, trading, secondary licensing and redevelopment, and through the actual digital copyright art application, there will be a clearer perception of the digital encryption NFT art form through our practice.” Xu Chao said.

Pushing traditional artists to NFT will bring impact to the division of labor in today’s art industry. Lu Rongzhi pointed out that originally galleries would sign artists through exclusive contracts and open exhibitions offline, while the close integration of artists and NFT will make traditional galleries bear the brunt of the business model.

“Those of us who do art criticism also need to innovate. I have been in the art world for almost half a century and have been digging up young talented people, writing articles for them and assisting them with exhibitions. And in the future, everyone is an artist, NFT is the flow to create stars, authority figures will become less and less valuable, I am happy for the artists, this is the vision that I have struggled for all my life, and I see that it will soon be realized.” Lu Rongzhi said.

Auction houses have an important role in driving the development of NFT, Beeple’s painting sold for nearly $70 million at Christie’s making NFT rapidly popular this year, which has led some auction houses to actively embrace NFT.

Yu Xiaowei said that the Modern and Contemporary Department of Shanghai Golden Harvest Auction and the Shanghai Cultural and Creative IP Center will jointly launch digital works and content related to NFT artists in June this year, and hold the first “Tide Project” Chinese NFT art season, which will cover seven cities, six art museums and 12 art institutions, “We The auction house has been promoting the National Tide art, because the NFT is global, the National Tide art will be more widely spread, I think this is also very important.

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