NBA Curry also forwarded! Gaming team “TSM FTX” title film is released, the Heat team stadium officially hung on the FTX Arena

Yesterday, the Heat arena also officially changed its name to “FTX Arena”.

The NBA Golden State Warriors star point guard Curry on June 5 in Twitter retweeted the world-renowned e-sports team TSM and FTX cooperation video, and wrote that has long been quite optimistic about TSM.

NBA Curry also forwarded! Gaming team "TSM FTX" title film is released, the Heat team stadium officially hung on the FTX Arena

Stephen Curry is an all-time NBA class player who has led his team to three NBA championships, won MVP of the year twice, and was the first unanimous MVP player. Curry was quite bullish on TSM back in 2018, participating in TSM’s Series A round of funding with then-Warriors teammate Andra Iguodala.

In fact, TSM’s Series A funding round was a star-studded affair. In addition to Curry and Iguodala, there were also big-name investors such as Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, Steve Simon, son of the owner of the Indian Skate, NFL Hall of Fame star Steve Young, and Twitter strategy officer Collins Carrier.

Curry wrote in a tweet.

Always knew TSM would one day soar (to the moon)!

NBA Curry also forwarded! Gaming team "TSM FTX" title film is released, the Heat team stadium officially hung on the FTX Arena

To watch the video of the title of the gaming team “TSM FTX”, please click: mod=weibotime&type=like

The TSM FTX film itself is also quite interesting, as it tells the story of the collaboration between TSM and FTX. Although the film is likely to be fictional, but also interesting enough.

The film describes TSM founder Andy Dinh and FTX founder SBF as having met online playing games. Dinh first brags about how he’s not only a great gamer, but also has one of the best gaming teams, while SBF brags about being a successful businessman and having a Podcast channel, but that doesn’t impress Dinh.

SBF then invited Dean to listen to Podcast on his private jet, but Dean was still not impressed, and then SBF lit up that he had a crypto exchange under his belt:.

Dean: It’s so cool, cryptocurrency looks like the future

SBF : Esports is also the future trend, or we can join forces and create the trend together?

While the film is less than authentic, as previously reported by Dynamic Zone, the two founders do see a similar core philosophy in each other, with TSM using gaming to bring fans together from around the world, and FTX using its own influence in the crypto market to contribute to the world. A joint venture between the two would bring the two ‘virtual world’ industries together to a greater extent.

Gaming industry will grow at 18% per year in the future

Gaming market research agency NEWZOO released the “Global Esports and Live Streaming Market Report 2021” in March this year.

The report pointed out that the global e-sports market revenue increased to $1.084 billion compared to $940 million last year, while the revenue from copyright and sponsorship even reached $833 million. Affected by the epidemic, online live streaming platforms also showed phenomenal growth. It pointed out that the size of the global live gaming audience will reach 720 million in 2021, and even predicted that this figure will grow to 920 million in 2024.

On the other hand, the total number of viewers of e-sports games last year was 460 million, which is more than double the 230 million of NBA basketball, and it is estimated that the number of viewers will further increase to 650 million in 2023. At present, the average value of each viewer’s contribution is only $5.5, lower than the NBA’s $4.2 billion, but “people are money”.

A legal person predicts that the future of the e-sports industry will grow at an annual rate of 18%, and it’s no wonder that SBF is all set to lay out in advance.

NBA Curry also forwarded! Gaming team "TSM FTX" title film is released, the Heat team stadium officially hung on the FTX Arena

Not only the exclusive crown of TSM, FTX and the U.S. NBA Heat title sponsorship case in late March has also passed, and yesterday, the Heat arena was officially renamed to “FTX Arena”.

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