NFT Insider #12: WHALE sets sail for the first anniversary, Taobao Ali Auction launches NFT digital art special

Sugar23, the creative platform launched by Oscar-winning manager and producer Michael Sugar, will partner with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to auction off digital art NFTs of Hollywood icons.

Ai is a joint production of WHALE Community, BeepCrypto and CryptoArt.Ai, which condenses weekly NFT news and brings you the most comprehensive, fresh and valuable information about NFT. Each weekly report will analyze the current state of the NFT market from five perspectives: NFT market data, art news, game news, virtual worlds, and other dynamic categories, to understand NFT, read the NFT Insider weekly report is enough.

Art News

Hollywood logo to be auctioned for charity in the form of NFT

Sugar23, the creative platform launched by Oscar-winning manager and producer Michael Sugar, will partner with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to auction off digital art NFTs of the Hollywood logo. the project is reportedly still in the early stages of development, and the team is still in the process of selecting artists or filmmakers to create the NFT tokens. In addition, proceeds from the sale will go directly to the chamber’s humanitarian initiatives, including organizations serving education, diversity, inclusion and homelessness within its Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation. sugar23 said the event is expected to take place in the summer, but no exact date has been announced.

French Auction House Millon Holds Auction of NFT Works, May Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

French Belge auction house Millon is holding its first auction of 13 NFT works in Brussels. It is reported that the auction will feature works by confirmed NFT artists such as Maikeul, Fvckrender, and street artist CesarPiette. Among them, artist Trevor Jones’ work “Bitcoin Angel” is estimated to cost between 3,000 and 5,000 euros. In addition, Millon may accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

NFT Insider #12: WHALE sets sail for the first anniversary, Taobao Ali Auction launches NFT digital art special

Famous Model Emily Ratajkowski’s NFT Artwork Sells for $175,000 at Christie’s

Famous model Emily Ratajkowski’s NFT artwork “Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution” sold for $175,000 at Christie’s.

Firecoin NFT Platform iBox Goes Live, Releases First NFT Artwork with Chen Xiaochun

Huobi X Center-incubated NFT integrated service platform iBox is officially launched, and jointly released the first NFT work with Chen Xiaochun.

On May 17, iBox, a comprehensive NFT service platform incubated by Huobi X Center, was officially launched. iBox will launch NFT issuance and trading services to global users, aiming to build the world’s leading NFT trading platform. iBox’s mission is to promote the circulation of value of global resources, and to build an efficiently functioning digital world The mission of iBox is to facilitate the flow of value of global resources and provide the foundation for building an efficient digital world.

On the first day of its launch, iBox jointly issued the first NFT work “iBox 001” with the famous movie star Mr. Chen Xiaochun. iBox focuses on high-end NFT issuance and circulation, and most of its NFT products are jointly issued with well-known IP, famous artists or public figures to ensure the quality and collection value of NFT.

The first global NFT crypto art exhibition “The Impact of the Real” will be opened in Shanghai

Official news, the first global NFT crypto art exhibition in Shanghai will be held on May 29th at Shanghai West Coast – Oil Can Art Park No.1 Tank. Ai, co-curated by Du Xi Yun and Qin Jianxin, and produced by Jin Wei, Pan Wei and Zhu Zheng. The exhibition will run for nine days until June 6.

In this exhibition, Beeple, Pak, Song Ting and 25 other artists from all over the world will participate in the exhibition and the auction. Starting from the digital properties of crypto art, the exhibition is divided into three chapters: Double Wings, Analogues and Singularity, which sort out the objective reality of the coexistence of technology and art in the context of art history, and explore the new impact and influence of modern art on traditional art since Impressionism. We explore the new influences and impacts of modern art since Impressionism on traditional art, and how they have shaped the contemporary art scene. In this way, authenticity is an ongoing event and phenomenon in the age of crypto art, which is having a strong impact on the physical way of art and transactions.

Origin will auction the NFT “Charlie Bit Me”, which originated from a video with over 880 million views

Origin, the NFT auction platform, will auction the NFT “Charlie Bit Me” on May 22nd, 2021 at 22:00 GMT. The auction will last 24 hours and accept the stable coins USDT, USDC, DAI and OUSD based on Ether.

The NFT is derived from the 14-year-old video clip “Charlie Bit My Finger”, which has been viewed by 880 million people on YouTube alone and is the most viewed hit video.

Lee Sedol and AlphaGo’s winning game NFT ends auction, final price over $210,000

The winning game NFT between the famous South Korean Go player Lee Sedol and the artificial intelligence AlphaGo ended up being auctioned for 60 ETH (about $210,000).

On March 13, 2016, Lee defeated AlphaGo in a match, the first time a human has ever beaten AlphaGo in a Go match.

NFT Insider #12: WHALE sets sail for the first anniversary, Taobao Ali Auction launches NFT digital art special

Crypto artist: Instagram may launch NFT platform, currently in communication with artists to sign agreements

Crypto artist Sean Williams has tweeted that Instagram may launch an NFT platform and is currently in the process of signing agreements with artists.

Sean Williams said he received an official email from overseas social platform Instagram, in which Instagram said it wanted his help and that of some emerging crypto artists to build Instagram’s NFT platform. Instagram allegedly paid each artist $1,000 for their help, but also asked the artists to sign a one-way non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from disclosing their efforts behind the scenes to help Instagram. After Sean Williams declined Instagram’s offer, Instagram withdrew the email, but Sean Williams has saved a screenshot of it.

Instagram’s email was made public by Sean Williams and has been widely discussed on Twitter, with some artists and members of the NFT community accusing Instagram of disrespecting artists.

Taobao Ali Auctions Juchao 520 Auction Festival Launches NFT Digital Art Special

Taobao Ali auction Ju fun 520 auction festival launched NFT digital art special, will be on May 20 from 10 o’clock auction artist Wan Wenguang works “U107 – no waste planet system – cabinet family of Van Gogh”, sea daddy rain sea works “devil cat – colorful wandering body green” and many other digital artworks.

According to the introduction, digital lots are digital works based on blockchain technology with unique mapping virtual credentials on the chain. The Antchain platform is an open blockchain platform developed and operated independently through Antchain technology based on public cloud technology services, providing trusted depository technology services, virtual credential configuration technology services, and blockchain technology services for the issuance/trading of digital works and their virtual credentials.

Jenny DAO Spends $1 Million to Acquire Steve Aoki and 3LAU’s First Collaboration on NFT Songs

Jenny DAO has spent $1 million to acquire Steve Aoki and 3LAU’s first collaborative NFT song, the first non-public song in the organization’s collection.

Premier League Goliaths Manchester City to Release Premier League Championship Series Commemorative NFT

Premier League soccer giants Manchester City have announced that they will release a commemorative series of NFTs commemorating their Premier League title win, tentatively titled “1”.

The series of NFTs will be available on on May 24. A small number of NFTs will be distributed in a free raffle, while the rest of the profits from the sales will be donated to Manchester City charities.

Eastgoesglobal, a leading US entertainment company, and CryptoArt.Ai, the largest NFT platform in Asia, have entered into a partnership

Ai, the largest NFT platform in Asia. This collaboration between Eastgoesglobal and CryptoArt.Ai will adopt the pop star IP+NFT format, combining European and American pop music trends, making Ai’s platform content will be more diversified.

It is reported that Eastgoesglobal is a digital management and branded entertainment company based in Los Angeles, which includes many world-famous movie and TV stars such as Jessie J, John Legend and Will Smith. Ai is currently the largest decentralized NFT encrypted digital art trading platform in Asia, based on the Ethernet ERC-721 protocol, integrating NFT generation, sale, auction, collection and transfer.

Gaming News

The uGOTCHI series is expanding, come to to mine and win more rewards

According to the latest announcement from, UNIC’s mining campaign will open on May 18, and uGOTCHI is a key module for earning UNIC mining rewards. uGOTCHI is also a key module for earning UNIC mining rewards. Pixelcraft Studios is designing the final NFT in the Astronaut series! Pixelcraft Studios recently purchased it on Baazaar for 60,000 GHST and has successfully bridged to Ether and deposited it in the uGOTCHI series.

Zed Run’s co-branded NFT with America’s top horse racing game has been completed for sale for a total of $400,000

Horse racing game Zed Run has sold five exclusive NFT sets in partnership with one of the top races in the United States, The Preakness, setting a sales record of $400,000.

Virtual World News

The Sandbox Hosts VoxEdit “Fashion Show” Creation Contest

The Sandbox is holding a VoxEdit “Fashion Show” creation contest with a prize of 3,000 SAND tokens and one official NFT.

RTFKT gives out airdrop prizes to collectors who participated in the first Fewo World event

RTFKT awarded airdrop prizes to collectors who participated in the first Fewo World event.

Pierre Dadd, former head of marketing for LEGO and Disney, becomes director of marketing for NFT platform Terra Virtua

NFT platform Terra Virtua (TVK) announced that Pierre Dadd has joined its Board of Directors as Director of Marketing. Previously, Dadd led marketing efforts for LEGO, Disney and Auto Trader. terra Virtua recently launched the first community-driven competition in the NFT space, the Hashmasks competition.

Terra Virtua is a cross-platform NFT ecosystem for the mass market. The project provides a curated marketplace and NFT platform where NFT creators, entertainment brands and collectors can interact. The platform covers Web, PC and mobile AR / VR environments.

Other News

EMOGI Establishes $20 Million REVIVAL NFT Fund and to Launch Revival NFT Trading Platform

The EMOGI Network (LOL) team has posted that it will launch Revival NFT Marketplace, an IOST-based NFT trading platform, in late June. in addition, to lead the development of the NFT space, the EMOGI team has established a $20 million fund, REVIVAL NFT Fund, to attract digital artists and tokenize quality artwork. The fund will be used to build partnerships with industry-leading institutions, nurture and support the next generation of artists, and provide them with technical and marketing support.

Dapper Labs Sued for Allegedly Selling NFT as Unregistered Securities

NBA Top Shot developer Dapper Labs has been sued for allegedly selling the NFT as an unregistered security. According to documents filed May 12 in New York Supreme Court, the allegations are based on the “personal knowledge” of lead plaintiff Jeeun Friel. The documents allege that the “NBA Best Shot Moments” are securities because their value increased with the success of the project. The plaintiffs allege that Dapper Labs should therefore have registered with the SEC, but Dapper Labs failed to do so. The company also allegedly used its control over NBA Top Shot to prevent investors from withdrawing funds “for months” to ensure that the funds remained on the platform to “bolster” its value. The subpoena. NBA Top Shot is said to be a blockchain-based digital collectibles platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade video clips in the form of NFTs. Its demand is surging in 2021, and Dapper was valued at $7.5 billion in an April funding round.

Buyer of Jack Dorsey’s first NFT tweet arrested in Iran

Sina Estavi, the buyer of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet NFT, has been arrested in Iran. Iranian officials confiscated Estavi’s Twitter account earlier on Monday, writing, “The owner of the account was arrested on charges of sabotaging the economic system by order of the Special Court for Economic Crimes.” Estavi is reportedly the chief executive officer of blockchain company Bridge Oracle.

NFT infrastructure provider Project Galaxy closes seed round with participation from Multicoin Capital

NFT infrastructure provider Project Galaxy announced the completion of a seed funding round. The round was led by Multicoin Capital, Divergence Ventures, Hard Yaka, Ventures, IOSG, Draper Dragon, Multiplex Ventures and Fifth Era and some of the cryptocurrency project founders.

Innovation over availability is a key catalyst for widespread adoption of NFT. As blockchain technology becomes mainstream, we believe NFT can be a place to capture the value of non-quantitative on-chain information and to build achievement systems to increase community activity and stickiness. project Galaxy provides the infrastructure for NFT as a data service. The protocol allows everyone to create, distribute and gamify achievement badges in the form of NFTs at will based on on-chain data. With Project Galaxy, NFTs become a form of on-chain identity and achievement recognition, which can motivate developers and community members to work together to build more engaging communities.

Delphi Digital Launches Delphi InfiNFT, an On-Chain NFT Investment Fund

Delphi Digital, a crypto research and venture capital firm, has launched Delphi InfiNFT, an on-chain fund based on the decentralized investment protocol Syndicate, to invest in NFT projects. said Anil Lulla, co-founder and COO of Delphi Digital, “It will enable automate deposits, asset tables, distributions, fund management, reporting, etc. It will also make our investments transparent for others to see.

Delphi Digital has partnered with NFT investor Gmoney, which earlier this year purchased a CryptoPunk NFT for a then-record $176,000, and Gmoney and Delphi Digital will jointly manage the fund. The two parties hope to make a total of about 20 investments through InfiNFT, 3-5 per month, with an average investment of $250,000. They are targeting projects that are creating NFTs and are building new NFT technologies to improve the ecosystem.

NFT Platform Epik Prime Completes Private Placement Round with Animoca Brands

NFT platform Epik Prime closed a private funding round with participation from top blockchain venture capitalists including LD Capital, Signum, DAO Maker and Animoca Brands and angel investors including Charles Read of Rarestone, Roger Ver, executives from Softbank Vision Fund, Grasshopper, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

EPIK Prime is an NFT platform that partners with AAA gaming platforms and giant entertainment IP brands to create in-game NFT merchandise and marketplaces.

NFT creation platform Curio closes $7 million round with participation from Fenbushi, Long Hash and others

NFT creation platform Curio closes $7 million funding round with participation from Fenbushi Capital, Kenetic Capital, LongHash Ventures, Gumi Cryptos Capital and others to expand the growth of the NFT platform and accelerate its rewards program.

Fox announces the formation of NFT Studios

Fox said they have created the NFT Studio to curate and sell digital merchandise, including NFTs with unique features and background art, GIFs, and tokens that offer exclusive social experiences to engage and reward fans.

During an appearance on the show, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier revealed that the company is forming a blockchain creative lab that will create NFT tokens based on intellectual property it owns.

The debut of the NFT studio will coincide with the premiere of “Krapoplis,” a new animated series directed by Dan Harmon, creator of “Rick and Morty” and “Scrappy League. Krapopolis will be the first anime to be curated entirely on the blockchain. Consumers will also be able to purchase NFTs based on character and setting.

Boca Ecology NFT Trading Platform NFTMart Helps Public Welfare, Supports Autism Children’s Relief Fund on the Chain

Recently, NFTMart, a Boca Ecology NFT trading platform, announced that it will provide a platform, operating costs, and platform subsidies for the Autism Children’s Relief Fund to help the “Starlight Yicai” project works under the fund to be on the chain.

By converting autistic artworks into NFT works through blockchain technology, more people around the world will understand autistic art in China and give equal treatment to autistic art authors. At the same time, through artwork auctions, and royalty donations, the charity is made more sustainable, more dynamic, and easier to participate.

The Autism Children’s Relief Fund is a special charity fund under the China Social Welfare Foundation. With the public fundraising platform of the China Social Welfare Foundation, the fund unites social forces to help children with autism and their families, providing financial relief and spiritual care, exploring autism treatment methods and means, and bringing hope to the children’s lives so that they can live with dignity.

EOS parent company’s Voice platform temporarily shut down and transformed into NFT social platform

EOS parent company announced that it is temporarily shutting down its decentralized social media platform Voice on April 30 and will transition to an NFT-based social platform.

Voice currently says it is “an NFT platform for emerging creators” and is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2021. By tokenizing the content itself, the statement said, it provides creators with the opportunity to tokenize their work directly.

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