“NEXTA Innovation Night Talk” The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

From the transitional symbiosis of the virtual and the real, to the indistinguishable between the virtual and the real with all the senses, and finally to the full-real society where the brain-computer interface creates value through imagination, it is the future conception of the entire Metaverse.

“This is your last chance.”

The red and blue pill choice in the classic Matrix has been talked about for generations. The science fiction in such science fiction works can often serve as a guide for the development of science and technology.

In the emergence of various new Internet concepts such as the Metaverse and Web3.0, it seems to herald a great era of symbiosis between reality and virtuality will soon come.

Just in the fog, bystanders inevitably ask: What is the current level of industry development? How far are we from the arrival of the next era? What kind of attitude will it take to become our way of life?

Liu Huaiyang started the research on the underlying core algorithms of AR/VR/Metaverse at Peking University 16 years ago, and laid a solid platform architecture foundation in a first-tier Internet company. Six years ago, he founded a spatial computing artificial intelligence company. In Peking University, Tsinghua University, Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology and other colleges and universities, professional courses on Metaverse theory are offered.

1. Metaverse, the ultimate form of the $8 trillion Internet

The Metaverse Age is in full swing.

This is not an empty castle, but a future market with huge business prospects. According to a Morgan Stanley analysis report, the Metaverse will be the next-generation space platform for social, media, entertainment, consumption, work, and life, with a capacity of $8 trillion.

Such huge market expectations for the Metaverse are based on the fact that it may be the manifestation of a new generation of Internet. In Liu Huaiyang’s view, the essence of the Web3.0 concept represented by the Metaverse is a timely iteration of the current three dimensions of Internet ecological interaction, logic and data.

The development of the Internet can be divided into four stages: the initial stage of the PC before the millennium, with the desktop as the interaction layer, the program as the logic layer, and the database as the data layer, which requires high user requirements and requires a certain knowledge of code;

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence


In the Web 1.0 era in the 10-year cycle around the millennium, the concept of the Internet officially appeared, and browsers, websites, and servers became the infrastructure for the public to access the online world;

In the Web 2.0 era after 2010, the emergence of the mobile Internet has expanded the interactive terminal from a single computer to a variety of devices such as smartphones, independent App applications have become the main user experience, and data has shifted from local deployment to cloud storage;

The popular Web 3.0 will be the mainstream network form in the next 20 to 30 years, AR/VR/Metaverse and other portals will become new interactive modes, and artificial intelligence and blockchain will become the concentration of the logic layer and data layer. render.

In this judgment, the possibility of an ultimate form of the Internet is shown to the public. Corresponding to the development of the Internet, there are multiple changes in information media, engines and content forms.

In conventional cognition, matter, energy and information together constitute the universe, while some radical scientific viewpoints believe that the essence of the universe is only information. Such as quantum physicist John Wheeler’s classic “It From Bit (everything comes from bits, bits are information particles)”.

The new manifestation of the Internet represented by the Metaverse is the re-dimension of information. A simple narrative, the information media in the one-dimensional and two-dimensional era has completed the transition from text, voice, and short messages to images, videos, and live broadcasts, and the media form of the new generation of Internet will be AR, VR, and virtual-real coexistence space. Experience, a three-dimensional space Internet; at the same time, the information engine that has been advanced from portal index + search engine to recommendation algorithm + LBS will also transition to three-dimensional space computing, and the relationship between people and information is no longer low-frequency and passive. It is a new mechanism with more diverse forms, higher frequency and more active interaction.

The most direct information content with the user terminal is the direct embodiment of the business narrative. In the one-dimensional era, the functional value of basic information connection services has spawned portals, search, and social giants such as Yahoo, Google, Tencent, and Baidu. The rise of e-commerce and OTA platforms such as Tuan. The value of information content in the Metaverse era will focus on the experience of space spiritual service.

Judging from the current industry development, Roblox, Minecraft, Rec Room, VRChat and other games and Metaverse-related platforms in the social field seem to have revealed the veil of the possible face of the Metaverse: an information content more for games, Cultural and spiritual immersion content such as social networking, cultural tourism, etc., operating in an open crowd-creation economic model, and a new scene of cultural and spiritual consumption that can be used by everyone.

In this new scenario, it carries the possibility of nurturing giant companies with hundreds of billions of dollars. The commercial value of it indicates that a new round of shuffling of the Internet is coming, and it has also become the butterfly wings of the Metaverse concept to set off a huge wave of business.

2. Seven-layer Metaverse Model: Co-creation and Symbiosis of the Space Internet

From the perspective of industry cognition, infrastructure, human-computer interaction, decentralization, spatial computing, crowd-creation economy, exploration and discovery, experience entry, and the seven-layer model of the Metaverse from the inside to the outside are recognized as feasible industries in the industry. chain model.

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

Metaverse Seven Layers Model

Metaverse needs infrastructure, human-computer interaction and other hardware technologies to build the underlying foundation, making it possible to interconnect people, virtual worlds, and real worlds, and then enrich content applications on the basis of hardware through software. complete industrial chain.

In this chain, there is an arena where the strength of the old and new Internet is dislocated. Liu Huaiyang believes that the most superficial experience entrance (game/social/shopping) and discovery (advertising/shop) are the Metaverse moat of traditional giants based on their own stock flow upgrades, which are extremely difficult to shake.

The market space left for emerging forces is concentrated on the middle layer of the transition from hardware infrastructure to terminal content.

On the one hand, by virtue of being different from the traditional model of self-developed and self-produced by giant companies, the new decentralized ecological model is destined to have the opportunity for emerging platforms to rise in the mass-creation economic layer based on markets, tools and services;

On the other hand, the market needs at the spatial computing level such as AR maps and space engines generated in the virtual-real symbiosis environment have a general demand for real urban space and offline landmark information, so that the old and new forces stand on the same starting line, under the new concept of space Internet The traffic dividend has become the fuel for the rise of new giants.

“In nearly 10 years, the Metaverse won’t really come.”

However, in Liu Huaiyang’s judgment, the industry development in the next ten years will be in Web 2.5, a transitional state of virtual and real symbiosis, realizing centimeter-level superposition of the digital world and the real world, and completing the integration of AR and VR ecosystems.

Supporting a similar view is John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the developer of the AR game “Pokémon Go”. His attitude is more absolute: “A pure virtual centralized Metaverse is a dystopian nightmare for mankind, based on real-world AR The Metaverse is the future.”

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

Metaverse Infrastructure

Both are builders of the Metaverse infrastructure under the concept of virtual-reality symbiosis. The earth-level AR map Lightshop developed by Niantic has received hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, with a valuation of more than 9 billion dollars. The five-year revenue of “Pokémon Go” developed based on AR map technology has exceeded 6 billion dollars, becoming the commercial realization value of the Metaverse The direct beneficiaries of the company; the Yaotu developed by SEE Jian, with hundreds of millions of square meters of AR maps with cultural tourism and landmark values, leads the domestic market share in the form of a virtual-real symbiosis open-world base product.

The movie “Out of Control Player” once showed the possibility of an intuitive virtual-real symbiosis Metaverse: wherever the characters go, there is a reality-based digital feedback in front of them. From a technical point of view, spatial computing map technology can make science fiction a reality.

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

“Player Out of Control”

In fact, there is a lot of misunderstanding in the public perception of the concept of symbiosis between the virtual and the real in the Metaverse. For example, digital twins and GIS projects, which have been widely used in urban construction, cannot establish information exchange between reality and virtuality by themselves, nor do they have the value of ecological assets shared and co-constructed by a wide range of user groups, which is different from the Metaverse in definition.

Another often misunderstood concept of the Metaverse is traditional large-scale online games. Large-scale games for profit are essentially centralized productivity monopolized by giants. They fail to realize the creator economy. Users cannot control and confirm their own data, nor can they openly interact with other virtual worlds, let alone achieve efficient asset exchange with the real world. With mutual empowerment, this is obviously a fundamental departure from the Metaverse model.

The combination of the virtual and the real may be the only right way for the Metaverse.

From the transitional symbiosis of the virtual and the real, to the indistinguishable between the virtual and the real with all the senses, and finally to the full-real society where the brain-computer interface creates value through imagination, it is the future conception of the entire Metaverse.

3. Yao Universe: The possibility of a virtual and real symbiosis

Starting from the Metaverse industry, the giant platform of the new generation of Internet must be built on the basis of the earth-level Metaverse where AR/VR interconnection is fully connected, and virtual and reality mapping coexist.

Such judgments stem from actual practical needs. In November 2021, Seoul, South Korea stated that it will become the first metropolis to enter the Metaverse, and will provide various public services and cultural activities in the Metaverse, and the immersive Internet combining virtual and real will become an integral part of the smart city. If the plan is successful, Seoul residents can enter the virtual city hall through terminal devices and complete various types of actions from visiting historical sites to filing civil applications. Since then, many cities at home and abroad have successively announced their own Metaverse plans.

The gunshots of the Metaverse competition have been fired. But not everyone got their ticket to the new era.

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

Yao universe

The birth of Yao Universe is Liu Huaiyang and Xi Jian’s attempt to build a one-stop virtual-real symbiosis Metaverse. I have seen a lot of achievements in the space Internet (that is, the virtual-real symbiosis Metaverse), and reserve core technologies in multiple fields such as mixed reality high-precision maps, deep learning neural networks, and heterogeneous architecture parallel computing. Starting from the product layer, Yao Universe includes four components: Yaotu EoniMap, Yaofang EoniStudio, Yaolan Eoniland, and Yaoyun EoniCloud, which lowers the threshold for building an exclusive virtual world in the form of tools.

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

Yao universe

In addition to Yaoyun, which exists as a cloud service, the path to build a virtual-real symbiosis Metaverse is simplified by Yaouni into three steps:

The first step is to use Yao map as a space engine to digitally reconstruct real space scenes such as blocks, scenic spots, business circles, cultural expositions, etc., and obtain the mapping and spatial computing infrastructure of the digital world;

In the second step, co-creators based on MR high-precision maps, using Yaofang as a creative tool to modularize the development and production of virtual experience interactive content such as MR games, script killing, navigation guide, IP marketing, etc., to complete the blessing of virtual content and improve offline Landmark scarcity;

In the third step, Yaolan serves as an experience portal, adapting to all terminals such as AR, VR, mobile phones, etc., to realize online and offline interoperability, so that various user behaviors such as play, consumption, and social interaction have a unified portal in the constructed virtual symbiotic world.

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

Technical principle

Based on case practice and business insights, Yao Cosmos has extracted some commonalities of the Metaverse of the real world, and built a virtual world base, data planning and governance, scene function services, core story interactive entertainment, and new business models in the open world. Virtual-real co-production industry model.

“Intel announced not long ago that to realize the true Metaverse vision, the global computing power needs to be increased by another 1,000 times. In fact, I think this is still optimistic, and it is more likely to be tens of thousands of times.” Liu Huaiyang believes that calculating Both power and technology and software ecology will be the bottlenecks that limit the development of the industry. Even the reason why many Metaverse companies choose the pixel style is also limited by computing power.

"NEXTA Innovation Night Talk" The only way for the Metaverse: The Space Internet of Virtual and Real Coexistence

Yao universe

This further verifies the authenticity of virtual-real symbiosis as a transition state within a certain period of time. In Liu Huaiyang’s business vision, the long-term nature of the Metaverse is a flow society, and future competition will focus on “residents” and “scarcity”. Especially the concept of “scarcity”, the virtual world of the Metaverse era will exist in large numbers, but the offline landmarks in reality will always be unique, and there will be a large number of “critical residents” that can be Metaverse. The new traffic blue ocean of interest has given birth to the Google and ByteDance of the next-generation Internet.

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