NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT surpasses Hashmasks in total secondary market trading volume, moves to fifth place

Introduction: NFT Insider, jointly produced by WHALE Community, BeepCrypto and CryptoArt. Each weekly report will analyze the current situation of NFT market from five perspectives: NFT market data, art news, game news, virtual worlds, and other dynamic categories.

Market Data
June 21 NFT daily transactions of only 862, the lowest level in the history of 2021
According to OKLink data, on June 21, the NFT market suffered a significant setback, with only 862 daily transactions, the lowest level in history since the beginning of 2021; the daily transaction volume was about $528,500, down 92.3% year-on-year and back to the level of January at the beginning of the year.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT surpasses Hashmasks in total secondary market volume, moving into fifth place
According to CryptoSlam data, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT has surpassed Hashmasks to move into fifth place with a total secondary market volume of $50.06 million, about $17 million behind Meebits, which is now in fourth place. It is known that the total transaction volume of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT secondary market in the last 24 hours is about $6.05 million, and the OpenSea floor price is about 3.89 ETH.

NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

Art News
Artificial intelligence Sophia and artist Song Ting collaborate to launch NFT and launch a call for writing ‘love’
Sophia, the world’s first citizenship AI, and crypto-artist Song Ting have launched a joint project, NFT “Dance of Consciousness”, which consists of three chapters: “Writing”, “Dancing” and “Meditation”. The “Writing” chapter will launch a five-day call for writing the word “love” on June 19, where each Chinese community participant can submit their own handwritten word “love” on white paper with a black pen for a chance to be presented in the final artwork reel. Participants will receive an NFT of their handwritten “love” character and a commemorative gift before the Tanabata Festival.

The Sophia female robot was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship in 2017, making it the first robot in human history to be granted citizenship.

Gannett, America’s #1 Newspaper Group, to Launch First NFT
Gannett, the No. 1 newspaper group in the United States, announced it will partner with Origin, an NFT distribution platform, to auction off its first NFT, inspired by the first newspaper launched into space in 1971. The NFT will include a mosaic video integrating more than 300 photos from space over 50 years, interactive mosaic images, a lifetime subscription to USA Today’s digital edition and more. All proceeds from the auction will benefit the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Museum Foundation and the Gannett Foundation.

NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

Qingming Shanghe Tu” NFT postponed online date
According to the official news of the national architect team, originally scheduled for June 23 online “Qingming Shanghe Tu” NFT due to interface anomalies and calculation errors and will be postponed online, the specific shelf release time is not yet determined.

The company’s newest product, the NFT, is a new product that will be released in the next few months.
Alipay and the Dunhuang Art Institute have launched a NFT skin with the theme of Dunhuang art, which can be used as a payment code skin decoration within Alipay, which is currently sold out.

According to the official introduction the NFT is issued and traded using ant chain technology. Each NFT piece has an exclusive unique code and can be used to track the authenticity of the NFT through on-chain hash values.

Alipay will launch the famous national comic “Wu Liu Qi” NFT skin on June 24
Following the Dunhuang Art Institute – Alipay co-branded NFT skins, Alipay is once again launching the famous anime work “Wu Liu Qi” Alipay payment code skin, which will go on sale on June 24 at 0:00 sharp, limited to 16,000 pieces. Alipay users can find the corresponding product entrance by searching NFT or fan grain in the APP.

Idlefish drops all NFT-related goods and services
Idlefish has taken down all NFT related products. Previously, Alipay cooperated with Dunhuang Fine Arts Institute to launch NFT skins based on ant chain issuance payment codes, and the price was speculated to be up to 1.5 million yuan in Idlefish. In addition, some users had previously posted services in Idlefish to upload digital artwork proxies to NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea, which were also taken down.

Reddit issues NFT CryptoSnoo for auction on OpenSea
Reddit’s ethereum-based NFT CryptoSnoo is now up for auction at OpenSea. The auctioned CryptoSnoo will be displayed as a Reddit avatar in your profile, and will be animated in Reddit comments.

NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

BinanceNFT Marketplace is now live
The Binance NFT Marketplace is now live.

On June 24 at 20:00, the first blind box series – “tokidoki” – will be unveiled, featuring 16 The first blind box series – tokidoki – will be unveiled on June 24 at 20:00, featuring 16 iconic designs, including 3 Coin brand characters that can only be drawn from the “tokidoki X Coin NFT Marketplace All-Star Blind Box Series 1”.

Math Wallet joins forces with Qilin Protocol to launch co-branded NFTs on Ether
Math Wallet will launch a co-branded series of NFTs on Ether in partnership with Qilin Protocol, a derivatives protocol. The co-branded series of NFTs will be available for a limited number of airdrops for DeFi users and will be assigned a value in Qilin Protocol’s eco-governance, and Math Wallet has added an NFT section to the new version, allowing users to experience NFT more intuitively.

Great Compassion Universe is in MetaOpus, releasing NFT works for the first time
The current hottest digital artist, Big Sad Universe, has reached a deep cooperation with BCA and will be featured in MetaOpus for the first time to release its NFT works – Text Genes series. Combining Eastern religious culture and cyberpunk visuals, Big Sad Universe’s works will fill the gap in the NFT art market and become one of the most representative NFT artists in the world. It is reported that Great Compassion Universe will be featured as a BCA artist in the Coin NFT Top 100 Creators event.

Big Compassion Universe, whose real name is Lin Kunhao, is an artist who started to give up painting and jade carving completely in 2015 to devote himself to the business of depicting Buddha statues and “Buddhas” in 3D. Great Compassion Universe is good at interpreting Eastern religious culture and cyberpunk aesthetics to the extreme, and it is through the human-computer synergy aesthetics to create an extremely beautiful, clear and transcendent virtual world. Behind it is Da Bei Universe, a 3D artist, visual designer and editor of garbled poems, who lives in Xiamen. With nearly 140,000 followers on Sina Weibo, Dabei Universe is the hottest young artist in the digital age.

BCA (BlockCreateArt) is a full-category crypto art NFT platform that integrates crypto art creation, trading, investment and collection and crypto culture education output, and is committed to building a crypto art ecosystem that everyone can participate in. As a benchmark in the NFT art field, BCA brings together a group of cross-border celebrities to help the blockchain industry with art and build the future of crypto art together. Among them, the total turnover of BCA has exceeded $5 million as of February 2021, and MetaOpus has covered 16 countries and regions since its launch in October 2020, has signed 550 artists, and the platform has 80,000 global users.

The first NFT of Andy Warhol’s works opened for auction, and the bidding price has reached $2.52 million
The “Genesis” themed auction jointly held by Coin, Wavefield TRON, and APENFT Foundation was officially opened. As the most important lot, Andy Warhol’s “Three Self-Portraits” NFT work had already reached $2.52 million in less than 5 minutes after the auction opened.

The bidding period for Andy Warhol’s Three Self-Portraits NFT is reportedly from June 24 to June 27, with the final price to be announced at 8 p.m. on the 27th. At the same time, APENFT announced on social media that successful bidders would also receive a physical copy of the original Three Self-Portraits as a gift from APENFT.

Crypto Art Gallery “Windrush” Launches on June 18
Wind Tide, an encrypted art gallery, announced its launch on June 18. Wind Tide” is a crypto art gallery incubated by CryptoC, a famous NFT community in China, dedicated to spreading Eastern culture in the virtual world. The gallery has launched two types of auctions, English auction and Vickrey auction. It is reported that this is the first time that Vickrey auction is applied to crypto art in China.

WHALE community held “Underwater Vision” children’s painting theme activity
WHALE community held “Underwater Vision” children’s drawing theme event, community members can upload their children’s underwater world themed drawings to win WHALE tokens.

NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

Game News
German Football Federation and Sorare cooperate to launch NFT star cards
The German Football Federation (DFB) has partnered with Sorare, a soccer collectibles NFT platform, to launch NFT star cards including Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller, Kai Havertz and more.

Sorare is known to have previously partnered with the French Football Federation to launch NFT, and since January this year, the company has sold more than $70 million worth of digital player cards and currently has 90,000 active users from 140 countries each month.

NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

World’s first DeFi-powered NFT: Aavegotchi Metaverse releases Realm white paper
World’s first DeFi-powered NFT: Aavegotchi Meta-Universe releases Realm whitepaper.

Aavegotchis are the world’s first DeFi-powered NFTs, Aavegotchis are the little digital pets of the crypto generation. Each Aavegotchi is an NFT, and they are born from the activation of interest-bearing pledge tokens.

Gotchiverse introduces the world’s first income-generating plots. owners of REALM plots can produce large amounts of resources by farming their REALM plots. the REALM plots include a variety of land types such as forts, grids, and barren lands, and are divided into three different types of land: fair, good, and spacious. the total supply of REALM is 420, The total supply of REALM is 420,069 pieces of land.

In the initial phase, 155,069 REALM will be unlocked and distributed over two years, with the remaining REALM currently hidden in an area known as The Beyond. When the game reaches a specific milestone, these REALMs will be unlocked, bringing a new experience to the game.

The Gotchiverse is an open social space where players can engage in various activities such as farming, crafting, trading and fighting.

Virtual World News
RTFKT will distribute physical airdrops to jeffstaple co-branded NFT holders with June 28th
RTFKT will distribute physical airdrops to jeffstaple co-branded NFT holders on June 28th, NFT holders can go to the official website to collect them at that time.

The Sandbox’s latest round of land sales sold out in three seconds
The Sandbox’s latest round of land sales sold out in three seconds, with a total of 1,080 virtual lands sold to 625 unique buyers, including 349 new buyers, for a total transaction value of over SAND 2 million.

Virtual land in Decentraland NFT sold for over $910,000, a record high
A virtual land NFT in Decentraland was sold for 1.295 million MANA, valued at over $913,000, which according to NonFungible is the highest value land sale in USD to date.

There have been instances in the past where more MANAs have been sold when the currency has depreciated. the record set in November 2018 was 2,772,000 MANAs, which was worth slightly less than $211,000 at the time.

NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

Other News
OpenSea Launches “Frozen” NFT Metadata Feature to Store NFs with IPFS and Filecoin
According to official news, OpenSea has recently launched the ability to “freeze” NFT metadata, enabling NFT creators to properly decentralize NFT via IPFS and Filecoin. With IPFS and Filecoin, NFT creators using OpenSea can now create tamper-evident NFT metadata with IPFS’ content addressing and Filecoin’s provable and decentralized storage.

McLaren Racing to Partner with Tezos to Build NFT Platform
McLaren Racing announced a partnership with Tezos (XTZ) to build an “NFT fan experience platform” on the blockchain network. one of the main reasons McLaren Racing chose Tezos was because its proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is more efficient than One of the main reasons McLaren Racing chose Tezos is that its Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is more energy efficient than the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism used by Bitcoin and Ether.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Issues Airdrop to All Ape NFT Holders
Bored Ape Yacht Club has announced the launch of the Bored Ape Kennel Club, where each ape NFT holder can receive an NFT airdrop corresponding to their ape number. Bored Ape Kennel Club’s NFT figures are dogs, 10,000 in total, and all will be airdropped to ape NFT holders, with royalty revenue generated from secondary market sales going to charity.

NFT Weekly: Ali Enters NFT, Rockefeller Family Leads Rarible Series A Funding Round

Blockchain Streaming Solution Provider VIDYX Launches 2.0 Initiative, Officially Entering Fan Token and NFT
VIDYX, the blockchain video incentive ecosystem, officially entered the fan token and NFT space with the release of VIDYX2.0 white paper and roadmap on June 19. VIDYX will deploy fan tokens and NFT peripheral goods based on the Coin Smart Chain (BSC) and expects to release the VIDYX DAPP Beta in Q3.

VIDYX is based on Vidy technology foundation and aims to build an on-chain fan deep engagement platform based on fan tokens and NFT assets. vidy is a blockchain-based digital advertising technology video streaming solution provider with a user base of over 150 million. vidy developed the world’s first network invisible embedding layer and is one of the world’s largest decentralized distributed rewards economy ecosystem.

Ant Chain: NFT is not a token, and the platform will not give place to artwork speculation and opportunities
According to Sina Finance, the person in charge of Ant Chain responded to the misunderstanding of the comments related to “whether selling payment code NFT skins is equivalent to issuing tokens”, the person in charge said, “Because of the uniqueness of NFT and the inability to standardize splitting and trading, it is essentially different from homogenized tokens (such as virtual coins like Bitcoin).

In response to the issue of NFT works speculation, the person in charge clearly said, “art transactions have potential investment risks, although this has nothing to do with NFT, NFT guarantees the uniqueness of the work and the authenticity of the transaction, but our platform will not provide a place and opportunity for art speculation/price inflation. It also emphasizes that “Antchain’s move aims to encourage and promote the protection of intellectual property rights for digital creations.

NFT Platform Rarible Closes $14.2 Million Series A Funding Round Led by Rockefeller Family
Rarible has closed a new $14.2 million round of funding, with Rockefeller family venture fund Venrock and blockchain venture capital firm CoinFund leading the $14.2 million Series A round, followed by venture capital firm 01 Advisors, Rarible said.

Rarible, which is based on Ether, is understood to be launching a new marketplace on the Flow blockchain. flow is backed by Dapper Labs and aims to build fast and development-friendly blockchains. flow focuses on the NFT market, on which the previously smash NBA Top Shot is based.

Mak wallet released a new version, new NFT board and DeBank OpenAPI development asset display and more
Mako Wallet released a new version, adding NFT board and DeFi asset display based on DeBank OpenAPI development, as well as Japanese language support.

The languages already supported by MATH Wallet include English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, etc.

MATH is a blockchain platform centered around multi-chains, cross-chains and asset hubs, and its products include: Mackie Wallet (which supports more than 60 public chains such as BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, Solana and Coinan Chain, with more than 2 million users), MathVault, MathDAppStore MATH’s investors include Distributed Capital, Alameda Research, Binance Labs, FundamentalLabs, Multicurrency, and others. FundamentalLabs, Multicoin Capital, NGC Ventures and other famous blockchain investment institutions.

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