NFT may or may not be defined as an artwork

The market value of NFT is increasing, but the growth rate of people willing to hold and buy does not seem to be too much.

NFT may or may not be defined as an artwork

Since this year, the NFT category of exhibitions and artworks have been speculated to high prices one by one, and people’s FOMO sentiment seems to have increased a lot, but strangely enough, the market value of NFT is increasing, but the growth rate of people willing to hold and buy does not seem to be too much.

Take one of my own cases, I saw some art exhibitions in Shanghai two days ago, no matter they are crypto art exhibitions or traditional art exhibitions, the difference is that their audiences are always so niche, people are attracted by the wonderful images it presents, and very few people go to explore the inner work, just like not everyone can understand Da Vinci’s paintings.

We all know the concept of NFT, non-homogeneous tokens, splitting it up means that as long as it is non-homogeneous, it can be called NFT. Take our faces as an analogy, even twins who look similar will have some subtle differences in their faces, but will anyone buy a human face? I don’t think so.

But isn’t that what Face AI recognition type companies are making money on? The reason why the epidemic can be so fast to identify close contacts, is not because of all kinds of Face AI companies in the mall to form a digital identification and reduce the time well; there are medical aspects, cosmetology is also in the structure of one after another face using digital upgrades and improvements in the instrumentation and continuous innovation, so that this rich entertainment becomes less expensive.

All of this is inseparable from the face itself, that is, an NFT, which itself does not produce value, but in combination with other scenarios will be naturally linked to the value output, and this NFT may be needed by each of us, just as the ID card can also be made into an NFT, and can be made into an unlimited amount, each use consumes an NFT, can become an asset held by itself, but this needs to be combined with privacy protection, because this information needs to be protected.

From the direction of the game, this is a more easily accepted by the post-90s and post-00s form, but also the easiest way for the public to participate, take “King of Glory” for example, each character or skin as a NFT, then each player also just became the user of this NFT, and the maker will still be recorded on the blockchain, but just sold his initial casting of NFT to a third-party company.

There is also the direction of social tokens, in fact, there are already some projects doing such a thing, just not yet noticed. Social NFT passes can be issued without having to consider the number, but according to the NFT holding category to constant token value, such as I use the NFT named A can interact with the maker of A NFT, with the NFT named B can interact with the maker of B NFT, holding two kinds that can interact with both sides, interaction under the new form of DAO governance, so that peer-to-peer interaction between the creator and the user, this is the problem that the blockchain is trying to solve.

And back to the art part, people who can be willing to spend $50 offline to see an exhibition instead of a pavilion is very few, and there are many exhibitions every year, if the form that distinguishes it from other exhibitions afterwards is just “I paid for this exhibition”, then the exhibition can be said to be a great failure.

The reason why art is niche is that it is more creative and recognizable, and what everyone can understand is not called art.

Fine art, photography, music, calligraphy and painting, etc. can all be called art, but when either traditional art or crypto art leaves the niche, its value will also become less scarce.

I think NFT is still a very small scene now, not everyone can find their favorite category in the NFT category, take the closest big category to art, sports, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, baseball, golf and other sports stars NFT is not so complete, the market moves forward while the capacity needs to be expanded to bring more vitality to the market. We can see that NFT is still in the early stages, and the current form of development makes many people take it as art, but in fact, as long as the product can not be copied can be called NFT, it covers a very wide range of categories, and the future combination with DeFi, DID, privacy computing is also inevitable, only when NFT is free from art, it can be recognized and accepted by more people.

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