NFT Weekly: Sotheby’s to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

Associated Press to auction rare historical image series NFT.

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Art News
Chinese Musician Chen Huanren’s NFT Release on Treasureland Sells Out in 1 Minute
Chinese musician Chen Huanren has released a limited edition of 77 music NFTs on the cross-chain NFT aggregation trading platform, which is priced at 7 BNB per NFT and sold out within 1 minute, generating a total of 539 BNB (about $200,000). It is reported that Chen Huanren’s music NFT “The xxxx is an NFT” is a 27 second music video, which is Chen Huanren’s first release on the BSC network, and the bidders will get exclusive rights to Chen Huanren.

GUCCI to Auction First NFT at Christie’s
Gucci recently presented and auctioned its first NFT artwork with a starting bid of $20,000, with the auction closing on June 3. The lot is a digital animation related to Gucci’s Aria collection, directed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and photographer Floria Sigismondi. Information indicates that Gucci will donate all proceeds to UNICEF USA to support the COVAX program, which aims to ensure equitable access to vaccines for the new pandemic worldwide.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

Renowned artist Jason Wu will create mosaic art NFT using images from netizens to sell for charity
Renowned artist Jason Wu announced that he will use online friends’ images to create a mosaic art NFT and all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the “Joy Family” to support their assistance to children with disabilities.

Famous Singer Akon to Release DNA Data NFT with Oasis Network
Akon, the famous singer who sang the well-known song Mr Lonely, will collaborate with Oasis Network to release DNA data NFT and auction it off. It is said that the main purpose of this auction is to open and promote a fair and transparent way to cash in on health data.

Associated Press to auction rare historical image series NFT
In celebration of its 175th anniversary, Associated Press will auction off the AP ARTiFACTS: 175 Collection NFT, a series of 10 rare historical images. Among them, photographer Joe Rosenthal’s 1945 photo “American soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima”, which won the Pulitzer Prize, is now up for auction on OpenSea. The NFT series also includes a score by violinist Nick Kennerly, rarely seen images by Rosenthal, and images and audio of Iwo Jima from the agency’s archives, according to the auction. Proceeds from the auction will support the agency’s journalism efforts.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

Famous singer A Duo releases the first NFT digital music work in China, selling for over 300,000

The first NFT digital music work in China, “WATER KNOW”, was released by well-known singer A Duo. The entire song was digitally encrypted using NFT technology and the cover and song’s attribution rights were auctioned off for public benefit for 304,271,000 RMB, with the auction proceeds going to music charity projects.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

Renowned digital artist BossLogic to auction off NFT with special access
Renowned digital artist BossLogic has partnered with ID0 platform Scaleswap and NFTU to auction the NFT The Red Diamond on the NFT marketplace SuperRare. The NFT is said to give holders “super access” to Scaleswap. The auction is now open and will last 24 hours.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

Christie’s to Auction NFT Artwork ‘Genesis’ by Crypto Artist Josie Bellini
Christie’s will auction “Genesis,” an NFT artwork by crypto artist Josie Bellini, from May 25 to June 3. The work is understood to be the first crypto artwork created by Josie Bellini in 2017 and cast as NFT in 2021.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

rct AI and Song Ting’s joint work “Nüwa Nüwa” sold for 380,000 RMB in the world’s first NFT-only night auction
Nüwa Nüwa”, a virtual human created by rct team and digital artist Song Ting, made its debut in the world’s first NFT auction “Blockchain – Digital Art Online Night Sale” at China Yongle Auction House, and finally sold for RMB 380,000, the highest price for a digital work in the auction. The virtual will of “Nüwa” originated from the Chaos Box algorithm created by rct, and the image setting was born from Song Ting’s inspiration and creativity for the future shape of society. The Metaverse is a collection of virtual space-time, consisting of a series of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the Internet. rct AI uses artificial intelligence in different types and themes of game scenarios to provide intelligent content generation, intelligent testing, intelligent data operation, intelligent placement, etc.

Digital art group Ouchhh is in CryptoArt.Ai, trying NFT with hardcore tech art
According to the official news of CryptoArt.Ai platform, Ouchhh, a world-renowned creative new media studio, has officially settled in its official platform. The hardcore tech art studio, which has been established for over a decade, will make its first attempt at NFT with its work on CryptoArt.Ai, Asia’s largest digital art NFT platform, and will participate in its Shanghai-curated exhibition “Impacts Indeed” (opening May 29, 2021 at West Coast – Oil Can), bringing its NASA collaborative work series Ouchhh continues to create in the creative field with a cutting-edge innovation model, and has conducted cross-border research and collaborations with world-renowned research and space agencies, continuing to contribute outstanding content in the fields of art, technology and science for over a decade. Collaborated with brand organizations including Google, CERN, NASA, Hollywood (the movie “Mission Impossible 7”), Nike, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, etc., and won numerous international awards, including the Gold Award at the 2020 Asia Design Awards, and the work “Data Gate” is NASA’s first collaboration with an art group on artificial intelligence universe research Data Sculpture and is the only artwork in NASA’s collection; the 2019 Red Dot Award, where the works Poetic AI and Superstring won Best of the Year, among others. The studio is a pioneer in the field of data mapping, data sculpture, and mind-driven, and over the years they have focused on interactive new media platforms, data mapping, artificial intelligence, data-driven sculpture, dynamic public art, immersive experiences, creating A/V building façade performances, and more.

NFT giant whale WhaleShark sponsors CryptoArt.Ai “Impact in Indeed” crypto art exhibition
According to official news, WhaleShark, a super collector of NFT works, will support CryptoArt.Ai’s first global NFT crypto art exhibition in Shanghai, “The Impact of the True”, with 5 pieces from WHALE The Vault’s asset library on May 29th.

Crypto artist Song Ting’s NFT works sold for RMB 667,000 at China Guardian Auction House
Encrypted artist Song Ting’s NFT work “Peony Pavilion Rêve’s Permutation Butterfly Lovers – Information Technology Penetrates “I”” sold for RMB 667,000 at China Guardian Auction House, the first NFT artwork to be offered at auction by China Guardian. Peony Pavilion Rêve – Butterfly Lovers – Information Technology Penetrates “Me” is one of the props in Song Ting’s AI-Human collaborative immersive theater experiment Peony Pavilion rêve, based on the Kunqu classic Peony Pavilion as its masterpiece. The protagonist of Peony Pavilion rêve is the “dream world” of each character, with human actors, algorithmic NPCs and human audience forming the supporting cast of the play. The artist collaborated with the on-blockchain AI model and off-blockchain AI model to generate the color planes in the image, and also encrypted the lyrics of the opening scene of “The Peony Pavilion” and the contemporary interpretation of “classical love” in 2021 into data fragments in sha1 language. Successful bidders of this NFT will receive access to the performances of “The Peony Pavilion rêve” and “The Peony Pavilion rêve” and an interactive experience of each unique dream algorithm upon presentation of their wallet address.

Five works by Andy Warhol to be auctioned at Christie’s as NFT
Five works by Andy Warhol will be auctioned as NFT at Christie’s, one of the world’s leading auction houses, from May 19 to May 27. The series, known as Andy Warhol: Machine Made, was created by Andy Warhol in the mid-1980s, and the data for the works was recovered from floppy disks in 2014.

Boxing champion Mayweather puts NFT digital collection on sale on Rarible
The first NFT collection by world-renowned boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is now available on Rarible. The series of NFTs is a digital collection honoring Mayweather’s life and career, including animations, physical artwork, memorabilia and more. In addition to being forever recorded on the blockchain, select NFTs are associated with physical prints. The final 1/1 limited edition auction items include private boxing lessons and a dinner with Mayweather.

YouTube video “Charlie Bit My Finger” in NFT form sold for $760,000
The NFT of the YouTube home video “Charlie Bit My Finger” sold on Sunday for $760,999. The family video featuring toddler Harry and his little brother Charlie has reportedly been viewed more than 883 million times since the video was uploaded to YouTube. The family said they will remove the video from the platform after Sunday’s auction, according to CNN.

Fuyis announces it will auction crypto artist Sarah Mayohas’ NFT piece ‘Bitchcoin’
Fuyis has announced the upcoming auction of “Bitchcoin”, an NFT work created by Sarah Meyohas, an artist in the field of cryptocurrency. Fuyis will offer five sets of 480 Bitchcoins by Meyohas in a special online auction from May 25 to 28. Each Bitchcoin is certified by Ether and can be redeemed for rose petals from the Petal Cloud, an art project created by Meyorhas in 2017. Investors in The Bitchcoin can choose to hold, sell or exchange one of Meyorhas’ photographs, and when the buyer chooses to exchange the physical work, the corresponding cryptocurrency is destroyed.

Genies Asia and Japan’s leading game company Namco collaborate to open Pac-Man digital gear NFT Drop
Genies Asia, a virtual image technology company, has entered into cooperation with Namco, a well-known Japanese game company. It is reported that Namco’s well-known game works include Pac-Man, Taiko Drum Daredevil, Tekken and so on. In order to celebrate Pac-Man’s 41st birthday, the two sides will cooperate to open a limited edition digital equipment NFT Drop on Flow, the series includes 6 Pac-Man virtual helmets designed by 6 different artists, available for future fans to own and use on the virtual image, specific information is as follows: opening time: May 21, Beijing time at 7:00; quantity: 400 pieces of helmets; platform. OpenSea.

Game news
Blockchain NFT game My Neighbor Alice opens first NFT land sale
Blockchain NFT game My Neighbor Alice opens its first NFT land sale. Users must pledge ALICE or CHR for 14 days to participate in the lottery, with a minimum pledge of 1 ALICE or 20 CHR. 927 lots are up for auction, and each lot is priced at 50 ALICE with a 60% early-bird discount (20 ALICE). Users can customize their play on the lands (NFT) for a unique game creation, design and social experience, as well as buy and sell the lands themselves.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

NFT game Axie Infinity traded for more than $6.7 million in the last 7 days
According to DappRader data, the NFT game Axie Infinity has traded at $6.73 million in the last 7 days, with nearly 30,000 units traded. NBA Top Shot and CryptoPunks are in the second and third places with $6.57 million and $6.22 million.

Animoca Brands to Launch Distributed Gaming Platform Helix Warp and NFT Football Game with Hedera
Crypto game developer Animoca Brands announced that through its acquisition of Helix Accelerator (Helix), it has entered into an agreement with Hedera Hashgraph to co-develop the NFT football game. The game will license the intellectual property of various soccer clubs and will allow for the trading of NFTs denominated by HBAR, the token native to Hedera’s public network. These NFTs can be redeemed as HBARs after a lock-up period. In addition, the three parties will collaborate on the development and launch of Helix Warp, a standalone distributed online gaming platform that will address cheating by creating a server-side simulation environment and recording results using the Hedera Consensus Service. Game developers can embed Helix Warp and deploy hack-proof player leaderboards in their games.

Decentralized blockchain game “Dark Forest” released v0.6 with new interactive AI NFT, on-chain location broadcasting, and other features
Dark Forest, a decentralized real-time strategy (RTS) game built on the zero-knowledge proof technology zkSNARKS, has released v0.6 with new interactive AI NFT, a find feature, dead space and corrupt biomes, on-chain location broadcasting, new planet types, better third-party developer tools, and more. v0.6 In this version, winners will be rewarded with planets and loaded into Valhalla.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

Aavegotchi Ambassador Program V2 comes to town
A few months ago, Aavegotchi launched a pilot ambassador program focused on localizing Aavegotchi around the world, including China, Vietnam, France, Russia, Philippines, Korea and more. This program has been successful in achieving our goal of ensuring that local communities are aware of important developments.

However, with all the recent activity happening at Aavegotchi, the Aavegotchi team has seen the need for smaller, more intimate and personalized communities everywhere. That’s why Aavegotchi is pleased to announce the launch of Aavegotchi Ambassadors V2, read more

Virtual World News
The Sandbox’s New LAND Sale Ends, 11 ESTATE Blocks to be Auctioned at Opensea
According to TheSandbox founder’s tweet, 1,400 virtual NFT LAND sold out in 15 seconds during the Euphoria sale that opened last night, adding 675 new LAND owners. The sale raised 2.7 million SAND tokens, worth $1 million. Fifty percent of the profits from the sale will be distributed to the Foundation for continued financial support to the creators. 11 ESTATE blocks (5 small, 4 medium, 2 large) will be auctioned off on OpenSea for 24 hours.

RTFKT Studios-created CryptoPunks-themed sneakers to be released in physical form on June 22
RTFKT Studios created CryptoPunks theme sneaker Punks Sneaker generator officially closed, has generated the NFT for the first generation of Punks Sneaker, will be launched on June 22 physical version.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

Other News
Cryptocurrency NFT platform to go live on June 24
The Cryptocurrency NFT platform will go live on June 24th. Works by All-British Music Award winner Lewis Capaldi, visual artist Trevor Jones, e-sports team eStarPro and soccer stars Michael Owen and Alphonso Davies will be released at that time.

NFT Weekly: Sotheby's to auction 28 NFT artworks, Guggenheim co-founder plans to build largest NFT museum

NFT Platform OneOf Closes $63 Million Funding Round Led by Prominent Venture Capitalist Bill Tai
OneOf, a music NFT platform built on Tezos, has raised $63 million in seed funding, led by veteran venture capitalist Bill Tai and Suna Said of Nima Capital, with participation from Tezos Foundation, Sangha Capital, Jaeson Ma, founder of East West Ventures, and technology investor Jack Herrick. , East West Ventures founder Jaeson Ma, and technology investor Jack Herrick. The platform will go live in June and OneOf will feature NFTs by such notable artists as TLC, H.E.R, Charlie Puth, G-Eazy, Jacob Collier, The Kid Laroi, Aurora and Alesso. The OneOf NFT marketplace, which was established in partnership with Jones and his Quincy Jones Productions company, will support cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in addition to fiat currencies. In addition, OneOf does not charge artists a minting fee and allows them to issue low-cost or even free NFTs.

Digital Collectibles Platform VeVe Partners with Immutable X to Create a No-Fee NFT Marketplace
VeVe, currently the largest mobile-based digital collectibles platform, announced a partnership with Immutable X to create a carbon-free and no-Gas-fee NFT marketplace.

GameStop is building an ethereum-based NFT platform and may issue GME tokens
GameStop is building an ethereum-based NFT platform, according to the head of GameStop blockchain (@finestonematt), who tweeted that GameStop is building an ethereum-based NFT platform. According to the website, GameStop is currently gathering a team of engineers, designers, gamers, marketers and community leaders. On the relevant page, GameStop also provides the address of the Ether ERC721 token called GME.

Co-founder of investment firm Guggenheim plans to build the largest NFT museum
Todd Morley, one of the partners of the investment firm Guggenheim, plans to build the world’s largest NFT museum in New York. The museum will include NFT artwork, music files, and other digital assets.

NFT Project Mintbase Migrates to NEAR Blockchain, Launches New Pass-Through Standard NEP-171
According to NEAR official news, NFT project Mintbase has migrated from Ether to NEAR blockchain. after the migration of Mintbase to NEAR, both teams have jointly defined a new pass standard NEP-171, where NFT royalties are embedded within the pass. This means that creators can earn royalties through multiple different platforms. In other words, even if NFTs leave Mintbase’s platform and are sold on other secondary exchanges on NEAR, creators will still receive a share of the royalties for each resale. mintbase also plans to launch an auction feature that will allow users to bid on the chain.

Ukrainian soccer giants Dynamo Kyiv launch NFT tickets for 2021 season, to go live on Coin NFT platform
Ukrainian Premier League championship giants FC Dynamo Kyiv have launched NFT tickets for the 2021 season, powered by their blockchain partner Moonwalk. The tickets will go live exclusively on Coin’s NFT trading platform at the end of June, and the campaign is part of the Creative Creators Program to celebrate the launch of Coin’s NFT trading platform. Dynamo Kyiv expects to sell more than 25 percent of its general admission tickets as NFT tickets for home games this season, after the team sold more than 400,000 home tickets during the 2019-2020 curtailed season. After purchasing NFTs on the Coin NFT trading platform, fans will be able to unlock game tickets, exclusive rewards and NFT Drops through the team’s digital wallet on the team’s official website.

Meme closes $5 million funding round with participation from DFG, a new marketplace focused on meme and NFT, has raised $5 million in funding led by OutlierVentures, with participation from OutlierVentures, DigitalFinanceGroup (DFG), Morningstar, Blockhype is creating a platform to help users measure the value of memes, an idea that has attracted the interest of many investors. .

NFT Community CryptoC Labs Announces $1.6 Million Funding Closing
CryptoC Labs announced the closing of a $1.6 million seed round of funding, valued at $15 million in this round, led by Metaverse Capital and followed by Rebase D. Ventures, Conflux Tech, and a number of angel investors including Mask Network founder suji.

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