National architect team: “Qingming Shanghe River” is suitable to carry the meta-universe concept, to make the connection between people

How to open the meta-universe? In an exclusive interview, National Architect said that “Qingming Shanghe Tu” NFT blind box gameplay will establish a connection between people

National architect team: "Qingming Shanghe River" is suitable to carry the meta-universe concept, to make the connection between people

B site well-known UP owner “National Architect” (hereinafter referred to as “Guo Jian”) will be released on the 24th of this month on the BSC voxel version of “Qingming Shanghe Tu” NFT blind box, the blind box for a total of 20,000 copies, extracted from Guo Jian’s version of “Qingming Shanghe Tu” featured characters, and the blind box release means the opening of Guo Jian’s version of “Qingming Shanghe Tu” meta-universe.

NOVA, the chairman of the National Construction Management Committee meeting, and Meow Zuo, the head of the National Construction project, were recently interviewed by Babbitt. NOVA said at a previous offline event co-hosted by Babbitt and Crypto C that voxels are the key to unlocking the meta-universe, and in this interview, he added that “Qingming Shanghe Tu” is the work that National Construction selected as suitable to carry the meta-universe concept.

According to the data of B website, the account of “National Architect Cthuwork” currently has about 720,000 fans. The account has not released a video to introduce the enlightenment nature of this NFT release, but Meow Zuo said that 30% of the group currently following this NFT release are the original fans of the National Construction, and the meta-universe project of “Qingming Shanghetu” is large, and they will gradually popularize it to fans as the project progresses.

The following is the content of the interview.

Babbitt: I understand that National Architect started out as an online community of people who got together for hobbies, and then published some original content on B-site together.

Meow Zao: At first, you can think of it as an in-game players’ guild. We play the game and the regular people may not be the same, we play the game to create, gradually appear some complex division of labor, forming a system. This involves the issue of member motivation, including how to let people with creative ability to continue to maintain creative enthusiasm, of course, we now always see some phenomenon, people with creative enthusiasm does not necessarily have the ability to create, and people with creative ability may have exhausted his native creative enthusiasm, so we want to tap some incentive means.

NOVA: Purely from the point of view of the registered company is 2017, the society itself has started to commercialize. We have advertisers placing with us, so the society has a source of income. Because we had to contract with advertisers, we developed a corporate form. With the corporate shape, we gradually started to want to leverage the assets to make some games or to see the kind of collapsible models like the one we saw on the site today.

Babbitt: Your NFT issuance program can be said to be running smoothly in terms of commercialization operations. Did you have any valuable people behind you in going from being a cryptocurrency outsider to issuing NFTs?

Meow Play: We were fortunate enough to come into contact with Rongqi Tao, founder of Yuan Universe Capital, at the beginning of the year, and he gave us quite a lot of advice and guidance.

We released “Qingming Shanghetu” last year, and its influence gradually fermented and reached its peak at the end of the year, with almost three to four million hits, and we were selected as one of the must-see videos on the B station.

At the beginning of January this year, people from Meta Universe Capital emailed us and said they were very interested in this project, and they themselves focused on the track of Meta Universe. They were surprised to see that we were using a sandbox game like Minecraft (“My World”) for our creation, and made a meeting with us. They told us there were a lot of possibilities for this thing, and we gradually revised our direction under their guidance.

NOVA: When they contacted us, we didn’t decide to do NFT right away. my major is law, there will be a basic judgment, not because of policy risk and hesitation, but because I come from the Internet industry – I am a game planner of a traditional game company (still working), and currently the company side is Meow Zuo full time agent operation. Previously, I had no exposure to this field, which was completely divorced from all the business models I had seen before, and I reviewed various literature during my contact with them before I let go of my arrogance. By April, I felt that the game industry had come to an inflection point, that the next generation was coming out and we had to seize the opportunity of the times.

On NFT, I could see something similar to the gaming industry in its application. The vast majority of blockchain products are still too primitive from my perspective as a game planner, probably because of the problem of service accessibility. There’s not enough competition in this space at the moment, so we came in.

Babbitt: I remember that you were scheduled to release NFT in mid-May, but now the delay has been almost a month. What are the reasons for the delay?

NOVA: There was a directional correction issue. In fact, we started preparing for the NFT release in April, and in May we planned to release a complete Qingming Shanghetu, which we defined as NFT 1.0. But as the NFT field is also developing rapidly, we judged that this might have limited impact, and we reflected on it, thinking that the concept was not avant-garde and attractive enough, so we delayed it. This process we considered things, can we get more people to participate in the game together together?

So we thought about whether the auction task blind box is a good idea, and then let everyone collect the characters in the Qingming River Map, so that everyone can participate in it as much as possible, rather than a long scroll, the transaction price is high but a bunch of people turned away.

Meow Zuo: At the beginning of the put to auction the long scroll when we received feedback from the community, the community said you want to sell a pair of lonely products, we want to participate can not participate. We’ll just change direction.

Babbitt: I read that you guys are releasing 20,000 character blind boxes and starting a meta-universe. Were you guys inspired by this project with Larva Labs’ Meebit?

NOVA: No. A lot of people have bought physical blind boxes. Handheld blind boxes are the norm, but we’re not just selling character blind boxes this time, we’ve designed a whole bunch of playthroughs where we want players to engage deeply with Qingming Shangri-La. These playthroughs are culturally relevant, similar to quizzes, and these playthroughs try to build connections between people, rather than having them buy and show off to each other and stay in bits and pieces.

What exactly that is, I’ll keep that a secret from you here as well.

Babbitt: Why did we choose “Qingming Shanghe Tu” this time?

NOVA: All the famous artists in the past generations have painted “Qingming Shanghe Tu”, with their own versions. In fact, it is a mirror that illuminates all the social conditions of the time. So can there be an environment inside this era for everyone to enter? We feel that “Qingming Shanghetu” is suitable to carry this idea of the Yuan universe.

There are many factors that contributed to the success of our version of Qingming Shanghetu. In choosing Qingming Shanghetu this time, we also looked at several versions on the market, which I think are not very beatable.

Babbitt: Why did you choose to release NFT on BSC?

NOVA: The gameplay design required it. The play design this time requires a lot of transactions, and users will generate a lot of transactions in the secondary market. Considering the transaction costs, we chose BSC. ethereum transactions are too expensive for our users and create a bigger barrier.

Babbitt: Did you receive assistance from BSC in the preparation process of this NFT offering?

NOVA: No. Maybe they will help with the promotion later on. On the technical side, we are working with Pure White Matrix.

Babbitt: Did you encounter any difficulties in the process from contacting NFT to releasing NFT? What were the biggest difficulties? How did you solve them?

NOVA: The biggest difficulty was the limited production resources. I’ve never been able to produce resources at such a high speed in my career, and now I’ve tried my best to mobilize them, including the resources of the game industry I’m in, and I’m doing my best to revitalize them. The second is that there are more ups and downs ahead than I thought, such as some factors in style determination and production arrangement. The solution was to do it the hard way.

Babbitt: Tell us about the attention you received because of the NFT release? And, what is the composition of the crowd that is expected to participate in this NFT release?

NOVA: We have fans that probably don’t even know about blockchain. In terms of the composition of our fans, we are younger overall and may not actually invest in crypto-digital currencies, even if they know about them. There also exists a group of people who just usually watch our videos for free, and if they are told one day that they have to pay to play something built by the state, they may be confused. Including this time too, some fans’ confusion is what are you doing?

Meow Zuo: I evaluate it down to a 7:3 composition. 70% are from the cryptocurrency community and 30% are our original fans, there may be overlap, but I don’t think it’s big.

Babbitt: How do you guys explain to these confused fans? I see that your B-site videos have not been synchronized on this matter so far.

NOVA: My personal opinion, not on behalf of the national construction, I personally do not want to explain now, because the language pale in comparison to the powerless. No video area to popularize this thing actually blame me. But I think they will understand when they see this thing made.

Babbitt: So that means your fans might miss the best time to get involved, is that something we’ve considered?

NOVA: We have a lot of other original works after “Qingming Riverside”, such as “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, which is a longer painting than “Qingming Riverside”. We have plenty of works in hand, and we have a large output of original works every year.

Babbitt: When will the next work be released?

Meow Zao: We have tied “Qingming Shanghe Tu” to the meta-universe this time, there are many things we need to do, I expect the cycle is longer, I can’t give you a definite answer, probably we have to do a lot of extensions for this release.

NOVA: I personally will only do the same thing once. That is to say, after this thing is done, the repetitive work will be continued by Meow Zuo and others, and I myself will do some “fancy work”. I will probably throw some new technology of the game industry into “Qingming Shanghetu” in the near future to test it.

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