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This article is composed of three parts, namely NA (Nirvana) Chain July technology/product progress, July NA (Nirvana) Chain global brand building & marketing activities and community ecology. Today we will lead you to review the July monthly developments.

For NA (Nirvana) Chain, this July is the most exciting month in this phase. First in terms of technology/products: NA (Nirvana) Chain testnet was officially launched under the expectation of the community; the testnet node was officially launched on July 5th, and the system has been operating normally so far. The technical team is also constantly optimizing various data and functions, solving problems in the test, and constantly updating the version to improve the stability and other performance of the system; later, the testnet block will be launched at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on July 25th. Browser. The second is brand trends and community building: NA (Nirvana) Chain’s brand is carrying out market expansion activities under a global layout. Multi-country markets are progressing simultaneously. Finally, the NA (Nirvana) Chain monthly report is released every month, sharing the latest community dynamics, technology development, and market progress of NA (Nirvana) Chain. Thank you for your attention and support to NA (Nirvana) Chain. The following is the latest detailed development of NA (Nirvana) Chain.

 *Reminder: The following are “July Technology/Product Progress”, “Global Community Building”, “Global Brand/Market Progress”, please refer to them in turn.

“July Technology/Product Progress”

1. The NA (Nirvana) Chain test network node is officially launched:

2. NA (Nirvana) Chain testnet block explorer is officially launched:

3. NA (Nirvana) Chain three wallet types

“Global Community Building”


As of July 31, 2021, NA (Nirvana) Chain has 40,685 people, 18,941 followers on Twitter, and 52,960 followers on Weibo.

“Global Brand/Market Progress”

July 2

NA (Nirvana) Chain community enthusiasts wrote “Dweb3.0 core infrastructure? NA (Nirvana) Chain accelerates the construction of domain name traffic channels on the chain”, so that everyone can understand NA (Nirvana) Chain’s decentralized domain name, and get reports from 29 media such as Golden Finance Homepage, Economic Herald, CCTV Securities, Sohu,, etc. ; To push NA (Nirvana) Chain with Baili Community, Yinuo Community and other 22 communities.

July 3

The NA (Nirvana) Chain June Project Briefing, written by NA (Nirvana) Chain community enthusiasts, is convenient for everyone to understand the progress of various aspects in June, so that community members can better participate in the project to understand the development of the project, and get the golden finance homepage Reports, China Industrial Development Research, Economic Net and other 25 media have paid attention to reports.

July 4

NA (Nirvana) Chain community enthusiasts compiled the overseas community AMA review “27-28/June | Jonathan Lancaster Telegram AMA” on June 27-28, and pushed it to the NA fan public account, which accelerated the integration and understanding of the community. Won the media attention and coverage of Asia News and CIO Times.

July 8

NA (Nirvana) Chain community enthusiasts wrote “Extreme concealment under the dynamic network? NA DFS Decentralized Storage Protocol Promotes NA Chain to Become an Enterprise-Class Privacy Network” explained NA DFS in detail. Obtained reports from 11 media including Golden Finance Homepage, Investment Finance Network,, etc.

July 11

NA (Nirvana) Chain CPO NA (Nirvana) Chain CPO explains the heterogeneous compound chain for users to facilitate users to understand the relevant information about the heterogeneous compound chain.

July 16

The Technology Exchange Cocktail for Application, hosted by NA (Nirvana) Chain, opened at 18:00 in Chengdu, and gathered in Rongcheng with technical experts, received support from many media, and received enthusiastic response from the scene. (For more live videos, please visit the “NA Lovers” public account to read)

July 24-July 25

NA (Nirvana) Chain was invited to participate in the 2021 World Blockchain Conference. In the two-day exhibition, NA (Nirvana) Chain received many guests, and the on-site response was enthusiastic, and it was centered on the stage where NA (Nirvana) Chain was in. Waiting for directions became the focus of the fans’ attention.

“Past review”

Reminder: Please refer to the “NA Lovers” public account jump link to read

“join us”

NA (Nirvana) Chain has been committed to accumulating on the road of high-quality public chain. On the road of continuous growth and iteration, we must continue to output our technical concepts in order to continue to deepen the cohesion of the community, so that products can be displayed in an iterative manner. The vast market, the above is the NA (Nirvana) Chain global market dynamics in July, and we look forward to your joining us.


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