NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first “Metaverse” Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

On May 26, the 2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo was successfully held online, bringing a unique “cloud technology event” to the world. This conference set up the “Metaverse Forum” for the first time , with the theme of “Breaking through the real and beyond imagination — sharing new opportunities for the development of the Metaverse” , and invited academicians, experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, research institutes, and technological innovation enterprises. Topics such as the technical support of the universe, cognitive breakthroughs, and derivative economies can be discussed freely.

Ruan Liang, vice president of NetEase Group and general manager of NetEase Zhiqi, was invited to attend the forum and brought a sharing on the theme of “Metaverse 2026 Real-time Interaction of Virtual Reality Symbiosis” .

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

Ruan Liang, Vice President of NetEase Group and General Manager of NetEase Intelligence

The era of “Metaverse” is advancing

Ruan Liang showed the development opportunity of the Metaverse with intuitive data. Ruan Liang introduced that according to the latest forecast report released by Gartner, a third-party research organization, by 2026, 25% of the world’s people will work, shop, study, socialize or play in the Metaverse for at least one hour a day, and 30% of enterprises will With products and services for the Metaverse, by moving from digital to Metaverse businesses, businesses are able to expand and strengthen their business models in unprecedented ways.

Ruan Liang further introduced that in the process of communication technology development, the Metaverse is a leap from social network 2.0 to 3.0, and gradually entered the next generation of Internet, forming a global Internet scenario application. In the Metaverse, there are more abundant entertainment, leisure, office, and game scenes than the real world, showing more three-dimensional and immersive characteristics.

What underlying technical support is needed for such a grand Metaverse world? Ruan Liang concluded that the realization of the Metaverse requires six major technical supports: blockchain, interaction design, video games, artificial intelligence, network and computing, and the Internet of Things . Through the joint promotion of the six major technologies, Metaverse will make a leap in digital twin technology and promote the digital reorganization of traditional industries. The so-called digital twin can be regarded as the mapping of real objects in the virtual world. The digital twin is the soul of the physical entity. Therefore, the digital twin organization is also the ultimate goal of enterprise digital transformation.

NetEase’s “Metaverse” Technical Reserve

According to the Morgan Stanley research report, the potential total size of China’s “Metaverse” market will be as high as 52 trillion yuan, and the surging Metaverse has attracted many well-known domestic and foreign technology companies to deploy. NetEase is no exception.

Subsequently, Ruan Liang shared NetEase’s dynamics and technical capabilities for the Metaverse. Ruan Liang said that since 2011, NetEase has carried out AR, VR, virtual human, ultra-low-latency audio and video, blockchain, cloud games and other Metaverse-related technical reserves and plans, and is the first domestic company to set foot in the Metaverse field. one of the technology companies.

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

NetEase Metaverse Layout

At the infrastructure layer, NetEase has core technologies represented by WE-CAN global intelligent routing network, AI computing platform, AR/VR, blockchain, and intelligent hardware . Based on these core technologies, service platforms such as NetEase Zhiqi, NetEase Fuxi, NetEase Planet, and Yixian Advanced Technology have been precipitated , and a series of reliable Metaverse solutions have been formed on the platform. Best practices are carried out in various fields such as finance, education, healthcare, etc.

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

Panorama of NetEase’s Metaverse capabilities

Ruan Liang said, taking NetEase Zhiqi as an example, as a global leading comprehensive enterprise service provider, its subsidiariesNetEase Yidun, NetEase Yunxin, and NetEase Yunshang provide services in the fields of digital content risk control, integrated communication, and business growth, respectively. Abilities required for the Metaverse Age.

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

NetEase Zhiqi Opens the Next Generation of Internet Application Technology

Specifically, NetEase Yidun provides an intelligent and efficient security protection system. Through the accumulation of massive security data and the formulation of industry standards, it has accumulated a total of 1,000 billion+ detection data, an anti-fraud recognition rate of over 99%+, and mobile security risk processing of 120 billion+ Second-rate. NetEase Yunxin provides stable and easy-to-use communication and video services. Based on NetEase’s 24 years of technology accumulation in the communication field, it has successfully helped 1.2 million+ developers, sent 1.6 trillion messages, and registered over 480,000+ applications worldwide. NetEase Cloud Commerce has the ability to integrate service and marketing. By connecting online and offline service contacts, it helps companies gain insight into the market and consumers, and realize automated marketing and refined customer operations. The three major businesses form a joint force to jointly boost the business growth of corporate customers and achieve value increment in the Metaverse Era.

In addition, the “Yaotai” created by NetEase Fuxi builds an immersive online event experience. Yixian Advanced Technology provides an AR engine and a series of infrastructure functions and developer tools through its self-built AR cloud business platform. NetEase’s self-developed engine “Tianxuan 3.0” develops blockchain business… This series of products all demonstrate NetEase’s profound technical accumulation for the Metaverse.

Promote the “Metaverse” from the virtual to the real

“All technology accumulation needs to be implemented in real scenarios in order to see value.” Later, Ruan Liang further explained the application of NetEase Metaverse-related technologies in typical scenarios.

Ruan Liang believes that at the current stage, the first scenes to land in the Metaverse are in the fields of games, social networking, and office work .

In the field of games, with the e-sports event being selected as the official event of the Hangzhou Asian Games, e-sports has achieved a triple jump from “game” to “competition” and then to “industry”, and the e-sports industry has gradually grown to promote the development of the new economy important power. NetEase has built the world’s first MR entertainment experience center . Players can experience shooting games in a rectangular space by wearing a RhinoX AR all-in-one headset and holding a rifle-shaped 6DoF controller with both hands. With the help of the latest MR technology, NetEase has seamlessly integrated the concept of the Metaverse with traditional shooting games and sci-fi holographic technology for the first time, breaking the dimensional wall and building a mixed reality environment that players can fully immerse in.

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

In terms of social networking, NetEase Zhiqi has cooperated with ZEPETO, the largest Metaverse platform in Asia, for many years. Through NetEase Yunxin’s IM instant messaging and NetEase Yidun content security capabilities, it empowers future social networking. For example, Blackpink, a Korean Idol girl group that is popular all over the world, once released a new song MV in ZEPETO, and received a warm response. And when the fan meeting was forced to cancel due to the new crown epidemic, Blackpink held a grand virtual autograph session in the Metaverse world built by the cub.

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

NetEase Fuxi ‘s world-first immersive activity system “Yaotai” has subverted the traditional office model. Relying on the virtual technology of “Yaotai”, conference personnel can complete content sharing, enterprise exhibition, technical exchange, business negotiation and other matters online without leaving home , and move offline conferences to the cloud to create an immersive conference experience.

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

The 2022 Digital Expo is also a best practice of NetEase Metaverse technology. The online Metaverse cloud venue set up by NetEase, combined with the online venue, connects the new digital release scene requirements of this digital expo with the current hot topics of the Metaverse, and digitizes the “one meeting, one exhibition and one release”, creating an event . “The Never-Ending Digital Expo” .

NetEase Intelligence debuts at the first "Metaverse" Forum at the 2022 Digital Expo

In addition, Ruan Liang also demonstrated the application of NetEase Metaverse related technologies in typical scenarios from multiple dimensions such as AI entertainment, interactive finance, virtual live broadcast, and digital marketing .

One shot, we might run faster than anyone

In the end, Ruan Liang concluded that NetEase has always attached great importance to R&D investment based on diversified products and user needs . Metaverse-related fields such as blockchain and cloud games have advanced technology reserves in the world, and through the implementation of Metaverse products such as “Yaotai” immersive activity system, virtual human, and planetary blockchain, it promotes front-end research and development to terminal business scenarios . Metaverse full-link exploration.

In the future, NetEase will also deeply combine exploration experience, technological advantages, innovative models, etc. with real user needs and industry needs, continue to pay attention and increase R&D investment, so that the Metaverse will truly move from concept to application, and effectively create value for the society.

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