NFT track welcomes heavyweight player OKEx to launch NFT platform OKExNFT

In recent months, the NFT track has continued to be hot. On the one hand, overseas giants are competing to buy or launch corresponding NFT works; on the other hand, domestic giants such as Alibaba, Tencent , and Web are also taking actions in the NFT field.

With the blessing of many institutions, the NFT market ushered in a big explosion. According to statistics from Nonfungible, the NFT market transaction volume in the second quarter of 2021 reached 754 million US dollars, a surge of 3453% year-on-year.

September 2, NFT track and then welcome the heavyweight players, world leader in digital asset trading platform for European trade OKEx announced on-line NFT platform OKExNFT, allows users to freely create, publish and trading NFT, now supports Ethernet Square and OEC network. The current user can switch the exchange/DeFi view in the upper left corner of the web terminal.


Image source: OKExNFT official website

As a one-stop trading platform focusing on the NFT field, OKExNFT will also combine artists, creators, celebrities and other first to issue various high-quality NFT assets, allowing users to directly snap up NFTs in the primary market.

According to the official website, OKExNFT has opened up three sections: primary market, trading market, and my NFT.

Primary market

Primary Market (Primary Market) is a platform that helps high-quality projects, artists, and celebrities conduct the primary issuance of NFT assets.

Through Primary, users or players can buy before the NFT flows into the secondary trading market, so as to obtain a better entry price or the priority right to experience the project earlier.


Image source: OKExNFT official website

market place

The OKExNFT trading market will show users the NFT products currently being traded, and users can click on NFT to enter the details page to view and purchase.


Image source: OKExNFT official website


“My NFT” has three sub-sections: “What I own”, “Created by me”, and “Created NFT”. With the help of these sections, users can freely create and publish NFT works, and at the same time can view the NFTs they already own.


Image source: OKExNFT official website

How to buy NFT?

After the user opens the OKExNFT official website, click on “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner of the page, bind MetaMask or OKEx on-chain wallet to start the journey of collecting NFT.


Image source: OKExNFT official website

Specifically, there are two ways for users to participate. One is to participate in the panic buying of high-quality NFT works in the “primary market”, and the other is to select the NFT works they are interested in in the “trading market” and click the “Buy” button to purchase directly.

After purchasing NFT works, users can view their own NFT works in the “My NFT” section.

How to create and publish NFT?

In addition to the basic trading functions, OKExNFT also has the creation and publishing functions. Users can upload their own NFT works in the “My NFT” section.

The OKExNFT platform supports users to display and sell pictures, music and video works. Users select the NFT type, upload files and fill in the work introduction and royalties, and then successfully upload their own NFT works, and they can see personal works in the trading market.


It is reported that the first three projects Blade Warrior, Cryptogladiator, and Crypto Universe will officially start on September 6. For more details, please visit OKExNFT official website


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