NFT re-creation promotes the meta-universe revolution 99District NFT.DAO brings new ideas

Recently, an iconic turtle image of Strange Turtles in District99 replaced traditional advertising content and appeared on a large electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square to warm up the upcoming project, attracting a large number of investors and ordinary citizens. .

It is reported that the Strange Turtles in District99 project will launch a total of 10,000 strange turtle NFTs, randomly assembled from 250 hand-painted elements, and each turtle has a different and unique image. 99District NFT.DAO’s first batch of digital 3D membership cards are in preparation for issuance. With this membership, buyers can enjoy a variety of priority privileges and benefits in this project and subsequent NFT and other projects.

In the past few months, the momentum of the NFT market has remained strong, and Solana’s secondary market sales have soared to US$500 million in just three months. With the popularity of the NFT concept in the encryption circle this year, the concept of meta-universe has entered the public eye. The topic of re-creating the meta-universe revolution by NFT has aroused people’s attention and heated discussions, and also opened up the meta-universe of Internet “big manufacturers”. Arms race.

However, few NFT projects are as committed to building a complete NFT industry chain as 99District NFT.DAO, based on NFT+DeFi+DAO, to build a comprehensive ecosystem that covers NFT derivatives, swap, game platforms and meta universe.

Project Description

99Distrcit NFT.DAO plans to launch new NFT projects every month, and later will issue $DST governance tokens to give community members the right to propose and vote. NFT holders in 99District will be able to use their NFT+$DST to mint special derivative NFTs and sell them on the secondary market. They can also earn more $DST through the original NFT+$DST pledge mining model, and Explore GameFi through the 99Ditstict game platform with $DST. 99District members will be able to enjoy a series of unique rights and benefits such as the lifetime pre-sale qualification of the NFT series and the airdrop of $DST tokens. The team also specially donated 399 3D Metaunicorn NFTs (worth 0.099 ETH ) from the next NFT series to the first 399 members.

99Distrcit member NFT will start the pre-sale soon, and buyers can join their community and get whitelisted qualifications to participate in the pre-sale. There are a total of 699 seats in the pre-sale whitelist for members, and many community members have successfully grabbed the qualifications. As of today, the floor price of 99District members and some strange turtle NFTs on the OpenSea platform has soared to 2.6ETH. The members of the 99Ditstict community are also increasing. There are more than 6,000 Twitter followers and nearly 40,000 in the Discord community. It is reported that both the pre-sale and public sale of 99District members will adopt Dutch auctions to prevent whale buyers from monopolizing all NFTs.

Looking to the future, 99District NFT.DAO plans to develop into a large community with 1 million+ members. The team aims to create an industry-leading NFT entire industry chain within 99District NFT.DAO, in order to continuously increase the value of $DST tokens and empower members’ NFTs.

NFT re-creation: more than just derivatives

Just like the derivatives built on the underlying assets in traditional finance, members of 99District can also use the community’s derivative NFT smart contract to verify the NFT in their hands and cast innovative derivative NFTs.

99District NFT.DAO will invite famous designers and craftsmen to join in the creation of derivative projects. Members can cooperate with craftsmen from around the world to cast their own NFT derivatives from their initial samples, giving the original NFT more market value.

99District meta universe

2021 is the veritable first year of the meta universe, and the emergence of NFT is a big step towards the meta universe. NFT is the digital key to the meta universe, and the ownership and rarity in its concept perfectly match the values ​​of the meta universe. 99District DAO.NFT will start with the two upcoming NFT projects, and plans to launch a new series every month to inject new directions into the meta universe. Every NFT holder can explore the art world of 99District and become a creator, constantly empowering the NFT and $DST in their hands.

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