NFT celebrity Pplpleasr’s crypto world tour

A month ago, Fortune magazine chose DeFi as the cover, and Pplpleasr made the cover image for it. Prior to this, Pplpleasr used MEME culture to produce promotional images and NFTs for many DeFi projects, such as Uniswap V3 promotional videos.

Recently, the broadcaster Jamie Burke interviewed Pplpleasr, the creator of DeFi’s high-quality MEME. She shared her journey into the crypto world and how she accidentally entered the intersection of DeFi and NFT industries.

Who is Pplpleasr?


  • Her work appeared on the encrypted cover of Fortune magazine and the series NFT
  • Initiate and start PleasrDAO, an honorary member of this DAO
  • Her art is influenced by Chinese/Japanese art, animated films, underground music, and video games

“You are most famous as a DeFi high-quality MEME creator. Who would have thought that this is a profession, but you have shown its true face to the world. What your family thinks about your career choice should be very interesting. I believe they are now Full of praise for it, but it may be weird to do so.”-Jamie Burke

Her crypto journey

Pplpleasr’s brief journey into the crypto world:

University period:

  • I heard about cryptocurrency for the first time in college
  • Did not make much money in 2014 and are not convinced of the crypto industry
  • Busy looking for a job without enough energy to do other things

gSZH1XFZDt9PcpvavgYElJcVUOIF7rl0js3rrWZ7.pngApes together Strong

Discover the encrypted subreddit

  • Been working and saving around 2017
  • Looking for investment targets but knows nothing about traditional finance such as stocks and bonds
  • Is an avid Reddit user and discovered the cryptocurrency subreddit
  • Was initially attracted by the language used in it
  • Possess a new era Internet native culture that attracts young people
  • Learn about blockchain and discover that it is revolutionary

IC0 era

  • I bought IC0 tokens and walked through the peaks and troughs of the market
  • Think this is a new way of finance/investment until the bear market hits
  • It is difficult to convince parents that cryptocurrency is real and not a scam, especially during economic downturns

“I tried to convince my parents because I was like, look, you know my assets have doubled tenfold. But when the bear market hit, I lost all of my assets again, and my parents were like, see, this Not really.”-Pplpleasr

  • After that, return to normal life and work and put DeFi aside
  • Insist on holding tokens during the downturn because they have fallen so badly that it makes no sense to sell
  • Believe in technology, prices will rise one day

“I hold it because I think, look, the $3,000 I invested has plummeted to about $600. Why am I selling now? And because I really believe in this technology. So I thought, well, you know, It may go back someday.”-Pplpleasr

DeFi summer

  • Her good friend made a lot of money in the DeFi summer, and she became interested again
  • I was unemployed during that time and needed income urgently
  • Jump in and want to earn some passive income
  • In hindsight, her unemployment and lack of savings made her brave
  • She took more risks because she could lose less and didn’t have much investment
  • Jamie said she is a model Degen in the DeFi field
  • She has no financial background and her DeFi knowledge is self-taught
  • In-depth study of DeFi purely for the need to earn income

“I admit that sometimes I understand what is happening through strong learning. Then sometimes I just look a bit like, or at least pretend to know what is going on. Just like people will discuss a certain issue in DeFi, I will say, Yes, absolutely right.” Pplpleasr

  • Compared with peers who actively build and do DeFi, her knowledge is very shallow
  • Even after reading the white paper, she sometimes does not know what happened, but still needs to continue to animate the project
  • She is the perfect guide for ordinary people in the DeFi world
  • Her struggle to understand DeFi is exactly why she has enough empathy to drop to a level that ordinary people can understand.
  • She tried to make herself understand first, like she was explaining to a 5-year-old child

“I also made myself easier to digest in a way, right? Honestly, it’s more like explaining it to my five-year-old self. Then when I do this, I might as well use a visual medium to explain it. . And maybe when others see it, they can understand it too.” Pplpleasr

The first animation of the DeFi project

  • Open a Twitter account to learn more about the DeFi industry
  • Noted that DeFi’s publicity work mainly revolves around MEME
  • Use the same language she knows and speaks
  • Remind her of the culture and language used when browsing the cryptocurrency subreddit
  • Those MEMEs are not professionally produced at all-remember to joke that maybe those projects should hire her to do MEME

“This is a joke I made. I said, haha, you know, I noticed all these MEMEs, but no one actually spends a lot of time making them. Just because I need a job, I’m like, they I should be hired and I will complete their work completely. This is where it started.” Pplpleasr

  • At the time, Blue Kirby, the influencer of Year Finance, was looking for someone who was good at video editing.
  • Her friends posted her work to Blue Kirby on Instagram, and he was impressed
  • Started to collaborate on a crypto project called YFI and made her first animation for them
  • In the past, she was just a passive investor. After DeFi entered the cryptocurrency field for the second time in the summer, she became an active contributor

Creative person or DeFi person?

Pplpleasr more agrees that he is a creative person or belongs to the DeFi community?

  • Although she came in contact with the encryption currency in the summer before the DeFi, but she was not an Ethernet Square, a community
  • She considers herself an ordinary person who has been exposed to cryptocurrency
  • She definitely entered the crypto industry because of DeFi, not NFT

          It is different from the path of ordinary creators, because she first discovered DeFi by accident and was too busy to watch the world of NFT

          Although Blue Kirby introduced her to NFT and DeFi at the same time, she entered DeFi before NFT

          The DeFi and NFT communities are so separated that she only has one time because she is too busy doing commission work for the DeFi project

  • In the beginning, I did this creative work just to earn some sideline income

         If she learns DeFi, she can use it to create an investment meme to earn commissions.

         Or, if she goes back to find a real job, she can do DeFi in her free time

Her breakthrough

Animation of the Uniswap V3 trailer

dRJMcyPCyFsmExc6iaUIFD9qycUKr4e9OU0gvrcc.pngTrailer for Uniswap V3

  • When she was making this animation, she knew it would be a big deal
  • There was an “aha” moment when she thought of using animation as NFT

           Killing two birds with one stone, let her name appear in the history of the NFT industry

          It turns out that this is a good plan. This NFT was sold for 310 ETH , which was more than $500,000 at the time.

          Previously, her commissioned works were between 3k and 5k

  • A group of her supporters and fans gathered to form a DAO to bid for this NFT

           They successfully won the bid, this is the beginning of PleasrDAO

Does art have to be non-commercial?

  • I feel that the NFT art community did not take her seriously as an artist, because most of her works are commercial MEME art of DeFi products
  • I hope that in Metaverse and Web3, we don’t have to carry pre-Web3 art concepts

             Anything can be art, the theme is not important

             She can also be independent, and can freely do what she thinks is right when she commissions work in the Defi project

             As a creative person, it’s important to have freedom and let the theme guide you

“Fortune” magazine cover


“Fortune” magazine cover

Her thoughts on this:

  • The crypto industry has a time dilation effect, and a month in the crypto industry feels like a few months or a year in the real world
  • Mainly attribute her success to luck and being in the right place at the right time
  • For creative people like her, this is not a normal development trajectory, because it usually takes 10 years to reach her level of success in the traditional pre-Web3 world, but she only took a few months
  • In the traditional world, creative people like her are eager to realize their creative vision instead of working for anyone

             People achieve their goals by working for others or charging commissions

             Freelancing is considered low-level, because you are implementing someone else’s vision, almost like someone else’s slave

             But she doesn’t feel that way when she works in web3

More selective for new projects

  • After Uniswap NFT succeeded, she wanted to know if selling NFT was her purpose

             Her personal goals are constantly changing

             Currently, she believes that she follows Linda Xie and uses visual art as a medium to help spread the awareness of cryptocurrency

  • She is more picky about the projects she collaborates with because she is too busy to do the commissioned videos

             Now I want to do a project that fits her spirit, that is, to educate people about cryptocurrency

  • Cooperate with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to reward people who are active in cryptocurrency

             Airdrop to 100 randomly selected people, they can get Pplpleasr NFT for free

             The current transaction price is 5 ETH

  • She also collaborated with Linda Xie on the Ethereum documentary crowdfunding around July and produced movie posters as NFT

              A huge success-raised more than 1000 ETH in 48 hours


Ethereum: Infinite Garden

  • Afterwards, the creative director of Fortune asked her if she could make a cover for their next issue of cryptocurrency

             She jumped up because she wanted to educate the public about cryptocurrency

            If making a cover can make the entire crypto community more representative and higher, and can attract people to learn more about crypto, then she wants to use her skills to do this

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