NFT market reappears “a hundred schools of thought” CrypToadz sells for $17.7 million in a week

According dune data show that the Ethernet Square NFT PFP (profile picture) Project Cool Cats and CrypToadz this week ushered in the first one-week sales of $ 1 million. The NFT market became active again this week, and the leading NFT trading market OpenSea set the highest trading volume in three single days since the beginning of September. In the week of increased sales, the two increasingly well-known PFP projects “Cool Cats” and “CrypToadz” have also completed their respective milestones. The sales of their respective secondary market NFTs exceeded $1 million this week. This is a level that only a few NFT projects can reach so far, including Ethereum-based projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Solana products such as Degenerate Ape Academy and Solana Monkey Business.

According to data from DappRadar, PFP is an important part of the broader NFT market surge this year, generating USD 10.63 billion in transaction volume in the third quarter alone.

In addition to the potential social media influence of having a popular NFT avatar, these NFT ownership can also unlock various benefits, such as entering communities and activities that only holders can join, participating in DAOs that let users collectively decide the direction of the project, or Free NFT airdrops in the future.

Cool Cats was launched in July and quickly became one of the most popular NFT avatar series. According to CryptoSlam data, there have been US$141 million in transaction volume so far. Cool Cats floor price is currently about 14 ETH , which is about 50,500 US dollars. The project also developed NFT in cooperation with Time Magazine.

Record $1m 'Zombie' Cool Cats sale kickstarts 'HalloweeNFT' season

At present, the most expensive item in the Cool Cats series is a rare zombie-themed avatar in the picture above, which was sold to the buyer Bornadoesntcare for 320 ETH (nearly 1.13 million US dollars) on Monday. According to reports, the seller minted the NFT in July for only 0.04 ETH ($84), and he plans to use the proceeds to open an animal shelter.

CrypToadz is a relatively new NFT project. It was launched in early September. The demand surged earlier this week. The transaction volume on Sunday alone reached 19 million US dollars. According to CryptoSlam data, this pixel frog avatar project has so far generated more than $109 million worth of transactions. The current floor price is 12 ETH, about $43,100.

On Tuesday, the CrypToadz series sold for a maximum of 300 ETH, which was $1.05 million at the time of sale. The seller previously purchased the NFT for only 1.5 ETH ($5,100) less than a month ago, which is another considerable short-term value increase. Rapper Snoop Dogg also bought a CrypToadz NFT through his Cozomo de’ Medicu account this week.

OpenSea created a transaction volume record worth more than US$3.4 billion in August, which was more than 10 times that of July. Later, in September, the transaction volume was slightly sluggish, but it still exceeded US$3 billion. Dune Analytics data shows that so far, the transaction volume on the market in October exceeds 719 million US dollars.

One of the recently launched and sold-out series is GREMPLIN’s CrypToadz, which debuted in early September and sold an NFT worth approximately $17.7 million in the first week. Since then, sales in the secondary market have been fluctuating, including a few days when sales were less than $1 million. However, in the past week, the increase in sales volume has pushed the boom in trading and the surge in the price bottom line on Sunday to a climax.


According to CryptoSlam data, CryptoToadz transactions worth more than $19 million on Sunday set a new single-day record for the series. So far, the project has generated $88 million worth of transactions. According to CryptoSlam data, this is the most popular NFT series in the past 24 hours, surpassing Axie Infinity with a transaction volume of less than $1 million .

In addition to the hot Ethereum network, this week, the Solana NFT market is also showing an upward trend. Solanalysis reported that in the past week, the transaction volume was close to 156 million U.S. dollars. This is an increase of 13% over the previous week. The data also illustrates the current multi-polar development trend of the NFT market.

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