NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe’s Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

Each weekly report will analyze the current state of the NFT market from five perspectives: NFT market data, art news category, game news category, virtual world category, and other dynamic categories.

Introduction: NFT Insider brings you the most comprehensive, fresh and valuable information about NFT. Each issue of the weekly report will be from the NFT market data, art news, game news, virtual worlds, other dynamic categories, five perspectives to analyze the current state of the NFT market, to understand the NFT, read the NFT Insider weekly report is enough.

Market Data

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

NFT transaction volume on Ethernet reached USD 191.2 million in May

According to the data of OKLink, the transaction volume of NFT on Ether in May was 191.2 million USD, which was 12.13% higher than April; the number of NFT transactions in the same period was 77,200, which was 28.47% lower than April.

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

NFT Sales Down 90% Since Peak in Early May

According to data provided by Protos, sales in all categories of the NFT market continue to skyrocket. 102 million dollars worth of NFTs were sold in one day on May 3, compared to 19 million dollars in the past week. The number of active NFT wallets per day has also dropped by 70 percent since the beginning of May, from 12,000 to 3,900. in addition, the frequency of NFT sales and wallet activity has declined in gaming, DeFi, collectibles, crypto art and other areas.

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

Art News

Sotheby’s Moves CryptoPunk NFT to Separate Auction

Sotheby’s has announced a “special, stand-alone” sale of CryptoPunk #7530 (also known as “Covid Alien”). The work was previously announced as part of the “Natively Digital” campaign.

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

Beijing Poly 2021 Spring Auction to Feature NFT Digital Artwork

Poly 2021 Spring Auction in Beijing recently kicked off with the announcement of its first NFT digital art sale, Mstaverse: Digital Twins, on June 4. The auction features digital works by digital media artists and crypto-artists, a metaphor for how the world based on virtual technology is actively asking questions of reality in the Internet 3.0 era. Some of the artworks in this auction are from NFT’s art gallery, Neal Digital Gallery, which currently has a collection of over 200 NFT works by artists from around the world with a total value of nearly $10 million. Fangible, as a one-stop shop for NFT, is offering five NFT works based on the HECO chain casting in the Poly 2021 Spring Auction: Old Gods, TIMEFLIES, Tim-Burton, Theoneandtwo and Whale city.

Solo Exhibition by Artist Liu Jiaying Held in Beijing on May 30, Showcasing Crypto Artworks with Nervos

Solo exhibition of crypto art by artist Jiaying Liu in Beijing on May 30, featuring collaborative crypto artworks with Nervos.

From May 29 to June 13, 2021, artist Jiaying Liu’s exhibition “A Small Goal” (Cookie Cookie) will be held at Guardian Art Center in Beijing. The exhibition is a solo exhibition on the theme of blockchain and crypto art, curated by independent curator Li Zhenhua. The exhibition aims to build multi-person participation in the interaction of financial systems and virtual currencies through the artists’ practical use of technology, change and reflection, with the help of different blockchain concordance models.

In this solo exhibition, Liu Jiaying will also present an interactive artwork in collaboration with Nervos: “Confession House”, in which the author will issue a digital currency named after him for each person based on the Nervos sUDT standard (this digital currency refers to the user’s social currency and does not represent actual purchasing power, nor does it enter the circulation of goods).

American music producer Russell Simmons announced that he will issue NFT on TOKAU

Famous American entrepreneur, music producer and producer Russell Simmons (Russell Simmons) has announced that he will be releasing his personal NFT on TOKAU. (Russell Simmons) has announced the release of his solo NFT.

Russell Simmons has announced the release of his solo NFT. In a video posted on Twitter, Simmons announced that he will release his own NFT in collaboration with Japanese NFT project TOKAU, which will be put up for auction on BakerySwap in June. Russell Simmons is known to have been involved in NFT himself. Simmons himself has previously been involved in the digital currency field.

Japanese NFT project TOKAU is signing up European, American and Japanese stars, with the goal of making the NFT game product TOKAU a link between fans and their fans.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Rises to No. 1 on NFT Collectibles Board in 24-Hour Trading Volume

According to CryproSlam, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s 24-hour volume reached $1,336,867.38, up 506.57%, ranking first in the NFT Collectibles section in 24-hour volume, with CryptoPunks and NBA Top Shot in second and third place. and the NBA Top Shot in second and third place.

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder to release his NFT titles on BakerySwap with TOKAU

Famous American actor and Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder tweeted that he will be working with TOKAU to release a series of very cool NFT titles on BakerySwap and will show everyone what he is doing through NFT.

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

uFEWO and uAPE go live with Unicly, the NFT fragmentation trading platform

uFEWO and uAPE go live with Unicly, an NFT fragmentation trading platform.

The Unicly platform aims to transform users’ NFT collections into liquid assets that can be combined, split, and traded.

Ai artist Shindo’s works will be sent to the first NFT digital art session of Beijing Poly 2021 Spring Auction

Ai platform artist Shindo’s work “Time Flies” will be auctioned at Poly Beijing 2021’s first NFT digital art sale “Metaverse: Digital Twins” on June 4 at 10:00. This auction is Poly’s first attempt at an online auction dedicated to NFT digital artworks.

Shindo is a young crypto artist from Montreal. Focusing on concepts and ideas, sticking to a very simple white shader, he has established a unique aesthetic and “SHINDO-esque” space. Shindo has currently sold 16 NFT works on CryptoArt.

Ai is a decentralized NFT crypto digital art trading platform that integrates NFT generation, sale, auction, collection and transfer.

Ethernity Chain Releases the First Officially Certified Marilyn Monroe NFTs

To commemorate the 95th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s birth, Ethernity Chain released the first batch of officially certified Marilyn Monroe NFTs on June 2 at 1:00 am BST.

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

IOC and Animoca Brands subsidiary to launch NFT version of Olympic badge and video game

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Animoca Brands subsidiary nWay have announced the launch of an NFT edition of the Olympic emblem and a multiplayer interactive video game. It is understood that the NFT version of the Olympic emblem will be available at starting June 17, and collectors can acquire it by purchasing it on the primary market on the official website, on the secondary market and by playing the related video game, which will be launched before the opening of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

The partnership is a normal evolution of this traditional campaign, in line with the Olympic Agenda 2020+5 and the IOC’s digital strategy to adopt new digital technologies to promote Olympic values and build a direct relationship with our fans,” said Timo Lumme, General Manager of IOC TV and Marketing Services. They can now engage with the Games in a whole new way and own a piece of Olympic history.

It is understood that the Olympic badge was originally used to identify athletes, judges and officials, but over the past 125 years it has become an Olympic tradition, with athletes, event staff, journalists and spectators collecting and exchanging badges in and around the Olympic Village.

Games News

DeFi Light Gaming Platform CryptoTycoon Enters into NFT Partnership with Treasureland

A tweet from CryptoTycoon, a DeFi light gaming platform based on the Coin Smartchain, stated that it has entered into a partnership with Treasureland, an NFT platform on the Coin Smartchain, after which CryptoTycoon’s FishSwap fishing rod NFT, will be available for bidding through Treasureland After that, CryptoTycoon’s FishSwap NFT will be sold and exchanged for circulation through Treasureland. CryptoTycoon also added that the revenue from NFT will also be included in the platform’s revenue, so a portion of the BNB earned will also be used to buy back CTT in the market.

Aavegotchi Rarity Mining Season 1 Round 3 Snapshot Completed

The third snapshot of Aavegotchi Rarity Mining Season 1 was completed at 14:00 UTC on June 2.

NFT Weekly: Marilyn Monroe's Official Certified NFT Officially Released, FTX Launches NFT Trading Market

Virtual World News

WHALE Community’s First WHALE Vault Gallery Goes Live

WHALE community’s first WHALE Vault Gallery officially launches on the Oncyber platform.

RTFKT Studios’ Kobe commemorative sneaker MetaKobe goes on auction at Christie’s

RTFKT Studios’ Kobe commemorative sneaker MetaKobe goes on auction at Christie’s

Other News

NFT Quantitative Hedge Fund BlackPool Officially Launches and Issues BPT Token Airdrop

NFT quantitative hedge fund BlackPool has issued a release announcing the official launch and release of BPT token airdrop. Currently BlackPool DAO is focused on three components: portfolio investment, competitive gaming and creative incubation., a new marketplace for Meme and NFT, receives $5 million in funding, a new marketplace for Meme cryptocurrency and NFT, has raised $5 million in funding from Outlier Ventures, Digital Finance Group (DFG), Morningstar, Blockhype, Spark Digital Capital, mobile developer Gabby Dizon, CEO of Altitude Games, and Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon (MATIC), among other blockchain venture capital funds and angel investors.

Etherscan, the Etherscan browser, has enabled the NFT tracking tool

Etherscan has enabled users to “track most NFT activity on Ether” after announcing its new irreplaceable token transfer tool on June 1. The new feature will help improve transparency in a large part of the NFT market and may help new investors determine the value of NFTs as they can now view their entire price history, transaction dates and mint dates.

Enjin Announces the Opening of JumpNet, Its Gas-Free Blockchain Bridging Network, to the Public

Enjin, a blockchain game development platform, announced the opening of JumpNet, its Gas-free blockchain bridge network, to the public, allowing users to send, trade, mint and distribute Enjin tokens ENJ and NFT using the ERC-1155 standard protocol developed by Enjin for free. JumpNet’s free transaction limit, information about access to EFI will be announced later. In addition JumpNet says it saves 99.99% of electricity compared to Ether.

Art Hardware Startup Infinite Objects Closes $6 Million Funding Round Led by Dapper Labs

Infinite Objects, an art hardware startup, announced the closing of a $6 million funding round led by Dapper Labs, Courtside VC, Serena Ventures, Betaworks, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, GFR Fund, Genies, Sound Ventures, as well as renowned basketball players Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman.

Infinite Objects launched the NFT hardware screen to display individual NFTs, with information about the piece marked on the screen.

Cointelegraph Chinese Partners with Asia’s Largest NFT Platform CryptoArt.

Ai, the largest NFT platform in Asia. This partnership between Cointelegraph and CryptoArt.Ai will attract more attention from the art and financial community to further expand the NFT consensus and empower NFT.

Ai is currently the largest decentralized NFT encrypted digital art trading platform in Asia, based on the Ether ERC-721 protocol, integrating NFT generation, sale, auction, collection and transfer.

Solana eco-NFT social platform Only1 announced the completion of financing, Alameda Research participated in the investment

Only1, a Solana blockchain-based NFT social platform, announced the completion of a funding round led by Liquefy Labs, an incubator of Liquefy, with participation from Alameda Research, Genesis Block Venture, NGC, PetRock Capital, DuckDAO and others, for an undisclosed amount. Liquefy Labs will also serve as a project advisor to Only1.

Only1 combines social media, NFT marketplace, scalable blockchain and native token LIKE, aiming to connect fans and creators with features such as Genesis NFT minting, bidding on Star NFT with LIKE, and more.

Sun Yuchen: NFT is in early and fast growth phase, expect to see 1 million NFT collectors this year

Sun Yuchen discussed the volatility of cryptocurrencies, the need for sustainability, and his outlook on cryptocurrencies on CNBC.

Sun Yuchen said that despite the current challenges, the crypto industry will see an increase in institutional and consumer interest. the NFT industry is also in its early stages and is expected to grow rapidly, starting to see the first 1 million NFT collectors this year, a number that will grow to approximately 100 million over the next 5 to 10 years.

Cabin VC, in conjunction with Flow and The Sandbox, authored and published the NFT Industry Development Report 2021 Q1

The NFT Industry Report 2021 Q1, initiated by Cabin VC and co-authored by Flow and The Sandbox, has been released in English and Chinese.

According to the report, NFT (Non-Homogenized Token) has become a medium between the real world and the digital world due to its unique characteristics. The report traces the history of the evolution of the NFT market and analyzes the current ecological landscape of the NFT market through macro data, discusses the technical aspects, infrastructure and application tracks, and also explains the industry scenario model, bottlenecks in the development of the NFT market and the direction of product construction.

The report demonstrates the role of the NFT industry in promoting the integration of the real and digital world, and aims to shed light on the future development possibilities of the industry through this report.

Crypto Trading Platform FTX Launches NFT Trading Marketplace and Opens Auction for “Lunch with SBF” NFT

Crypto trading platform FTX has officially announced the launch of its NFT trading platform, which allows users to buy and sell NFT works or conduct auctions. According to the official description, holding NFT can be exchanged for some goods and services, please refer to the NFT description for details.

In addition, FTX provides NFT display service, users can contact the official application to display the collection in the NFT Gallery.

Please note that NFT pieces are non-refundable once purchased and cannot be traded on FTX for US users, but NFT can be viewed on FTX US.

In addition, the “SBF Lunch #1” NFT is now available for auction on the NFT Marketplace, and the successful bidder will have a chance to have lunch with SBF. At press time, the highest bid for this NFT was $888.

The trading market launched by FTX cooperates with REALY, a global trendy NFT community, which is known to have reached official cooperation with many famous brands including Mars Space Station, Revenge, INSTINCTOY, etc., and is dedicated to bringing hip brands, hip games, trendy artworks and trendy communities to the crypto world.

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