Next World Culture, a virtual human ecology company, completes a round of US$5 million in financing, and its creation partner CCV leads investment

Virtual people are moving towards more business scenarios.

On July 26, the virtual human ecological company Next World Culture (hereinafter referred to as “Next World”) announced that it had recently completed a US$5 million Series A financing. The founding partner CCV led the investment, and the old shareholder Shunwei Capital followed in the investment. This round of financing will be used to strengthen the virtual human support system, extend the application of virtual human-related business scenarios, and build the virtual human IP matrix and ecology.

Generally speaking, virtual human products are mainly divided into several categories: Vtuber (virtual anchor), virtual idol (singer), functional virtual human (conversation, companionship, etc.), Vhumman (super realistic virtual human), virtual avatar ( Avatar) and virtual people derived from games and brands.

The next generation also laid out the virtual human IP matrix in the subdivision fields in the above-mentioned directions.

The next generation of virtual avatar products include Di Lieba’s avatar “Di Li Lengba”, Huang Zitao’s avatar “Tosman” and the virtual band “NAND” jointly developed with Ouyang Nana, etc.;

Next World Culture, a virtual human ecology company, completes a round of US million in financing, and its creation partner CCV leads investment

Hot bus and cold bus

Ultra-realistic virtual human products include Guochao’s ultra-realistic virtual KOL Ling, and the digital astronaut “Xiaozheng” jointly created with Xinhua News Agency and Tencent ;

The brand-derived virtual person products include IDo jewelry brand virtual image “Beco”, Huaxizi brand virtual spokesperson “Huaxizi”, iQiyi ‘s virtual male model “ASK” and so on. In addition, the next generation also created the first virtual DJ “Purple” in China.

Next World Culture, a virtual human ecology company, completes a round of US million in financing, and its creation partner CCV leads investment

Virtual Spokesperson of Huaxizi Brand

Among them, quite the topic of ultra-realistic virtual human Ling has been with Tesla Tesla, tea Chennai snow reached, Keep, and Vogue me and other overseas brands / media in-depth cooperation, the whole network topic of discussion broken million to achieve The virtual human business broke the circle.

Next World Culture, a virtual human ecology company, completes a round of US million in financing, and its creation partner CCV leads investment


Chen Yan, the founder of The Next World, said that in the second half of the year, Next World will launch more than 10+ “virtual IPs” including original segmented virtual person IP, star virtual image IP, brand digital person, and functional virtual person. The operation continues to enhance the commercial value of its virtual human matrix, providing modern consumers with “personalized” emotional value companionship.

The next generation is not only a company that can create virtual people, but also a company that can realize long-term operations of virtual people. “Operation is the very core competitiveness of the next generation. We are responsible for the content and operation of IPs such as Ling, Purple, Dili Lengba, and Tossman. Because we know better what kind of virtual people the market needs.” Chen Yan said.

In 2021, the underlying technology for creating virtual humans has been very mature, and many virtual humans with different styles have emerged on the market. Different from other competing companies, the next-generation product logic is not “from technology to product and then to scenario”, but “first discover or create scenario, then push back the product, and then integrate technology for final productization.”

“The core of competition in the industry now is to compete for who can deploy products in more scenarios. Our core competitiveness is’virtual productization’.” Chen Yan said. To be a virtual person, technology, art, and creativity are not enough. “Virtual people are an extremely test of the company’s complex capabilities. We must understand technology, aesthetics, market, content, operations, and channels, so that we can truly implement productization.”

Chen Yan told 36 krypton that he believes that in the domestic market, virtual human application scenarios have not been fully opened, and there is still a rich and huge market to be developed. At the same time, this also means that the scenarios have not been opened before the market. Maybe you don’t need so many virtual people, but what you need is the IP of the head virtual person in the subdivision field, because traffic and commercialization will only flow to the head.

There is no typical “virtual idol” in the current products of the next generation, and Chen Yan also does not approve the practice of using “virtual idols” to refer to the entire virtual human group in the domestic market. He believes that “virtual idols” are not yet a mature track.

“When an artist debuts, he can make movies, make variety shows, make TV shows, release records, and enter the live broadcast room. There are enough scenes to carry an idol to expand in many fields. But now there are not so many scenes that can carry a virtual person to become a virtual person. Idols are defined by the broad market, so I think virtual idols are still a concept that needs to be expanded and verified in the domestic market.” Chen Yan said. In the future, when a virtual person can make dramas, star in animated movies, make animated variety shows, and hold concerts immediately after their debut, that will be the mature period of the virtual idol track.

Following the exclusive lead investment in MetaApp in 2018, next-generation culture is another layout of CCV on the Metaverse track. Nie Dongchen, a partner of CCV, a founding partner, said that from the perspective of users, the most important thing for Metaverse is to allow users to generate identity. “We are optimistic about the next-generation culture’s understanding of virtual humans and their current commercial applications of virtual humans.”

Chen Yan said that the domestic virtual human race track is still in the 1.0 mode, which is the virtual human IP stage that is partial to the conceptual level and depends on the existing scene assistance requirements. After this round of financing, the next world hopes to lead the industry into the 2.0 era, which is the broader scenario application stage of the “virtual human” track, open up or open up more scenarios to accommodate virtual human IP, and at the same time allow more ordinary people to establish Start the relationship with the virtual person.

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