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  • Must-see predictions for ETH 2.0 after the London hard fork

     It has been more than a week since the Ethereum London hard fork, and since then, Ethereum has become more and more powerful. Today, I will discuss Ethereum in depth again. This article will explain how the London upgrade affects prices and what all this means for ETH 2.0. What is the London upgrade? First, we need to explain what the upgrade in London is and why it is so important to the Ethereum network. In essence, this is an upgrade of Ethereum, including many Ethereum improvement proposals or EIPs. The most important…

    2021-08-17 Ethereum News
  • What is the next roadmap for Ethereum?

    In the roadmap of Ethereum 2.0, the ultimate goal is PoS. The PoW chain will be retained in the historical development until it is not suitable for mining, and the ETH1.0 network is completely unsuitable for work. At present, PoW and PoS are mixed, but PoS does not assume the stage of mainnet transaction confirmation. In the original ETH2.0 sharding architecture, the ETH1.0 PoW chain is a shard, which is the same as the ETH2.0 beacon chain. The film undertakes the same task. However, the follow-up resolution depends on the development of…

    Ethereum News 2021-08-17
  • JPMorgan Chase also miscalculated Ethereum 2.0 Staking to become the largest ETH holder worth $21 billion

    On August 16, according to the data from the blockchain analysis company Nansen, the staking scale of Ethereum 2.0 has now reached 6.73 million ETH (worth about 21.2 billion US dollars), surpassing the “wrapped Ethereum (WETH) on the network” “The total amount. When the current proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain and the proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain of Ethereum are “merged”, the amount of pledged ETH continues to increase, which shows that Ethereum users are expecting developers to deliver the highly anticipated Ethereum 2.0 The ability to upgrade the network is full of confidence….

    Ethereum News 2021-08-17
  • BitDAO IDO process is hot: ETH crowdfunding pool is full and can participate in airdrop rewards

    BitDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, started IDO on the SushiSwap Launchpad platform MISO at 21:00 on August 16, Beijing time. At present, the ETH crowdfunding pool is full, with a total of 112.67 million ETH raised and 9,269 addresses participated. BitDAO’s IDO can be called fierce. After 50 minutes of IDO, BitDAO has raised 74,000 ETH and 850,000 SUSHI, which is approximately more than 250 million U.S. dollars, and nearly 6,100 participants. It is reported that the IDO issuance plan adopts the Dutch auction format. A total of 200 million BIT tokens…

    2021-08-17 Ethereum News
  • Vitalik: Token voting should not be the only legal form of governance decentralization

    In the past year, an important trend in the blockchain field is to shift from focusing on DeFi to also considering decentralized governance (DeGov). Although 2020 is widely hailed as the year of DeFi, since then, the complexity and capabilities of DeFi projects that constitute this trend have continued to grow, leading to increasing interest in decentralized governance to cope with this complexity. There are many examples in Ethereum. YFI, Compound, Synthetix, Uniswap, Gitcoin, etc. have all been launched and even started to use some kind of DAO. It is undeniable that…

    2021-08-17 Ethereum News
  • An article to understand the ultimate expansion plan of Ethereum: rollups

    What are rollups? What is the difference between Optimism and ZK rollups? How is Arbitrum different from Optimism? Why is rollup considered the holy grail when expanding Ethereum? You will find the answers to these questions in this article. introduce Ethereum expansion has always been one of the most discussed topics in the cryptocurrency field. During periods of frequent network activities such as the CryptoKitties boom in 2017, the DeFi summer in 2020, or the cryptocurrency bull market in early 2021, the debate about the expansion of Ethereum usually heats up. During these periods, users’…

    2021-08-15 Ethereum News
  • Technology Weekly|Openethereum has 100% completed the “London” upgrade

    This week’s Technology Weekly contains technical news on six projects including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Kusama, Solana, Optimistic, and zkopro. Bitcoin network Lightning Network v0.10.1 version is now released On August 10th, the Lightning Network v0.10.1 version has been released. This update includes 551 commits from 15 authors, brings new liquidity Ads and Offers features, updates to dual funding channels, and is compatible with Taproot addresses. And more new features. Ethereum network Ethereum community members: To solve the geographical risk of network clusters, it is necessary to completely eliminate the ability of…

    Ethereum News 2021-08-14
  • Newsweek | More than 35,000 ETH has been destroyed

    Headlines   ▌Data : More than 35,000 ETH has been destroyed According to data from the masters on the Ouke Cloud Chain, the current Ethereum has burned a total of 35,680 ETH, and the average burn value of a single block is 0.7285 ETH.   ▌KPMG : In the first half of 2021, the total value of investment in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain will total US$8.7 billion, which is double that of 2020 On August 12, KPMG released a research report entitled “Pulse of Fintech H1 2021”, stating that due to rising…

    Ethereum News 2021-08-14
  • What is zkopru?

    The Ethereum Foundation today released a list of the teams currently funded and supported by Ethereum. Among them, zkopru is mentioned in the expansion of layer2, which is a comprehensive technical solution. Use zk-SNARK and optimistic summary of the privacy transaction layer2 extended solution. In order to understand the principle in detail, we have compiled the relevant content as follows. zkopru can support privacy transmission and privacy atomic exchange in the layer2 network between ETH, ERC20, and ERC721. In addition, through the prepayment function, users can withdraw assets from layer2 before finalization….

    Ethereum News 2021-08-13
  • EIP1559 is deployed for a week and 32,000 ETH is destroyed. What else?

    At 20:34 on August 5th, the block height of the Ethereum network reached 12,965,000, and the London upgrade was officially launched! This is an upgrade that has attracted the attention of the Ethereum community. With the smooth completion of the upgrade and the continuous increase in the amount of ETH burned by the network, the Ethereum community cheered for joy. V God and some core community members also smiled in the Youtube live broadcast room and watched the live broadcast. Fans of consciously and excitedly put “ETH TO THE MOON” on…

    2021-08-13 Ethereum News
  • Ethereum is abandoning the PoW mechanism, why should Ergo stick to it?

    Is n’t P oW dying ? Ergo is a blockchain based on the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. The most common question investors ask about PoW is: “Why? Ethereum is abandoning PoW? Isn’t PoW dying?” Interestingly, the lead developer of the Ergo public chain Alex Churpenoy (Annotation: also the co-founder of Ergo) once It is a Proof of Stake (PoS) developer. If we go back to 2015 and go to San Francisco, we will find that Alex used to be a PoS cryptocurrency developer, and almost everyone in the cryptocurrency industry opposed PoS at that…

    Ethereum News 2021-08-12
  • MEV is destroying the fairness of Ethereum? Introduction of 25 anti-MEV projects

    “Imagine when ETH becomes a universal currency. You try to buy Dua Lipa’s comeback tour NFT tickets for $50 on an auction platform. A robot sees your transaction and preemptively buys it at the same price. But don’t worry, they have sold it back to you at your highest bid of $100 in the same block.” This is a scene proposed by pmcgoohan, the earliest proponent of the Ethereum MEV problem, when he was conceiving the future. Although this extreme situation may not necessarily happen, in the current relatively simple process…

    2021-08-12 Ethereum News
  • EIP-1559 has more or less revenue from Ethereum miners one week after it went online?

    EIP-1559 went live. Frankly speaking, this Ethereum improvement proposal was discussed for more than two years before it was finally launched. I believe many people know EIP. -1559 After the completion of the deployment of the Ethereum blockchain, it will have an impact on the income of miners. So how much impact has it had so far? Let us take a look together. In fact, EIP-1559 seems to be able to effectively accomplish two things: 1. Destroy Ether (ETH) 2. Limit the block size to an ideal goal After the deployment…

    2021-08-12 Ethereum News
  • Has Eth1.0 died in the London upgrade?

    With the launch of EIP1559, the fate of the Eth1.0 chain is therefore determined. On August 5th, Ethereum was upgraded in London. With the successful deployment of the upgrade, 5 EIPs including EIP-1559 began to be used. After activation, Ethereum started destroying ETH for the first time, and the beginning of this behavior represented the death of the Eth1.0 chain in a sense. Previously, when EIP1559 was proposed and it was not determined when it will be implemented, the author has inferred that the best state of EIP1559 is to…

    Ethereum News 2021-08-12
  • What impact will the “London Upgrade” of Ethereum have on Polkadot’s ecological development?

    background Among the several topics that have been hotly discussed in the Crypto circle recently, apart from NFT and Metaverse, the other thing is the “Ethereum London Upgrade”. As an important step for Ethereum to become more accessible, the London hard fork The essence is to adjust the EIP-1559 upgrade of the gas fee of the Ethereum network to cope with the increasing miner fees in the use of users (the goal is so). Let’s not talk about whether the current cost of using the Ethereum network has been reduced,…

    2021-08-12 Ethereum News
  • Ethereum will eventually surpass Bitcoin?

    In the past ten days, the market has been abruptly. BTC rebounded 58% from the bottom (29k→46k), and ETH rebounded 88% (1.7k→3.2k) from the bottom. Obviously, this round of ETH is stronger than BTC. Therefore, there have been a lot of discussions about “Ethereum surpassing Bitcoin” in the market recently. In fact, since 2017, this kind of voice or controversy has always existed. At present, the market value of Bitcoin is US$850 billion, accounting for 46% of the total market value of the crypto market ; while the market value of Ethereum is US$360…

    2021-08-12 Ethereum News
  • Ethereum + NFT: “Golden Age” of Generative Art

    Explore the world of generative art and how to use this opportunity. Dear Bankless community, This work was sold for more than $400,000 a few hours ago. Ringer#666 How about this work? Chromie Squiggly #4637 It sold for $275,000 last night. These are just two examples of the recent boom in generative art, which is an art form that is generated by a computer through an algorithm. In generative art, artists do not directly create works. Instead, they customized a computer algorithm to do it for them! “Although this has historically been a…

    2021-08-11 Metaverse & NFT News
  • Analyze the trading package market under EIP-1559 from the perspective of MEV

    Looking at all the activities surrounding the Ethereum London hard fork this week, I noticed that people have various ideas about EIP-1559 (the main protocol change for this hard fork). Therefore, I want to try to outline my views on this EIP here, hoping to help integrate these different ideas. Article outline status quo The difference between packaged market and sorted market First price bidding based on fixed supply iteration Miner income type EIP-1559 history Fee market model Impact on MEV Basic expenses as agreement income Summarize If you want to…

  • ETH2.0 has steadily promoted how ordinary users can participate in staking?

    Decentralized finance (DeFi) has become one of the most popular topics for discussion in the encryption field, with dozens of new projects being launched every month. In its essence, DeFi applications. On December 1st last year, the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 (Beacon Chain, Phase 0) was released. Phase 0 accepts users to pledge a minimum of 32 ETH to become a validator of the beacon chain and can obtain pledge income. This also means that new opportunities for passive income have emerged. V God announces Ethereum upgrade on social media Participating…

    Ethereum News 2021-08-11
  • Ethereum may be the best investment in the past 20 years

    Back in time six years ago, how many people would think Ethereum is sexy? Many people have doubled their investment in Ethereum recently. So far, Ethereum may be the best investment in the past 20 years. The following is the reason. Ethereum: USD 20,000 Ethereum has undergone a massive upgrade. Basically, only 13% of all free float of Ethereum is available. Everything else is mortgaged, locked up, and hoarded. They make supply more difficult. The supply is low, and the free-floating Ethereum is falling every day, so most people will start staking their Ethereum holdings. Since there…

    Ethereum News 2021-08-11