Newsweek | 22 domestic and foreign institutions participate in the multilateral central bank digital currency bridge test


▌The first self-discipline convention in the NFT industry was released

On October 31, led by the National Copyright Exchange, the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou Internet Notary Office of Zhejiang Province, CCTV Animation Group, Hunan Provincial Museum, Ant Group, JD Technology, Tencent Cloud, etc. jointly issued the “Digital Cultural and Creative Industry Self-discipline Convention” , Strengthen industry self-discipline, jointly build a benign digital cultural and creative industry development ecology, and help the development of China’s cultural and creative industry. The “Convention” points out that it is necessary to adhere to the original intention of blockchain technology to serve the development of the digital cultural and creative industry, and provide innovative solutions for the confirmation and circulation of digital cultural and creative works, so that creators’ works can better reach the market and promote the prosperity of the original cultural industry. develop. Fully use blockchain technology to protect the copyright of digital cultural and creative works on the chain and protect the reasonable rights and interests of creators. Among them, resisting hype is an important consensus of the Convention. Li Heng, chairman of the National Copyright Exchange Center Alliance, said: “Through the issuance and implementation of the Convention, it is hoped that more institutions and social forces will participate in the standardized development of the digital cultural and creative industry, and jointly create a clean and sustainable development for the cultural industry. A fair and healthy development environment.

▌Tesla’s market value surpasses Bitcoin

Golden Finance reports that according to the latest data, Tesla’s stock price has risen to $1,158, with a 24-hour increase of 3.97% and a rise of 13.02% on the 7th. The current market value has reached $1.163 trillion, surpassing the market value of Bitcoin. The current price of Bitcoin is about $61,568, with a market value of $1.161 trillion, with a 24-hour increase of 1.50% and a decrease of 2.91% on the 7th.

▌ elon Musk : dog want to be fake coins CEO

Golden Finance reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that he will become the fake CEO of Dogecoin. Earlier, Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus said on Twitter that he will announce who will hold the position later today.

▌2021 “Double 11” digital RMB red envelope activities will be linked in 11 cities

Golden Finance reports that this year’s Double 11 will be held at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Xi’an, Qingdao, Changsha, Suzhou, Chengdu, Hainan Province, Xiong’an New District, etc. 11 Simultaneously launching of red envelope activities in two pilot regions greatly expanded the pilot scenario of digital renminbi.

▌The President of Kazakhstan calls for urgent legislative supervision of cryptocurrency mining to deal with power shortages

According to news on November 4, in a recent meeting with Kazakhstan’s Energy Minister Magzum Mirzagaliev, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev criticized his sector’s fuel reserves for a sharp decline. The head of state also emphasized the need to ensure uninterrupted power supply for businesses and households and create additional power generation capacity. Minister Mirzagaliev briefed Tokayev on measures aimed at strengthening the control of the cryptocurrency mining industry, especially in terms of illegal crypto mining operations. Official estimates indicate that these “gray” miners consume as much as 1,200 megawatts of electricity. The announcement cited by Forklog shows that the President instructed the government to step up efforts in this area with the help of other authorities. Tokayev also instructed the executive power to organize “emergency legislative supervision of mining.”

▌Liu Cixin: The meta universe will be an involution of the entire human civilization

According to news on November 6th, regarding the concept of “metauniverse” in the recent fire, Liu Cixin, known as “China’s first metauniverse architect”, said that the metaverse will be an involution of the entire human civilization, and an involution of a closed system. The entropy of is always going to be the largest. Therefore, the meta-universe finally leads mankind to a dead end. Therefore, regarding the change of Facebook’s name to “Meta”, Liu Cixin said that Zuckerberg’s meta universe is not only the future, it should not be the future. In “Festivals That Cannot Coexist”, Liu Cixin proposed the dual opposition between the spacecraft school and the meta universe school. “China 2185” affirmed the existence of meta universe to a certain extent. In “Time Immigration,” Liu Cixin also stated that people in this era are gradually turning to the invisible world, and now the number of people living in the invisible world has exceeded the tangible world. Although it is possible to have a copy of the brain in both worlds, life in the invisible world is like drugs. Once experienced that life, no one can return to the tangible world. Our troubled world is like hell to them. Now, the invisible world has mastered the legislative power and is gradually controlling the entire world.

▌The Agricultural Bank of China actively participates in the multilateral central bank digital currency bridge project

On November 6th, as one of the main domestic participants in the multilateral central bank digital currency bridge project, the Agricultural Bank of China provided a test case of “crude oil import trade remittance” for its latest use case manual. The Agricultural Bank of China will continue to participate in the testing and construction of the currency bridge project under the guidance of the People’s Bank of Business service level, enriching cross-border scenarios of digital RMB.


▌Russian Federal Security Service requires the right to obtain information from encrypted platforms

Golden Finance reported that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation issued a draft order allowing its agents to request information from other organizations and other cryptocurrency platforms. The agency pointed out that the move was made after Russia revised its anti-corruption legislation. The FSB wants to access encrypted data for anti-corruption checks in Russia. According to the document, FSB agents will be allowed to submit information requests to credit organizations, tax authorities, and government agencies responsible for registering real estate rights during anti-corruption inspections. “Information system operators issuing digital financial assets” are also listed in the order. This move was made after Russia revised its anti-corruption legislation. From January 1, 2021, digital financial assets such as cryptocurrencies are considered property in Russia. Information about encrypted assets should be reflected in the income statement.

▌National Copyright Exchange Center Alliance: Resolutely resist any actual issuance and hype of virtual currency

On October 31, the National Copyright Exchange Center Alliance, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou Internet Notary Office of Zhejiang Province, CCTV Animation Group, Hunan Provincial Museum, Ant Group, Jingdong Technology, Tencent Cloud and other institutions jointly issued the “Digital Cultural and Creative Industry” in Beijing. The Self-Discipline Convention contains eleven articles. The “Convention” proposes to resolutely resist any form of digital cultural and creative works as a gimmick, the actual issuance and hype of virtual currency; resolutely resist any form of malicious price speculation of digital cultural and creative works to prevent speculation and financial risks.

▌Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority conducts anti-money laundering compliance investigations on 2 digital currency exchanges

On October 31, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) stated that it is investigating two local digital currency exchanges to determine whether they are effectively complying with anti-money laundering regulations. It selected two leading exchanges, Safello and Goobit, as representatives to be surveyed to learn more about how the company puts the law into practice when dealing with customers. The total market value of these two exchanges is approximately 570 million kronor, or approximately 67 million U.S. dollars. The regulator is expected to use its findings to inform future policy responses. Regulators stated that digital currency companies have a high risk of money laundering, especially exchanges. Regulators remind companies that provide virtual currency services to register with them to comply with the laws governing the industry as set out in the Currency Exchange and Other Financial Activities Act (LVA).

▌The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission: Use new generation information technologies such as blockchain and big data to deepen the construction of state-owned enterprises under the rule of law

On November 1st, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission issued the “Opinions on Further Deepening the Construction of State-owned Enterprises under the Rule of Law”, which proposed the use of new generation information technologies such as blockchain, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to promote legal management from informatization to digitalization. Upgrade, explore intelligent application scenarios, and effectively improve management efficiency. Deepen the informatization and digitalization of key areas such as contract management, case management, and compliance management, embed legal review into major decision-making and important business management processes, and realize online identification, analysis, evaluation, and prevention of legal compliance risks through big data and other means control.

▌The Chairman of the Federal Reserve: Supports the call for the establishment of a regulatory framework for stablecoins

Fed Chairman Powell expressed his support for calling for the establishment of a regulatory framework for stablecoins. US Senator Toomey urged Biden not to expand the law to regulate stablecoins.

▌U.S. OCC Acting Director: OCC has completed encryption review and inter-agency communication

Golden Finance reported that Michael Hsu, the Acting Administrator of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), announced that his office’s encryption review has ended. In addition, at the beginning of his tenure, Hsu expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of coordinated efforts among various agencies to clarify encryption rules and regulate encryption companies. To this end, he established a “crypto sprint” between the OCC, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This joint effort has also ended, and the results will be communicated in various forms “soon”. These will clarify what Hsu calls the “scope of supervision”, focusing on the most prominent issues considered by the regulators. Hsu raised several of these questions in his comments, including, how should a “synthetic bank” be defined? What constitutes the “common” activity of crypto companies? (Should certain encryption activities be allowed to mix?) What adjustments need to be made to bank prudential standards and supervisory methods to ensure the safe, sound, and fair operations of such companies?

▌The Commonwealth Bank of Australia plans to add cryptocurrency support to its apps

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is planning to integrate cryptocurrency into its digital applications. A source familiar with the process said the bank will announce the ability to buy and hold Bitcoin and other digital assets. According to reports, the new support will begin next year. An announcement is expected on Wednesday. In addition, the bank may also conduct public transactions with the US-based exchange Gemini and blockchain analysis company Chainalyis, both of which will provide support for its application integration.

▌The Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore: Singapore has no plan to ban cryptocurrencies

Golden Finance reported that Ravi Menon, Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, reiterated that he will focus on strengthening Singapore’s position as the world’s number one blockchain center. Menon is convinced that banning cryptocurrencies and attacking the Web 3.0 market segment is not an option for the country. He emphasized that Singapore will “improve its safeguards” to deal with the risks associated with the development of cryptocurrencies, rather than repression. As part of this strategy, MAS will continue to advocate high requirements for crypto companies interested in obtaining local licenses.

▌U.S. President Biden: Will soon announce the candidate for the chairman of the Federal Reserve

US President Biden said that he has not yet made a decision on the candidate for the chairman of the Federal Reserve and will soon announce the candidate for the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

 “Beijing City’s Implementation Plan for Further Strengthening of Energy Conservation”: Examine and clear virtual currency “mining” activities

Golden Finance reported that recently, 11 departments including the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Beijing Municipality’s Implementation Plan for Further Strengthening Energy Conservation”. Power consumption monitoring, rectification of data centers with low energy efficiency and non-compliant data centers, and inspection and withdrawal of virtual currency “mining” activities.

▌U.S. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler hinted at enforcement action against crypto companies

News on November 5, at the Securities Enforcement Forum on November 4, US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler denied that the new technology label has changed the reality of the definition of securities, especially decentralized finance and encryption products. Many cryptocurrency-based products fall into the existing definition of securities, on the grounds that they need to be evaluated based on facts and circumstances, rather than new classifications. Although many people in the crypto industry require specific guidance, for example, which tokens are themselves securities and which are not securities. Later, when talking about an allegation that many people brought to the SEC (such as the Ripple case), Gensler said: “Some market participants may call it’mandatory supervision’. I just call it’enforcement’.”

▌Director of the Central Cyberspace Administration: Actively participate in the formulation of international rules and digital technology standards such as digital currency

On November 5, the “People’s Daily” published a signed article “Creating a Good Digital Ecology” by Zhuang Rongwen, deputy minister of the Central Propaganda Department, director of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Information Commission Office, and director of the State Internet Information Office. The article pointed out that speeding up the construction of new infrastructure, coordinating and promoting the construction of communication network infrastructure, computing power infrastructure, integration and innovation infrastructure, etc.; enhancing network security protection capabilities, improving blockchain, and other security protection capabilities; promoting the improvement of cyberspace international Rules, strengthen policy coordination in the field of digital ecology between countries, and actively participate in the formulation of international rules and digital technology standards such as data security, digital currency, and digital taxes.

Blockchain application

▌Supreme People’s Court: Actively promote the in-depth application of modern technologies such as blockchain in the judicial field

Golden Finance reported that the Supreme People’s Court recently officially issued the “Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on Strengthening Intellectual Property Judicial Work in the New Era to Provide Effective Judicial Services and Guarantees for the Building of a Powerful Intellectual Property Country”. In-depth application in the judicial field.

▌Guangzhou : will vigorously introduce high-quality enterprises such as blockchain in Baiyun District

According to the Golden Financial Report, the work report of the Baiyun District Government of Guangzhou clearly stated for the first time that six hundred billion + six ten billion industrial clusters will be built. The new generation of information technology industry clusters will vigorously introduce high-quality enterprises such as blockchain, and continue Deepen the innovation of digital application scenarios and gather more basic software and hardware enterprises with independent core technologies.

▌G20 meeting: Encourage continued in-depth analysis of the potential role of central bank digital currencies in promoting cross-border payments

On October 31, the sixteenth summit of the G20 leaders was held in Rome, the capital of Italy, in a combination of online and offline methods from October 30 to 31. The summit adopted the “Roman Summit Declaration of the Leaders of the Group of Twenty.” The summary is as follows: We welcome the final report of the Financial Stability Board summing up the lessons of the new crown pneumonia epidemic from the perspective of financial stability and the next recommendations. We encourage continued in-depth analysis of the potential role of central bank digital currencies in promoting cross-border payments and their broader impact on the international monetary system.

▌Bank of China assists in the construction of the digital RMB scene of the China International Import Expo

According to news on November 1st, at the 4th International Import Expo, Bank of China will take multiple measures to popularize the knowledge of digital renminbi: display and post digital currency leaflets and posters in various conspicuous locations in the venue to provide basic knowledge of digital currency, open channels, and The usage is clear at a glance; with the theme of “Digital Gathering Wisdom, Bank of China Financial World”, a comprehensive digital RMB display area will be opened in the Central Plaza of the National Convention and Exhibition Center. Through naked-eye 3D interaction, multimedia promotional videos and other forms, the digital RMB wallet, The latest pilot results in chips and products; a variety of different forms of digital RMB chip wallet products can be seen on site, including digital RMB visual chip wallets, special-shaped wallets, wearable wallets, etc., to meet the needs of different types of people and different scenarios. Payment needs.

▌The Development Strategy and Planning Department of the National Development and Reform Commission: coordinated promotion of the internationalization of digital currency and RMB

The Department of Development Strategy and Planning of the National Development and Reform Commission issued a document “In-depth promotion of Chinese-style modernization strategy.” The article stated that it is necessary to continue to implement a mutually beneficial and win-win opening strategy, an excellent entry and exit strategy, a “going out” strategy, a RMB internationalization strategy, and a free trade zone promotion strategy. Focus on preventing financial risks, and coordinate the progress of digital currency and RMB internationalization.

▌Yunnan invested 9.93 million yuan to build a food safety information blockchain traceability project

On November 2, the information disclosed by the Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission showed that the Provincial Development and Reform Commission had agreed in principle to the “Feasibility Study Report on the Blockchain Traceability Project of Key Food (Product) Safety Information in Yunnan Province”. The total investment of the project is estimated 9.93 million yuan. The project construction content in the “Report” is mainly “a center, a system, three major applications, and a set of infrastructure”. One system is to formulate the local standard system of Yunnan Province’s food (product) safety information blockchain traceability platform. Three major applications, namely the construction of the province’s food (product) safety information blockchain traceability platform, the Yunnan Food Safety Information Network (including the Food Safety Yunnan Portal, Enterprise Mini Programs, Business Collaboration System, Food Safety Commission Official Document Exchange System , Rural self-hosted banquet supervision system and many other applications), network takeaway intelligent supervision application.

▌Bank of Communications landed the first batch of domestic central bank trade gold blockchain platform and Hong Kong trade linkage platform for the second phase of the cross-platform financing business

Golden Finance reported that the Bank of Communications Jiangsu Branch and Hang Seng Bank, Bank of Communications Shenzhen Branch and Hong Kong Branch respectively cooperated to land the first batch of domestic trade financing businesses in the second phase of the Trade Finance Blockchain Platform Project of the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China. This cross-platform docking project is led by the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. It effectively integrates the advantageous resources of the mainland and Hong Kong to provide enterprises with more convenient trade financing services. It is also the use of blockchain technology for cross-border finance. A breakthrough attempt in business, the second phase of the project adds a new business scenario of “domestic customers handle import invoice financing, Hong Kong customers handle export invoice financing”, and deepen the cross-platform cooperation space. The docking business between Bank of Communications Jiangsu Branch and Hang Seng Bank is the second phase. The first batch of inter-bank trade financing business of the project.

▌22 domestic and foreign institutions participated in the multilateral central bank digital currency bridge test

On November 3, during the Hong Kong Fintech Week, supported by the Hong Kong Innovation Center of the Bank for International Settlements, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Central Bank of Thailand, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and the People’s Bank of China’s Digital Currency Institute co-sponsored the multilateral central bank digital The currency bridge research project releases a use case manual. The manual shows more than ten potential application scenarios of currency bridges, including international trade settlement, cross-border e-commerce, and supply chain finance, and outlines the future roadmap of the platform. The Digital Currency Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China served as the chairman of the technical committee of the currency bridge project and built a currency bridge test platform. 22 domestic and foreign financial institutions including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Foreign Exchange Trading Center, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Thai Banking Association, etc. Organized to participate in the current test of the project, the transaction covers four jurisdictions and 11 industry scenarios, and the total transaction amount exceeds 2 billion yuan.

▌Xiongan New District: The number of digital RMB personal and public wallets issued by ICBC and CCB for local individuals and units has exceeded 1 million

Golden Finance reported that according to Xiongan’s official official account, ICBC and China Construction Bank opened more than 1 million digital renminbi personal wallets for individuals and units in Xiongan New District, and more than 1 million public wallets. Some units paid party fees and paid wages on their behalf. Digital RMB is also being used. According to the Baoding Supervision Branch of Hebei Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Laohetou Town, Anxin County, Xiongan New District, has been built into a characteristic digital RMB town, and Rosa Street in Rongcheng County is a street characteristic of digital RMB.


▌Musk: considering starting a new university, tuition fees will be paid with Dogecoin

According to Golden Finance Report, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that I am considering starting a new university, Texas Institute of Technology and Science, which will have epic products and receive universal praise, and the tuition fee will be Dogecoin. Pay, if you have a dog, you will get a discount.

▌Data: More than 22 typical security incidents occurred this month

According to the monitoring data of Chengdu Lianan security public opinion: in October 2021, various security incidents still occurred from time to time, and more than 22 typical security incidents occurred this month. On the whole, the blockchain security incidents in October dropped slightly compared to September, and security this month was still concentrated in the two areas of DeFi and encryption scams. The DeFi aspect is still the main position where typical security incidents frequently occur, and the “lightning loan attack” is still the main attack method used by hackers. In addition, the security situation regarding fraud/encryption scams is also severe. As the DeFi ecosystem becomes prosperous, various DeFi projects have exposed different security risks due to differences in product design and implementation. This month, despite the low security risk index, typical security incidents in all sub-sectors have occurred, so it is still not to be taken lightly.

▌Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin has mathematical purity and reliable format

On October 31st, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that Bitcoin has mathematical purity and a very reliable format that cannot be easily modified under human control, while the government can create new dollars. Wozniak also believes that encryption can be used “effectively” for payment, and there are already many digital payment methods. However, encrypted payments are anonymous and difficult to track. In December last year, Wozniak established a blockchain-based energy efficiency company called Efforce.

▌Terra co-founder: If these regulators really want to regulate the industry on a global scale, the existing rules will not work

Golden Finance reported that, according to recent court documents, cryptocurrency company Terraform Labs and its co-founder Do Kwon sued the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In a blockchain event last month, the co-founder received a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In this regard, the executive has stated that he understands the SEC’s concerns about products that they may not fully understand or are passionate about. The subpoena was issued against Terra’s Mirror Protocol, which focuses on synthetic assets, which allows users to mint tokens linked to the actual stock prices of companies such as Apple and Tesla. The co-founder warned that financial regulators around the world will soon pursue DeFi in a similar way, adding: “This is like one of the things you have to deal with when you are trying to start a financial revolution. “However, if these regulators really want to regulate the industry on a global scale, the existing rules will not work.

▌Economist: NFT is an asset that can be purchased with cryptocurrency

Golden Finance reported that the International Food Safety Agency and economist Carlo RW De Meijer published a blog post. Meijer stated that NFT is an asset that can be purchased with cryptocurrency. Both are tokens of key elements in the blockchain world. Blockchain technology and NFT provide artists and content creators with a unique opportunity to monetize their products. For example, artists no longer need to rely on galleries or auction houses to sell their artworks. They can sell it directly to consumers as NFT, which also allows them to retain more profits.

▌Bitcoin extremists: Derivatives will not affect the upward price bias of Bitcoin

On October 31, the Bitcoin extremist MAXIMALIST tweeted that the impact of derivatives on Bitcoin cannot change its upward price bias. Derivatives traders are an annoyance that thrives on politicized 0% interest rates. As Bitcoin gradually integrates into the fiat currency world, it also provides funding for leveraged derivatives scammers.

▌The Argentine Futures Exchange Matba Rofex submitted a proposal to the regulator to apply for the launch of Bitcoin futures

On November 1st, the Argentine futures exchange Matba Rofex revealed last week that it had submitted a proposal to the Argentine securities regulator to launch bitcoin futures. Negotiations that began a few months ago are ongoing, but the regulator has not yet made a ruling on the matter. Matba Rofex’s plan is to allow Bitcoin futures to operate in cash settlement on an electronic platform, just like other financial derivatives. Caram stated that Bitcoin futures will require higher guarantees and lower open positions than other futures because they are considered riskier than standard derivatives. The suggestion is that investors deposit a margin of about 30% or 40% of the contract value. According to data from Chainalysis, a website that specializes in encryption and blockchain, Argentina is one of the nine countries with the highest cryptocurrency adoption rate.

▌Circle CEO: The US government report on stablecoins is expected to be released at 3 am on November 2

On November 1st, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire tweeted that the stablecoin report is expected to be released today. An official involved in the report told MM that the President’s Financial Markets Working Group is expected to release its highly anticipated stablecoin report at 3 o’clock this afternoon (03:00, November 2, Beijing time). A key question before the report is: Will regulators require private stablecoins to have strong reserve support? Nellie Liang, the deputy minister of domestic finance at the Ministry of Finance, said last month that if stablecoins become a widely used payment method, the report will pay special attention to possible risks.

▌NFT platform VeVe will launch digital collectible stamp artwork licensed by the U.S. Postal Service

Golden Finance reported that VeVe, a New Zealand NFT platform, announced a new partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to provide the first USPS digital collection of stamp art. This collaboration will make the four recently issued “Forever” stamps inspired by the Day of the Dead available as a limited edition NFT, which will be available through the VeVe app on November 2. The USPS Day of the Dead digital collectibles will be sold in blind boxes, each for $6.00, giving buyers the opportunity to randomly obtain the series of ordinary, rare, rare or ultra-rare collectibles.

▌ Ethernet Square Name Service announced the launch control tokens

Golden Finance reported that the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), based on the open source domain name protocol of Ethereum, announced on Monday that it will decentralize its governance process by using the representative and governance token $ENS. ENS stated that it is believed that both the ENS and DAO spaces are mature enough, and it is time to pass ENS governance to the community by creating DAO and $ENS governance tokens.

▌ Mawson Infrastructure launches an ETF focusing on crypto mining in Australia

Golden Finance reports that Mawson Infrastructure Group has launched ETFs in Australia focusing on cryptocurrency mining, including companies such as Galaxy Digital and Hut8 Mining. This ETF will be the first product provided by its Cosmos asset management department under the code “DIGA.CXA”. According to a statement, the ETF will track the performance of the global digital mining index managed by Standard & Poor’s. The press release did not specify when the ETF will begin trading.

▌Bitcoin miners’ income in October hit the second highest in history

Golden Finance reports that, according to The Block data, Bitcoin miners’ revenue in October was US$1.72 billion, the second highest on record and second only to the highest level of US$1.75 billion reported in May this year. The vast majority of miners’ income in October came from block subsidies, and each transaction block reached 6.26 BTC. Transaction fee income was 27.47 million U.S. dollars, only 1.62% of total monthly income.

▌The first slot liquidity release agreement Bifrost SALP will supportPolkadot slot auction

On November 1st, Bifrost announced that the SALP agreement will support Polkadot slot auctions, and has reached cooperation with multiple Polkadot slot auction projects to jointly launch vs DOT as a slot auction derivative, providing users with a hedge against 96-week slot auctions The lock-up cost of DOT during the pledge period. SALP (Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol), as the first slot auction liquidity protocol, was launched by Bifrost on September 16, 2021. According to the chain, there are already multiple Kusama slot auction projects that have registered Parachain IDs in SALP. , Such as Calamari, Altair, Kintsugi, Parallel, Basilisk, Picasso, Bit.Country, etc., most of which have won the Kusama Parachain slot.

▌Data: The total amount of OpenSea transactions in the NFT market reaches US$10 billion

Golden Finance reports that according to the latest data from DappRader, the total amount of OpenSea transactions in the NFT market has reached 10 billion U.S. dollars (the number of traders is 612,347), setting a record high, ranking first in the NFT market in terms of transaction volume; Axie Infinity is ranked second. , The total transaction amount is 2.84 billion US dollars (the number of traders is 959619); the third place is CryptoPunks , the total transaction value is 1.56 billion US dollars (the number of traders is 5197).

▌The Minister of Finance of Laos: Laos is expected to earn US$193 million through Bitcoin mining in 2022

Golden Finance reported that Lao Finance Minister Bounchom Ubonpaseuth said on Tuesday that he expects to earn 2 trillion kip (approximately US$193 million) through Bitcoin mining by 2022. This will be an important part of the country’s 28.9 trillion kip ($2.8 billion) domestic revenue forecast next year.

▌Mayor of Miami: Plan to get the next salary in Bitcoin

According to Golden Financial News, the famous Bitcoin influencer Anthony Pompliano tweeted: “It’s time. Who will be the first American politician to receive a Bitcoin salary?” The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, retweeted the tweet and said: ” I will get my full salary next time in the form of Bitcoin.” And asked Mike Sarasti, Chief Information Officer of the City of Miami Innovation and Technology Agency for help.

▌Warner Bros. will launch an NFT incarnation with the theme of The Matrix 4

Golden Finance reported that Warner Bros. and social NFT platform Nifty’s will launch 100,000 NFT avatars with the theme of The Matrix Resurrections, with a special “red pill” function. From November 30, these avatars will be sold at a retail price of $50 each. Just like in the original Matrix movie, NFT buyers can choose between a red pill or a blue pill. If they choose the blue pill, their avatar will remain in the Matrix. If they choose the red pill, their avatar will become a resistance fighter.

▌Thailand Siam Commercial Bank acquired 51% of the crypto exchange Bitkub for more than 500 million U.S. dollars

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitkub announced on Tuesday that Thailand’s Siam Commercial Bank will acquire 51% of its shares for 17.85 billion baht (approximately US$537 million). The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022 and is subject to regulatory approval.

▌Hayden Capital: By 2025, the market value of crypto will reach 6.8 trillion US dollars

According to a bullish report released by Hayden Capital on Monday, by 2025, the market value of cryptocurrencies will reach 6.8 trillion U.S. dollars, and Coinbase will charge 50 billion U.S. dollars in fees. Hayden Capital believes that thanks to DeFi, the “productization” of the crypto market and Coinbase’s control of the fast-growing crypto retail industry are the reasons why the exchange has such a huge growth potential in the next four years.

▌Chief Operating Officer of Bank of America: The Fed’s issuance of CBDC is inevitable

On November 5th, Bank of America Chief Operating Officer Tom Montag shared his views on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDC) at a conference held by Chainalysis on Thursday. Here are some of his views: About today’s Cryptocurrencies: They remind me of early derivatives. Regarding stablecoins: I don’t quite understand like everyone else. You will be very nervous, is there really a dollar behind every stablecoin? Regarding the Fed’s issuance of CBDC: This is inevitable, but it will not have much impact. The statement about the competition between banks and cryptocurrencies: I don’t think this is competition at all. I think it’s just another asset class, and people like it for various reasons. Regarding Bitcoin : I am beginning to understand that it has the potential to become a global store of value. We are accustomed to having a stable currency, so it is not easy to understand its importance. Compliance advice for encryption companies: You see massive amounts of data, and you need algorithms to automatically find what you need.

▌Luo Yonghao: The next entrepreneurial project is “Meta Universe”

In the early morning of November 5th, Luo Yonghao posted on Weibo that the next entrepreneurial project was a “Meta Universe Company”! It also comes with a long picture of Shaan Puri posting on social media. According to public information, Shaan Puri served as the CEO of Bebo, a non-existent social networking platform from 2017 to 2019. The article wrote: Very profound, I have never thought about this problem from this perspective (this gap is a bit sad), which is much more reliable than Zuckerberg’s understanding of the meta-universe concept. From this perspective, many things we will do in the technology industry in the future will inevitably lead us to this meta-universe, even whether we want it or not. From this perspective, our next entrepreneurial project turned out to be a so-called “Meta Universe Company”… On October 30, Luo Yonghao replied to Weibo blogger @吴阳时: I don’t believe that Meta Universe will become the future (Game It’s just a game)…but it’s not important. My judgment on the future is often wrong.

▌Meta clarification: Facebook shuts down the facial recognition system, but “Meta Universe” products continue to be used

On November 5, it was reported that Facebook announced earlier this week that it would no longer deploy facial recognition technology on its platform; but Facebook’s parent company Meta stated that this promise does not apply to its “Meta Universe” products. Meta spokesperson Jason Gross said: “We believe that under the premise of maintaining privacy, control and transparency, this technology has the potential to enable positive use cases in the future. We will continue to explore this approach while considering our future. How can our computing platform and equipment better meet people’s needs.”

▌Square opens the Cash App to teenagers, but requires the permission of the guardian

Golden Finance reports that Square, a mobile payment company owned by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, now allows all teenagers to use the Cash App. Previously, the app was only allowed to be used by adults. However, children between the ages of 13 and 17 need permission from their parents (or other guardians) to use this app. Golden Finance previously reported that payment company Square said on Thursday that in the third quarter of 2021, it received $1.82 billion in bitcoin revenue through its CashApp and generated $42 million in gross profit, an increase of 115% and 29% year-on-year, respectively.

▌The U.S. Senator proposes that Congress use cryptocurrency for payment

Golden Finance reported that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz proposed in the Senate on Monday a resolution entitled “Using cryptocurrency as a transaction payment exchange resolution in Congress”, the resolution proposed in the “Capitol restaurant, vending machine and gift shop” Accept cryptocurrency. According to the text of the resolution: the architect of the Capitol, the secretary of the Senate, and the chief administrative officer of the House of Representatives should each… solicit and sign contracts to provide food services and vending machines in such capitols, and communicate with those who accept digital assets as payment Sign the contract for the goods. The resolution added that they should also “encourage gift shops in such capitols to accept digital assets as payment for goods.” Cruz stated that Congress can play a leading role in the field of cryptocurrency by adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method and increasing Congress’s awareness of cryptocurrency.

▌Tencent’s digital collection trading platform Magic Core opens pre-orders for digital collections with the theme of “Under One”

On November 5th, Tencent’s digital collection trading platform Huanhe opened pre-orders for digital collections with the theme of “Under One Person”. This digital collection selected five protagonists of “Under One” and a character in the fourth season of the animation. The design is based on the concept of “scroll cheats” and the image of the national style with the theme of flowers and ink. Each model is limited to 1,000 pieces, with a total of 6,000 pieces and a unit price of 98 yuan. 6 of them will be donated to Tencent animation fans as fan benefits. The remaining 5994 pieces will be on sale at 15:00 on November 9th, and there will be no follow-up Form additional issuance. “Under One” was created by the famous cartoonist Mi Er. It is a life-growth work that shows the wisdom of the East. With a huge worldview, strong cultural heritage, bloody and bizarre stories, it has become one of the top national comic IPs and is praised by netizens. It is the “light of the country”.

▌Australian regulators are studying the impact of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s involvement in crypto services

On November 5, a spokesperson for the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the Australian banking supervisory agency, told Reuters that the agency is studying the impact of the country’s largest bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)’s involvement in crypto services. The spokesperson said that the CBA has notified the regulatory agency of its plan in advance, and the agency is reviewing the regulatory issues that have arisen. CBA announced on Wednesday that it will become the first mainstream bank in a developed country to provide a cryptocurrency trading platform for retail investors. CBA said that it welcomes the development of a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. At present, Australia has not implemented formal supervision of this field.

▌South Korean presidential candidate: a virtual asset supervision department similar to FSS will be established

According to news on November 5, South Korea’s Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung stated in his campaign promise that a government department similar to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) that specializes in the supervision of the virtual asset industry will be established to check for unfair behavior in the crypto market, such as Price manipulation, cross trading or hacking to better protect investors.

▌Billy Markus: Oppose cryptocurrency hype

On November 5th, Billy Markus, one of the founders of Dogecoin, tweeted that he opposed cryptocurrency hype. This kind of hype is sometimes used by those who want to make a quick profit in public opinion, in order to own cryptocurrency or other The more valuable assets in the future must add value to them. Then Musk comment below support.

▌Phunware bought 100 Bitcoins for US$6.2 million in cash

On November 5th, Phunware, an enterprise cloud office software company, announced the purchase of 100 bitcoins for approximately US$6.2 million in cash. The average price of the purchase of bitcoins this time is approximately US$62,030. As of November 4, 2021, Phunware holds a total of about 127 bitcoins. The fair value of the bitcoins held is about 7.75 million U.S. dollars, and the average purchase price is about 61,238 U.S. dollars per bitcoin.

▌The FBI issued a warning on the use of encrypted ATM machines and QR codes to facilitate payment scams

Golden Finance reported that on November 4, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned the public to pay attention to scams that use cryptocurrency ATM machines and QR codes to facilitate payments. The FBI found that more and more scammers instruct victims to use physical cryptocurrency ATMs and digital QR codes to complete payment transactions. Criminals maliciously use encrypted ATM machines and QR codes to collect payments from victims in various fraud schemes. The FBI stated that the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies posed challenges and made it difficult to recover funds. Once the victim pays, the recipient immediately owns the cryptocurrency and usually immediately transfers the funds to an overseas account.

▌Central Media Investigation: Under the severe crackdown, some websites are still publishing articles for virtual currency marketing for a fee

According to news on November 4, Xinhua Viewpoint reporters recently investigated and found that some websites are still advocating virtual currency marketing. Such websites not only hype virtual currency market under the name of “blockchain” and “meta universe”, but also publish articles, tutorials and organizations. Events, live roadshows, and guide the flow of all kinds of overseas virtual currency marketing. Liu Bin, Director of the Financial and Shipping Research Office of Shanghai Pudong Reform and Development Research Institute, said, “Since 2017, the virtual currency trading and issuance platforms in my country have been cleaned up and banned, but there are still many activities related to virtual currency. Relevant websites and self-media. “According to the relevant person in charge of the People’s Bank of China, in order to build a multi-dimensional and multi-level virtual currency transaction speculation risk prevention and handling system, financial management departments, network information departments, telecommunications authorities, public security departments, Market supervision departments work closely together to implement comprehensive policies in terms of cutting off payment channels, disposing of relevant websites and mobile applications in accordance with the law, strengthening the registration and advertising management of relevant market entities, and cracking down on relevant illegal financial activities and other illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law.

▌Media : Kazakhstan sets limits on the amount of cryptocurrency investment for local retail investors

According to a report by local media on Wednesday, Kazakhstan restricts the funds that local retail investors can invest in cryptocurrencies. According to reports, retail investors can use 10% of their annual income or 5% of their total assets (excluding their main residence) for such investments, up to a maximum of US$100,000 per year, as long as they provide financial certification to the regulator. If investors do not provide any financial proof, they can invest up to $1,000 per month. stated that they obtained this information directly from the Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA). According to reports, the rules established by AFSA took effect on October 26.

▌The U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary urges the private sector to publish suspicious cryptocurrency trends

On November 4th, US Deputy Treasury Secretary Adeyemo urged the private sector to publish suspicious cryptocurrency trends.

▌US SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce: The rules of different cryptocurrencies may be different

News on November 4th, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce: The rules of different cryptocurrencies may be different. (Questioned why the SEC did not approve the Bitcoin ETF) SEC Chairman Gensler “wants to see” assets traded in regulated markets.

▌Tether issues an additional 1 billion USDT on the Ethereum chain

According to Whale Alert data, at 22:47 on November 4, Beijing time, USDT issuer Tether issued an additional 1 billion USDT on the Ethereum chain. The transaction hash is: 0x24324c3e4fba433bed4851889f4e8161571b54cb049161c1165d1f908d5ba26e.

▌New York City mayor-elect: will receive the first three months’ salary in the form of Bitcoin

Golden Finance reported that the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, previously stated on Twitter that he would get his full salary next time in the form of Bitcoin. Eric Adams, the elected mayor of New York City, is not to be outdone, and plans to accept the first three months of salary in the form of Bitcoin after he takes office. Adams said: “In New York, we are always bigger. New York will become the center of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing innovative industries!”

▌Twitter CEO: The company does not intend to expand the cryptocurrency field outside of Bitcoin trading

Twitter CEO Dorsey stated that the company does not intend to expand the cryptocurrency field outside of bitcoin trading.

▌CoinShares, a European crypto asset management company, increased its revenue to US$120.2 million in the third quarter

Golden Finance reported that CoinShares, a European crypto asset management company, has released its third quarter interim financial report. The company’s adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) increased from 62.8 million pounds (85 million U.S. dollars) in the previous quarter to 88.8 million pounds (120.2 million U.S. dollars). For the full year of 2020, CoinShares’ adjusted EBITDA is 22.1 million pounds (29.9 million US dollars). According to the document, the results of the third quarter enabled the company to achieve its strongest performance ever in nine months.

▌ MicroStrategy  CEO: Acknowledge that Bitcoin is the most important asset

On November 4, the CEO of MicroStrategy stated that he recognizes that Bitcoin is the most important asset.

▌The global supply chain crisis is disrupting shipments to U.S. Bitcoin mining companies

Golden Finance reported that during the global supply chain crisis, the US Bitcoin mining company had delayed equipment orders from China. Several large Bitcoin mining companies listed in North America, including Riot Blockchain, Bitfarms, and Marathon Digital, have all revealed that their recent production updates have undergone transportation interruptions due to ongoing global logistics issues in the past two months.

▌ Coinbase is testing a subscription service with no transaction fees

On November 3, Coinbase is testing a new subscription-based service, CoinbaseOne, which will be available to a small number of users to start using. Features include zero-fee transactions and priority phone support. It also plans to increase account protection. It is not clear how much Coinbase will charge for the new service.

▌Dongguan investigated and dealt with a virtual currency “mining” and seized more than 260 mining machines

According to news on November 3, Dongguan City Department Town Street recently discovered that a company used the computer and graphics card recycling business to implement virtual currency mining in a sub-lease factory. The above behavior has not gone through an energy conservation review and is suspected of violating the “Energy Conservation Law of the People’s Republic of China” 》, among them, Qingxi seized more than 260 mining machines in two places. Qingxi Town Economic Development Bureau, public security, power supply and other departments intervened in the investigation and found that one of the sites used about 60,000 kWh in September and more than 120,000 kWh in October, which seriously disturbed the normal power consumption.

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