NFT continues to heat up, especially as this may be the most glamorous week in NFT history

The NFT continues to heat up, and this week in particular may be the most lively week in the history of the NFT.

NFT continues to heat up, especially as this may be the most glamorous week in NFT history

Some people have been saying that the NFT ecosystem will face a major cooling that will last for months.

Of course, no one can be completely sure what will happen, all we can do is state the facts.

But it’s interesting to note that these predictions of an impending NFT downfall contrast with the most exciting week the NFT space has just experienced, in which a lot of important things happened.

NFT high points

Even though the week is not yet over, so many developments have already occurred that it is reasonable to assume that this has been one of the biggest weeks for NFT to date.

Of course, this is a bold assertion, but there are tectonic shifts happening around this ecosystem right now, and mountains are rising before our eyes. In the past few days we have seen.

  1. CryptoPunk developer Larva Labs launch the new NFT project Meebits

This is a metaverse avatar project. Larva Labs created CryptoPunk, one of the hottest NFT projects in the NFT ecosystem, which inspired the adoption of the ERC-721 standard and has become the leading collector’s item in the NFT space. Now, the team is once again gaining a lot of attention with Meebits (which holders can use as meta-universe avatars), which contain a variety of 3D pixel models. In just a few days, there has been a spike in trading volume around NFT as people gather excitedly to the project. Related story: “Crazy, Cryptopunks dev team’s third NFT project Meebits was snapped up on launch

  1. eCommerce Giant eBay Enters NFT

eBay announced this week that its leadership is looking at ways to support NFT. eBay CEO Jamie Iannone told CNBC, “We’re exploring opportunities for how easy it is to enable [NFT] on eBay.” eBay’s marketplace in the U.S. had nearly $40 billion in transactions last year. All signs point to this being what mainstream adoption will look like at the beginning. Related story: “E-Commerce Giant eBay: Exploring Cryptocurrency Payments and NFTs

  1. Uniswap V3 Brings New Ways to Play NFT

Uniswap V3 finally went live this week and has brought the NFT concept to life. The top DeFi trading protocol introduced the NFT concept around liquidity providers (LPs) in a new version, bringing a new NFT play where all LPs providing liquidity can generate an NFT. In short, in contrast to ERC-20 tokens, V3 liquidity provider (LP) positions are represented as NFTs. This will lead to more financialization around NFTs , which many DeFi projects also incorporate. In other words, DeFi’s NFT era has arrived. Related story: “One small step for Uniswap, one giant leap for DeFi x NFT

NFT continues to heat up, especially as this may be the most glamorous week in NFT history
  1. Gary Vaynerchuk Launches NFT Project VeeFriends

Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known entrepreneur and investor in leading technology companies such as Uber, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, has launched the NFT project VeeFriends, which can be used to unlock special experiences, gifts and VayConch entry credentials (for the upcoming Vaynerchuk Super Conference). This effort will pave the way for more people to participate in NFT and open up endless possibilities. Related story: “Renowned Investor Gary Vaynerchuk Launches NFT Series VeeFriends

These developments are just a sampling of what’s happening this week and show that the NFT ecosystem isn’t slowing down, it’s accelerating.

If you are not interested in NFT at this point, you need not be concerned. Sure, there’s still a lot of work to be done, but never before have the best and brightest among us put as much effort into this task as we are now. Let’s keep working together.

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