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  • Encrypted world under the flow economy: from BAYC, People to SOS

    From the digital scarcity driven by NFTs to the phrase “55 million millionaires in the world, but only 21 million bitcoins”, people are always narrating the scarcity of cryptocurrencies. However, in fact, “Attention” is the only scarce resource in the cryptocurrency field. First, venture capital is clearly not a scarce resource. The profitable people who participated in the summer of encryption in 2021 are raising billions of dollars in funds, planning to use it for the development of “Metaverse” and decentralized Internet applications. In this comparison, a billion dollars is…

    2022-01-05 Bitcoin News
  • Looking back at 10 iconic moments in the crypto market in 2021

    2021 is an extraordinary year for the crypto market. The total market value of crypto has hit a record high, and the ecosystem is constantly evolving. In terms of valuation, as of December 28, 2021, the total market value of the crypto market reached US$2.5 trillion, more than double the amount a year ago. Bitcoin broke the previous record high and its market value increased by approximately US$545 billion. Although the recent trend has been slightly sluggish, its price has risen by nearly 70%. The Ethereum ecosystem is booming, and…

    2021-12-29 DogeCoin News
  • Dogecoin Foundation Releases Dogecoin Roadmap for the First Time: Focus on Payment

    Recently, the dog coins Foundation released a “road map (Trailmap)”, details of its plans for the future. This is also the first time the Dogecoin Foundation has released a Dogecoin roadmap in 8 years. 1. The website will be redesigned, and one of the key parts of the redesign will be the Dogepedia section. 2. Create Dogecoin building block C library Lib dog ecoin, which allows anyone to build a product that conforms to Dogecoin without worrying about the deeper details of the encryption function.3. Create a Dogecoin standard….

    2021-12-24 DogeCoin News
  • Quest: Who wrote the rules of the blockchain?

    Dogecoin, the “joke” currency that made millionaires overnight; CryptoKitties, cartoon cat digital trading card, priced at more than $100,000; Pringles “flavor” only exists as an NFT digital product, but its price is far more than it can be French fries to eat. On the surface, these blockchain-based projects sound ridiculous, confuse the public, and are a mockery of financial institutions. They are pranks and pranks that can sometimes make money. But if you can see through these jokes, jargon, and stupid names inside, you will find that a series of…

    DogeCoin News 2021-12-22
  • Musk stirs Dogecoin market sentiment again

    On December 14, Tesla founder Elon Musk said on Twitter that the electric car manufacturer will accept Dogecoin (DOGE) as a payment method for some products on a test basis. As soon as the tweet came out, DOGE rose by 46.6%, becoming the “a little bit of green” in the “million red clusters” of the encrypted asset market. The “Godfather” who stirred the Dogecoin market is back. People call Musk the “Godfather of Dogecoin.” Only this year, the founder of Tesla, based on his personal remarks, changed the price of DogeCoin…

  • Looking at the Meme economy from the history of Dogecoin

    As we have seen through the crazy rise of Gremplin’s “CrypToadz” and other projects, in general, the community is the main catalyst behind the success or collapse of various protocols, dApps, or in Gremplin’s example, many people are now jokingly Think of it as “Jpegs without liquidity” (NFT). But there is another factor, a well-known glue, that helps to consolidate and strengthen these communities while also spreading their ideas to the wider world. Memes.  Many people don’t know that the origin of Meme and its formal theme (called memetics) can be…

  • One article to understand that the skyrocketing Shiba Inu coin created the most profitable transaction in history

    At the time of the purchase of 8,000 US dollars, the price of a Shiba Inu coin was approximately 0.000000000189 US dollars, and now fourteen months later, the price of this virtual currency has reached 0.00007941 US dollars, which will mean , In just fourteen months, the return on investment of Shiba Inu Coins was as high as 7,000,000%. In August 2020, when Shiba Inu (Shiba Inu) just came out, a virtual currency investor invested $8,000 in it, and just over a year later, the value of this $8,000 investment…

  • Missed Doge and Shib? You need to regain the meme economy

    Meme economy is also the history of personal experience of capitalism in the 21st century: it is to identify the right scarce digital meme at the right time. I wrote this long article at full speed, because in the past week, it was completely boiling in my mind, and all kinds of absurd ideas emerged endlessly. If you want a coherent explanation of the GameStop, Reddit, Robinhood, and stock manipulation events, please read this article by Taylor Lorenz published in The New York Times. At the same time, I will analyze this…

    2021-10-28 DogeCoin News
  • Missed Doge and Shib? You need to regain the meme economy

    Meme economy is also the history of personal experience of capitalism in the 21st century: it is to identify the right scarce digital meme at the right time. I wrote this long article at full speed, because in the past week, it was completely boiling in my mind, and all kinds of absurd ideas emerged endlessly. If you want a coherent explanation of the GameStop, Reddit, Robinhood, and stock manipulation series of events, please read this article by Taylor Lorenz published in The New York Times. At the same time, I will…

    2021-10-28 DogeCoin News
  • SHIB’s counterattack: Only one step away from Doge

    In the past two days, SHIB has once again relied on its own strength to return to the attention list of users in the currency circle. After the price soared in just a few days, SHIB successively hit record highs. As of press time, SHIB 24H has increased by 28.0%, and the 7-day increase has reached 92.2%. The latest price is 0.00005439 US dollars. According to CoinGecko’s data, the price of SHIB hit a record high of $0.00005463 earlier today. It is currently the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the world. It…

    2021-10-28 DogeCoin News
  • SHIB ascends the rumor?

    Throughout the weekend, the attention of the crypto circle was attracted by Shiba Inu. The Meme project token SHIB with the Shiba Inu expression rushed from around US$0.000027 to around US$0.000044 in 2 days, an increase of more than 62%, and it also broke a record high. The surge in SHIB is not unrelated to a rumor. On Sunday, an analytical website “broke the news” without citing any authoritative sources that SHIB will be launched on Monday, the financial products trading market Robinhood. In the end, the fact that it did…

  • The first Dogecoin trillionaire? Musk tweeted again to support DogecoinThe first Dogecoin trillionaire? Musk tweeted again to support Dogecoin

    Tesla CEO Andy Herron – Musk recently mentioned many times and expressed support for the reply message Twitter users in dog money . According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of the morning of October 15th, the 50-year-old Tesla head Musk’s net worth has reached 230 billion US dollars, or about 1.49 trillion yuan. Recently, thanks to the sharp rise in Tesla stock and the sale of SpaceX stock, Musk’s wealth this year has increased by more than $60 billion. At present, Musk’s personal assets have reached the sum of Gates and Buffett’s assets. Musk specifically mentioned…

    2021-10-25 DogeCoin News
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) What to prove yourself

    When it comes to SHIB, no one in the circle knows. SHIB, Shiba Inu’s token name, commonly known as “Shiba Inu Coin”, is also dubbed “Shit Coin” by insiders. It was born in an experiment of decentralized spontaneous community construction. SHIB claims to be a “DOGE COIN KILLER ” ( DOGE COIN KILLER), and can surpass Dogecoin in a short time. So how is it now? After a few months, SHIB did not cut a wave of “Dog” projects. Since its inception, SHIB has had two big gains, which have attracted the attention of insiders and outsiders. According to…

    2021-10-16 DogeCoin News
  • Report: 0.01% of investors hold 82% of total DOGE supply

    Block chain data platform Chainalysis recent study dogs currency (Dogecoin), and organize information and other data on its chain. The Chainalysis encryption report involves the holding patterns of Dogecoin investors and transaction data related to personal wallets. Because TikTok and billionaires elon · Musk (Elon Musk) is respected, dogs currency prices much room for growth, but a big gap between the holders. New investor holdings account for only 25% of total supply The data in the report shows that over time, the holdings of new Dogecoin investors have been increasing. As of July 2020, new investors’ currency…

    2021-08-29 DogeCoin News
  • Robinhood: Dogecoin brings trading prosperity and will launch crypto wallet

    On Wednesday (18th) Eastern time, AOL broker Robinhood (Robinhood) announced its first quarterly earnings report after listing. Thanks to the surge in cryptocurrency transactions, Robinhood’s revenue in the second quarter more than doubled year-on-year. According to the financial report, Robinhood’s second-quarter revenue increased by more than 131% from US$244 million in the same period last year to US$565 million, which was in line with company expectations. Robinhood’s transaction revenue in the second quarter reached 451 million U.S. dollars, and cryptocurrency transaction revenue accounted for more than 50%-reaching 233 million U.S. dollars,…

    DogeCoin News 2021-08-19
  • Dogecoin holdings tend to focus on rewarding tools no longer “grassroots”

    For at least 6 years, the creation of Dogecoin (DOGE) inspired by emoji has changed from a joke to a tool used by the crypto community to reward it. People like it because of its meme popularity and grassroots nature. Until Tesla CEO Elon Musk started talking about it publicly in January this year, this cheap “red envelope” tool is no longer cheap. A hype carnival pushed its single value up from $0.005 at the beginning of the year. To a maximum of US$0.74, a 147-fold increase. Currently, Dogecoin is quoted…

  • SpaceX and GEC explore space advertising business only supports cryptocurrency payments

    According to businessinsider news, advertising will also fly to space in the future. Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a Canadian startup that provides technical services, pointed out that it is making advertising in space possible with the help of SpaceX. GEC CEO and co-founder Samuel Reid (Samuel Reid) said that the company is building a satellite called CubeSat. Reid said that there will be a pixelated display on one side of the satellite, and advertisements, signs and artwork will appear on the screen. The company plans to load the CubeSat on a SpaceX Falcon…

  • Dogecoin-themed hot dog auction completed for $15,000

    On August 9th news, a Dogecoin- themed hot dog “Hot Doge Wieners” launched by Oscar Mayer under the US food giant Kraft Heinz (KHC.O) completed the auction for US$ 15,000 , with a starting price of US$0.99. A total of 76 people participated in the auction. The transaction price broke the previous Guinness World Record for the highest hot dog price of US$169. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the disaster relief organization Feeding America, which has 200 food banks across the United States. In April this year, the American bacon stick brand Slim Jim…

  • Golden Observation | Dogecoin soars by 10% after Elon Musk changes his Twitter profile picture

    summary 1. The price of Dogecoin increased by 10% last night. 2. Elon Musk’s Twitter profile picture was changed to a photo of “DOGE reflected in sunglasses”. 3. The price of Dogecoin is still 11% lower than 7 days ago. Tesla CEO Elon Musk changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of “DOGE reflected in sunglasses”, expressing support for Dogecoin. The price of Dogecoin rose by 9.7% overnight, reaching $0.19. . Elon Musk’s new head wears sunglasses with the Shiba Inu pattern that recently exploded Dogecoin. Elon Musk changed his…

  • Is ShibaSwap safe? DeFi Safety reports that its safety score is only 3%

    There are concerns about ShibaSwap’s transparency and security.

    DogeCoin News 2021-07-08