NFT “behind the scenes” big start: six months of financing more than 1 billion US dollars, these VCs are entering the market with a high profile

Despite the decline in popularity and sales, NFT (non-homogeneous tokens) is showing strong development potential with a narrative that intersects reality and virtuality. From collections of trendy play, music and art, to virtual real estate, and on-chain games, the interaction between virtual and real scenes has caused a phenomenon-level hot debate. Innovative and varied gameplay continue to go out of the circle, and the booming market staged a round of gold rush .

It can be said that the most popular concept in the current encryption circle is none other than NFT . When NFT is very topical, it has also shown a strong ability to attract money. In addition to frequent sales records, traditional and native encrypted capital are also competing for money. Since the beginning of this year, NFT has won the favor of over 1 billion U.S. dollars in funds, involving infrastructure, trading platforms, games, sports, DeFi , development teams and other tracks. The high expectations can be seen.

So, in the hotspots of the encryption market, which VCs are betting on NFT with high frequency ? What other projects have been favored by capital?



a16z ( ANDREESSEN HOROWITZ ) is a venture capital institution located in Silicon Valley, California, founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz . The name a16z is also derived from the A and Z in the names of the two founders and the 16 letters in the middle .

Since its establishment, a16z has invested in many star companies such as Facebook , Twitter , Airbnb and Slack . Unlike other investment institutions, a16z can be regarded as a media company that makes profits through venture capital. It currently manages $ 18.8 billion in assets and involves 7 funds, including 3 crypto funds.

As a vane of investment in the crypto market, a16z is increasing its investment in the NFT field. The current NFT projects invested in include OpenSea , Dapper Labs , Zed Run developer Virtually Human Studio and Bitski . In addition, in order to help content creators, developers, institutions and other organizations to understand the use of NFT , a16z also launched the NFT content integration platform Canon .

Coinbase Ventures

Coinbase Ventures is a venture capital fund established in 2018 by Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States , to provide early-stage investment for cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. According to the official website, Coinbase Ventures has invested in 72 projects.

In the investment blueprint of Coinbase Ventures , NFT is also an indispensable part. For example, Animoca Brands , Rarible , Zora , OpenSea , Dapper Labs and Genies have all received investment.

Digital Currency Group

Digital Currency Group ( DCG ) is the parent company of Grayscale , one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency investment funds . Since its establishment, it has invested in 179 projects and was selected by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential companies in 2021 .

Digital Currency Group holds a pivotal position in the crypto market and is one of the few financial giants on Wall Street that focuses on blockchain and digital currency investment. In terms of investment in the NFT field, Digital Currency Group has spared no effort in investing in Dapper Labs ( FLOW ), Decentraland ( MANA ), Metaverse AI , Big Time Studios , and Wilder World . Among them, Grayscale Investment also registered the trust funds of FLOW and MANA .

Alameda Research

Alameda Research was established in 2017 by Sam Bankman-Fried ( SBF ) , the founder of the crypto trading platform FTX , which recently received US$ 900 million in financing . It manages more than US$ 1 billion in digital assets, and its business includes trading (quantitative trading + market making) Business), OTC , research analysis and investment.

In Alameda Research ‘s NFT ecological investment landscape, projects such as Big Time Studios , Only1 , REALY and Persistence have all received financial support.

Dragonfly Capital

Dragonfly Capital is a venture capital company supported by the founders of Baidu, Meituan, Meitu, Sequoia China, and Zhen Fund. In March of this year , Dragonfly Capital launched the second phase fund with a scale of approximately US$ 225 million to support projects in the fields of DeFi , NFT and creator capitalization, and Sequoia China will join the second phase fund as a strategic LP .

At present, Dragonfly Capital has invested in Element , Taker Protocol , Showtime , TryShowtime and other projects, among which the social platform is the key layout direction of Dragonfly Capital .

It is worth mentioning that the auction of the first NFT project “Moment of Eternity- Detonation of 101 Gunpowder Paintings” by the famous contemporary artist Cai Guoqiang was held by Dragonfly Capital in cooperation with Christie’s, Amber Group and other institutions.

Polychain Capital

Polychain Capital is 2016 founded in San Francisco, California native encryption hedge fund, its founder Olaf Carlson-Wee is known as Coinbase first number of employees, and the famous litecoin founder Lee Kai Wei is Coinbase II employees. Therefore, Polychain Capital also attracted US$ 250 million in investment from well-known venture capital institutions such as a16z , Sequoia Capital and Union Square Ventures . According to this year 3 Yue CoinDesk reported in a note to investors documents show, PolyChain Capital from 2016 since the establishment of the overall return rate of 1332.3% .

In NFT this wave, PolyChain Capital is a major force behind such Taker Protocol , Nifty’s and Genies and other NFT projects are investing in the territory.

Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital was founded by the legendary Wall Street billionaire Mike Novogratz and has been listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada. As of 2020 , Galaxy Digital ‘s fund management scale exceeds US$ 1.4 trillion.

Galaxy Digital has invested in NFT projects including Mythical Games , Republic Realm and RTFKT . In addition, Mike Novogratz and Michael Rubin , the executive chairman of Fanatics, a large sporting goods company , jointly initiated the establishment of Candy Digital , a digital collectibles company . In July this year, he joined hands with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the defending champion of Major League Baseball ( MLB ) for the 2020 season. Its first team NFT . The Candy Digital has released the first MLB player Lou Gehrig speech video clip NFT to over 7 million dollar price is encrypted exchange Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss purchase.

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands is a blockchain game and NFT developer. Its games include The Sandbox , F1®Delta Time , MotoGP Ignition™, etc. Recently, Animoca Brands received 50 million US dollars in financing, Blue Pool Capital (Blue Pool Capital), Coinbase Ventures , Liberty City Ventures and Samsung Ventures participated in the investment, this round of funding brought its financing to approximately 139 million US dollars. Among them, among many institutions, Blue Pool Capital is a family wealth fund jointly established by Jack Ma and Alibaba’s core founder Cai Chongxin.

In addition to the development platform, Animoca Brands has also gradually expanded its business territory through investment. PANews once explained in detail in the article ” Combing Animoca Brands’ Layout: 37 Shots in 3 Years , Has Become the King of Chain Games and NFT  . In Animoca Brands dozens of investments, such as Alien Worlds , Yield Guild Games , Dapper Labs , Axie Infinity and WAX and other popular NFT projects. also,

Animoca Brands has also deployed through cooperation, including subsidiary nWay and the International Olympic Committee to launch NFT Olympic badges and cross-platform multiplayer video games, and Hedera Hashgraph to jointly develop NFT football games.

Dapper Labs

The game development team Dapper Labs owns the popular games CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot , as well as the Flow blockchain. In the third quarter of this year, it plans to cooperate with the virtual image technology company Genies to launch an NFT market called ” Genies Marketplace” on Flow . The platform aims to become the Amazon of Metaverse Wearable Equipment NFT . In the latest round of financing, Dapper Labs completed by Coatue , top players Michael · Jordan, Kevin  Durant lead investor of 3.05 billion US dollars financing, valuation rose to 26 billion dollars. In April this year , a person familiar with the matter revealed that Dapper Labs is conducting a new round of financing with a valuation of more than 7.5 billion US dollars.

Like Animoca Brands , Dapper Labs also invests in various NFT projects, including Nifty’s , Infinite Objects , Tibles and Genies .

Samsung Next

Samsung Next is an investment fund established by Samsung for US$ 150 million in 2017 , mainly focusing on artificial intelligence, blockchain and financial technology.

As a traditional VC , Samsung Next is also accelerating the deployment of NFT and has successively invested in popular projects such as Animoca Brands , Dapper Labs , Flow , SuperRare and Nifty’s .

Mark · Cuban

Billionaire, Dallas Lone Ranger team owner Mark · Kuban ( Mark Cuban ) is loyal powder encryption currency, but also NFT severe enthusiast, in his view, NFT future prospects. In addition to several large purchases and even distribution of encrypted art, and active application of NFT , such as Cuban will issue NFT tickets for the Dallas Mavericks game next season , and is building the NFT digital art gallery , he also invested in SuperRare , Mintable , etc. , Cryptoslam , OpenSea , Sky Mavis , Nifty’s and NFT Genius .


CoinFund is an investment group that specializes in cryptocurrency startups. It has three funds, of which the third $ 83 million fund mainly invests in DeFi and NFT projects. Not only that, CoinFund plans to launch a new investment tool, Metaversal , which can not only serve as an investment channel for investors to bet on the entire NFT market, but also become a development tool for NFT projects.

Currently, CoinFund investment NFT projects include Rarible , Flow , Dapper Labs and EthBlockArt and so on.

Hashkey Capital

Hashkey Capital is an investment fund focusing on the blockchain industry under the HashKey Group, a financial group headquartered in Hong Kong . Among them, Xiao Feng, chairman of HashKey Group , is the vice chairman and executive director of China Wanxiang Holdings Co., Ltd. and the chairman and general manager of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Co., Ltd.

As one of the more active venture capital institutions in Asia, Hashkey Capital ‘s investment frequency in the NFT field is also very high. The projects involved include Animoca Brands , Enjin , Genies , MyNFT and Alchemynft .

Moonwhale Ventures

Moonwhale Ventures is a blockchain technology consulting and investment platform established in 2017 to help companies implement blockchain , expansion / new enterprise construction, fundraising, and consulting market strategies.

Since this year, Moonwhale Ventures has been extremely active in investments in DeFi , NFT and other fields. Currently, it has invested in SpuerRare , Mozik , Nftfy , Crypto Prophecies , Cryptomeda and Alley .

OKEx Blockdream Ventures

OKEx Blockdream Ventures is a trading platform OKEx ‘s focus on high-quality global investment institutions to explore block chain project, an initial capital of 1 billion dollars. Since its establishment, the organization has invested and supported dozens of blockchain projects around the world, some of which have been launched on platforms such as Ouyi OKEx .

In the layout of NFT , OKEx Blockdream Ventures has invested in projects such as Big Time Studios , Genesis , Bondly , ChainGuardians , Efinity and NFTMart .

NGC Ventures

Founded in 2017 , NGC Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on the blockchain industry. Its predecessor was NEO Global Capital , with more than US$ 400 million in assets.

As of 7 Yue 29 Ri, NGC Ventures invested My Neighbor Alice , Spores , Calaxy , Polka.Domain , TopBidder , FM Gallery and Terra Virtua such as NFT project.

Spark Digital Capital

Spark Digital Capital is a well-known international cryptocurrency venture capital fund with a total capital of more than hundreds of millions. It focuses on the blockchain industry ecology, encrypted digital currency and financial technology. Currently, it has invested in more than 50 block chain projects. And ecological early projects.

The NFT projects invested by Spark Digital Capital include My DeFi Pet , Mozik , Pandora Finance , and NFTMart .

IOSG Ventures

IOSG Ventures is a research and community-driven encryption venture capital fund focused on investment DeFi , Web3.0 track and infrastructure, has invested in more than 60 projects.

In a diversified investment portfolio, the NFT field is also an important part. In addition to investing in multiple NFT projects such as Aavegotchi , Illuvium , Recur , TryRoll and , IOSG Ventures completed the second fundraising of 80 million US dollars and also focused on the investment direction of NFT and social tokens, DeFi and other fields, and plans Increase the fundraising scale of 20 million US dollars for the fund.

LD Capital

LD Capital is mainly involved in blockchain primary and secondary investments and transactions, with special funds, funds of funds, hedge funds, etc. under its umbrella. Since 2016 , LD Capital has invested in nearly 300 projects, including DeFi , Layer2 , public chain, GameFi , Metaverse, etc.

Among them, in the field of NFT , LD Capital has successively invested in Flow , Efinity , Illuvium , Seascape , Terra Virtua , Alien Worlds , CryptoArt.Ai , NFTMart , Big Time Studios and other projects, and established a multi- million dollar NFT fund in April this year. .

Meta universe capital

Focusing on Metaverse’s investment, Metaverse Capital is biased towards longer-term equity investment targets. Currently, Meta Universe Capital has invested in projects such as CryptoC Labs , GameCreator , Rangers Protocol and NFTScan .

In addition, Meta Universe Capital also cooperated with the Cthuwork team, a national architect with 700,000 fans at station B, at the beginning of this year . The latter launched the voxel version of the NFT blind box of the “Ching Ming Shanghe Tu” in June this year , and will open the ” The construction of Meta-Universe in the Riverside Picture on Qingming Festival includes the construction of a Chinese-style building called “Shenzhen Park” in CryptoVoxels , which has been invited by NFT giant whale player WhaleShark .

Everest Ventures Group

Everest Ventures Group ( EVG ) is a blockchain investment bank and incubator spin-off from the famous Hong Kong private equity / venture fund Huiyou Capital. The founding team manages nearly $ 1 billion in assets, mainly focusing on financial technology infrastructure, DeFi , NFT , and blockchain . Tour etc.

As of 7 Yue 29 Ri, Everest Ventures Group investment and consulting NFT projects include Flow , Animoca Brands , Gamee , at The Sandbox , Mynft and OliveX and so on.

SNZ Holding

SNZ Holding is a crypto asset fund, consulting agency and community builder. Its founder Haihua is one of the early participants in the Ethereum community. Since 2016 , SNZ Holding has made a deep layout in the fields of investment, consulting services and community building in the blockchain industry.

As a new crypto venture capitalist , SNZ Holding has invested in a number of NFT projects such as Animoca Brands , Flow , X World Games , REALY and Treasureland .

GBV Capital

GBV Capital is an investment institution under Genesis Block . It mainly operates over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading business in Hong Kong. It has been invested by Alameda Research and acquired OMG Network, the second-tier expansion solution of Ethereum in December last year .

So far, GBV Capital has invested in NFT projects such as only1 , Vera , PolkaRARE , Refinable and Efinity .

AU21 Capital

AU21 Capital is an Asian and American venture capital fund located in Silicon Valley, investing in early blockchain startup projects. At present, the institution has invested in CryptoArt.Ai , DeRace , Hodooi , Mozik and NFTMart .


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