NFT products are alive

The digital age has arrived. In the face of the development of the digital economy brought about by digitization, networking, and intelligence, building a credible, open, and intelligent Metaverse has increasingly become a consensus.

The Metaverse is the full circulation and utilization of digital items, and the full production and collaboration of digital subjects. Both digital items and digital subjects are centered on the production, dissemination and use of digital content, and digital content needs to be carried by NFT products.

When we talk about NFT products, especially digital collections, there will always be a trilogy of problems. First, what does it mean for users to own a digital collection? Second, why buy a digital collection? The third is how to trade / when to open the secondary market?

These questions have been asked in various forms recently in several interviews, salons, and round tables. Generally speaking, for Question 1, it starts from the legal nature of digital collections and talks about its properties as digital items; for Question 2, it discusses from the use value and investment value of digital collections a series of values; and for Question 3, it is cautious. From a regulatory perspective, for example, NFT products should be de-financialized, while the current NFT digital collections can easily induce illegal financial activities.

The logic of these answers is clear, but relatively speaking, it gives people a sense of distance and is relatively abstract. The questioner still has thousands of questions in his mind, why is this?

NFT products are the native elements in the digital economy, and they are existences with strong vitality.

NFT products are alive, and they need air, sunlight and water just like people. It can be said that credibility is the air of NFT products, openness is the sunshine of NFT products, and intelligence is the water of NFT products.

So we may need to change the angle. If we ignore the “humanistic care” for NFT products, we can’t really solve a series of problems existing in NFT products, and we may only be able to repeat the illusory story forever to quench our thirst.

Credibility is the air needed for the life of NFT products. People may not survive for a moment without the air. If the air is thin or the oxygen supply is insufficient, people may become dysfunctional and unable to live and work normally. For NFT products, whether the related intellectual property rights are credible and enjoy a high degree of consensus, and whether the data on the chain is authentic and credible, is directly related to the life and death of NFT products. If the data on an NFT product is false and its issuance transaction is manipulated, it may be sent to the ICU in an instant if it was full of vigor one second ago.

In terms of business rights and interests, the quality assurance of NFT products is achieved through product application of all elements of trustworthiness. In data processing, protocol functions, and content rights and interests, the content rights and interests of data agreements are formed to make full use and smooth circulation.

Openness is the sunshine needed for the life of NFT products. Sunlight is good for the body’s immune system and brain. If the human body lacks sunlight exposure, it will lead to mental depression and lack of vitality. Openness makes NFT products public (including open source technology protocol code, open license for specific metadata rights), and makes NFT products ecologically open (easy exchange, secondary creation, open ecological development) and governance community (protocol governance, application governance, rights governance). Openness allows NFT products to truly open up application scenarios.

In terms of business scenarios, the application scenarios of NFT products are realized through the all-round opening of the product ecology. In the internal and external business ecology, stimulate the vitality of elements, applications, content and governance.

Intelligence is the water needed for the life of NFT products . For the human body, water can nourish various organs of the body, transport, metabolize, and absorb nutrients, regulate the circulation in the human body, and maintain the normal function of the human body. For NFT products, intelligence is the key to realizing functions. Its core is processing intelligence, including information collection, publishing, transmission, and computing intelligence. It is reflected in Metaverse activities, including identity intelligence, transaction intelligence, and social intelligence.

In terms of business operation, the function bearing of NFT products is realized through the intelligence of the whole process of product operation. In the business product model and operation process, the product model and operation mode are formed to be intelligent.

Can we issue, buy, and trade NFT products to give him the air, sunlight and water he needs for life? When NFT products come to life, why we buy, issue, and trade will all be easily understood. When NFT products come to life, our efforts have meaning.

Our current NFT platform is only an NFT product trading platform rather than an application platform, and the current participants are speculators rather than users. After the user buys it, he does not put the NFT product in the application scene but hangs it in the wallet. It is equivalent to buying a chair in the market, not moving it home and using it to sit and eat, do homework and watch TV, but put it in the wallet. Shelved in a separate place.

We want to put NFT products in the specific application scenarios of the Metaverse form. For example, NFT digital artworks should be placed in the library or art exhibition hall of the Metaverse form to share with you, or placed on the wall of the Metaverse room. Let him add luster to our Metaverse life, or bookmark our Metaverse; not just give him up.

Xia Chang Dong Zang is the law of the universe, endless life is the resilience of life, and harmonious coexistence is the harmony and inheritance of heaven, earth and human beings. Let us face the past and the future, reality and virtuality, hope and harvest with a more awe-inspiring attitude.

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