“NFT+” mode is still updating How does NFT affect education?

With the rapid development of NFTs, we see more possibilities for NFTs.

Today NFTs are widely used in various fields, from fashion to sports, from news to museums, from music to art, the “NFT+” model is constantly being explored and updated, and now the education field has begun to pay attention to NFTs and apply them.

"NFT+" mode is still updating How does NFT affect education?

Universities are embracing NFTs

In the field of education, NFT has become a hot topic. More and more colleges and universities are vigorously embracing NFT. Some schools have opened related courses, and some schools are exploring the unique use of NFT.

Ankara University in Turkey opened NFT-related courses this year to teach students more in-depth related content, which also made Ankara University the first university in Turkey to offer NFT courses.

It is worth mentioning that, as a Metaverse closely related to NFT, it is also becoming the focus of colleges and universities.At present, more and more colleges and universities are considering to offer courses related to NFT and the Metaverse, and even set up special research centers.

Previously, Tsinghua University announced the establishment of the “Metaverse Culture Laboratory of the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University”, which will integrate the research forces of various schools within Tsinghua University to carry out Metaverse research.

Shortly afterwards, the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences of Renmin University of China announced the establishment of the first Metaverse research center in a domestic university, and will also set up talent training courses. In the future, the research center plans to launch research reports, publish Chinese and English books, and publish high-quality papers.

At the same time, more and more colleges and universities are applying NFTs to campuses and classrooms.

Stanford University was one of the first universities to embrace NFTs. Last year, it began to try to issue NFTs to students who completed designated blockchain courses at the school.

"NFT+" mode is still updating How does NFT affect education?

Stanford University NFT

Earlier this year, Duke University’s engineering department awarded NFT certificates of completion to students who completed courses designated on blockchain technology on the educational platform Coursera.

Hoseo University in South Korea awarded NFT degrees and certificates to 2,830 graduates last year.

Looking at the country, some colleges and universities have begun to apply NFT.

Just a few days ago, Nanjing University announced that it will cooperate with the unique art platform. On the occasion of the school’s 120th anniversary, the creation is based on the cultural symbol and mascot of Nanjing University, “Little Blue Whale”, combined with the iconic attractions of Nanjing University. , slogans, cultural activities and other elements, launched the Nanjing University Little Blue Whale digital collection, as a gift for the Nanjing University celebration, and at the same time to warm up the enrollment promotion in 2022.

"NFT+" mode is still updating How does NFT affect education?

Nanjing University Little Blue Whale Digital Collection [Heart to the South]

Shortly before Nanjing University announced the news, the official account of the Peking University Alumni Association also issued a document stating that it will launch a digital collection of Peking University 124th anniversary commemorative cards for the majority of Peking University alumni.

The impact of NFTs on education

In addition to the colleges and universities mentioned above, in fact, more and more colleges and universities are currently entering the NFT field, learning more about NFT, Metaverse and other encryption-related content, and the attempts and applications of NFT in the educational field are still increasing.

There are many voices who believe that NFT will have an important impact on the field of education.

data storage

Whether it is a student’s diploma, various honorary certificates or personal related information, it can be stored on the chain in the form of NFT.

NFT is irreplaceable, indivisible, and non-tamperable. Its various information is openly and transparently recorded on the blockchain, with high transparency and traceability.

Therefore, for schools and individual students, NFT can help manage personal information, record credits, track learning progress, store educational data, etc., and at the same time reduce the possibility of information forgery to a certain extent, such as reducing academic qualifications and academic fraud. .

Creative recognition, positivity encouragement

The campus is an important place for students to create and create. However, most of the time, the protection and attention of students’ works and projects are not enough. Casting students’ works into NFT is another form of recognition of students’ creativity. Through this form, students’ achievements can be known and shared by more people, and students can receive corresponding honors.

In addition, as mentioned above, Stanford University’s practice of distributing NFTs to students who have completed designated courses is actually a recognition and encouragement for students, which can bring positive effects to students to a certain extent.

At the same time, such an emerging form of expression may be able to stimulate the creativity of more students, especially art students.

unique memorial form

Each university has its own campus culture and characteristics, and NFT can become an innovative form of publicity and promotion of campus culture. At the same time, the integration of campus culture and NFT is also a unique souvenir.

Just like the NFT launched by Nanjing University and Peking University this time, combined with the exclusive campus cultural characteristics, NFT allows more people to know and understand the unique culture of the campus. At the same time, these unique campus cultures and memories will live on the blockchain forever.

Special fundraising methods to support education

Last June, the University of California, Berkeley, minted two Nobel Prize-winning research papers into NFTs for auction.

One is the work of James Allison, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2018, and the other is the genome editing technology CRISPR-Cas9 by Jennifer Doudna, the 2020 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. Related inventions, in the end, both NFTs were successfully auctioned. Most of the proceeds go to fund the school’s education and innovative research.

"NFT+" mode is still updating How does NFT affect education?

Research by James Allison

Colleges and universities have unique resources for academic research, so this approach is not only a symbol of the college’s own achievements, but the proceeds can also be used to support education and academic research. Some people may think that no one will want to spend money to buy such NFTs with “dry and boring” content, but in fact, for some people, NFTs with such content are actually of great significance.

As Berkeley Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer Rich Lyons said in a statement: “There are people who recognize and care about the great symbol of science, want to own the NFT even if they never intend to resell it, and want the resources back to Berkeley, also That’s where the basic research behind these Nobel Prizes comes from to support further research.”

Of course, the applications and possibilities of NFTs are still being explored and excavated. At present, NFTs have brought changes and influences to many industries and fields, and NFTs may play more roles in the future.

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