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  • From Celsius to Three Arrows: The Depletion of Domino-Epic Liquidity of Crypto Billion Giants

    There has been no peace in the crypto market since May of this year. In just one month, we have witnessed the collapse of Luna’s $40 billion financial empire overnight, the de-anchoring of Lido derivatives, the world’s largest decentralized node of ETH 2.0, the suspension of withdrawals from Celsius, the largest encrypted bank in the United States, and then it is said that it once held 18 billion. Three Arrows Capital Liquidation of USD Crypto Assets. When we connect these events, from Luna to stETH, from Celsius to Sanjian, we can find…

    2022-06-16 Ethereum News
  • Three Arrows Capital loses: Ethereum whale in liquidity crisis

    The star institution that once surprised the world in the encryption world is holding a number plate that has been liquidated. The crypto market is in a panic, and the bad news is gradually being realized. The crash of Luna, the insolvency of Celsius, the de-anchor of stETH… With a series of bad news, the market kept hitting new lows without rebounding. Today, a tweet from Zhu Su, founder of Three Arrows Capital, made the encryption community fry the pot again, “We are communicating with relevant parties and are committed…

    2022-06-15 Ethereum News
  • The Mystery of Three Arrows Capital

    Three Arrows Capital is at the center of the puzzle, and rumors continue. On June 15, ZhuSu, founder of Three Arrows Capital, tweeted that we are communicating with relevant parties and are committed to solving the problem. What is the problem solved? The block said that the total liquidation limit of Three Arrows Capital on lending platforms such as Deribit and BlockFi is as high as 400 million US dollars. Three Arrows is currently working on its relationship with lenders and other counterparties. And with the fermentation of these news content,…

    News 2022-06-15
  • OpenSea issued a document saying that it is migrating to the new protocol Seaport

    On June 15, Beijing time, OpenSea announced on its official blog that it is migrating to Seaport, a new web3 marketplace protocol that aims to safely and efficiently buy and sell NFTs. The article said that Seaport will be a game-changer, the protocol is open source, decentralized, and can help OpenSea or any team that uses it to build and release new features faster. After the protocol is released, OpenSea will have the following changes: Significantly reduces gas costs Ability to offer quotes for entire collections or multiple items with…

  • The hardest lesson in the crypto market: don’t take a moment for eternity

    no other way The haze of inflation haunts every mainstream country in the world. The Russian-Ukrainian war, the epidemic, and the interruption of the global supply chain… It is undeniable that under the wave of globalization in the past two decades, no country can live happily alone. The large amount of oil and natural gas from Russia, the high-quality and cheap industrial products from China, and the grain produced by Ukraine as the “granary of Europe”… These daily necessities that were readily available in the past have all been interrupted…

    2022-06-15 News
  • Three Arrows Capital defeat: ETH’s first Holder is in a liquidity crisis

    Where is the first big bear market after the institution’s high-profile and heavy positions? The crypto market is in a panic, and the bad news is gradually being realized. The crash of Luna, the insolvency of Celsius, the de-anchor of stETH… With a series of bad news, the market kept hitting new lows without rebounding. Today, a tweet from Zhu Su, founder of Three Arrows Capital, made the encryption community fry the pot again, “We are communicating with relevant parties and are committed to solving the problem.” This news has…

    2022-06-15 Ethereum News
  • Analyze market dynamics after stETH de-anchoring from on-chain data

    At present, the price of Ethereum has fallen to around $1,100, and with the decline in the price of Ethereum, DeFi protocols are facing large-scale liquidation pressure. The market sentiment after the thunderstorm of the stablecoin UST-LUNA has not been fully digested, and dominoes have also occurred on Ethereum. Cause: stETH de-anchored stETH is a liquid pledge token issued by Lido, a platform that has turned from ETH to PoS mechanism. Lido has been introduced in detail in Hoo Research’s previous articles. Readers who are not clear can read it again….

    2022-06-15 Ethereum News
  • “Pledged Ether” in focus of crypto stress from Celsius to 3AC

    From struggling lender Celsius to hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and industry heavyweight Sam Bankman-, a token known as “collateralized ether” has suddenly become a key focus for crypto traders trying to monitor extreme stress in digital asset markets – Freed’s Alameda Research is dumping their assets. The key metric is the price of staked ether (stETH) — a token from the Lido Finance protocol that should trade close to the price of ethereum (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the ethereum blockchain — and the price of ether the discount itself. Monday’s…

    Ethereum News 2022-06-15
  • Celsius, the tens of billions of encrypted lending platform, is in crisis. Is the CEL game over?

    Celsius Network operates as a financial technology platform with an economic model that challenges the traditional banking model, offering interest-bearing savings accounts and lending as well as payments in digital and fiat assets. Celsius announced on June 12 that it was suspending all withdrawals from its lending platform, citing “extreme market conditions” and the need for “stable liquidity.” This decision has a direct disruptive effect on the crypto market itself. Celsius launched the CEL token in June 2018 to support Celsius’ revenue and reward system. The current negative news about Celsius has swept…

    2022-06-15 News
  • How will “mergers” transform Ethereum mining?

    Foreword: V God re- raised the merger of Ethereum , causing speculation about the mining industry On May 20, Hong Kong time, the day of the ETH Shanghai Cloud Summit, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, claimed on his personal Twitter that he was no longer a “billionaire”. Buterin also said at the summit on the same day that “Ethereum 2.0 is undergoing final network testing… The merger may take place as early as August”, and he was correcting his past “negative value of contributions to the world”. Whether V’s rich status is not guaranteed is…

    2022-06-14 Ethereum News
  • Ether 7th Talk​: Ropsten testnet merger was very successful

    The Merge The Ropsten testnet merge was very successful Danny Ryan summed up the Ropsten merger, which he thought was very successful, and said he would jump for joy if the mainnet merger was such a performance. Here is some data analysis: ~14% of validators dropped during transition 1. 9% of them – configuration issues by the Nimbus team, resolved by modifying the CLI and redeploying 2. 1.8% of them – known concurrency vulnerabilities in Nethermind, some nodes need to be restarted 3. Among them, 2.5%—3%—the web-socket problem of Nimbus-Besu, use…

    2022-06-14 News
  • Crypto Nova Fallen Under Crypto Winter

    Investor sentiment took another hit as investors worried that the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates more to curb inflation. Bitcoin continued its decline today, falling as much as 6.5% in the morning, hitting its lowest level since December 2020. Additionally, a range of other mainstream coins, from Ethereum to Avalanche, saw heavy losses. Investor sentiment toward the entire crypto market is very bad these days. Today, Edward Moya, senior market analyst at Oanda, said that if Bitcoin fell below $20,000, it could lead to even worse price action… The crypto market in the…

    2022-06-14 News
  • Explain the PoS economic landscape in detail: Will staking drive the next bull market?

    We need a better token economics design to support the staking protocol, and a specific data analysis tool is also necessary. Content Highlights We divide PoS pledge into three parts: node provider, liquid pledge pool, financial derivatives Big players already dominate the entire staking market New players can enter the market with support for long-tail assets, and a better user experience The staking market still has the following opportunities: data analysis tool Toolkit for starting a node provider business Fixed investment derivatives with long-term fixed interest rates Better token economics…

    2022-06-14 Ethereum News
  • Rollup’s present, hindrance, race and future

    This article focuses on the Layer2 Rollup universe of Ethereum (including Secured rollup only), starting from the simple and easy-to-understand core concepts and mechanism design, to discuss the current good and bad of Rollup, and imagine that they will be decentralized and further expanded in the future. Composability, and the pros and cons of potential routes and solutions for additional features such as privacy. A Secured Rollup is a model like Arbitrum or Optimism, where settlement, consensus, and data availability all rely on L1 such as Ethereum, and are only…

    2022-06-13 News
  • Detailed explanation of cross-chain bridge mechanism: risks and opportunities coexist

    As the cryptographic industry continues to evolve, new bridge designs will be explored, new security models will be validated, and new bridge-based applications will continue to emerge. Over the past year, Ethereum’s dominance as the primary smart contract blockchain has been challenged by other Layer 1s. The multi-chain world is no longer a doubt; it is a reality. As these new chains are adopted, their consensus mechanism, smart contract language, and community value “smash” Web3 into various ecosystems. L1 market share (% of TVL) These ecosystems create value for their respective communities,…

    2022-06-13 News
  • Why is stETH not the next UST?

    stETH may continue to discount, but under the balance of arbitrage funds, it is not expected to deviate too much. In the past few days, the cryptocurrency market has ushered in a new round of waterfall market. ETH, which is the “vanguard” of this round of decline, has successively lost important thresholds such as 1700, 1500, and 1200 US dollars. Above the weekly line, ETH has closed negative for 10 consecutive weeks, which also means that ETH has almost always been on a unilateral downward trend in the past three months….

    2022-06-13 Ethereum News
  • Dawn is coming: Ethereum merger is near

    The Merge Ethereum upgrade goal is to switch the consensus mechanism and will not have a direct impact on tps. In the L2-centric expansion roadmap, the protocol layer is mainly used to ensure decentralization and security. The task of expansion will be mainly composed of Sharding and L2 to assume.   Key Takeaways Last week, the Ethereum testnet Ropsten successfully merged, and PoS was officially enabled on Ropsten; The merger on the Sepolia and Goerli testnets will take place in a few weeks; If it goes well, the merger of…

    2022-06-13 Ethereum News
  • stETH de-anchored? The analysis said that the price may fall due to panic, leverage, etc.

    Recently, stETH de-anchoring incidents have intensified. Data shows that stETH de-anchored and its value once fell to 0.95 ETH. Many analysts believe that the price may fall due to panic, leverage and other reasons. However, LidoFinance, a liquid staking protocol, responded to the recent tilt in the exchange ratio of stETH and ETH on its social networking site, pointing out that stETH is still anchored at 1:1 with ETH. How are things going? What is stETH and Lido Protocol stETH is an ETH2 pledge certificate provided by the pledge protocol Lido, allowing…

    Ethereum News 2022-06-13
  • Former Lido employee talks about stETH decoupling

    I apologize in advance for the plethora of mistakes. Before starting, I would like to make a proper note. First of all, none of this is financial investment advice, as I am not qualified to give financial investment advice and I am not actually qualified to do anything. They’re just my thoughts, not my employer’s because I don’t have an employer – probably because of my lack of qualifications. Second, I previously helped build Lido, which is a subject in this article. I don’t work for Lido now, and certainly not writing this…

    2022-06-13 Ethereum News
  • Silicon Valley Rinpoche Naval talks to Buterin: Everything about ETH

    Vitalik: Ethereum, Part 1 Naval: Welcome back to the podcast. Our guest was Haseeb Qureshi, a partner at Dragonfly with whom I used to work when I was active in the cryptocurrency space. And Vitalik Buterin, the erudite genius – although he may be outraged by the description – who created Ethereum, the first smart contract blockchain capable of taking any transaction volume, and changed us The whole picture of blockchain computing as we know it. Haseeb, would you like to introduce yourself to us? Haseeb’s background Haseeb: I’m a software engineer…

    Ethereum News 2022-06-13