NFT Weekly丨A YouTube video fetches $760,000; NFT crosses border with Nobel Prize

From major gallery sales to the Nobel Prize, NFT continues to appear as headline news, so let’s take a look at what interesting things have happened in NFT’s market this past week.

From major gallery sales to the Nobel Prize, NFT continues to make headlines, so let’s take a look at what interesting things happened in the NFT market this past week.

The Andy Warhol Foundation NFT has generated over $3 million in proceeds. Last week’s issue of The Shell reported on the Andy Warhol Foundation’s collaboration with Christie’s auction house, Andy Warhol: Made by Machine, which went on sale.

The five unique NFTs brought in nearly $3.4 million in net proceeds to support the Andy Warhol Foundation’s efforts to create the Andy Warhol Museum and as annual funding for further efforts, and the global auction attracted buyers from the U.S., Asia and Europe.

More MeMe is happening, with the classic MeMe hitting the NFT marketplace this week and “Harambe” and “Charlie Bit My Finger” being released.

NFT Weekly丨A YouTube video fetches 0,000; NFT crosses border with Nobel Prize

The NFT of the YouTube classic “Charlie Bit My Finger” sold this week for $760,000. Despite widespread speculation that the buyer would remove the original video from YouTube, the buyer said he would not do so, citing the video’s importance to “pop culture.

In addition, Harambe, the gorilla killed in 2016, has been injected into pop culture as a viral emoji and will soon become the latest online emoji to enter the market in the form of a nonverbal video. “Nyan Cat”, “Disaster Girl”, etc.

The platform OneOf is working on music market NFT related work. In partnership with Quincy Jones and his economics company, music platform OneOf has announced a massive round of fundraising.

This week, the platform is looking to take a more environmentally friendly approach to tagging musicians’ work, while also emphasizing accessibility for fans. It is expected to include musicians such as Whitney Houston, John Legend, Doja Cat and others in the first release of the feature.

The $10 million CryptoPunk becomes a reality. This week, Sotheby’s announced on Twitter the launch of a standalone CryptoPunk to the market.

NFT Weekly丨A YouTube video fetches 0,000; NFT crosses border with Nobel Prize

“Covid Alien” CryptoPunk number #7530 will be auctioned on June 10 and is expected to fetch between $50 and $10 million. The most recent CryptoPunk transaction was sold for 4,200 ETH (worth over $10 million today).

And what about the NBA’s NFT? Just a few weeks ago, NBA guard Terry Rozier put the sneaker NFT out on the market, which matches the sneakers he wears in the game. This week, his teammate potential Rookie of the Year star LaMelo Ball got in on the action.

LaMelo Ball announced a limited edition NFT, tied to his professional accomplishments, set to go on sale next month.LaMelo Ball will release 500 dynamic NFTs and will allow holders to ‘burn’ their NFTs for potential physical memorabilia, and he will also release 9,500 standard NFTs. LaMelo Ball is located working with California-based design studio Playground to bring these passes to market.

A Nobel Prize for the NFT industry? UC Berkeley points out that why not give it a try? UC Berkeley is bringing something new to the NFT space.

In an announcement this week, UC Berkeley shared research documents related to the discoveries of two different Nobel Prize winners that will be auctioned off as NFTs within 24 hours. One NFT is about a revolutionary discovery in gene editing, and the second is about groundbreaking research in cancer immunotherapy.

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