NFT “boards” the Tokyo Olympics: Cheer for Olympic athletes with currency circles

9 seconds 83! 

In the men’s 100m semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics, Su Bingtian successfully entered the final with a time of 9.83 seconds and broke the Asian record.

The Tokyo Olympic Games has passed halfway, and every historic moment is worth remembering. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics were held in an “empty field” unprecedented in history. Although we could not be there to cheer and cheer, we can still participate in it like this.

On June 3, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Animoca Brands subsidiary nWay announced the launch of the NFT version of the Olympic badge and multiplayer interactive video game based on the Flow chain. It is understood that the NFT version of the Olympic badge has been on sale on on June 17, and collectors can obtain it through purchases in the primary market on the official website, purchases in the secondary market, and playing related video games. The video game will be available in Beijing in 2022. Launched before the opening of the Winter Olympics.

It is understood that the Olympic badge was originally used to identify athletes, referees, and officials, but in the past 125 years, it has become a tradition of the Olympic Games. Athletes, event staff, reporters and spectators are all collected inside and outside the Olympic Village. And exchange badges. The NFT Olympic badge is a digital version of the collectible and tradable Olympic badge. It will have various attributes normally associated with physical badges, including authenticity, scarcity and provenance, making them a true collectible.


Collectors can obtain unique and officially authorized NFT Olympic badges in three ways: 1) by purchasing on; 2) by purchasing specific pins directly from other collectors on the nWayPlay market; 3) by playing to connect Go to nWayPlay and launch real-time Olympic-themed competitive video games before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to get these rewards for free.

In addition, according to Coingape’s July 25 news, the British team (TeamGB) launched an NFT mall through cooperation with NFT business provider Tokns. In the Tokyo Olympics, all the legendary moments, videos, photos and other works of the British team will be made into NFT assets, allowing fans to purchase them at a fixed price with cryptocurrency or legal currency.

According to the proposed agreement, the cooperation between the British team and Tokns will begin at the Summer Olympics and will last until the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022.

In addition, Coca-Cola has also joined the NFT trend and the proceeds will fund Special Olympics International. 

In its NFT debut, the Coca-Cola Company partnered with Tafi, a Utah-based startup that produces virtual characters and other virtual content, to resurrect a pixelated 1956 Coca-Cola classic vending machine-Coca-Cola Friendship Box . It’s just that there is no soda can in this “friendship box”, but more like the “trophy box” in video games.

The Coca-Cola Friendship Box includes four rare single-version dynamic NFTs: The Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable, The Coca-Cola Friendship Card, and The Coca-Cola Sound Visualizer (The Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable). -Cola Sound Visualizer and The Coca-Cola Vintage Cooler.

Coca-Cola’s auction started on July 30 and will continue on OpenSea until August 2 (players can purchase through other collectors).


In fact, since the beginning of this year, the use of blockchain and NFT to increase fan participation is a major aspect of the crypto market currently being explored. The NBA Top Shot’s big win is a typical example. The combination of the powerful sports IP of the Olympics and NFT may be a win-win result.

In addition to the form of NFT, some platforms have also launched the Olympic options trading market.

Take Synthetix Eco Option Agreement Thales as an example. It launched a series of related prediction market trading pairs such as “Will China Win the Most Gold Medals?” for the Tokyo Olympics.


As of press time, the Chinese Olympic delegation continues to lead the medal list with 29 gold, 18 silver, and 16 bronze in the Tokyo Olympics. If you can’t be there to cheer, then use the cryptocurrency market to cheer for the Olympic athletes.



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