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According to the NFT Fractional Protocol Fractional official blog, last week witnessed the fragmented Feisty Doge NFT and the buyout of Art Blocks BEAUTIFUL and the total transaction volume in the first month of its launch reached 470 million US dollars. Fractional and Pop Wonder have collaborated to create two amazing POAPs. NFT and ready to airdrop to the community.

Two POAP NFT airdrops

The first POAP airdrop was given to Fractional early adopters. An early adopter of Fractional is defined as: a user who owns any fragmented NFT in the wallet at the end of the Fractional release month. In addition, if you have custody of NFTs, purchased fragmented tokens or interacted with Fractional smart contracts in almost any way, you will be eligible for this POAP.

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The second POAP airdrop was given to Fractional early contributors. Fractional says it has kept a list (and checked it twice) that includes Fractional’s influential vault curators and active and helpful community members, as well as early individuals who exceeded their responsibilities to help Fractional succeed.


How to get this POAP? Fractional said that early contributors will be contacted individually for subsequent airdrop steps.

What is POAP?

POAP is the abbreviation of Proof of Attendance Protocol (Proof of Attendance Protocol). It was born in a hackathon project created during ETH Denver in 2019 to reward participants of this event.

According to the official website of POAP, POAP is a new method of reliable recording of life experience. Participating in an event, POAP collectors will receive a unique badge backed by encrypted records. These badges are non-fungible tokens (NFT), proving that they participated in an event. The only way to get a certain POAP is to actually participate in the event.

Why use POAP? POAP allows event organizers to better interact with the audience by providing a customized experience. POAP not only provides a special design, but also allows a series of integrated services, such as private chat rooms, sweepstakes, etc. Users can generate their own POAP collections to prove that they have participated in a certain activity, which may be bragging in the future.

How to use POAP? There are two ways to use POAP, event organizer or collector. As an event organizer, you can distribute POAP at the event to further participate in and build a community. As a collector, POAP can witness a great moment in life by creating special and immutable records.


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