NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, payment: how to capture value to avoid concept involution

September arrives as scheduled. The so-called gold nine silver ten, in the expression of the sense of ceremony, the famous non-marketing expert in the currency circle “Sun Chi Dan arrives” brother, gave us a good lesson. On the evening of August 31, the most expensive WeChat avatar was born so far. Teacher Sun’s question is thought-provoking: Why can a picture be taken so expensive…


In the currency circle, “why” is the most important question to ask, because usually according to the rational cognition of human beings, this kind of problem is unsolvable. If you ask, the old leek will smile and say: “You are not in the currency circle. Yo”……

Brother Sun’s operation is a bit of a domino effect~ NBA star Curry spent about $180,000 on August 28 to get an NFT monkey in his pocket, and the “Curry profile picture” also appeared on Douyin. No. 1 on the hot list… The celebrity effect is so crazy, people can’t help but think of the “God Operation History” of the screamer Musk (suddenly becomes the connotation)…


  • In the currency circle, I don’t study for a day and look anxious

Year, all types of track this year can be described as the concept of a large outbreak of full bloom and have done their best in DeFi, Boca after, distributed storage, Layer2, etc. led “involution” heat in the first half, small leeks are not knowledge Good absorption, new and old concepts such as NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, and payment, and carrying the refreshed investment value recognition of hot projects, impacts the souls who are worried about getting out of the air…

Before you know what Metauniverse is, Zuckerberg proposed Facebook’s “metauniverse” corporate transformation plan. Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella announced it at Inspire, a global partner conference. Enterprise Meta Universe Solution, South Korea’s Ministry of Finance announced that it will invest 46 million US dollars in Meta Universe and the blockchain field next year…

When you still think GameFi is a Bossy game, Axie Infinity’s single-day revenue has exceeded 11.1 million U.S. dollars, and sales in the past 30 days have approached 850 million U.S. dollars. The Central Bank of the Philippines is considering classifying Axie Infinity as a payment system operator… ..

When you still feel that the payment track is not hot at all, Venmo, a mobile payment company under PayPal, has launched a credit card cryptocurrency cashback tool. The global payment network Roxe has completed a round of financing and has reached cooperation with more than 20 institutions. The block chain’s cross-border remittance business is steadily advancing, and Visa has become the first major payment network to settle transactions with stablecoins, and it has also acquired a cross-border payment fintech company…

The rapid information iteration of the currency circle and the rapid growth of the track made the motivated Leek sigh: If you don’t study for a day, you will be out. Don’t worry about it, and feel very anxious…

  • In the currency circle, don’t use practical value to measure money

Before the block chain fire, normal people would not pay for “air” when investing, but in the currency circle, “air” is the most valuable. Of course, the expression of “air” is compared to the real thing.

Artworks can be synthesized by AI algorithms, and a complete production line is completed on-chain. It may be difficult for outsiders to understand the meaning and value behind this, but for the cyberpunks of the blockchain, all the bills are no longer money. The “vulgar and established” ending of the exchange of physical objects is more about buying a status symbol, a warrant of faith, and long-term value expectations… They are willing to build their own pavilion in Metaverse, and like-minded ” “Digital netizens” dance together and enjoy the beauty of numbers. Metaverse seems to have become a parallel world of the real world, where more people with ideas are building their own unconventional totems. In their view, this is the future, and this enthusiasm has also fascinated countless capitals, because capital usually has to look farther and stay at the forefront of industry development to seize future opportunities.

  • In the currency circle, multiple hotspots are rapidly converging

Where there are hotspots, there are investment opportunities. When hotspots emerge in endlessly, there will be various aggregations. Not only are new concepts and new tracks, but the track where Bitcoin ‘s most basic “payment” attribute is located is also constantly evolving, and new tricks can also be played out.

For example, for the payment industry benchmarks mentioned above, Visa has embraced the new changes and has also purchased CryptoPunk. Roxe also announced plans to launch NFT mystery cards in combination with their APP…

Not only the payment track, but also the development and form upgrade of platforms such as DEX, mining, IDO, etc., are all trying to combine with the current industry boom to attract more traffic and attention.

  • The concept is “involved”, how to capture value?

With the rapid convergence of hotspots, if the project party wants to use the hotspots to gain popularity in a short period of time, there will inevitably be a variety of chasing forks, which will cause serious involution, resulting in uneven quality of the project. How to pick up pearls in the ocean is the watershed between the identity of investors and leek. If you don’t have enough professional experience and industry knowledge, blindly following it is easy to look at the scenery from the top of the mountain. In order to avoid the imbalance of value judgment caused by the involution, 3 suggestions to the comrades in the Leek Front Alliance:

1. Don’t follow the trend blindly. If you are not a participant in the first echelon of the industry’s vanguard, when you feel that the heat makes you want to all in, it is precisely the time when you need to be cautious. If you are firmly optimistic about a project, you must do a good job of “due diligence”, including the project’s capital, the data on the chain, and the “floor price” of “calling a single person”.

2. Keep learning enthusiasm at all times. People cannot earn wealth beyond their cognition. Even if you earn it, you will spit it out elsewhere. Therefore, don’t be blindly confident that you can earn non-cognitive benefits. The industry is still in its early stages, and there are plenty of opportunities waiting for those who are prepared. It is better to do your homework and wait for the wind to come.

3. The track must be comprehensive. Opportunities are not only the hot track . There are also many high-quality projects in Polkadot , payment, and Layer2 in the past. When you are ready to explode, it is better to pay more attention to improve your overall industry awareness while seizing the next potential. currency.


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