New opportunities for Metaverse, should shopping malls have their own virtual idols?

Establish a deep connection with Gen Z and keep up with the track wind

2021 is the first year of virtual humans. With the intensive entry of virtual KOLs, the Xiaohongshu platform has more than 20 popular virtual bloggers who have jointly participated in the “trend digital age” project and completed the global launch of new products of brands such as Gucci and Givenchy. Station B CEO Chen Rui also said that in the past year, with more than 32,000 virtual anchors stationed in Bilibili, the live broadcast by virtual anchors has become the fastest-growing category in the live broadcast field.

Recently, Houhaihui’s official virtual idol @想想Hilda and @CallmeVila, a virtual person under Beijing Shiyue Xingcheng, met together in Shanghai to explore the shop, and released check-in notes in Xiaohongshu. This kind of interaction between virtual idols is still rare in China. This linkage behavior can be said to open up a new way of playing for the virtual human race track and commercialization path.

It is reported that the two virtual bloggers formed a friendship in the Houhaihui Hi Gathering Industry Sharing Salon earlier. The targets HARMONY Huamei, Huanying Studios, and SoloX in this Shanghai exploration store are all major merchants that have been announced by Houhaihui. It not only allows the virtual IP of the project to meet new friends but also brings social traffic to the contracted merchants.

New opportunities for Metaverse, should shopping malls have their own virtual idols?

Virtual person Vila, virtual a person think about Hilda to explore the shop together

New opportunities for Metaverse, should shopping malls have their own virtual idols?

Virtual person Vila, a virtual person think about Hilda to explore the shop together

Houhaihui, whose target consumer group is Generation Z, has seen the commercial value of virtual humans a long time ago. At the end of 2019, Hilda was created, making it the first domestic commercial project with its virtual idol. A full year earlier than this year’s virtual human and meta-universe boom, it can be seen that the project team’s judgment is forward-looking. This creative linkage is a brand new attempt by the project to further break the boundaries of virtuality and reality and create commercial value after IP shaping.

Digital technology pushes the business giant forward

The combination of virtuality and reality is the keyword of the future society

The definition of virtual human and meta-universe is not yet clear, but with the rapid development of technology and the influx of capital, such as Facebook officially announced the change of its name to Meta not long ago, and the acquisition of VR hardware company Pico by ByteDance 9 billion, virtual technology is bound to be there. Great changes will be made to all aspects of human society in the future.

Fashion and luxury brands that have always had a keen business sense have all “tested the waters” of the meta-universe in their ways. In the face of modern society where virtuality and reality are becoming increasingly blurred, how to continue brand genes in the meta-universe era and how to effectively communicate with young consumers have become unavoidable issues for all companies.

Just as Roblox, a well-known cross-border online game platform from Gucci, has teamed up to create its virtual garden. In addition to showing that brand creativity has been infinitely amplified in Metaverse, it also further reveals that when the physical boundary is broken, the relationship between brand merchants and shopping malls is facing reconstruction. And this relationship, creating a channel for digital and physical commerce, is also the future of shopping malls.

Although Houhaihui has not yet opened, after nearly two years of overall brand operation, it has become a representative project in the digital and technological fields. From creating your virtual idol for social interaction, cooperating with NOWRE to create an online and offline cultural platform, to launching NFT artworks to break the circle of innovation, constantly breaking through the public‘s perception of traditional business.

The person in charge of the project said, “Generation Z, who grew up in the digital world, is forming a new consumer force. Leaping into the virtual technology world as soon as possible and exploring its infinite potential is one of our important ideas for leading the business trend. Catering to Generation Z trial, a uS -made super-realistic digital people think, is the way we are and the future, connected with the younger generation an important part of our plan is to hatch and develop, and to think about playing an irreplaceable items star IP. “

According to iQiyi’s “2019 Virtual Idol Observation Report”, nearly 400 million people across the country are or are on the road of paying attention to virtual idols. However, there is still a way for virtual people to go beyond the identity of the “tool man” who brought goods to become a truly influential idol.

“Hilda and Vila are both virtual people. They met because of the real world and became best friends, and they experienced real life together. Then what wonderful things will happen in the future?” said the person in charge of Houhaihui. “After the project opens, we will expand more interesting scenarios and functions for virtual characters, such as building digital displays through multimedia devices; tailoring service functions for consumers with distinctive personalities that can meet their spiritual needs. etc., more intimacy, smart, and personalized consumption methods will be born from this.”

Wish to extend phenomenon, advances in technology iterations and physical experience, the future of virtual people may no longer be used to get traffic tool but has its intricate network of relationships network circle, just like humans, can shuttle in the virtual and reality Existence, even a guide in the virtual world.

Establish a deep connection with consumers

Virtual humans are a new direction worth exploring

The phenomenon of virtual person and brand cooperation that broke out in the market this year is not without reason, and it can be seen from its super exposure. The two-dimensional virtual idol group A-soul, only 10 months after its debut, quickly became the head virtual anchor of station B. Foreign virtual idols Lil Miquela and Imma are even more top-rated Internet celebrities and have long developed a more mature business chain.

Not only are consumer brands building their virtual idols, but moving towards Metaverse may also be an important direction for shopping malls to explore.

Virtual humans create an emotional interface between consumers and business entities. Today, we use the atomized society to describe the current social relationships with high mobility and a low sense of belonging. This is especially true in cities. In the future, commercial places can provide a certain sense of belonging from living space and consumer experience by catering to emerging lifestyles. But more than that, through virtual characters, commercial entities can also establish emotional connections with consumers and create a deeper experience of belonging. Just like the spokespersons of major brands, virtual idols have become more likely to be loved and empathized with their anthropomorphic images and interactive attributes. While adding warmth to the brand, they unknowingly narrow the distance with consumers.

Virtual people can also quickly establish consumers’ overall perception of the shopping center’s brand. Creating a clear positioning and tone is the direction shopping malls are pursuing. While taking into account hundreds of consumer brands, it is a big problem to convey their unique temperament. A virtual character is a personalized and flexible medium. Through the appearance, personality, and other personal settings, first quickly outline who the shopping center is, and then interact with tenant brands in a variety of ways, which becomes a fast channel for consumers to understand the shopping center.

At the same time, the virtual person can also take on the social functions of the expanded circle. How to capture unprecedented and diverse consumers, integrate into different circles, and discover the real consumption ideas and attitudes is the key. Just like Houhaihui uses Hilda’s rich identity and labels to reach many young people’s interest in skateboarding, surfing, fashion, art, etc. Through personal experience of what Generation Z is chasing, from fashion clothing to niche culture, it becomes Commercial projects are truly integrated into youth culture and an ideal medium for diversified cross-industry.

New opportunities for Metaverse, should shopping malls have their own virtual idols?

Houhaihui virtual IP think about Hilda’s participation in the Steppy <ART-T> project


New opportunities for Metaverse, should shopping malls have their own virtual idols?

Houhaihui virtual IP think about Hilda’s participation in the Steppy <ART-T> project

New opportunities for Metaverse, should shopping malls have their own virtual idols?

Think about Hilda being a graffiti fan and being interviewed by trend media uth

New opportunities for Metaverse, should shopping malls have their own virtual idols?

Think about Hilda participating in the Houhaihui Hi Gathering industry salon

As Chen Yan, the CEO of the well-known virtual human company Next World Culture, said, “The era of virtual humans is bound to come. There is a broader future and more valuable things.” According to Chen Yan’s idea, in the virtual human 2.0 era, there will be more scenarios for more people to establish relationships with virtual people. In the future digital age, virtual humans can do more.

With the continuous innovation of science and technology and social relations, the boundary between virtual and reality has further collapsed. Tech giants are vying to formulate the operating rules of Metaverse. Commercial brands must also think about and construct new business scenarios and consumer relationships, and virtual people may be an important part of it. Because the virtual person itself means unlimited possibilities. With the advent of the more commercial path and landing scenarios, more creative content, play gradually linkage mining, real and young people play in together, build the model with actual situation of the business.

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