“New public chain” war again? Be the first to take stock of Aptos ecosystem

The public chain Aptos launched by Diem’s ​​original team plans to launch the main network at the end of September, and its ecology has already begun to emerge.

Aptos, a public chain project, launched Incentive Testnet 2 on July 12. It has only been a few weeks since Incentive Testnet 1. Official statistics of Incentive Testnet 2 have not come out yet, but from the popularity of participating in Incentive Testnet 1 The upsurge of new public chains caused by Aptos can already be seen. The official said at the end of Incentive Testnet 1 that it never thought that there would be 30,000 registrations, and before the testnet was ready, the number of full nodes connected to the devnet reached 18,000.

The reasons for the active participation of all parties in Aptos are summarized as follows:

  1. The development team comes from Diem, the cryptocurrency project of Meta (formerly Facebook). Aptos’ co-founder and CTO, Avery Ching, has served as the chief software engineer at Facebook for more than 10 years, and is the technical leader of the Novi team of the original Meta’s encryption platform. Focuses on the development of all aspects of blockchain technology, while also maintaining the Diem blockchain. Most of the developers and researchers in the development team, such as Alden Hu and Dahlia Malkhi, participated in the development of Diem and Novi.
  2. Supported by top investment institutions, Aptos completed a $200 million financing led by a16z in March this year. The investors included Tiger Global, Katie Haun, Multicoin Capital, FTX Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs, PayPal Ventures and other participants. cast. With huge financing and support from top institutions, Aptos has officially entered the public eye since March.
  3. The development part of Aptos is based on the technology developed publicly in Diem in the past three years, using Diem’s ​​programming language Move (click here to view the basic introduction of Move) and the Diem-BFT consensus. Diem was sold to Silvergate crypto bank earlier this year, but its Move programming language and Move Virtual Machine are available to everyone. It can be seen that the new public chain has a strong technical guarantee before it is launched. Its design focuses on absolute security, scalability and trusted neutrality. The ultimate goal is to be able to process 100,000 or even 160,000 transactions in one second. .

In Aptos’ roadmap, there are 4 rounds of light excitation testnet, which are:

  • AIT1: Decentralized Startup
  • AIT2: Staking
  • AIT3: Governance and Escalation
  • AIT4: Dynamic validator topology

It is currently in the second round of testing, and although there are still several months before Aptos’ expected launch of the Aptos mainnet at the end of September, there are already many companies and projects participating in the chain. The Aptos team said at the time of its March funding round that a number of companies, including Anchorage, Binance, Coinbase, Livepeer, Moonclave, Paxos, Paymagic, Rarible, and Streaming Fast, have partnered with it to provide feedback and contribute code on the devnet. Aptos has also partnered with Google Cloud to further decentralize the Aptos network.

Aptos has held an Aptos hackathon and launched an ecological funding plan at the end of June to develop the ecosystem. According to Aptos, the Aptos ecosystem has more than 100 projects built on the network, with use cases covering DeFi, NFT, games, etc. This book sorts out several projects that have taken shape in the Aptos ecosystem for a brief introduction.

"New public chain" war again? Be the first to take stock of Aptos ecosystem

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Projects native to Aptos

Bridge Network 

Pontem Network is a product development studio that works with Aptos to build foundational dApps and other infrastructure such as development tools, EVM, AMM, and more. Pontem aims to help developers who want to build projects on Aptos learn the Move programming language and incubate applications native to Move. At the same time, it is also building back-end and customer-oriented products for the Aptos ecosystem. The Move VM developed by Pontem can achieve cross-chain Interoperable and compatible with blockchains such as Polkadot and Cosmos. Additionally, Pontem is developing an automated market maker DEX Liquidswap on Aptos, modeled on Uniswap and Curve.

"New public chain" war again? Be the first to take stock of Aptos ecosystem

Screenshot of Liquidswap page


Econia is a hyperparallel order book protocol running on the Aptos blockchain. Econia is designed for web-scale performance and aims to provide equal access to global markets, leveraging Aptos’ optimistic concurrency to scale transactions between and within trading pairs. According to its article:

Econia leverages a key technological innovation of the Aptos blockchain, the so-called optimistic concurrent execution method, known as Block-STM, to queue up orders in a single market, so-called paraqueues. In short, Amy’s order on pair 1 can be queued at the same time as Bud’s order on pair 1, and Econia’s matching engine will periodically batch all transactions in all paraqueues, then chronologically reorder and connect buys Homes and sellers, channel funds accordingly.

"New public chain" war again? Be the first to take stock of Aptos ecosystem

Fewcha Wallet

Fewcha Wallet is a non-custodial Web3.0 wallet on the Aptos blockchain, and its features include support for token listing and trading, as well as NFT minting and transfer. Fewcha Wallet released a beta version of the plugin wallet in May this year, which is available for download in the Chrome store and will be available on mobile devices in Q3 2022. According to Fewcha’s Twitter, Fewcha Wallet has reached 3,200 downloads as of July 8. The picture below shows the development roadmap of Fewcha Wallet.

"New public chain" war again? Be the first to take stock of Aptos ecosystem

Martian Wallet

Martian Wallet is also a wallet on the Aptos chain, and its development team, Martian DAO, builds various products on the Aptos chain. Martian Wallet is a crypto wallet the team built using their version of the Aptos web3.js module, in addition to building an NFT marketplace called Curiosity. Martian Wallet can be used to manage digital assets and access decentralized applications on the Aptos blockchain. It also supports online minting of NFTs in Aptos development. Currently, a plug-in wallet on Chrome has been launched, and an ios version will be launched later.

"New public chain" war again? Be the first to take stock of Aptos ecosystem

Zaptos Finance

Zaptos Finance is a liquid staking platform on the Aptos chain. At present, the project is in a very early stage, and there is not much official information. Twitter hints that Discord will be established.

Other ecological projects

In addition to the above five projects under development that are native to the Aptos chain, there are also some tools and teams listed as members of the ecosystem by Aptos:

  • Protagonist is a $100 million crypto fund launched by Dylan Macalinao and Ian Macalinao, founders of Solana’s cross-chain decentralized exchange Sabre Labs. Headquartered in Miami, Protagonist plans to invest in and incubate early-stage Web3 protocols and startups across verticals, including gaming, infrastructure, security and privacy, with a current portfolio including Layer 1 public chain Aptos, Solana-based NFT utility protocol Cardinal and Digital banking platform Cogni et al.
  • Paymagic is an automated DAO rewards and payments platform that provides tools to send bulk transfers, airdrops, vesting schedules, streaming payments, and more. Paymagic is not native to Aptos applications, but its tools will help Aptos-based DAO and NFT projects, etc.
  • The team of Solrise Finance, Solrise Finance is a non-custodial digital asset management platform based on Solana. The product lines developed by its team include Solana wallet Solflare and KYC framework Pulse DEX on Solana. Previously, the team’s development focused on the Solana ecosystem, and the content built on the Aptos chain has not yet been disclosed. https://twitter.com/nutriosProject
  • Nutrios is also listed as an ecological project in the Aptos article, but there is currently no official public information.

Early projects in the Aptos forum

There are also 7 projects in the Aptos forum that have submitted project introductions, which are currently in an earlier stage of development or have not joined Aptos for a long time. While there are currently only 7 projects, the number of projects in this forum will continue to grow:

  • Aptosscan: A blockchain explorer for Aptos.
  • Topaz.so: Aptos NFT marketplace, currently in beta, expected to launch in the third quarter of 2022.
  • Dapptos View: An open source platform designed to build the Aptos ecosystem with education, news, job opportunities, metrics and project dashboards. The team consists of four founders who are also the coordinators of the Aptos French community. The first version has been delivered and will start updating the platform in the third quarter, integrating the education part and the metrics part, with an open source migration on Github.
  • Aptos Crown Masks: Aiming to be a generative NFT project with an Aptos theme, 100,000 generative free NFT minting will be offered on the day of the Aptos mainnet launch.
  • ONTO Wallet: It is a decentralized cross-chain wallet, which was hatched by Ontology 4 years ago. It is now an independent wallet, a multi-chain mobile + web wallet. ONTO helped the community to launch a project called Ivy Market , and also developed a batch airdrop tool called Anydrop.
  • Aptoschina: Aptos blockchain Chinese community, plans to launch Aptos Chinese Blockchain Explorer and Aptos cross-border payment project in the near future.
  • Aptos Egg with Witch: It is an NFT project that plans to launch 5,616 NFTs 10 days after the Aptos mainnet launch. After the NFTs are sold out, new magical creatures will be created through the destruction system.


Aptos has not yet been officially launched. At present, only four of its ecological applications have a detailed introduction and development roadmap, including Pontem Network, Econia, Fewcha Wallet, and Martian Wallet, focusing on wallet infrastructure and DEX applications.

Aptos previously participated in the NFT.NYC conference, and in its blog post introduced a solution that can solve the large-scale minting of NFTs. Tests show that the Aptos devnet can mint millions of NFTs in an hour, while maintaining complete decentralization. change. It is speculated that a major use case on Aptos will be NFT, and its performance may attract a large number of high-quality NFT projects after the launch of the main network.

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