New mode of working in the future: Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Distributed Autonomous Organization ( DAO) – for online collaboration on a global scale the most efficient way.

The concept of distributed autonomous organization was first proposed by the American writer Ori Brafman in a book titled “Starfish and Spiders.” In his book, he compares centralized organizations to spiders, and distributed organizations to starfish. The book reads:

The spider is a centralized (cell) tissue, and if its head is cut off (the entire tissue), it will not survive. The starfish is composed of a bunch of cells that are equal to each other (without center), and each tentacles torn off by the starfish can grow into a complete starfish. Starfish and spider respectively represent two kinds of decentralized and centralized organizations in the real world. When the star-shaped organization encounters setbacks and conflicts are resolved, its organization will become a smaller decentralized organization and continue to function; while the spider-type organization will not continue to operate after the head is cut off. In contrast, a starfish-type decentralized operation organization will have strong vitality .

As a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO’s management and operating rules will be encoded on the blockchain in the form of smart contracts, so that it can operate autonomously without centralized control or third-party intervention. The program under this design is transparent and not affected by the central organization. Through intelligent management methods and token economic incentives, it can realize self-operation , self-governance , and self-evolution , thereby realizing the organizational form of the organization’s maximum efficiency and value circulation . In addition, all resolutions will be decided by voting on the proposal , which will ensure that everyone in the organization can freely express their opinions.

Compared to traditional forms of organization, DAO more secure, stable, because no one can control the entire organization . Moreover, since DAO runs on a permissionless , decentralized blockchain technology, it can remain autonomous without interference from external factors. In addition, better distribution of power makes DAO fairer than traditional enterprises in terms of resource allocation and decision-making. These advantages have made DAO more and more popular and attract attention.

New mode of working in the future: Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Organization is no longer pyramidal but distributed

In addition, unlike traditional enterprises, DAO not only has shareholders, but also consists of token holders . DAO members who hold token points can submit proposals related to the development direction of the organization and vote for them. They need to do their utmost to ensure the success of the DAO, and at the same time set a standard voting threshold for the proposal to show the fairness of the competition. In this way, the DAO can make decisions based on majority consensus.

And, as the gradual decentralization process unfolds, DAO will eventually be handed over to DAO community members to be responsible, and work together towards the same goal under a transparent cooperative system. In other words, the DAO team took time to develop a good product that fits the market and a strong community, and after a period of time, the decision-making power of the product will gradually transfer to the members of the community.

The founder of SyncDAO, Rossco Paddison is very supportive of the organizational structure of DAO. He said:

In the next-generation business model, everyone is no longer a president, but no one is a president. In the future, job interviews will no longer exist, just increase the influence of the target to attract other people to work for it, and finally create a shared result.

Reddit consultant Greg Isenberg also said:

DAO will be stronger than many countries in the future. Just as Apple now has more cash than most countries; in the future, the cash in the DAO vault will come from more than most countries.

On March 10 this year, the State of Wyoming in the United States officially passed the DAO Act . This means that DAO will be chartered and recognized by the Wyoming government, limited liability companies are expected to transform into DAO, and the terms DAO, LAO or DAO LLC will appear in the official registration agency. DAO is expected to become the fourth organizational form outside of the country, market, and company, forming a new business transformation.

The organizational framework of DAO is a technology that can spawn new types of Internet companies. Therefore, it has a significant impact on start-ups and their future business growth. It can be expected that DAO will completely change the business operation model in the future , that is, it is no longer a company with a headquarters, but a start-up company with blockchain and members from all over the world, and as a DAO. These start-ups will be helmed by responsible and proactive members of the DAO. For example, when the company needs additional resources or joins a new member, they will set a lower entry barrier.

In addition to changes in operating models, in the future, a variety of financial services will continue to emerge on the basis of DAO, such as: global manufacturing platform, interest-free loans, and personal-to-personal goods and services provided by community guidelines Wait. More importantly, anyone in the world can enjoy these services.

All in all, DAO will become an efficient way to build a global scale of cooperation and provide a more effective and safe business management model .

VoneDAO leads the new trend of organizational collaboration

Under the impact of the epidemic, the transformation of corporate office formats has attracted global attention, with words such as “operate anywhere” and “work from home” appearing frequently.

A few days ago, the world’s leading information technology research and consulting company Gartner released the “Top Strategic Technology Trend Forecast for 2022” also contains the forecast for enterprise distributed operations. DAO, as a self-organization that can enable members worldwide to operate online without a “headquarters”, will become a new trend in organizational collaboration in the future.

Wang chain technology as the block chain industry innovator, launched under the concept of DAO organization VoneDAO self-organizing block chain management platform , give full play to the characteristics of the block chain technology, effectively overcome the pain points of traditional organizations:

One is distributed and decentralized There is no central node and hierarchical management structure in VoneDAO. It allows each team or individual to become a node in the platform through the interaction, competition and collaboration between the network nodes from the bottom up. Different positions are treated differently, which weakens the center of individual interestism and achieves the vision of harmonious competition and common development within the enterprise. In the platform, the design concept of information sharing allows everyone to have the right to know, and they can pool their ideas, so that a problem can have multiple solutions, and the organization’s development strategy and plan can be perfected. 

The second is autonomy and automation “Code is law”, organizations are no longer pyramids but distributed, power is no longer centralized but decentralized, management is no longer bureaucracy but community autonomy, and organization operations are no longer The company needs to be replaced by a highly autonomous community.

The third is organization and order Relying on smart contracts, DAO’s operating rules, participants’ rights and responsibilities, and rewards and punishments are all open and transparent. This will save organizations a lot of human resource costs. By integrating scattered resources and information, they can be centralized and integrated. Use it to make the entire organization develop in an orderly manner.

The fourth is intelligence and tokenization Token, as an important incentive method in the governance process of DAO, certifies the various elements of the organization (such as people, organization, knowledge, events, products, etc.) so as to make money capital, human capital and other element capital sufficient Integration can better stimulate the effectiveness of the organization and realize value transfer. For example, through token incentives, the platform can enable organization members to establish a full sense of competition, allow the organization to discover more outstanding talents, stimulate the organization’s energy growth and function realization, and ensure the organization’s rapid development.

VoneDAO self-organizing block chain management platform by means of chain blocks, algorithms, consensus mechanism, intelligent technology contracts, based on trust, help enterprises to improve the internal management system, improve operational efficiency, to construct a decentralized , free association as , The new self-management production relationship makes the organization move from a negative sum and zero-sum game to a positive-sum game in the process of governance and business development, helping enterprises to form an automatic, independent and efficient management model.

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