NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly $2 billion, Animoca Brands closes over $88.88 million in funding

Researchers note that the market for NFT will reach trillions of dollars by 2030.

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NFT Market News

Total value of CryptoPunks has approached $2 billion

The total value of all 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs has exceeded $1.95 billion, according to a study released by the Institute for Futures Research (IFF) at the University of Nicosia. Researchers note that the market for NFTs will reach trillions of dollars by 2030.

Nifty Gateway Co-Founder: Boom Ebbing for Sustainable NFT Market Growth

Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder of digital art platform Nifty Gateway, said at the Ethernet Global Summit that the NFT craze is receding, but it’s good for NFT, which means the market will see more sustainable growth. Long-term success in the NFT space will not be achieved if it comes with hype.

NFT sales exceeded $2 billion in the first quarter, up 20 times sequentially

Data shows that the NFT market grew 1,785% in value in the first three months of 2021, with sales of more than $2 billion in the first quarter, a 20-fold increase sequentially. Growth slowed in April, but is still substantially higher than it was through 2021. Information shows that institutions and individuals continue to enter.

Art News

B-site’s famous UP master “National Architect” will launch NFT works in mid-May

The “National Architect” team of UP owners on B website will launch a long-axis scroll NFT on “Qingming Shanghetu” in mid-May. It is reported that “National Architect” has more than 700,000 fans on the B website.

Wechsler Dictionary Adds NFT Definition and Will Auction Animated NFTs at OpenSea

Merriam-Webster, a leading U.S. dictionary publisher, has added a definition of NFT to its dictionary and will auction off an animated NFT of that definition this week. the specific rights associated with it).” The auction will take place on OpenSea, the NFT marketplace, and bidding will begin at 9:30 ET on May 11 and end at 23:59 ET on May 14. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Teach For All, a network of organizations in 60 countries that address educational inequality around the world.

WHALE Opens NFT Mining and Digital Art Gallery to Global Artists

With the rapid growth of NFT, more and more celebrities and collectors are entering to participate in the investment, and the market is gradually giving rise to various diversified tracks. WHALE, the world’s first social token backed by the value of high-quality NFT assets, founded by WhaleShark, one of the largest individual buyers of NFT in the crypto asset market, is now opening NFT mining and digital art galleries for artists worldwide. (Read more)

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

World’s Top Auction House Fuyis to Auction Banksy’s Physical Artworks, Accept BTC and ETH Payments

The world’s top auction house, Fuyis, has announced that it will hold a joint “20th Century and Contemporary Art” evening auction with Poly Auction next month. The auction will include a physical artwork by the famous street artist Banksy, “Laughing in the Present Laminate A,” and will accept buyers to pay in virtual currency.

It is understood that this season’s joint auction will take place from June 7 to June 8, and that buyers of this work will be accepted to pay the hammer price and buyer’s commission using BTC or ETH through the company’s wallet on the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase as a channel.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

Adidas and this year’s NFL draft pick release NFTs with total sales of over $170,000

Adidas, a top sports brand, has partnered with Trevor Lawrence, the 2021 NFL draft pick, to release an NFT that has been sold on the Bitski platform, with total sales of $174,100 in three NFT categories. Named “Day One,” the NFT celebrates Trevor Lawrence’s selection by the Jaguars as this year’s top NFL draft pick on April 29.

NFT social aggregation platform Mynft expected to go public in late May

Mynft, the NFT social aggregation platform based on the FLOW public chain, announced that it is expected to go public in late May.

Based on personal homepages, the Mynft platform will continue to help users build open, customizable and immersive NFT personal portals, meet their needs for integrated cross-platform display and management of NFT, and build NFT-based social networks and cultural communities. It aims to establish a user-centric one-stop NFT management platform.

Jenny Metaverse DAO, which focuses on NFT collection, will be launched on Unicly soon

On May 10, Jenny Metaverse DAO announced that it will launch the Unicly platform on May 13.

The Jenny Metaverse DAO is comprised of distinguished NFT collectors, artists, creators, projects, foundations, influential and talented individuals. the DAO will subsequently pool funds into the DAO’s coffers for the purchase of NFT collections for the uJENNY NFT collection.

Famous Korean Go player Lee Sedol casts his game against AlphaGo as NFT

Famed Korean Go player Lee Sedol cast his March 13, 2016 game against AlphaGo as an NFT and auctioned it off at OpenSea.

On March 13, 2016, Lee defeated AlphaGo in a game that marked the first time a human has defeated an artificial intelligence in a game of Go.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

9 CryptoPunk NFTs sell for nearly $17 million at Christie’s

Nine CryptoPunk NFTs designed and issued by Larva Labs have been sold at auction, fetching a total of $16,962,500, according to an official Christie’s Twitter post.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

11 pairs of NFT works from CryptoArt.

11 pairs of NFT works from CryptoArt.Ai platform will be presented in the Spring Auction of Yongle 2021. Among them, 3 pairs of NFT works, including artist Song Ting’s NFT work “Discovering Matisse’s Peaches and Paper Cuts in the Cyber World” and Russian artist Andreas’ NFT work “Kissing” series VINCENT Van Gogh, will be auctioned in the Digital Blockchain Art Session (May 22nd, 17:00, Hall A, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing), and the remaining The remaining 8 NFT works will participate in the blockchain digital art online night auction.

Ai is currently the largest decentralized NFT encrypted digital art trading platform in Asia, based on the Ethernet ERC-721 protocol, integrating NFT generation, sale, auction, collection and transfer.

Game News

NFT game developer Animoca Brands closes over $88.88 million in funding, valued at $1 billion

Animoca Brands, a game developer specializing in NFT, today announced the closing of an $88,888,888 financing round valued at $1 billion from Kingsway Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Hashkey Fintech Investment Animoca’s partner, Collison Taylor’s Simon Doherty, and Everest Ventures Group were advisors to the round

The newly issued 93.4 million Animoca Brands shares will be distributed to investors at a subscription price of $0.85 per share. The company said the funds will be used for product development, acquisitions and securing licensing rights for its games. In addition, to commemorate the financing, Animoca Brands will issue a special NFT to its investors and key partners.

Blockchain Gaming Company Big Time Studios Closes $10.3 Million Series A Funding Round with Alameda and Others

Blockchain gaming company Big Time Studios today announced the closing of a $10.3 million Series A round of funding from investors including North Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Blockdream Ventures, Alameda Research, Circle and Sound Ventures, among others.

Blockchain Gaming Company Gamee Launches Liquidity Mining Campaign

Blockchain gaming company Gamee is launching a six-week liquidity mining campaign from May 18 to June 29. Users can win GMEE tokens by providing liquidity for GMEE-ETH on Uniswap V2 and pledging the corresponding LP tokens on the GAMEE website.

The longer the LP token is pledged, the higher the reward will be.

Chain Game Axie Infinity Developer Sky Mavis Closes $7.5 Million Series A Funding Round with Billionaire Mark Cuban

Sky Mavis, the developer of the chain game Axie Infinity, announced the completion of a $7.5 million Series A funding round led by Libertus Capital with participation from Collab+Currency, Block Tower CapitaL and billionaire Mark Cuban. Mavis said it will use the funding to incubate more high-quality NFT chain tours.

According to Sky Mavis, its incubated NFT chain, Axie Infinity, already has over 41,000 daily users and 45,000 Axie holders, with over $15 million in NFT transactions per month.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

Aavegotchi will issue NFT rewards to uGOTCHI/ETH liquidity providers who participate in UNIC pre-mining on Unicly

Aavegotchi will be issuing NFT rewards for uGOTCHI/ETH liquidity providers who participate in UNIC pre-mining on Unicly, and a random on-chain snapshot will be taken of all uGOTCHI/ETH liquidity providers sometime between now and next Monday, May 17. Exclusive and non-transferable badges will be distributed based on participation in that snapshot, with no minimum amount, specific duration or other requirements.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

Virtual World News

The Sandbox and Zepeto Partner to Launch NFT Collection

The Sandbox and Zepeto have partnered to launch the NFT Collection and auction it off at OpenSea.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

RTFKT Launches CryptoPunks Sneaker Series

RTFKT Studios launched CryptoPunks series sneakers, CryptoPunks holders can receive free physical sneakers, NFT virtual sneakers and 3D stereoscopic version of CryptoPunk.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

Other News

NFT Asset Aggregation Auction Platform Element Closes $11.5 Million Angel Round Led by SIG, Dragonfly Capital

Element, an NFT asset aggregation auction platform, closed an $11.5 million angel funding round valued at $50 million, led by SIG and Dragonfly Capital, with participation from institutional investors including Dragon Roark, a digital asset fund launched by Silicon Valley’s Tim Draper’s Dudin Innovation, and INCE Capital. Dragon Roark, INCE Capital, and others.

Element, registered in the Cayman Islands, was launched by serial entrepreneur Wang Feng and his long-time technology partner Zhang Hongliang, and its official Twitter and Weibo feeds have both announced a product launch date, with commercial testing expected in late May or June.

Fragmented NFT trading platform Unicly whitelist adds uBEEPLE, uJORDAN and other 4 types of tokens

Unicly, a fragmented NFT trading platform, announced the addition of uBEEPLE, uMOON, uJORDAN and uGONE to the platform’s UNIC mining whitelist.

Unicly is a platform that helps artists and NFT collectors gain crypto artwork NFT liquidity by allowing collectors to package their NFT holdings into uToken projects and trade uTokens and provide project liquidity through a built-in swap mechanism.

NFT fragmentation platform Nftfy receives strategic investment from Three M Capital

NFT fragmentation platform Nftfy announced that it has received a strategic investment from Three M Capital. Nftfy is understood to be an NFT fragmentation platform through which anyone can fragment NFT such as assets, art, land and collectibles into ERC-20 tokens.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

NFT app platform REALY closes strategic funding round led by Three Arrows Capital

NFT app platform REALY announced that it has closed a strategic round of funding led by Three Arrows Capital with participation from District 0x and others.

REALY is a platform for trading hipster clothing and other real-world collectibles, and they will focus on hipster brands and celebrities to build an ecosystem based on a large fan base and by incentivizing creators.

REALY has a series of mobile apps for designer brands and celebrity peripherals, including REALY, Mars Space Station, Micron Station, Revenge, and SHINE. REALY provides an online shopping marketplace for designer brands and hipster play, while Mars Space Station offers collectibles exclusively distributed by Brilliance. While each app is tailored to its respective community, they are all powered by the REALY platform.

It is reported that REALY will also provide application scenarios for NFT through its meta-universe products, and aim to create the world’s largest virtual trend city by bringing famous brands, IPs, and celebrities into the virtual world to distribute virtual goods for NFT, ultimately realizing its mission of “seamlessly linking the physical and virtual worlds”.

MetaFramed, NFT’s social portal platform, announces partnership with Unicly

MetaFramed, the NFT social portal, announced a partnership with Unicly, a fragmented NFT trading platform, through which users will be able to perform “Unicly” searches on MetaFramed, which will allow them to search for fragmented NFT holdings.

NFT Trading Platform NFT20 Goes Live on Polygon

On May 10, NFT20, a decentralized protocol dedicated to trading NFT, went live on the main Polygon (formerly Matic) platform, according to an official Polygon Twitter post. the NFT20 platform allows users to trade and sell their NFT assets directly on the platform.

Unicly, the NFT fragmentation trading protocol, is now live on Polygon

Unicly, the NFT fragmentation trading protocol, has gone live on Polygon (formerly Matic). the Unicly platform is designed to turn users’ NFT collections into liquid assets that can be combined, split, and traded.

Music NFT Platform Mozik to Launch on Ignition Platform ID0

The music NFT platform has announced plans to launch ID0 on the Ignition platform on May 20, with whitelist applications open from May 8-12.

Mozik is a global online music platform based on a blockchain system that aims to use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of the online music industry, increase transparency of copyright revenue, and reduce transaction costs.

Decentralized NFT Trading Platform Wilder World Announces $3 Million Funding Closing Led by Spartan Group

Wilder World, a decentralized NFT marketplace, announced the closing of a $3 million funding round led by Spartan Group with participation from DCG, Animoca Brands, Republic Realm and Signum Capital.

Wilder World will use this round of funding to build the NFT game Wilder World Metaverse, which will be produced in partnership with Zero.Space, using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, with the goal of creating a highly realistic NFT chain game managed by a decentralized autonomous organization.

Wilder World is a decentralized NFT trading platform, initiated by 3D artist Frank Wilder and governed by a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO. Artists and collectors within the platform are able to cast, collect and sell rare NFT pieces. In the past three months, Wilder World has issued WILD tokens, recruited over 250 crypto artists and collectors to the platform, and has over 15,000 users.

NFT Insider #11: CryptoPunks total nearly

E-commerce giant eBay will allow the sale of NFT on the platform

E-commerce giant eBay will allow the sale of NFTs on the platform. the company said that in the short term, NFT inventory will be made available to eBay-compliant sellers, and users will in the future see programs, policies and tools related to buying and selling NFTs that will cover a broader range of categories.

NFTb will have a public sale of tokens on May 21, and users will need to post a Tiktok video to qualify for the whitelist

NFTb, powered by Bounce Certifitied, will soon open its whitelist for public sale. Users will need to post a Tiktok video with the relevant hashtag, fill out the relevant form, and follow NFTb on Tiktok to qualify for the whitelist.

NFTb is expected to open for sale on the Bounce Certified platform on May 21.

Avalanche Launches $20 Million Venture Fund AVATAR to Invest in DeFi, NFT, and Other Areas

Avalanche announced the official launch of AVATAR, a venture fund with an initial $20 million to build the Avalanche ecosystem, including DeFi, NFT, and industry infrastructure projects. The first cohort of strategic co-investment funds includes blockchain funds A&T Capital, Blockdream, Blockwater, Kernel Ventures, SNZ, SevenX Ventures, Tripara and NGC Ventures.

50% of the first $20 million will be used for Avalanche ecosystem project building, 20% for infrastructure and tools building, 20% for migrating assets and applications from the ethereum network, and 10% to support NFT and gaming projects.

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