MysteryBox – the POP MART of the crypto market?

MysteryBox - the POP MART of the crypto market?

Yesterday, a newsflash caught my attention “MysteryBox – the Bubble Mart of the crypto market” As we all know, Bubble Mart’s main blind box series has popularized the trendy toy as a form of modern art and brought it to the market, triggering consumers’ love and recognition. To be the blind box in the encryption market? I have checked some related information to understand that MysteryBox has already launched its unique NFT blind box platform. With the explosion of the meta-universe, the NFT market has been on fire recently, and many organizations have started to layout the future market of NFT, so let’s briefly talk about what is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) called non-homogeneous tokens, due to its non-splittability, so NFT can be bound to some goods in the real world, such as the current popular NFT for the sale of digital forms of art, such as collections / game items / digital art / event ticket ownership records, encrypted artist’s signature on the blockchain, can effectively verify authenticity and ownership, and the related concept is also heavily sought after in US stocks.

As homogenized tokens (ERC20) have already been centralized exchanges and decentralized transactions: such as coinbase/Huobi/and Uniswap/Pancake swap, while NFT is still in its infancy and public awareness stage, with the progress of digitized assets, the public will increasingly recognize the true value of NFT.

The NFT trading platform is a zero private placement, zero pre-digging, and zero pre-digging dedicated to the NFT trading platform. The team set aside zero pre-digging project, through the decentralization of NFT assets community autonomy to achieve the free flow of NFT blind box assets. I briefly looked at the MysteryBox white paper, the ecological construction can be divided into three parts, the first part is MBC (Mystery Box Coin).

MysteryBox - the POP MART of the crypto market?

MBC Token

MBC is the token used by the NFT blind box trading platform, which mainly takes the role of trading platform fees, MBC is generated when users buy blind boxes and exchange blind boxes, and the generated MBC belongs to the users. MBC also serves as the voting rights of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), all users holding the coin can vote on community governance and project proposals.

MysteryBox - the POP MART of the crypto market?

MysteryBox White Paper
(Download link:

The second part is the NFT blind box, the smart contract is using the ERC1155 standard, each set of blind boxes will be designed in cooperation with professional art creators, will allocate the corresponding profits to the copyright party, the initial sales price of the NFT blind box for a unified model, the price of each blind box is 99 usdt, with the market players auction and sale and other acts, each NFT blind box true value will follow The true value of each NFT blind box changes as market players auction and sell. The blind box is set up with 6 different rarity levels, including a special level of cash bonus. The cash bonus level is equal to 10 times the amount of the blind box purchase (990 USDT) and is automatically transferred to the user’s account after the box is opened.
The probability of occurrence of each rare level is divided into:
Universal: 50%
Rare: 30%
Epical: 12%
Legendary: 5% l Mythic: 2%
Cash (CASH): 1%

After the NFT blind box is purchased, it belongs to the state of unopened box, the user can choose to open the box or not, only when the box is opened will the various attributes be calculated instantly.

MysteryBox - the POP MART of the crypto market?

MysteryBox has just launched the Royal Cat blind box series.

The most important part of the ecology is the NFT blind box trading platform, the trading platform is responsible for achieving the purchase/exchange/auction operation of the blind box, the initial official is responsible for the listing of the NFT blind box, as the development team progresses, the official will gradually open the function of releasing the listing to the public, anyone and team can release their own NFT blind box through the platform, the need to pledge the blind box USDT equivalent amount of MBC tokens. The development team will increase the independent listing function of the blind box at a later stage.

MysteryBox - the POP MART of the crypto market?

MysteryBox’s blind box trading platform:

Coinyuppie became intensely interested in this MysteryBox and contacted the relevant person in charge of their team for an interview.

Coinyuppie: Thank you very much for coming to the interview! Is it convenient for us to introduce the team members? I see that you are in charge of marketing and operations, right?

Alan: Yes, I am mainly in charge of marketing and operation, our team is currently operating the project in the popular anonymous way. In fact, we have done other blockchain projects in the past, and the recent NFT market explosion, we also saw the development process of Bubble Mart, and thought that NFT blind box is a particularly good opportunity, whether overseas or domestic, it is a rare project in the blockchain on the ground.

Coinyuppie: Our platform this blind box issue, it is divided into six levels of rarity, if I am the creator, I work with your platform, I am required to follow the rules of the platform to issue?

Alan: Because we are an NFT project and also a self-governing community, our project’s operational decisions on the release rules of the blind box are decided by a community vote, because it’s the beginning of the phase, and there are rules to release. After that, if a community member raises the issue, the rules will be changed if the vote is passed.

Coinyuppie Interview: I see, the subsequent ecological construction is also a community autonomy, right?

Bob: Yes, this is part of the community operation, and the blind box should not be bound by some pre-defined rules at the beginning, it will also have a lot of innovation in the subsequent play.

Coinyuppie: I’m curious, we already have a prototype, can you briefly tell us the subsequent marketing strategy? For example, the diversion and the opportunity to cooperate with more famous artists and art creators to attract part of the fan base?

Alan: Yes, we have this idea: the high value of nft in the future may not necessarily be the creation of high-profile artists, it is likely to be the work of grassroots artists, not known today, but in the nft market, grassroots artists will become a very famous art masters, this is our view of nft, and do not exclude some of the more famous artists’ We are currently in contact with some overseas grassroots artists, if they have ideas we will also cooperate with them, grassroots artists have their own groups, such as Facebook, Twitter, friends, through their social software to help us do some marketing.

Coinyuppie: I can understand the point you just made. In fact, the NFT project that is now on fire, crypto-punk, was free at the beginning, and the initial price of apes and monkeys was about 200u, so we can’t predict the extent of these fires from the beginning.

Alan: The designer of what we think is probably the highest priced crypto artwork 5 years from now , who we don’t know today.

Coinyuppie: Is the current price of Blind Box 99USDT slightly too high for domestic users?

Alan:Because it is currently an early stage project, participants will get more token, we are now focusing on overseas market, especially the promotion of Z-era user group, after that for the domestic market, there will be a community vote to decide the price change.

Coinyuppie: Besides the income from fees on the platform, are there other income channels?

Alan: Our team’s income is actually divided into three parts, first of all, a part of the sales revenue of blind boxes will be used as a reward for the development team, the second part is the fee income generated by users’ auctions, sales and exchanges on the platform, and the third is the value growth of token, players on the platform for long-term auction exchange transactions, will generate long-term value-added to the platform’s token.
If some blind boxes are highly sought after by the market, this is a considerable gain for nft holders, while the art creators of nft will also expand the influence of their IP because of the value-added of nft.

Coinyuppie: If an unknown creator collaborates with you, do you have plans to train him?

Alan: We currently have a plan to invite a group of grassroots creators to participate in the creative competition, and we will conduct community voting elections, and we will help the elected creators to promote and publicize.

Coinyuppie: Will the platform have a transparent mechanism to review the listing of blind boxes?

Alan: Yes, our platform will have corresponding strategies at different stages of development. At the beginning, our platform will have some requirements on the quality of creativity and the uniqueness of creativity, and as the platform develops to a certain level, we will have some considerations and community voting discussions to regulate the listing mechanism.

Coinyuppie: What do you think is one of the team’s most core competencies?

Alan:We actually have rich experience in both blockchain and internet, but what makes our team different from other teams is that we are very sharp. We will constantly talk to potential customers and partners in the market to understand their core needs, and at the same time we will reflect the latest situation learned in the market to our development department.

Coinyuppie: What are the main differences between Mystery box and other projects in the market?

Alan:We are actually doing more of a blind box concept, using smart contract technology to make the blind box have more play, introducing mystery, chance, randomness and other play features that can be achieved with blockchain technology into NFT, which will make nft more interesting; at the same time, the mature technology of nft will also be used in the project, and our core is to inject more play into nft. Our current focus is on promotion in overseas markets targeting the Z-era user base, but we think there is a great opportunity in the future in China, and we would think we need an opportunity to promote it in China

For those who want to know more about the MysterBox project, we recommend visiting their website or following their social media accounts, which have some articles and interesting videos about the blind box.

Official website:

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