NewB.Farm’s new Zap function will be simple to achieve the ultimate


In order to allow more new users to enter the DeFi gate, NewB.Farm income farm has added the Zap function, which will be simple to the extreme!

The full name of DeFi is Decentralized Finance, that is, “decentralized finance”, which can be said to be a modern new finance. It manages digital assets and runs programs by writing codes without time and geographical constraints. However, its complexity makes many new users discouraged. .

According to Coingecko, the total market value of DeFi in 2020 is only 6.5 billion U.S. dollars. Today, the total market value currently reaches 155.7 billion U.S. dollars, which is an amazing increase and the market is developing rapidly.

In order to allow more new users to access DeFi, NewB.Farm income farm has added the Zap function, users can directly switch from a single asset (USDT) to LP tokens (BNB-CAKE LP) without going to PancakeSwap to switch between different assets. There is no extra charge for this Zap, and this tool is built mainly for the convenience of users.


The purpose of NewB.Farm income farm is to provide a safe DeFi mining project for the market, allowing investors to enjoy ultra-low Gas fees while making mining easier; not only simplifying the entire chain operation, but even making investors as much as possible Maximize revenue. “Put the simplicity to the extreme” is the starting point of NewB.Farm’s income farm. They believe that the new financial DeFi can definitely create a more stable passive income for the masses.

The NewB.Farm income farm is mainly to lead everyone into the world of defi in a simple way. The interesting design of NewB is that NewB actually means newcomer in English. Because it is simple enough, more people can get in touch with DeFi, understand DeFi, and integrate into DeFi.

At present, the world of DeFi has just begun. There are still many investment opportunities for farmers. With the huge price fluctuations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., they can obtain high returns while maintaining their principal. aggregator DeFi The machine gun pool of the project would be a good choice.

The NewB.Farm income farm not only simplifies the entire chain operation, but even maximizes the income of investors as much as possible.

As NewB.Farm, the main aggregator DeFi project, New Finance DeFi can definitely create more stable passive income for investors and realize the dream of lying down and making money!

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