NA (Nirvana) Chain Launches NVM Virtual Machine to Achieve Inclusive “World Computer”

Virtualization of blockchain systems represents a critical stage that can host a vast network of migration services for public chain development as well as business logic. NA enthusiasts have observed that most blockchain projects, including those in development and operation, are using existing public ledgers, which do not meet the flexibility and security required in the development process, while professional application-grade NA (Nirvana) Chain provides a customized solution for the industry, which will open the paradigm from EVM to NVM virtual machines with the grand launch of the beta network on June 27 at 12:00 EST. to the NVM virtual machine paradigm revolution.

NA (Nirvana) Chain Launches NVM Virtual Machine to Achieve Inclusive "World Computer"

As we delve further into blockchain technology, there is no getting around the concept of a virtual machine. A virtual machine is a complete computer system that is simulated by software, has full hardware system functionality and runs in an isolated environment. Simply put, it is a programmed way for humans to make an operating system or application think it is in a complete hardware and software network, but in reality it is just a software-simulated environment, and all your operations can be performed inside this new and independent virtual system. In this way, a single computer can switch between multiple operating systems without using multiple devices.

Some researchers and experts believe that the blockchain network itself is a computer that can be used by humans all over the world, and on this common computer, we can store the same data, execute the same programs and output the same results. However, in reality, this huge computer needs thousands of computers to work together in linkage, and the data of all nodes must be highly uniform to make the results consistent, which inevitably causes discrepancies in the real running environment, and then a virtual machine is needed to build an identical execution environment to achieve consistency in application execution.

Blockchain development is supposed to become more flexible and secure, and there are more than just one or a few solutions for the industry. Based on this, NA (Nirvana) Chain public chain comes to the forefront of the industry with its self-developed NVM virtual machine technology, and along with the launch of NA (Nirvana) Chain test network, it will immediately be compatible with and surpass the performance of the existing EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine, for short: EVM) to Simplify the difficulty of writing smart contracts as well as improve computing power to achieve better composability and operability, from then on the blockchain virtual machine world ushered in the biggest improvement ever.

As an explorer of financial public chains, NA (Nirvana) Chain has long focused on helping enterprises and organizations or individuals to provide fast, secure and low-cost deployment of blockchain applications and business smart contracts. The powerful NVM ensures a high degree of certainty of operational results, supports all users to become creators and sharers of blockchain value, and unlocks the value of blockchain for a wide range of business applications.

NVM allows developers to develop and run contracts without redeploying them, but rather by optimizing and improving them, so that they can not only use all of NA (Nirvana) Chain’s features at minimal cost, but also leverage NA (Nirvana) Chain’s existing ecosystem for rapid development iterations. In addition, NVM can be used for many other things, such as programming language for executing smart contracts, issuing tokens, transferring money, data bus, data access, microservices, etc. The above features will be gradually opened after 12:00 on June 27, when NA enthusiasts will experience the interesting journey of creating personalized Dapp easily together.

The advanced smart contract supporting timing function makes NVM further unique and scarce, because this function is not available in all public chains at present. Developers only need to arrange a timing task agreement when developing smart contracts, and NA (Nirvana) Chain can automatically trigger the smart contract at the agreed time, and the Gas fee will be paid by the balance of the smart contract, which fundamentally and truly realizes the decentralization purpose to cope with the infrastructure support needed for large-scale commercial applications to be implemented.

The project designs a decentralized application to replace the current mainstream centralized solution to perform blockchain smart contract timing tasks to completely cover the original way of calling smart contract data by rotation, achieving precise time control and reducing the complexity of system development, greatly saving time and development costs. At the same time, NVM provides a variety of program customization functions at the smart contract level, expanding the boundaries of business processing, including regular data processing, regular value exchange, and proxy payment, marking the most colorful and important stroke for blockchain technology applications belonging to NA (Nirvana) Chain.

Starting from technology, using Nirvana as the ecological incentive side chain, integrating the value of various DAPP applications, so as to obtain a more competitive advantage and core technology base support, laying a solid foundation for the construction of the DeFi distributed financial system and the implementation of commercial lending applications, NA enthusiasts always believe that this great vision of NA (Nirvana) Chain will be able to As a gateway for smart contracts to communicate with the outside world, it will open a window to the outside world for the blockchain when it goes live on the beta network, and developers and users can easily play with all kinds of applications. Explore the projects on NA (Nirvana) Chain.

NA (Nirvana) Chain greatly enhances the innovative economic model, efficient smart contracts, and the technical ecological layout of the NVM virtual machine, providing compatibility with future upgraded versions of the virtual machine technology NVM while continuously improving the throughput capacity of the blockchain, optimizing easier-to-use blockchain clients, improving more secure hosting services, and providing more comprehensive cross-chain services for applications. Within NVM, the first N++ programming language communicates with underlying applications to perform related conversion work, which is a simple programming language, and in the future NVM will interact with more developers and blockchain systems through N++ for technical interaction.

NA enthusiasts found that many excellent FT (Fungible Tokens, homogenized passwords), NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens, non-homogenized passwords), DeFi (decentralized finance) and other related contract languages are based on Solidity to develop, and in order to save more resources in the industry, NA ( Nirvana) Chain will make the NVM language fully compatible with Solidity, and most existing blockchain development systems will then become a subset of Nirvana Chain, thus welcoming developers to develop applications on NA (Nirvana) Chain, and while they can use these quality genes inherited, the groundbreaking N++ programming language Web development programmers can quickly get up and running in 5 minutes.

Suppose you issue a Token in NA (Nirvana) Chain, you can define a coin execution environment through NVM to run the coin on the Nirvana chain, and you can also define an ethereum execution environment so that you can run the coin issued by NA (Nirvana) Chain on ethereum, and the different execution environments can be The different execution environments can be switched back and forth freely, just like the Internet world, where you have multiple operating systems installed on virtual machines as easily and quickly. In the future, NA (Nirvana) Chain will support more network systems, thus realizing the grand blueprint of “World Class Computer”.

The convergence of multiple domains also allows cross-chain and NFT protocols or more operations to be abstracted and written into smart contracts as new smart contract keywords, and developers who use these keywords in smart contracts can enjoy the many advantages that NVM brings. Inclusiveness and compatibility mean that NA (Nirvana) Chain can now support hassle-free porting of ethereum and other on-chain ecological applications, and with its many ecological advantages, it can significantly lower the threshold for blockchain application developers and quickly build a developer ecosystem.

As different devices and operating systems differ, NA (Nirvana) Chain develops NVM virtual machines allowing the development of only one set of applications to be compatible with various types of devices, which will not be affected by any blockchain and different consensus mechanisms. At the same time, NA (Nirvana) Chain’s original NVM virtual machine supporting timed tasks and adding a global view The scheduling function, when a block receives a billion tasks, it can schedule the whole network of block nodes to work together, which will herald NA (Nirvana) Chain can develop any complex ecology, including games, communication, social, etc.

NA (Nirvana) Chain developed a lightweight architecture, Turing-complete virtual machine NVM, creating a new kingdom of the Internet, the implementation of a new set of rules, all programs follow this set of rules to ensure that the same program in different platforms run out consistent results, effectively guaranteeing the consistency of program results, not only to meet the needs of its own ecological development also brought qualitative changes to the entire industry, the test network once online will provide millions of developers around the world with an efficient, simple, stable, secure, and easy to optimize blockchain-specific system.

Technology is changing our thinking pattern and product form, and the breakthrough of thinking pattern and new product demand are also giving rise to the continuous development of technology, and the virtual machine, as an important technical support in blockchain technology, is also evolving together with the blockchain. With the continuous updating and optimization of NA (Nirvana) Chain virtual machine, the whole ecology of Nirvana will be empowered with deeper value, and as a leader in the industry, it will surely bring more surprises to the whole industry in the future.

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