New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

After 6 weeks, the two have ushered in another stable version update.

As of June 2021, Chrome’s global market share is 68.76%, and Edge is 8.1%. Chrome is still in the lead, and the momentum of the Edge browser cannot be underestimated. It should be known that when the Edge browser with a new version of Chromium kernel was released in January 2020, its market share was only 0.02%, compared with last June, Edge browser The performance of the device on this data has also doubled (3.45% at the time). Note: The data sources are statista and statcounter.

Based on the same Chromium kernel version, Chrome and Edge can be regarded as chasing after you in terms of features and experience. After 6 weeks, the two have ushered in another stable version update. What new features does this update bring to you? This article sorts out one by one for you.


Support long screenshots of web pages [iOS]

Google is barely doing the original screenshot function of Android 12, but it does a very good job in the long screenshot function of the iOS version of the Chrome browser.

After updating to Chrome 92, use the key combination to take a screenshot and click the preview image that appears in the lower left corner of the screen, and then you can see the full page long screenshot option like Safari. After the screenshot is completed, you can save it as a PDF file by pressing the export button in the upper right corner. , Very suitable for archiving and backing up long texts.

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

In addition, Chrome 92 for iOS has fine-tuned the visual style of the setting interface, and the setting options use a large number of card-like backgrounds. At the same time, you can also encrypt the private browsing mode page through the Settings> Privacy> Lock Incognito tabs option. If you do not see the relevant settings after the update, you can manually open the chrome://flags/#enable-incognito-authentication-ios function tab.

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Intuitive website authority management [mobile version]

Unlike mobile apps, the permissions granted through the browser for different sites are something that is easily overlooked by everyone. For example, the location permissions granted occasionally need to be used. Previously, because the permissions of the website were hidden deeply, many people left after using them and ignored them.

Chrome 92 is optimized for website permission management on the mobile terminal: After operating the website permissions, we can see the permission status prompt on the left side of the address bar; after that, we can also check the encryption status at any time through the small lock icon on the left side of the URL link. The use of cookies and the direct management of site permissions are indeed much simpler and clearer than the previous need to search through the browser settings.

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

If you don’t see this feature after updating to the Chrome 92 mobile version, you can manually enable it through the chrome://flags/#page-info-discoverability feature tab.

Enhanced website isolation function [desktop version / Android]

Because of the existence of the Same Origin Policy, website A generally cannot access website data stored in the device of website B. However, due to the existence of security vulnerabilities, some malicious websites can occasionally bypass the same-origin policy, obtain these files and attack other websites.

So in addition to the first time to tinker with a variety of browser security vulnerabilities, Chrome also introduced a Web site earlier this isolation: by loading a Web page in a separate process, ensure security network station data security and between sites. On the desktop side of the stable version of Chrome 92, this feature extends from the browser tab to the browser extension. Different extensions will also be loaded in a separate process, and it will hardly affect the existing functions of most extensions.

For performance reasons, the website isolation feature has not been fully enabled in the Android version of Chrome like the desktop. It is only enabled in some websites that require users to manually enter login information, and only supports devices with 2GB or more of running memory.

This time, Chrome 92 extends the usability and compatibility of the website isolation function on the mobile terminal through additional support for the OAuth 2.0 protocol and the Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy (COOP) strategy. In other words, the mobile version of Chrome can now recognize And to protect more types of websites (such as those that use third-party logins).

However, the hardware limit of the enhanced website isolation function on the Android side is still 2GB RAM. Google also said that if your device has enough available memory, you can also manually use the function tag chrome://flags#enable-site-per-process Turn on full site isolation.

Millisecond phishing site detection [desktop version]

You may have seen the “red screen” reminder of the Chrome browser, telling you that there may be a phishing website ahead, and any personal information entered in the website may be stolen:

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

How does Chrome give reminders of such phishing websites? According to the technical details shared by Google, Chrome will analyze the image signals (color range, color distribution, etc.) given by the website while we visit such websites, and compare it with the existing data in the phishing website database. Determine whether the visited website meets the characteristics of a phishing website.

Contradictory is that this judgment method is extremely dependent on image recognition. In order to protect user privacy, it is impossible to submit all website access data to the cloud for analysis and processing. The identification and analysis of all website images and colors can only be done locally. ; But the traditional local image processing will bring high performance load because of the need to traverse the image pixel by pixel (pixel loop).

Chrome 92 optimizes the traditional image processing process. In simple terms, the hashmap used for traversing pixels is reduced from one for each of the three RGB channels to one, and the consecutive pixels are merged before the hashmap is generated. You can read more technical details at

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Process comparison before and after improvement

As a result, Chrome 92’s phishing site detection speed is said to be able to increase 2.5 times in 99% of the scenes, and even 50 times in some scenes. Converted into an experience that users can perceive, the average speed of Chrome 92’s detection results of phishing websites has reached the level of 100 milliseconds, instead of the previous 1.8 seconds.

More importantly, this move also reduces the total CPU performance overhead by 1.2%, which in theory can bring a certain endurance improvement (really fight it).

More address bar setting jump items [Desktop version*Limited support]

Chrome actions are a new feature officially added to Chrome in Chrome 87. In the desktop version of Chrome, we can directly type the name of a specific browser setting in the address bar to quickly jump, such as clearing browser history, editing passwords, etc. Eliminate the trouble of manual checking. According to data given by Google, Chrome actions have been used “millions of times” since they went live in November last year.

In Chrome 92, the operations supported by Chrome actions have been further expanded, adding:

safety check

manage security settings

manage sync

Three kinds of address bar jump instructions, respectively point to browser security check, security settings and synchronization settings.

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Unfortunately, these new instructions do not seem to support use in non-English languages. Compared with the first wave of Chrome actions that support Chinese, the experience is far worse. You can manually open chrome://flags/#omnibox-pedals-batch2 and chrome://flags/#omnibox-pedals-batch2-nonenglish and wait for the Chinese language push.


Improved font rendering effect [Windows]

On the Windows platform, font rendering effects have always been the advantage of Edge browser over Chrome. In the latest stable version of Edge 92, Microsoft has further improved the font rendering effect of Edge browser in Windows, and the visual effect is clearer. The specific effects are as follows:

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Chrome 92, Edge 91 and Edge 92 (the font is a replacement version of New Yahei)

However, although the font rendering improvement is in the official update log of Edge 92, Microsoft said that the feature is still being pushed in segments, so if you feel that there is no change after the update, you can also manually enable edge://flags/#edge-enhance -text-contrast and edge://flags/#enable-pixel-canvas-recording two function tags to experience.

Better password management experience [all platforms]

Browsers are the main tool used by many people to access various online services and websites. In this process, browsers have increasingly played the role of password managers. Both Chrome and Edge have been targeting their own passwords. The management experience is improved.

In the Edge 92 desktop version, Microsoft has introduced a new set of “health” assessment prompts for passwords that have been saved through the browser, reminding users of the actual security status of different passwords through simple icons:

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Password operation status and prompt effect

In addition, Microsoft also said that it will use this update to introduce a more complete password management function for the mobile version. From the description, it is likely to apply for the API of the password manager to make the Edge browser mobile version The password filling experience is closer to other password management applications (such as 1Password).

Perhaps the way Edge dominates the entire platform is not a mobile browser but a password manager?

Make the toolbar more tidy [desktop version]

From collections, favorites, history to downloads, Edge has begun to free more and more browser functions from the menu, allowing us to pin these functions into the toolbar with beautiful icons based on personal browsing habits.

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Edge’s toolbar

In the Edge 92, Edge officially on the line browser extensions toolbar pinned function, you can switch back pinned directly by extending the icon on the toolbar, management has installed browser extensions:

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Extended floating window

At the same time, Microsoft also stated that starting from Edge 92, the browser function icons fixed by the user in the toolbar will also be saved through the synchronization service. It is very time-saving and labor-saving without the need to reorganize the toolbar icons after changing the device.

Integrated IE mode browsing experience [Windows]

Edge has always paid more attention to the compatibility of “Big Brother” Internet Explorer, and the stable version of Edge 92 is no exception.

After this update, there are richer IE mode compatibility options under the “Browser Settings> Default Browser” option. Here we can manually set the startup method of IE mode and customize the page to use IE mode. You need to jump to Internet Explorer 11 to open it. Now Edge can directly reload web pages in IE mode in the Edge window:

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

IE mode settings

Naturally, the “old” document format like MHTML can now also directly call Edge and browse in IE mode. Everyone occasionally opens Internet Explorer for the website of certain agencies, and maybe you can really take a break now.

Own application update [desktop version]

In addition to the updates mentioned above, some of Microsoft’s own apps have also been updated with Edge 92.

First of all, Bing search launched a special page for the back-to-school season. This page contains product catalogs of many product categories such as stationery, luggage, electronic products, etc. Clicking on the specific product details can not only see user reviews and product pictures, but also Set up price tracking through Bing.

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Back to school season special page

Unfortunately, most of the products provided on this page are from e-commerce platforms in the U.S. The domestic availability is average. If you have overseas shopping experience, you can check it out.

Secondly, Outlook has also launched the preview version of the Edge browser extension. With this extension, we can open the Outlook inbox directly on the browser toolbar. After a simple experience, the basic functions are complete and fully usable. If Outlook is your main mailbox, you might as well download [1] and have a try.

New versions of Chrome and Edge are here, these 10 useful features should not be missed

Outlook extension interface

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[1] Download: 

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