NFT Top 10 in Sales: Virtual Real Estate in High Demand

The past week saw a significant increase in demand for virtual land, thanks to a number of land sale events and NFT transactions.

NFT Top 10 in Sales: Virtual Real Estate in High Demand

This past week saw a significant increase in demand for virtual land thanks to some land sale activity and NFT deals. a virtual property in Decentraland sold for $709,020, making it the second most expensive NFT since last week.

We can still consider CryptoPunks the gold standard for NFTs, as pixelated characters have been occupying the top 10 NFT sales spots on DappRadar. However, with the addition of Decentraland and The Sandbox, we are seeing a clear demand for virtual real estate from users. There have been several land sales events that have attracted thousands of gamers and investors who have spent millions of dollars to purchase a piece of virtual land.

Last week, The Sandbox organized a new land sale that boosted its transaction volume by 334% to over $1.24 million. During the same period, Decentraland also doubled its transaction volume to $1.22 million.

In addition, card game Dark Country is expanding its game mechanics with virtual lands. On Saturday, they organized a land auction on the Wax blockchain and saw a 2113% increase in volume to over $765,350.

A few days ago, Ember Sword, the upcoming online role-playing game, held its first land sale. Despite some technical issues, they sold 11,788 virtual lands for approximately $1.5 million in revenue.

Top 10 NFT sales from May 24-30

  1. crypto punk – punk 2424 – $783,970 / 325 ETH
  2. Decentraland – Premium Estate – $709,020 / 759,360 MANA
  3. crypto-punk – punk 1162 – $309,450 / 119,99 ETH
  4. Hackatao – VR Girl – $296,550 / 115 ETH
  5. crypto-punk – punk 8562 – $248,160 / 105 ETH
  6. crypto-punk – punk 843 – $234,010 / 102.99 ETH
  7. autoglyphs – glyph 189 – $207,010 / 82.5 ETH
  8. crypto-punk – punk 3824 – $180,530 / 70 ETH
  9. X_COPY – Five Eyes – $178,750 / 70 ETH
  10. The Sandbox 12×12 Estate – $177,770 / 551,250 SAND

There are a few things to point out in the top 10. First, CryptoPunk 8562 sold twice this week, and we only list the highest sales of those. The seller made a profit of 4 ETH, or about $10,000, within an hour of purchasing the punk.

Also notable are the two NFT artworks on this list. xCOPY and Hackatao are both considered to be pioneers in the crypto space. They have been involved in NFT art long before it became popular, and as a result they have realized an increase in the value of their work. In the coming months, we will see more of their work topping the NFT sales charts.

Axie Infinity still holds the lead
Last week DappRadar has reported about the trading activity within the Axie Infinity community. Now that their entire game runs on the Ronin sidechain, players can trade without paying a fuel fee. As a result, NFT sales grew 48% last week, selling 43,804 NFTs and increasing sales by 51.8% to over $10.46 million. Currently, Axie Infinity is outperforming regular great dapps like CryptoPunk and NBA top Shot.

However, in addition to the virtual world, Bored Ape Yacht Club has also performed well over the past 7 days. nft has seen a 224% increase in transactions to over $2.43 million. The new community development will provide utility to the digital collection, which will boost collectors’ confidence that Bored Apes will be a good long-term investment.

NFT Top 10 in Sales: Virtual Real Estate in High Demand

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