Newsweek | More than 35,000 ETH has been destroyed



▌Data : More than 35,000 ETH has been destroyed

According to data from the masters on the Ouke Cloud Chain, the current Ethereum has burned a total of 35,680 ETH, and the average burn value of a single block is 0.7285 ETH.


▌KPMG : In the first half of 2021, the total value of investment in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain will total US$8.7 billion, which is double that of 2020

On August 12, KPMG released a research report entitled “Pulse of Fintech H1 2021”, stating that due to rising investor interest, cryptocurrency and blockchain investments continue to grow. One of the top financial technology trends in 2021 is the substantial increase in cryptocurrency and blockchain investment. It is reported that in the first half of 2021, there were a total of 548 investment activities, including venture capital, private equity, and blockchain and cryptocurrency mergers and acquisitions, with a total investment value of US$8.7 billion, which is 43% compared to the total value of 580 investment transactions during 2020. 100 million U.S. dollars doubled. During the period, BlockFi, Paxos, and Bitso raised more than US$100 million, leading the growth of investment. In addition, KPMG predicts in the report that the field of cryptocurrency will continue to mature, and the difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will grow. NFT is a focus in the first half of the year, and will promote the development of cryptocurrency exchanges in the form of focusing on NFT trading platforms. The report predicts that further attention will be paid to the regulatory framework in the second half of this year.


▌AntChain launches new payment code skin NFT collection “Green Snake Robbery”

On August 12, AntChain launched a new payment code skin NFT collection “Green Snake Robbery”. The creator of the payment code skin NFT is Tianjin Duanhe Naqu Technology Co., Ltd. The deposit time is August 12, 2021. 10:01:31 on the day. It is reported that this payment code skin is a limited edition, so it may be sold out in a short time. AntChain also issued two payment code skin NFTs jointly launched by Alipay and Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute before. According to Alipay, they believe that these NFTs are digital works identified by the only corresponding virtual certificates issued on the AntChain platform.


▌The National Security Agency of Ukraine shuts down illegal cryptocurrency exchanges

On August 13th, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has closed several cryptocurrency exchanges that have been involved in illegal financial transactions since 2021. According to a statement from SBU on Wednesday, the “secret cryptocurrency exchange” network is located in the country. The capital, Kiev, handles a total of 1.1 million U.S. dollars in capital turnover related to criminal activities every month. Ukrainian authorities claim that these cryptocurrency exchanges are involved in money laundering and other illegal financial activities. These illegal funds come from electronic wallets related to banned Russian payment processors such as Qiwi, WebMoney and Yandex. According to reports, the Ukrainian National Security Agency also found computers containing evidence of suspected illegal activities and allegedly forged company registration documents during a surprise inspection of the cryptocurrency exchange platform.


▌The U.S. Senate has passed an infrastructure bill containing original crypto tax provisions

Golden Finance reported that on Tuesday, local time in the United States, the US Senate passed its bipartisan infrastructure bill by a vote of 69 to 30, which contains the original version of the encrypted tax clause. Although lawmakers and crypto industry advocates sought to change the definition of “broker” in the bill in the past week, the Senate ultimately did not consider any amendments. It is reported that the clause expands the definition of “broker”, leading to concerns that the IRS may seek to impose broker reporting requirements on non-broker entities such as miners. The infrastructure bill will now be submitted to the House of Representatives, which is expected to consider the issue in the fall. It is not clear how much room the House of Representatives will have to amend the bill.


▌People ’s Daily: “People’s Court Online Litigation Rules” will come into effect this month, exploring blockchain depository evidence

On August 9th, the People’s Daily published an article “Online Trial, Convenient and Standardized (Focus on the Rule of Law)”. The article pointed out that the “People’s Court Online Litigation Rules” will be officially implemented this month. The exploration of blockchain evidence is also regarded as ” The most authoritative rules for online lawsuits.” Liu Zheng, deputy director of the Office of the Supreme Court of Justice, stated that the “Rules” stipulated for the first time the scope of validity of blockchain deposit certificates, and clarified that the data stored on the blockchain has the effect of presuming that it has not been tampered with after being put on the chain. It is conducive to standardizing the judicial application of blockchain technology, strict blockchain certification review standards, and give full play to the advantages of blockchain technology to further promote the orderly development of the blockchain certification industry.

Blockchain application


▌The energy blockchain public service platform passed the technical appraisal of the China Energy Research Association

On August 10, the “Key Technologies and Applications of the Energy Blockchain Public Service Platform for Building a New Power System” project led by the State Grid E-commerce Company (State Grid Financial Technology Group) successfully passed the technology held by the China Energy Research Society Achievement appraisal meeting, appraised by academicians and experts, the overall results of the project have reached the international advanced level, among which core technologies such as distributed identity authentication and smart contracts have reached the international leading level. According to reports, in response to major challenges such as multi-subject trust transmission, user privacy, and data security faced by the construction of a new power system, the project proposed for the first time a blockchain-based source-network-load-storage deep interactive trusted transaction technology, and developed a lightweight A low-cost trusted access authentication model, established a blockchain-based market-driven, decentralized autonomous operation mechanism, and achieved good application demonstration effects in multiple scenarios such as green power traceability, green power trading, and shared energy storage. It is of positive significance in the process of serving China’s “carbon peak and carbon neutral” goal.


▌Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court: Using blockchain technology to create an “all-weather”, “not offline” and “non-contact” smart cloud court trial system

According to news on August 13th, 10 departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the “5G Application “Sailing” Action Plan (2021-2023)” to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of economic and social digitalization, networking, and intelligence. In the Intermediate People’s Court of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, parties can participate in the trial through mobile phones and computers no matter where they are. This way of opening court sessions across time and space is due to the “all-weather”, “non-offline” and “non-contact” smart cloud court trial system created by the collaboration of new technologies such as blockchain.


▌Yunnan Province issued the first blockchain real estate tax electronic tax payment certificate

On the morning of August 11, the Administrative Service Center of Simao District, Pu’er City handled second-hand housing transaction tax payment services for Ms. Zhang, and successfully issued the first blockchain real estate tax electronic tax payment certificate in Yunnan Province, marking the entry of real estate transactions in Yunnan into the “zone” Blockchain era”.


▌Using emerging technologies such as blockchain to inherit the red gene

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that the red gene must be passed on from generation to generation. To inherit the red gene, it is necessary to effectively strengthen the protection, mining, development and utilization of red resources to make them more lively and popular. The first is to strengthen systematic mining, and strengthen the investigation and sorting of tangible red resources such as revolutionary venues and red documents. The second is to strengthen digital protection, make full use of modern information technology to strengthen the restoration and protection of red resources, and establish red resource databases and gene banks. Promote the digital presentation project of red culture, and make full use of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain to repair classic red movies and televisions to meet the needs of red resource protection in the digital and intelligent era. The third is to strengthen the creation of red cultural products and integrate the red gene into the whole process of cultural and creative products.



▌ Poly Network release solution: fix loopholes, mainnet upgrade and project launch

On August 13th, Poly Network officially released the solution after being attacked by hackers: patching loopholes, upgrading the main network, and launching the project. 1. Fix vulnerabilities. We have completed the necessary fixes and are working with multiple security and audit teams to review the code. We have also planned a global bounty program to encourage more security agencies to participate in auditing #PolyNetwork’s core functions. 2. Mainnet upgrade. For security reasons, we will resume operations through the mainnet upgrade and restore the basic cross-chain functions after the audit as soon as possible, while delaying the activation of other advanced functions. 3. The project starts. After receiving the audit report, we will gradually resume cross-chain services. The first group of projects is divided into the following two categories. a. The newly started project, that is, the project #PolyNetwork testnet that has been tested, was not affected by this event. We will get in touch with these projects separately. b. Projects that have been using PolyNetwork services and have not had any impact on their assets. We will open a channel for submitting applications as soon as possible.


▌The second quarter revenue of North American mining company Marathon was 29.3 million US dollars, an increase of 220% from the previous quarter

North American mining company Marathon Digital’s revenue in the second quarter was US$29.3 million, an increase of 220% from the previous quarter, an increase of 10147% from US$286,000 in the same period last year. Marathon dug up 654 bitcoins in the second quarter, and the total number of bitcoins dug up in the first half of this year reached 846. Its investment fund purchased 4,12.66 BTC for approximately US$150 million in January 2021, and the fair value of the first six months of 2021 increased by US$16.9 million.

▌ Cardano has become the third largest digital currency by market value

On August 13th, according to Forbes reports, with the increase of 46.5% in the past week, the market value of Cardano has risen to above 65 billion US dollars, surpassing BNB and Tether, and has become the third largest digital currency by market value. According to Forbes analysis, Cardano’s strong performance may be because its mainnet has just completed the Alonzo upgrade. After this upgrade, the Cardano blockchain will have enough strength to compete with Ethereum and better support DeFi APP (including loan agreement and DEX) .


▌ Bitpay wallet update to integrate Google Pay

The encrypted payment service provider Bitpay tweeted that it has updated its wallet app and added Google Pay integration. US Bitpay Prepaid MasterCard holders can add the card to Google Wallet and use Google Pay to spend. Bitpay has previously added Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay is expected to add it soon. Bitpay MasterCard can instantly convert cryptocurrency into U.S. dollars, and users can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted, and can also be used for online shopping and cash withdrawal from ATMs. The Bitpay wallet app currently supports 12 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins: BTC, BCH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, WBTC, XRP, BUSD, DAI, GUSD, PAX and USDC.


▌Fortune 500 Accenture was attacked by Bitcoin ransomware, and data has been leaked on the dark web

Fortune 500 and consulting firm Accenture suffered a Bitcoin ransomware attack by the hacker group Lockbit. Lockbit ransomware announced that it would release data stolen from the company within a few hours, unless Accenture wanted to buy them back. Subsequently, Accenture issued a statement stating that the attack had no impact: “Unusual activity was found in the corporate environment. We immediately controlled the situation and isolated the affected server. We completely restored the affected system from the backup. The incident has not happened. It has an impact on Accenture’s operations or our customers’ systems.” Lockbit then began to publish 2,384 files on the dark web, indicating that Accenture may not have tried to purchase the stolen data. It is not clear how sensitive the data is. The news stated that a company insider was responsible for the attack. According to a CNBC reporter, the data flowing out of the LockBit dark web includes case studies, PPT and quotations. The LockBit blog pointed out that the current site traffic is too large, preventing people from downloading data.


▌Reuters : Messi’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain’s financial plan includes payment of cryptocurrency fan tokens

A person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday that Lionel Messi’s transfer to the Paris Saint-Germain Club of France’s financial plan includes the payment of cryptocurrency fan tokens. Messi left the Spanish team Barcelona on Tuesday and signed a two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) with the option of a third year. PSG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

▌NFT blockchain game financing exceeded US$1.4 billion in the first half of the year

According to statistics from Blockchaingamer, as of June 2021, blockchain game-related financing reached 1.4 billion US dollars. About $1 billion of this comes from traditional VCs. Animoca Brands, Galaxy Digital and Hashed are the most active investment institutions in this field.


▌Research : 55 of the top 100 banks in the world have crypto and blockchain risk exposure

On August 12th, according to the research of the blockchain market intelligence agency Blockdata, among the top 100 banks by asset management scale (AUM), 55 banks are investors in major crypto and blockchain technology companies and projects. . Such participation includes direct and indirect investment in crypto and decentralized ledger technology companies by the bank itself or through its subsidiaries. Blockdata’s research identified Barclays, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs as the most active supporters of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. JPMorgan and BNP Paribas were also Identified as a serial investor in this emerging field.

▌ Reddit raised $700 million in Series F financing led by Fidelity Investments

Golden Finance reported that Reddit today confirmed that it has raised US$410 million in the F round of financing led by Fidelity Investments, but not all of it. Reddit expects that some of its existing investors will also participate in this round of financing, and the total investment is expected The amount is about 700 million U.S. dollars. The new round of investment valued the company at US$10 billion, up from US$6 billion in February. Before the latest round, Reddit had already received an investment of US$800 million.

▌ PayPal’s mobile payment company Venmo launches encrypted cashback tool

Golden Finance reports that Venmo, a mobile payment company under PayPal, has launched a new encrypted cashback tool. According to the announcement, the company will allow Venmo credit card users to automatically purchase cryptocurrency using the cashback rewards obtained through credit card purchases. The new feature provides users with a way to obtain cryptocurrency for free, and no transaction fees will be charged. Instead, the conversion spread will be included in monthly transactions. Earlier news, Venmo began to launch cryptocurrency trading functions in April, supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

▌Tencent Music launches its first “digital collection reservation” and first release 2001 NFT

On August 10th, Tencent Music’s first batch of “TME Digital Collection” will be launched soon. Today, Hu Yanbin’s “Monk” commemorating the 20th anniversary of Vinyl NFT opened a lottery appointment on the QQ music platform to purchase qualifications, and a limited number of 2001 copies were sold. In 2001, Hu Yanbin independently wrote and wrote “The Monk”, which was then included in his first album “Civil and Martial Arts”. The vinyl record NFT released this time is the undisclosed DEMO version of “Monk” 20 years ago. According to the reservation page, this commemorative vinyl NFT can be rotated and zoomed in 360 degrees to fully display the details of the record. The central map of the record adopts a diversified design, and a variety of stickers will be triggered randomly. In the playback effect design, the commemorative vinyl NFT and 3D record player are cleverly combined to create an immersive music playback experience through a controllable playback process. It is reported that the 20th anniversary vinyl NFT of Hu Yanbin’s “Monk” will be officially released on August 15.

▌Brazil launched an eco-friendly Bitcoin ETF with the transaction code BITH11

Brazil has launched a new Bitcoin ETF with the transaction code BITH11. It will use the audit of the German Crypto Carbon Rating Institute (CCRI) to determine the environmental impact of BITH11 investment, so that it will invest 0.15% of its current assets in carbon credits and Environmental technology.

▌ Alchemy Pay launches virtual encrypted MasterCard and Visa card services

Alchemy Pay announced that it will launch a Virtual Crypto-Linked card (“virtual card”) to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency in the payment field. Virtual cards can be associated with digital wallets such as Google Pay and PayPal, support more than 40 cryptocurrencies, and will be accepted by millions of merchants on the Visa and Mastercard network, including e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. The development of the Alchemy Pay virtual card service has been completed and is currently undergoing beta testing in several major markets. The company expects virtual card services to be fully launched at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

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